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Safari Slider Pro 1.1
Safari 3D Animated Slider - FabulousUnique fun game for Adults & Kids.12 x Animals: Elephant, Rhino, Zebra,Lion, Lemur, Wildebeest, FlamingoAntilope Africaine, Giraffe, Python,Lioness and Crocodile.Animations - Idle, Run, Walk etc...360 Degree's Rotate/Freeze optionsMillions of Still Frames Option.Authentic Music and Animal Sounds.This game offers In-app purchases to instantlyunlockAnimals/Items, all these can be unlocked by playing andprogressingthrough the game by collecting our in-game currencySunga's.Plus so much More...Visit us: http://collidedesignstudios.comView our Video’s or Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: One of our Game Beta Testers: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: us on Instagram: Blog on Tumblr: http://cds-games.tumblr.comAdd us on Google+:
Animated puzzle game animals 1.6
Children's developing game "Animatedpuzzlesanimals." You are waiting for twenty-four hilarious animalthatlive in the jungle is a lion, tiger, hippo, elephant,zebra,giraffe, rhino, antelope, who live on a farm is a cow, horse,ox,pig, sheep and animals that live in the forest is a fox,wolf,bear, hedgehog and other animals. All of them need to becollectedfrom the nine pieces of this leg, head, eyes, ears, butthis gamedoes not end with the animals that you have collected canplay tugof paw pet and even drag a little tail but not much ofcourse, butthey are fun to be jumping and cheering you. Each animalyour voteby clicking the button, you can hear it.There are additional game find a pet , animal hides collected inabamboo house , after pressing the play they are shuffled andthenyou need to find the animal by clicking on one of the cabins .HOW TO PLAY :Initially you will see nine small animals , clicking on whichwillbe taken to the level where you need to be out of ten partstoassemble an animal pattern . Once all the pieces are in placewillthe navigation buttons on the page where you can select a newbeastagain to collect his or start button where you can play thegamefind another animal.FEATURES :- Develops recognition , concentration and motility baby- Colored HD graphics designed for toddlers- A variety of animals- The original sound- animationGame " Animated puzzles animals " develops mindfulness,perseverance to recognize shapes and compare them withotherfigures. Learn what parts is allowed and how it moves . Thegamewill help your child develop fine motor finger andsimplyinteresting and fun.* Simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use and easytoplay, specially designed for kids .* Game Animated puzzle game mosaic animals are also optimizedfortablets.* This is a free game playing in which the child will be quiet ,andbe entertained in the car, in a restaurant.
Farm Puzzles 1.4.1
Dimax Puzzles
Farm Puzzles. New Puzzles game for real Farm fans.