Top 13 Games Similar to Gold miner: Santa and Reindeer

Gold Miner: Multiplayer 1.3
Gold Miner Multiplayer is the top 5mobileversion of your favorite classic gold rush game but providesawilder experience than you've ever played before.It is impossible to know the exact date that humans first begantomine gold, but this game will take you to an exciting,historicaladventure entirely rethought to fit the Touch experienceof yourAndroid phone.In Gold Miner Multiplayer, you have to direct your little cranktohaul in gold nuggets. Every stage will have a coins goal thatyoumust achieve. If the gold you've collected adds up to yourgoalthen you move on to the next stage.How to play Gold Miner Multiplayer:- Your claw will swing back and forth. Tap black button onthescreen to release the claw to grab gold and diamond.- Between stages you can buy items that can help you in thenextstage.Game Features - Gold Miner Multiplayer :- Many modes and with 4000 levels for you.HOT MULTIPLAYER MODE for you and friends.- Good graphics.- Good Sound and Music.- You can play this game with friend on a phone.(Multiplayermode)- Better than gold miner adventure or gold miner classic.- Sometime you see this game so better then gold miner vegasandgold miner clicker...- ....Gold Miner multiplayer is good game for you, right?
Gold Miner 7.9
TV Tech Saga
Game Features:- You can play so easy and optimized with versionandroid2.2above.- Have more 60 levels to pass it.- Experience with classic graphics in gold miner 2015 here.How To Play :- Tap anywhere on the screen to release the claw to grabgoldanddiamond ....- Between stages you can buy items that can help you inthenextstage with your mission with cute girl lovely.WE WOULD LOVE TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK!Your reviews/ratings are very important to us, and they’llhelpusbring you free updates with more great features andexcitingnewgames!
Gold Miner: Treasure Hunt 1.1
Gold Miner is a great game of treasurehunting.Fuel up your hunt for treasure and enjoy playing treasurehunt infree times.The well designed game play, elegant work of graphics and manymorefeatures makes treasure hunt an addictive game.This gold mining game is very different from others because ofthediversified levels and various obstacles. Come on you are theGoldminer and your job to get maximum Gold and treasure chest toearnmoney and move on to the next adventure land where you canbecamethe digger and mine more GoldHow to Play:As a Gold miner you are equipped with Claw and reel. The Clawismoving to and fro. You have to tap on the game screen whereyouwant to place the claw. This is the easiest game play.Hurdles• Driller: In some levels drillers are coming from the sideofscreen, you can get rid of this by fixing a bomb bought fromthemarket and hitting the driller• Stones: Sometimes if your aim is not perfect, you can grab astonewhich will kill your time. You can remove it with the helpofdynamite bomb and save your time.• Spider Web: There are huge blocks of gold inside the spiderweb,you will have to remove the spider web with the help of clawandreel and again collect the gold block.Useful tools:• Dynamite: Dynamite or bomb is useful in saving your time andmakegold mining easy for you.• Treasure Chest: Collect chest and earn more points or you cangetmore TNT bombs.• Collect coins and shop for equipments from the market. Trytocollect more of it.Game Features:• Addictive game play• Elegant work of graphics and well designed levels• 40 levels of gold mining and becoming rich• Collect gold bars to earn extra points• Collect coins to buy equipments and bombs from market• Destroy the driller as soon as possible
Gold Miner Classic 1.1
Gold Miner Classic is the newestmobileversionclassic gold miner game.Gold Miner Classic is funny game with nearly 30 challengesatvariousgold mine in the world, not easy to complete level tomakemore gold.Tasks in Gold Miner Classic game, you're a gold diggerandyourjob to dig a lot of gold, diamonds (jewels). Themonstermouse,dynamite, stones, bones are difficult obstacles thatyou needtoavoid. You have the support items as bomb, diamondpolish,luckyclover, strength drink, magic clock...Are you ready?Time togoldrush!FEATURE:- Easy to play, tap anywhere on the screen to release theclaw(forkhook) to grab gold and diamond. Your claw will swingbackandforth- 30 unique levels but playing endlessly to get a high score- Outstanding graphics, different terrains- Cute characterHOMEPAGE••
Gold Miner Pro: Undersea 1.1.8
Doho Studio
NOTE: This is pro version without ads.Youcandownload freeversionhere: Miner Pro: Undersea is the #1 mobile versionofyourfavorite classic gold rush game but provides awilderexperiencethan you've ever played before. This game is a goldminereally,each level is a gold mine, with several kind of goldanddiamond.Your mission is get all the gold using the hook ontheboat. Inthis game you can see many type of gold : fish,diamondsandjewelery gems or the golds.But it's not easy for the gold rush, because ofthebaricades,like tnt bomb, rock and the moving fishes, so keepcalmand beconcentrate on the hook and got the best score foryou.It is impossible to know the exact date that humans firstbegantomine gold, but this game will take you to anexciting,historicaladventure entirely rethought to fit the Touchexperienceof yourAndroid phone. You can not find this idea in anygold minegame freeon store.In Gold Miner Pro: Undersea, you have to directyourlittlecrank to haul in gold nuggets. Every stage will have acoinsgoalthat you must achieve. If the gold you've collected addsup toyourgoal then you move on to the next stage. Gold,diamond,dynamite, TNTbom and lucky clover?How to play Gold Miner Pro: Undersea:- Your claw will swing back and forth. Tap black button onthescreento release the claw to grab gold and diamond.- Between stages you can buy items that can help you inthenextstage.Game Features - Gold Miner Pro: Undersea :- 12 galaxies and with 10.000 levels for you.- Good & cool graphics, the awesome gold rush ever.- Good Sound and Music.- You can play this game with friend on aphone.(Multiplayermode)- Better than gold miner adventure or gold miner classic.- Sometime you see this game so better then gold miner vegasandgoldminer clicker...- ....Wow, Gold Miner Pro: Undersea the classic gold minergameofcalifornia is so good, right?NOTE: This is pro version without ads. You candownloadfreeversionhere:
Gold Miner Troll 2.0
Gold miner game classic with troll face! Trytocollect gold and hidden treasures. Collect too much bonus to buynewitems. You can buy bombs, bomb can destroy taken stones. On thehardlevels there will be bombs, that can explode and destroynearby golditems. Gold miner is very old and classicplayable.Features:• Over 40 different levels• Gold Miner with troll face!• Golds, stones, diamonds, and other treasures• Various props: magic bags, lucky weed, lucky sheet,bombs,etc...Best and funniest gold miner game of all.
Gold Miner 1.0
Gold Miner is one of the classic gamesofalltime. Even adults, children, boys and girls are like and playitatleast once in their lifetime. In this game one have tofindandcollect only gold in front of Gold,diamonds and dynamite.Alsointhis application we added Face book and Twitter so thatitsfullenjoy and entertainment with game. So download andenjoy.
Gold Miner - Brain Work 1.0.0
Big Hat sp.
Do you really think you know arithmetic? Let's check! Youjustneedto choose the right answer on simple arithmeticalquestions.Havefun:)
Gold Miner Rescue Premium
Kurius Games
Gold Miner Rescue Premium (more gold)! Help the gold miner digapath back home!
Ultimate Gold Rush: Match 3
Go Vuzzle
Blast your ultimate gold rush with gems and gold mines. Match3jewels and dash!
Miners! Demo
Dig tunnels that lead the miners to the gold and then back tothesurface.
Miner Island 1.0.2
Miner Island – The island of thegoldminers!Let’s adventure with the old man to conquer new lands.The Miner Island is impressive with:- Over 200 challenges waiting for you!- 6 different terrains: prairie, snow island, forest,desert,cavein the secret island and ocean is the only connectionamongtheislands. Impressive graphics!- Experience with vivid nature: night, rain, snow andsandstorm.How will you conquer?- Four different types sparkling gold, especially goldeneggandChinese gold.- New obstacles, including Dynamite Countdown,CrystalGlass,Spider Web, Snow Bat, Fire Bat, Snake, Scorpion,Porcupine…andMoving Stone or Metal Pole, which prevent the movementof thecrawand attack the miner.- Flexible booster system: Strength drink,Platinumcable,Dynamite to destroy obstacles, Super Laser to helpyou“attract” anumber of items. What amazing!- Display 25 best players over the world on the mainmenuandOnline Leaderboard supports.- Vivid sound and music.- Supporting all sizes of screen.Multi-based Game for iOs, Mac Os, Android, WindowPhone,WindowPhone 8.Let’s play and grow rich!
Reindeer Match'Em Up™ HD 1.0.3
Oh no! The reindeer all got out and youhavetohelp get them back in the coral. Reindeer Match'em Up™ isamatchinggame with the 8 splendidly drawn reindeer figures.Kidsreally seemto enjoy the match'em up activity and ask to playitagain andagain.Features:★ Matching of 8 reindeer figures in this fun children'sgame.Nowwith a BONUS second round of Christmas figures forextrafun!★ Great music and sound effects.★ A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration.★ A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.★ Head 2 Head system for 2 players at once in fun turnbasedgame.This is great for siblings, parent/child andamongfriends.We hope you enjoy Reindeer Match'Em Up™ HD!