Top 50 Games Similar to Six!

Bounzy! 5.2.0
Looking for a way to enter the world of magic? Well then looknofurther than Bounzy! - the newest title by Gram Games. You’reamage, facing an onslaught of fantastic beasts. Using yourmysticpowers, fight them back, and protect your town. As yourspellsstrike the beasts, they will lose health - just make surethey’refully vanquished before they reach you. Each attack youstave offwill reward you with a chest. Destroy all enemies to findits keyand unlock valuable diamonds and gold, which you can use toimproveyour strength and skill. The more powerful your spells, andthestronger your defenses, the more likely you are to succeed.Visitthe laboratory to build the strength of your spells. Ventureintothe academy to learn special spells that will help you todefeatthe enemies. And make sure to maintain the strength of yourwall -these beasts have a knack for breaking through faultybarriers.Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today. Use ofthisapplication is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service,
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz 3.2.4
You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning up…”Doesthatbring back memories? Dive into this totally addictive gameandhavefun while testing your general knowledge! Following thesuccessof94s and 94% with almost 30 million downloads, check outthethirdgame from SCIMOB, 94°, the trivia game for testingyourgeneralknowledge! A game with simple rules and no registration:oneimagewith one hot zone and it’s up to you to place your pins!Thecloseryou are, the warmer you get! Yep, you guessed it,thecorrectanswer is at 94°! Play more than 1,000 levels withquestionsandpuzzles about varied topics like world geography, brandlogos,thehuman body, astrology, historic dates, geometricfigures,musicalinstruments and lots more! The game getsprogressivelyharder, withdifferent quiz questions like: - Where isChina? -Where is theguitar? - Where are the triceps? - The averageweightof ahippopotamus? - The colors in Google’s logo? - Themaximumspeed ofan eagle? - The height of the Statue of Liberty? -Thelocation ofthe stigma on a flower? You can’t know everything(atleast beforeyou play), so to help you, we’ll give you twojokers:-The compass,if you’re lost, to show you the path to follow.-Thedice that,once rolled, hint at the exact location of theresponse.Notconvinced? Come and try it! It’s free, and even thoughit’scrunchtime to study for exams, come learn something new with94°! —7LANGUAGES AVAILABLE — You can play in French,English,Spanish,German, Russian, Japanese or Portuguese.
Looper! 1.3.8
Kwalee Ltd
Take a trip through Looper - a joyous, melodious casualgamethatputs your sense of rhythm and timing to the test. Everytapstartsa colourful new beat that travels alongincreasinglycomplexconstellations - get your timing wrong and thebeats couldcrashand burn. Get it right, however, and experiencethesimplesatisfaction of looping harmony. Featuring hundredsofuniquelevels, each designed to sooth and satisfy yourpuzzlingneeds.Looper is a music puzzle game like no other.SUBSCRIBE TOLOOPER!Subscribe to Looper! for all of the followingbenefits: * 3NEWbeat skins to use in the game * 3 NEW Exclusiveaudio tracks *ALLLevels unlocked, PLUS, 20 special levels * FREEsolution hintsforALL levels * The Remove Ads product, whichremovesnon-optionaladverts from the game SUBSCRIPTIONSINFORMATION:Looper! VIPMembership access offers two membershipoptions: 1) Aweeklysubscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3day FREEtrialperiod. 2) A monthly subscription costing $14.49 permonth.Afterbuying this subscription, 3 new beat skins to use in thegame,3new and exclusive audio tracks, all levels unlocked,plus,20special levels you will be able to play in the game,freesolutionhints for all levels and you will unlock andremovenon-optionalads product, which removes non-optional advertsfromthe game. Thisis an auto-renewable subscription. The paymentischarged to youraccount after confirmation. The subscriptionisrenewed unless youunsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends.Youraccount will alsobe charged for renewal The prices notes areforUnited Statescustomers. Pricing in other countries may changeandactual chargesmay be converted to local currency. End of trialandsubscriptionrenewal: - The payment is charged to youriTunesaccount after aconfirmation of purchase - The subscriptionisrenewed unless youunsubscribe 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent period - Theaccount will be charged for renewal 24hoursbefore the end of thecurrent period at the standard cost oftheweekly subscription -The user may manage the subscriptionandauto-renewal by accessingthe user's account settings afterpurchasein the store - Nocancellation of the current subscriptionispermitted during theactive subscription period - Any unusedportionof the free trialperiod will be forfeited when thesubscription ispurchasedCancelling a trial or subscription: - Inorder to cancelasubscription during the free trial period you needto cancelitthrough your account in the Store. This must be done atleast24hours before the end of the free trial period toavoidbeingcharged.
Rolly Vortex 1.10.0
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
Physics Balls 1.18
Physics Balls : Bounce In Loop Machine! HOW TO PLAY? Aim atbreakingall bricks by one shoot: Swipe your finger and throwballs,Make themroll among the bricks. Hit items to make extraballs or double sizeball. Prevent the bricks to reach thecheck-line! Features: ◉Perfect physic ball bouncy engine ◉ Fullyautomatic progress save ◉Endless game mode ◉ Tablet support ◉Global Leaderboards PhysicsBalls is Suit for all age andcompletely FREE to play! Now becomethe master of the Physic Balls!contact us: Website: E-mail:[email protected]:
Page Six 1.1.17-Google
The Page Six app for Android has arrived! The mosticonicgossipbrand in the nation has a hot new app. Now it's eveneasierto keepup with the latest celebrity news, juicy gossip andfamedPage Sixexclusives. Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,Page Sixtakesyou behind the velvet rope and into the inner circle.Features•Sign up for alerts so you’re the first to know when bignewsbreaks• New video content added daily • Full-screen photogalleries•Share stories with your friends on social media or viaemail •Savearticles for later and read content offline Connect withus! • • Facebook: •Twitter:@pagesix •Instagram: • •Tips: [email protected] For help or toprovide uswith feedback,please contact us [email protected]
Tap Tap Reloaded
Tap along to all your favorite songs in this fast pacedrhythmgame!Tap Tap Reloaded is the ultimate community-drivenrhythmgameexperience. Reloaded is built on what the community wantsinamobile rhythm game. Tap Tap Reloaded is powered byahighlyqualified and experienced team of the best Tap Tap playersintheworld. This game is in the hands of the community. This isOURgamenow. Features: <-- New songs weekly! --> So thegamedoesn'thave your favorite song yet. You can change that! Submitarequestand vote on which songs you would like to see addednext.<--Practice mode with adjustable speeds! --> Strugglingwithacertain part in a song? Skip right into the section ofyourchoice.With this brand new feature to Tap Tap, you can changethenotespeed, and select as many sections within the song asyouwant!<-- Fully customizable gameplay! --> Whether itisadjustingthe lane angle, the note speed, size, color,backgroundcolor,highway design... Reloaded allows you to customizeyourgameplayexperience. Upcoming Features: <-- ChallengesandAchievements!--> Daily, weekly, and career challengesandachievements forthe players. There are many types ofchallenges,whether it'sgrinding as many points as possible in aday, simplyplaying 10multiplayer games, or something goofy such asFC a songwithoutgetting a single Perfect tap. <-- Clans andSocial!-->Create a clan with your friends! Band together andcompetefor TapTap Dominance as a team! Clan battles will be hostedinonlinemultiplayer, and through general leaderboard races.<--OnlineMultiplayer Tournaments! --> Every week Reloadedwill hostatournament with cash prizes. These tournaments willswitchoffbetween skill-based, grind-based, and clan-based. Therhythmgamecommunity has experienced a great deal of turmoil withinthegenre.It is time now for us to have a rhythm game in the handsofus, thecommunity, the players, the loyal followers who havestuckaroundall these years.
Starman 1.1
nada studio
Guide Starman through breathtaking architecturalscenerieswithdelicate atmospheres and elaborate puzzles. Recoverthe light,andbring life back! Challenging. New puzzles every levelwill keepyoulearning and thinking outside the box. Relaxing. Sit,relax,andenjoy this slow-paced puzzle adventure. Immersive. Thankstoitssoothing music and charming atmosphere. Gameplay. Enjoymorethan30 puzzles inside 24 levels, across 9 totallydifferentepisodes,to keep you playing between 2h and 3h. Afterthat, a newinfinitemode will be unlocked! It's short and sweet.Indie. Thiseerieexperience has been crafted with love by SergioAbril andJacoboAbril, two brothers that happen to be architects.
ZigZag 1.34
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Justtapthescreen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fallofftheedges! How far can you go?
Run 1.12.1
Run. Do not slow down. Do not fall off. Do not give up. Run,thehitgame from Kongregate comes to mobile for FREE! FEATURES
*Findseven different allies and gain access to their uniquetalents!*Watch out for breakable tiles! (Or don't. Repairing themissomeoneelse's job.) * Run and jump through agalaxy-spanningnetwork oftunnels in Explore Mode. Good luck findingan unbrokenpath home! *See how far you can get and climb theleaderboardsthrough theever-changing tunnels of Infinite Mode! It'snot likeyou can getany more lost after Explore Mode... * Rock outto astellarsoundtrack!
Perfect Time 1.0.73
Perfect time spender that will fill every free moment ofyourday.Perfect Time is an amazing Puzzle simulationthatrequirespatience, timing, and focus - only with these qualitiesyouwillget to the next level! We know you spent hours watchingtheseASMRvideos on social media, but, have you ever tried itbyyourself?This oddly satisfying puzzle will require you to tapfast,or maybenot that fast? Are you Perfect enough to tap at thePerfectTime?
Homo Machina 1.3.0
ARTE Experience
Homo Machina is a puzzle game inspired by the workofavant-gardescientist Fritz Kahn. Set off on a crazy journeytosolve thesurreal puzzles of Homo Machina and learn abouttheinternalworking of the human body, represented as a gigantic1920sfactory.In this narrative puzzle, players are plunged intoaningenioussystem of nerves, vessels and valves. The aim is tohelpthe bodyfunction correctly in about thirty steps or sothroughouttheentire day. Each scene breaks down daily acts, such asopeningyoureyes, chewing a toast or listening to music,throughseamlessnavigation and intuitive gameplay. Fritz Kahn, apioneerofinfographics and popular science, came up with easytounderstandanalogies to enable people to improve theirunderstandingof thehuman body. By combining old school design withacontemporaryinfluence, Homo Machina delights with itscleverdialogue betweenthe absent-minded director a the helm ofthebody-machine andJosiane, his diligent secretary,encouragingplayers to put taskthe armada of workers to get theincrediblefactory up and running.After Californium, Homo Machina isthe newvideo game created byDarjeeling production. It was publishedandco-produced by ARTE,European culture digital and TV Channel,andFeierabend.
Vectronom 1.0.6
ARTE Experience
Feel like solving 3D riddles to a freneticelectronicsoundtrack?It’s easy to get into the groove but can youstick tothe beat? ACAPTIVATING ATMOSPHERE Welcome to thepsychedelic worldofVectronom: experience waves of color and apulsing geometricpaththat changes with the beat... All set to ahypnoticelectronicsoundtrack. There’s only one thing to do: turn upthevolume and gowith the flow. UNTZ! UNTZ! UNTZ! SOLVE PUZZLES ATTHESPEED OFSOUND Find your path through an ever-changingworld,keeping therhythm with every move you make. Think it soundseasy?The highlyintuitive and addictive gameplay will keep youmovingthroughdaunting challenges... But how long will you lastwhenthechallenges get trickier and trickier? Better play tofindout!Co-produced and published by ARTE, Vectronom is thefirstvideogame from independent studio Ludopium. The prototypewasdevelopedin the Franco-German accelerator programSpielfabrique.The gamehas already won several awards, including“Best Game” atthe IndieArena Booth at Gamescom 2018 and GDC’s “Bestin Play”2019.FEATURES • A challenging single player campaign •Eachlevelfeatures original electronic soundtrack and acolorful,dynamic artstyle • Regular updates based on curated UserGeneratedContent
Bloons TD Battles 6.12.1
ninja kiwi
Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in thisallnewhead-to-head strategy game! Go monkey vs monkey withotherplayersin a bloon-popping battle for victory! From thecreatorsofbest-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles gameisspeciallydesigned for multiplayer combat, featuring 18customhead-to-headtracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-newattackand defenseboosts, and the ability to control bloons directlyandsend themcharging past your opponent's defenses. Check outtheseawesomefeatures! * Head-to-head two player Bloons TD * 27customBattlestracks * 22 awesome monkey towers, each with 8powerfulupgrades *Assault Mode - manage strong defenses and sendbloonsdirectlyagainst your opponent * Defensive Mode - build upyourincome andoutlast your challenger with your superior defenses*Battle ArenaMode - Put your medallions on the line in a highstakesAssaultgame. Winner takes all. * Card Battles Mode - Choosetheperfectdeck of tower and bloon cards to outwit and outplayyouropponent *Monkey Tower Boost - supercharge your monkey towerstofast attackfor a limited time * Bloons Boost - power up yourbloonsto chargeyour opponent in Assault mode * Create and joinprivatematches tochallenge any of your facebook friends * 16coolachievements toclaim * Customize your bloons with decals soyourvictory has asignature stamp If you are new to Bloons towerdefensegames, don'tworry - a helpful tutorial walks you through thegame,andmatchmaking will help balance the opponents you face. Andifyouwant to battle against your friends, you can easily createandjoinprivate matches with anyone on your Facebook friendslist.Thechoice of strategy is yours - hunker down for the longgame, orgofor the quick win with a rush of fast Bloons? Jump into agameofBloons TD Battles now! REQUIRES INTERNETCONNECTIONPERMISSIONS:Bloons TD Battles requests permission toaccess to readand writeto your external storage to buffer videoads. Video adshelp fundthe production of our free games, so weappreciateyourunderstanding and support. If there are ever anyproblems withtheamount of data stored, please contact [email protected] and Streamers: Ninja Kiwiisactively developing,supporting, and promoting channel creatorsonYouTube, Twitch,Kamcord, and Mobcrush. If you are notalreadyworking with us, keepmaking videos and then tell us aboutyourchannel [email protected]
Stack 3.5
Stack up the blocks as high as you can! ◉ Simple&Beautifulgraphics designed ◉ Compete for the best score intheworld
Blob Connect - Match Game 1.9.5
Blob Connect: an addictive FREE matching puzzle game.Simplyconnect3 or more dots of the same color on the board andclearthem. Try tomake longer chains of dots/blobs to get morepoints.Play thischallenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles ofthreedifferenttypes, and many types of boosters. In some levelsyouneed to playuntil you reach a certain score. Enjoy otherlevelswith specialgray spots which need to be cleared. Catch thediamondin later gamelevels. Also crosses which block the wayofdots/blobs need to becrushed! Hours of entertainmentguaranteedwith this wonderful freepuzzle game! Play, use yourbrain, andclear the matching dot colorsto beat your friends! BlobConnectFeatures: - Play three differentlevel types: achieve acertainscore, clear all gray squares orcatch the diamond - GoogleGamesachievements, high scores andchallenge your google gamesfriendson the level map - Use offlineon any Android phone or tablet-Share screenshot directly toFacebook or other social app -Makinglong chains of dots gives youa free blaster. Blasters areawesome,and clear whole rows of dotsat a time! So try to connectchains ofthe same color and make aslong lines as possible to getthe mostpoints and more freeblasters. Link the most blobs and winthisgame!
Color Defense - Tower Base Defense TD 4.3
If you like tower defense games and are looking for a newstrategychallenge, then COLOR DEFENSE is the game for you! ColorDefense TDis easy to understand, but sometimes very hard to master!The gamecan be addictive and you can play short game sessions orlong epicbattles. The map editor also offers you the option ofcreating yourown levels and sharing them with your friends.Features: * Avariety of different worlds with different game levelsawaits you!* Seven different towers and missile defense systemsawait yourorders! * Each defense turret system and tower has 8expansionlevels and can be upgraded! * There are a variety ofspecialweapons, such as the atomic bomb, a black hole and theweaponbooster * A variety of different enemy units attack your baseandthe reactor! * Boss and end bosses make your life difficult! *Yourweapon systems can be placed anywhere! * The battles andbattlesuse real physics for flying projectiles! * Different gamemodesgive you days / weeks of fun! * Play the story mode withafascinating science fiction fantasy background story! * Playincasual mode! * Uses our smart placement technology * Playanendless mode for the ultimate epic battle! * An integratedleveleditor allows you to create your own tower defense game level!*Share your own generated Tower Defense game levels withyourfriends! * There are the following battle towers: PlasmaTower,Laser Tower, Rocket Tower, Energy Field Tower, Rapid FireTower,Tesla Tower and the TD Firestorm Tower * If the TD game istoodifficult in places, you can adjust the level of difficulty *Theperfect Time Killer Tower Defense Idle Clicker TD experience*Action and strategy where you have to use your brain *ColorDefense has voice output, great sounds and music andbrilliantopponents battles and fights with colorful effects Thegame iscompletely free to play. Color Defense deliberatelyusesminimalistic graphics so that the strategic factor comes intoitsown 100%! How to play Color Defense: 1. Drag and drop yourweapondefense system onto the field 2. Our placement ofgeodefensesystems K.I. automatically prevents accidental placementon theopponent waves swarm paths 3. Wait for the colorful neo wavesofopponents or call them ahead of time 4. Every eliminatedgalaxyopponent provides credits with which you can buy new weaponsorupgrade existing towers 5. Protect your fortress, facility andbaseand the reactor from the waves of opponents by placing yourweaponsand towers in the strategically best geo defense locationson thegame planet map 6. With brains you can win all alien rushpuzzlelevels without the use of special weapons We hope you enjoyColorDefense and you will have a lot of fun with our TD towerdefencestrategy game! Please also rate the TD defence game in theGooglePlay Store. This helps us a lot in developing new updatesandcontent for the defender towerdefense app. Thank you so much!YourMcPeppergames team
red 2.5
Bart Bonte
The sequel to my 'yellow' game is here! Can you make the screenredin 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. Do you need help?Usethe light bulb button that will appear after a while in thetopright of each level to get a hint. There are multiple hintsforeach level. With the premium unlock in-app you will not getadsbefore the hints. A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle [email protected]
Producer: Choose your Star 1.67
Amrita Studio
Become a producer, create your own star. Develop the career ofyourproteges, give them gifts, send them to trainings andsolveproblems, get photos and play in the events. You willremaindelighted, because you can expect: - Dizzy photos; - Brightoutfitsand locations for your proteges. - Successful contracts; -Dailyaward. Each girl has her own preferences and you, as anexperiencedproducer, must unleash them.
Fire Balls 3D 1.32.0
Fire Balls 3D is a single-tap hyper casual game that willkeepyouhooked for hours! Hold to make your dot fire forward,andbecareful from moving obstacles. The game featuresunlimitedlevelsand 20 beautiful color themes.
Physics Balls Pro 1.29
Aim at breaking all bricks by one shoot: Swipe your fingerandrelease balls,Make them roll among the bricks. Hit items tomakeextra balls or double size ball or other fantastic effect.Preventthe bricks to reach the top check-line! Features: ◉ Perfectgravityball bouncy engine ◉ Hundreds of challenging levels ◉Fullyautomatic progress save ◉ All kinds of ball skin Physics BallsProis Suit for all age and completely FREE to play! Now becomethemaster of the Physics Balls Pro!
HOT GYM idle 1.3.7
Make your own fitness club that is open only forthebestsporstments! Upgrade not only your muscles, but also workonyourfitness club, add all new exercise machines, and clientswillbehappy to come to practice only to your club. You canofferthempersonal training, help with the meeting of standards,andevenwith preparation for the championships. And if one fitnessclubisnot enough for you, you can always build another onewiththebetter starting conditions! You will have to findapersonalapproach to each of them as one never knows who is infrontof you:a novice athlete, an experienced fitness instructor,orjustsomeone who came here just to have fun. But it makes itevenmoreinteresting, you can offer to make a training program,helpwithmaking exercises correctly.
Climb Higher - Physics Puzzle Platformer 1.0.2
A challenge lies before you, or rather above you. Canyousurpassthis vertical puzzle? Can you reach the top? And thenwhat,willyou stop and rest, or continue to climb higher. ClimbHigher isachallenging physics based puzzle platformer whereyoumustslingshot yourself up high, stick to whatever youcan,shatterthrough everything that breaks, grow big, shrinkdown,become themaster of your momentum, and reach even greaterheights!From thecreator of Brain It On! and Shatterbrain. This gameshowsadsduring gameplay, but you can remove them with an inapppurchasewhich supports my work and helps me continue makinggames.Thankyou for playing my games!
Umiro 1.016
Huey and Satura find themselves lost in the colorless worldofUmirowith no memory of their past or how they arrived inthismysteriousplace. Guide the two intrepid schoolmatesthroughstrikinglabyrinths and puzzling landscapes to recover thesacredcrystalsand restore vibrancy back to Umiro and return theirmemorypiece bypiece. A Colorful World: Huey and Satura must workintandem tobring color back to the world of Umiro, piecetogethertheir memory,and reveal what brought them here in the firstplace.Dozens ofLevels: Assess and solve mysteries locked behindoverfortyhandcrafted levels designed to challenge players ofallskilllevels. Unlock Mysteries: Complete each levelthroughmeticulousplanning or brave a more dangerous path to collectyellowcrystalsand delve deeper into the mysterious world of Umiro.
Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation 1.7.15
Play passively or actively. Plenty of deep strategy to tryorsimplysit back and relax. Some main features include -Upgradingballs andstages to increase income - Collectible cards -providesmassivepermanent bonuses to your game - Perk system -evolveseveryplaythrough - Prestige - reset and begin again withmassivebonusesto push further - Strategize - test strategies to seewhichcardsand perks work best together - Game progresses whileaway,earn idleincome See how far you can progress in thisphysicsbased, relaxingidle game. Choose to idle and take the zenpath. Ordevelop astrategy and maximize productivity. 1000's ofupgrades tobuy! Thegame will continue to evolve and receive updatesbased onuserfeedback. From the creator of Idle Planet Miner andIdle TapZoo.
Rope Slash 1.0.18
SayGames Ltd
Use your finger to cut the rope and release the ball. Smashallcansto complete a level! Enjoy hundreds of handmade levelsofthissimple and fun arcade puzzle, wherever you are! Morelevelscomingsoon!
Balls King 2.1.5
Discover the KING of all Balls games: Balls King! Give yourbrainamassage with this super satisfying brick-breakergame!WithHUNDREDS of levels to play through, Balls Kingprovidesendlessentertainment. Stunning designs and addictivegameplayensure eachlevel is interesting and rewarding. Balls Kingwillbecome yourFAVOURITE boredom buster! Practise makes perfect!Keepplaying tobuild your skills and work your way through a rangeofrelaxing andchallenging levels. Use your problem-solving skillstobreak allthe bricks before they reach the bottom. Simply aimandswipe tofire your balls, and enjoy watching them bounce offthebricks tobreak them. With limited moves, you’ll need to chooseyourangleswisely before shooting. There is nothing moresatisfyingthanwiping out all the bricks with an accurate shot! Wantamorepowerful shot? Double up your balls, or give the zapperandlasersa try! Level up to experience new challenges andstylishdesigns!Regular updates will bring more features, layoutsandobstacles.You’ll never get tired of Balls King! Let’s seewhatyou’ve got -can you break the bricks with one shot? Gamefeatures:- Satisfyinggameplay - Skill-based challenges - Hundredsof funlevels to playthrough, with varying difficulty - Relaxingpatternsand layouts -Zappers, lasers and double balls to power-up!Downloadnow to playfor FREE, and become the ultimate Balls King.LEGAL: *Balls Kingis operated by Viker Limited, registered at 200Union St,London,SE1 0LX, a company incorporated under English law(companynumber:06290437) whose registered office is at 200 UnionStreet,London,United Kingdom, SE1 0LX (hereafter “Viker”). Visitourwebsite formore information about us: ©VikerLimited. Allrights reserved.
Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles 1.0.14
Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. From thecreatorofthe #1 hit puzzle game, Brain It On!* ◆ Dozens ofbrainbustingphysics puzzles, with more being added all the time◆Multiple waysto solve each puzzle, can you find the bestsolution?◆ Compete onthe leaderboards for the fastest time or bestsolutionIf you enjoybrain games, have a knack for following thelaws ofphysics, andenjoy making things shatter, then this puzzlegame isfor you. It'seasy to learn but hard to master and will getyouthinking outsidethe box in no time! Draw a dot, draw a line,drawwhatever you needto solve the puzzle and shatter theshapes.Gravity is on yourside, or is it? If you like Shatterbrain,pleaserate it and leavea comment. Your support is greatlyappreciated. Ifyou don't likesomething, please email [email protected] I want tohear your feedback andcommentsso I can improve Shatterbrain andturn it into a smash hit.Lookingfor more great physics puzzlegames, try my other game BrainIt On!,which was selected forGoogle Play Editor's Choice, itwilldefinitely give you somethingto scratch your brain about. Youcanfind me on Twitter [email protected], or onFacebookat, ormywebsite: I hope you enjoy Shatterbrain!*This claimis in reference to Brain It On! being the #1 puzzlegamein 75countries and #1 game in 5 countries on Google Playasreported onthe analytics website, AppAnnie.
Balls? 1.18
Launch yourself into other balls to score points!Increaseyourcombo, gain levels and earn money! Wohoo - io games 1.6.3
MochiBits is a fun new io game with smooth controls andhexagonblocks! is inspired by the best IO games but with afunnew twist. Capture blocks by enclosing an area. Can you takeoverthe entire map and become the superhex? Defend yourterritoryagainst others and become the biggest mass of land. Don'tget hit!Collect power-ups to gain an advantage. Customize youravatar skinand your base! Complete missions to earn rewards. Welove to hearfrom our players! Instagram #hexario [email protected]#hexario FaceBook PERMISSIONS:Hexar.iorequests permission to read and write to your externalstorage tobuffer and enhance your video ad experience. Thesepermissions onlyapply to Android versions earlier than 6. ForAndroid 6 or later,you can still play the game even if you declinethese permissions.Video ads are shown when using a regular account.They help fundthe production of, so we appreciate yoursupport. If youhave any questions regarding permissions, pleasecontact us [email protected]
King of Opera - Party Game! 1.16.41
Tuokio Oy
The best party game on Android for 1-4 players! Are youreadytoparty with friends? 1. Control a wacky looking tenor.2.Knockother tenors off the stage. 3. Fight for your fame in 5gamemodes!4. Avoid the bull tenor to become King of Opera! 5.REPEAT–suitable for all ages, young and old! Tabletop gametailoredfortablets and phones. Guaranteed fun with friends andfamily.
iSlash Heroes 1.7.7
Duello Games
Tune up your ninja senses, sharpen your slashing skill!The#1slashing puzzle iSlash is back with new deadlygameplayelements,fearless bosses, stunning graphics and lots ofchallenginglevels!ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Be Warned! iSlash Heroesfeatures thesameaddictive slashing gameplay that kept millions ofninjas awake!Andnow it's packed with new features, new enemies andnewchallenges.2 MODES // 860 LEVELS (more to come) Master yourskillsin Casualmode and when you are ready unleash your inner Ninjaforultimatedestruction. Easy to learn yet challenging tomaster,iSlash Heroesfeatures two modes with 860 levels packed withhoursof fun! DEFEATTHE EVIL BOSSES iSlash Heroes introduces deadlyevilbosses thatrule the land with fear. Each one has vicious skillsintheirsleeves but no one is invincible. Fight and defeat themwithyourslashing craft. Your fate is at your fingertips!SOCIALNINJASuccess means nothing when no one is around! Satisfyyoursocialninja by connecting to Facebook. Help each other whenneededbutalways show them who is the best slasher! Indulgeyourslashingcravings in this addictive, challenging and funjourney!KeepSla/sh/in/g!
Magnet Balls PRO: Physics Puzzle
crazy owl
It's like a match three bubble shooter but with physics ofmagneticballs. Relax your brain with perfect time killer withoutany ads.Unique gameplay that will not let you get bored. WARNING!It'saddictive! Blast your way to victory in this explosiveshootinggame! HOW TO PLAY • Aim as sniper carefully and tap whereyou wantto shot. • Match 3 or more colored balls to break them. •Match 4or more colored balls in a row to get special bonus balls. •Useless balls to score higher and try to earn 3 stars. • Earngemsfrom falling magnetic balls💎. • Use 5 special powerful boostersanditems to help you blast through levels. Game features: • Themostaddictive physics puzzle game for adults and toddlers! 👶👦👧👨👩👴👵• Noany ads. • Playing in one handed. One finger controls. •Excelentballs physics. • Balls can be teeter by gyroscope. • Thegravitydepends on the tilt of the phone. • Haptic technology. •Easy toplay match three ball shooter, challenging to master. •Playeveryday to get rewards. • Relaxing and addictive gameplay.•Beautiful graphics designed. • 8 special bonus balls.•Spellbinding game modes. • Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors🏆. • Available to play on Android phone andtabletdevices. • Multi-languages support. • Hundreds of uniquelevelswith various fun challenges. • New levels coming soon. Havefunwith magnets!
Magnet Balls: Match-Three Physics Puzzle
crazy owl
Magnet Balls - a casual puzzle game is here to keep you companyonqueues and boring, long trips. But don't get lulledintocomplacency because the laws of physics and the componentsofmagnets also come into play. This casual puzzle game shoots«threein a row»- colored balls in a cluster of other balls. Thecomboscreated will help you clear a level and advance you to thenext.All levels start with a cluster of magnetic balls. You can seethenext color at the base, and you need to figure out whichcolorsmatch so you can fire into the cluster of magnetic ballsabove. Youtap the screen where you want your ball to go and it willaim to goin that direction. You need to make sure that the colorsmatch andconnect. You also need to consider how magnetic propertiesreact tobeing hit so you can anticipate which area to shoot atnext. Thepoints are easy to achieve in the first few stages butwould slowlyget more difficult as you move on. The manner in whichthe magnetballs shift and stick together is great fun and reallyreveals howprecise - or more so how real the balls are behaving. Bewarned: itcan be very addicting! Game features: • Simple to playand fun forall ages! • Soothing and addictive gameplay withgorgeous visualeffects. • Simple control. • Special balls to helpyou pass thosetricky levels. • Possibility to use an accelerometer.• 3 gamemodes. • Hundreds of unique levels with various funchallenges.
Battlejack: Blackjack RPG 2.6.3
Collect hundreds of legendary heroes and engage in high risk,highreward card battle games in Battlejack, the only fantasy RPGgamewith a unique blackjack-inspired card battle system! Helptheheroes free the mythical tree Yggdrasil and restore theelementalbalance to Midgard. Join a guild and battle Titans in epicRPG cardgames. As you battle Titans, deal battle cards that equalexactly21 to deal the most damage, just like in blackjack! Startyourfantastical journey today in Battlejack, the only RPG gamethatuses a blackjack card battle system! Battlejack Features:EXPLOREFANTASTICAL WORLDS • Enjoy a fantasy story that leads you onanepic journey! • The fantasy world of Midgard is full ofadventures!• Enjoy the all new Dark Maze, where you will encounterpowerfulenemies and face challenges like never before. • Play thiscard RPGwhile killing time waiting for your bus or sitting on thetoilet.Ain’t modern gaming awesome? CARD BATTLES – VICTORY ORNOTHING •RPG fun full of exploring, collecting and customizing withablackjack twist! • In a card battle, score 21 to unlock amassiveboost to all heroes. • Like a real Blackjack game, you willfaceconsequences if you’re too greedy. Play it safe and don’tgetpunished or try to defy the odds and risk it all. COLLECTLEGENDARYHEROES • Card collecting games – Collect trading cards forhundredsof unique heroes from the enemies you slay! • Legendaryheroes canbe mixed and matched to create the perfect team fromantroll-YAAAARRR!-pirate alliance to a cute unicorn- kittensquad:the possibilities are endless! EVOLVE & EQUIP HUNDREDSOFHEROES • Want heroes stronger than a fire mecha? What aboutamega-powerful-lava-spitting-shredder-of-doom-and-death?!•Legendary heroes can be fused, upgraded and customized to makethemeven stronger and cooler! • Battle using the rightpartycombinations to make your newbish weaklings become mighty godsinevery card battle! SLAY EPIC TITANS IN A GUILD • Battle Titanswithyour guildmates, and help each other climb to the top oftheleaderboard! • As the goblin proverb says: If you want towipefast, fight alone; if you want to wipe far, fight together.Orsomething like that. Enjoy an epic, fantasy story full ofheroes,Titans and challenge yourself in turn based games inspiredbyblackjack! Download today to play turn-based card games andbattlealongside the heroes of Midgard! Like us on Facebookat to get thelatestBattlejack news! This app allows you to purchase virtualitems.Privacy policy:
Find The Difference. Spot the Difference Game Free
In the spot the differences game "Find the Differences", asinotherlogical puzzle games, you need to compare picturesandfinddifferences on similar pictures. The picture finddifferencegameis based on the principle of finding a difference –whichisentertaining & amusing. Do you have it all to wininthislogical brain teaser game? 👆PLAY OFFLINE! We tried to makeitasinteresting for you to look for differences withouttimelimits,without advertising and without the Internet.Downloadingtheapplication, you get a game with a convenient andsimpleinterface,clear rules and exciting tasks. Unlike otherfinddifferencies freegames that require online to play andrunintrusive ads that bagyou, we make the spot the differencefreegame available offline soyou can play it anywhere and at anytime.The find the differencegame does not require anInternetconnection, so your traffic willnot be used in thebackground. Inaddition, our game "Spot theDifference" is free.🖼️THE MOST FUN& CHALLENGING FINDDIFFERENCIES GAME The levels inthe free spotthe difference gameare arranged in complexity. Eachone iscomplicated than theprevious one. In this game "Find 5differences"comes with tips. Sothe most impatient too, you candownload thebrain teaser game.Picture difference & find thedifferencepuzzles that you can’tfind elsewhere, be amazedamazingly! 💡RELEASEYOUR MIND &INCREASE FOCUS Needless to say,this is a brainteaser game thatdevelops mindfulness, focus. Sowhile being a greatlogical &focus brain teaser game, find thedifferences is alsoa great funtime to spend your free time on. Ifyou want to pass thetime onthe road or on a boring event ✅ all youneed is to downloadthegame Find the difference and enjoy the brainteaserpuzzle.⭐️STARTS EASY, BUT GETS EXTREMELY HARD Findingdifferencesis notalways easy, as it seems at first glance. If youdo not usetheprompts, you can spend more than 40 minutes on onelevel! Willyouset a record? For how long will you find thedifferences inthepictures in our 50th level? 💟WHY YOU’LL ADORE FINDTHEDIFFERENCEGAME? ✅ Free brain teaser puzzle game for thewholefamily; ✅ Newtasks that are not in other similar games; ✅There areno timelimits; ✅ You can enlarge the picture, if you needtoconsider inmore detail; ✅ Prompts; ✅ Beautiful pictures; ✅Simpleandconvenient interface. HOW TO PLAY: Seeing the differencesinthetwo pictures you need to tap on them, find the spotswherethepictures are different. Discovering all the differences,youwillmove to a new, even more exciting level. In our game, wedonotneed to find 10 differences, which can be very tiring, isnotit,right? We just need to understand the difference inthetwopictures. Differences in the photo are barely noticeable,butyoucan still find differences. Can you find the difference?Find5differences in the game without using hints and show whatyouarecapable of! In the furnace of ten differences, find atleast5!PERFECT FOR EVERY BRAIN PUZZLE LOVER If you are attentiveandlikepuzzles like find differences in pictures, you need thisgame!Morebeautiful, comfortable and unobtrusive game you have notseen.Spotthe difference will endlessly tickle your brainimaginationanddemand extreme dedication and focus to solve thefinddifferences& picture difference puzzles! Stop wasting yourtimeon gamesthat are not beneficial for your mind! With FindTheDifference:Spot Difference Game Picture you are doing both:havingfun andtraining your brain to focus better &thinkthoroughly.Download now for free & start the brainteasingjourney in thisamazing spot the difference puzzles &picturedifference game!
Parking Jam – A Rush Hour Puzzle Game 2.5.2
About the game: Imagine you are driving your red car.It’sFridayafternoon, rush hour, everyone wants to get home assoonaspossible. And then you get stuck in a horrible traffic jamandyouhave to manage all of the other cars to get out ofthisscenario.But how? It’s your turn to release your car fromthetraffic jam.The game principle is inspired by a board gamecalledRush Hour.Also the levels are of Parking Jam are very similartothe levelsof Rush Hour. How to Play? In this game you can moveallthe carsback and forth as many times as you want. It doesnotmatter howlong you need to solve the levels. Your goal istounblock the redcar from the traffic jam and move it to the exitonthe right. Thelevel of difficulty increases slowly during the50levels. Whilethe first levels are really easy in order to teachyoutheprinciple of the game, the final ones are extremely hardtosolveand require a lot of logical thinking. Features: - 50Levels-Increasing difficulty in 5 steps - Modern design - NoannoyingadsAds: Only a small banner at the bottom of the screen.Sonoannoying Fullscreen ads! You can also finish thegamecompletelyfree. There are no items you must pay for. What areyouwaitingfor? Challenge your brain with this tricky puzzle gamerightnow!From the same developer who brought you other free gameslikeSpeedClicker, MineBoy, Balance, Wrong Way, Just Watch Adandmore!Contact: Instagram: with ♥ by DanielHiebeler
Hidden Object Games for Adults 🌟 Puzzle Game 1.2.0
✨ Love Hidden Object Games? ✨ Hidden Object Games for Adultsistheperfect puzzle game for you! FEATURES 🔎 Top rated andstressfreegameplay. A great way to kick back and relax. 🔎 Dozensofthemepacks and 100s of beautiful levels to play through. 🔎Supersimpleand intuitive interface. Suitable for adults and kidsalike.🔎 Newtheme packs and levels added constantly. Play the topratedhiddenobject game and download Hidden Object Games forAdultstoday! BigBear Entertainment. We love games! ⏳⏳PrivacyPolicy: Use:
Flipper Dunk 1.27
It looks EASY but it's NOT! Flipper Dunk is a challengingsingle-tapbasketball game. You'll need patience of a monk &precision of amaster to dunk. It will be very satisfying when youdo; if you can!Keep you flipper ready and show your best shots tobe master ofFlipper Dunk. How high can you go!
Tentacle Wars ™ 2.1.8
Fascinating Singleplayer Strategy Game IntenseAudiovisualExperienceBased on the popular Flash Game with 25Million Fans •80 Missions inan Exceptional Campaign Mode Acontaminated alienorganism is aboutto die... Take a deep lookinside, while itlaunches its finaldefense program. Enter amicroscopic world ofcells, neurons and DNAtentacles. Take controlof the last antibodycells and save theentire species fromextinction. • Make theImpossible Possible Youcan cure the organismby capturing enemycells. To do this, draw aline between greenantibody and red enemycells. This will launch DNAtentacles whichdrain energy from enemycell cores and eventuallyovertake them.Keep an eye on your energysupply and boost yourattacks by cuttingthe tentacles. Capture allenemy cells to secure azone. Cure allzones and the life form willsurvive… • Furious EnemyBeware of anintelligent and wide awakeenemy which fights backwithout evergiving up. You’ll need to stayfocused and master theart of“Tentacle War” in order to preventthe death of your host. ✓All NewGame Experience ✓ Easy to GetInto, Hard to Put Down ✓ HDDisplaySupport ✓ Microscopic World ✓Suspenseful Atmosphere ✓ 80SinglePlayer Missions ✓ OriginalSoundtrack ✓ Optional RandomLevelGenerator ✓ Google Play services
Ballz 1.6
Relax your brain with the champion of time killer! Swipeyourfingerto throw the balls and break the bricks. Try to breakasmany bricksas possible before they move down to thebottom.Collect all theitems to get additional balls and make anendlessball chain! Thelevel of bricks will be increased after eachroundyou throw theballs. Very easy to play but very hard to reachhighscores. Don'tforget the angle is the key point! Game Features:◉Free to play ◉Endless gameplay ◉ Simple ball control ◉Challengeyour friends withthe best highscore
Jumping Joe! - The Floor is Lava! 1.3.0
Vixa Games
It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna hop ‘n’ bolt)! Fly highinJumping Joe, a vertical non-stop platformer so addictive thatitwill make you jump right outta the stratosphere! # # # HIP TOBESQUARE # # # Meet Joe. He is a square. Literally speaking,notfiguratively. But he is not just any kind of square. He is asquarewith ambition. Help this jumpy fella on his upwards journeythrougha wild world full of gaps, traps and obstacles. Dodgeroaringcannonballs, flic-flac over pointy spikes and leapacrossbottomless pits as you go higher and higher – slammingyourfriends’ highscores and leaving the other jumpers in thedust!Don’t forget, once you start the floor is lava! # # # JUMPINGJOE’SENDLESS SURVIVAL HOPPER FEATURES # # # ■ ONE DIRECTION: Reachfornew heights and go up high… waayyy up high! ■ SUPERADDICTIVE:Chase highscores and share them with your friends! ■MIGHT AS WELLJUMP: Leap from platform to platform via tap or swipecontrols! ■SWITCHING COLORS: Enter Joe’s ever-changing world – areyou up forit? ■ LIL’ HELPERS: Rocket [✓]… helmet [✓]… magnet [✓]…bomb [✓] ■DRESS TO IMPRESS: Customize Joe with dozens of newhelmets, trailsand characters! # # # START JUMPING RIGHT AWAY # # #Jumping Joe isavailable for free and runs on a wide range ofdevices. You canmake in-app purchases to get quicker access to yourmost favoritecharacter skins or power-ups.
Fit and Squeeze 10.1.0
You'll love this fun thinking game! You need to fill yourjarwithall of the colorfull marbles. Remember not to block yournextmove!Think wise and try to solve which balls should go first!Freeandeasy to play! Tap and hold to release the balls. Are youstuck?Noworries, just tap a ball to explode the area! Hundredsoflevelswith various jar models and different sizes of balls.Comeplay andchallenge yourself!
Bloons TD 5 3.33
ninja kiwi
Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth andreplayability.Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades,hire coolSpecial Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in thebest everversion of the most popular tower defense series inhistory. BloonsTD 5 delivers hours of fun and challenging play tofans and newplayers alike, with awesome features like this: - 21powerfultowers with Activated Abilities and 2 upgrade paths - 50+Tracks -Two-player co-operative play on custom co-op tracks - 10SpecialAgents - 10 Special Missions - 250+ Random Missions - NewBloonenemies - tougher Camos, Regrower Bloons, and the fearsomeZOMG - 3different game modes - Freeplay mode after mastering atrack - 3difficulty settings and family-friendly theme so anyonecan playAnd that's just the beginning - regular updates will keepBloons TD5 fresh, fun, and challenging for many months to come. Nowit'stime to pop some Bloons! Note on Permissions: Bloons TD 5requestspermission to access to read and write to your externalstorage sothat you have the option to interact with rewarded videoads thatearn free Monkey Money. If there are ever any problems withtheamount of data stored, please contact us [email protected]
Bricks Breaker Pro : No Ads 2.9
Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damagetobricksand break bricks. ★ Features ☞ Free to play ☞Endlessgameplay ☞score competition with players from all over theworld ★How toplay ☞ Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks. ☞When ballhitsthe brick, durability is reduced. When durabilityreduce to0,brick breaks. ☞ Get the green circle to increase thenumberofballs. ☞ When the bricks reach the bottom line, game isover.☞Challenge to make your high score!
green 1.5
Bart Bonte
The sequel to my 'yellow', 'red', 'black' and 'blue' gamesishere!Can you make the screen green in 50 levels? Each level hasitsownlogic. Do you need help? Use the light bulb button thatwillappearafter a while in the top right of each level to get ahint.Thereare multiple hints for each level. With the premiumunlockin-appyou will not get ads before the hints. A Bart Bonte/bontegamespuzzle game. Enjoy! @BartBonte
Sixit 2.2106.2100
You are Pep. Some kind of... mammal. Probably. You're anewcomertothe village. There's a sentient storm threateningthetownsfolk,and everyone's putting a lot of pressure on you. Butyoucan do it.I believe in you.​​ ​With only six actions per run,youmustexplore the forest, solve its puzzles, and save yourfriendsfromthe Great Storm.​ - Solve puzzles and explore the landwithonly 6actions per run - Choose the right order of actionstoprogress -Uncover the mystery of the Storm and save the village-Make somenew friends along the way - Collect all 6 hiddentrophiesto unlockthe game's final secret - Play the full game forfree,with theoption to pay to remove ads
Live Penalty: Score goals against real goalkeepers 4.0.0
Live Penalty
⚽ Play against REAL goalkeepers. ⚽ Shoot REAL footballs.⚽Experience REAL emotions. Live Penalty combines the worldofdigital eSports with the world of real sports. 🔴 PLAY LIVE OR24/7Compete against real goalkeepers during our live events or playour“Scouting” game 24/7. Live streamed events are guided by a hostandfeature various opponents from different locations. Scoutinggamesare available 24/7 and feature a similar range of goalkeepersaswell as different locations (eg: football stadiums) to choosefrom.🧤 THE BEST OF THE BEST IN GOALKEEPING Test your digitalpenaltyshootout skills against a variety of real-life keepersbycontrolling a physical football launcher. From male andfemalehobby athletes and influencers to professional players - avarietyof goalie opponents are waiting for you. 🥅 EXPERIENCE REALFOOTBALLLAWN Play from our Live Penalty stage or travel the globeand shootpenalty shots in locations all over the world. Variousstadiums andfootball pitches are waiting to be discovered by you.Never hasshooting balls and scoring goals on a professionalfootball lawnbeen easier. 🎮 ESPORTS MEETS REAL SPORTS Take controlof our custombuilt, 4th-generation ball launching machine with justa touch of abutton on your mobile device. Bringing two worlds whoshare onepassion closer together: Football. 🤝 EXPERIENCE EXCLUSIVE1v1SESSIONS Start every game with multiple other players and beatthemby avoiding elimination throughout the first 9 rounds. Onlythefinal 10th round lets you challenge the goalkeeper in atrueone-on-one fashion. 🏆 DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARDS Become one ofthebest Live Penalty players by collecting goals, LivePoints,andLiveCoins. Each game offers a variety of collectible rewardsandthe better you play, the more rewards you receive, and thehigheryour player ranking stands. 💜 EXTRA LIFE Use extra lives andstayin the game by avoiding premature elimination. Utilise otherskillenhancers in the app to increase your overall targetingperformanceduring the game. Influence the average targetcalculation with abetter personal target rating. Follow us onsocial [email protected] and never miss upcoming live events, new24/7experiences, and other updates.
Ball Push 1.5.1
Ball Push is a challenging, exciting and sometimesinfuriatingminimalist puzzle game. Enjoy the world's most casualball game forFREE! Let you enjoy the classic moments of childhood.Easy to play,and pleasurable game for all ages. •Launch the ballinto holes. •Fill all of the holes •Don't worry! No time limits! NOTIME? NOWIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy the game offline anytime andanywhere! ‣Minimalist design ‣ Easy to play ‣ Relaxing music andsounds ‣Exciting and addictive
Ordia 1.0.14
Ordia is a one finger platformer where you play as a newlifeformtaking its first leaps into a strange and hazardousworld.Jump,bounce, stick and slide your way through richandvibrantenvironments. Guiding each creature to safety inaprimordial worldpacked with various perils, challengesandsurprises! With 30levels to complete, plus extra challengemodes,bonus levels andachievements to unlock Ordia is a uniqueandchallenging game withhours of gameplay. Features -Simpleone-finger controls - 30levels set across 3 worlds - Actionpackedplatformer - Extrachallenge modes for each level - Bonuslevels andachievements tounlock Winner in the 2019 Google IndieContest! 🏆"All in all,Ordia is a hell of a game. It’s absolutelygorgeous,the animationsare buttery smooth, and the sound effectsand hapticfeedback areincredibly satisfying" - TouchArcade "Ordiais a trulyspecialplatformer that knows exactly what it’s supposedto be" -148Apps"A perfectly put together package for both casualplatformerfansand enthusiasts alike" - AppSpy