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Checkers 2.2.4
Play Checkers aka Draughts - the fastest-growing board gameappworldwide!
Checkers - Damas 3.2.5
Do you remember this board game from your childhood? GetYourCheckers Now !
Checkers by Dalmax 8.5.5
Dalmax Checkers: Play checkers with many rule variants!
Checkers 1.0.19
Magma Mobile
Addictive Hours ahead of you !
Checkers - Classic Board Games 6.100
The great Checkers game, on your phone and tablet FOR FREE!
Checkers - Damas 2.2.0
Free checkers game with all variations. Aka dama, damas, draughts.
Draughts 10x10
International Checkers 10x10 with Online playing
Spanish Damas - Online 11.2.0
Play Spanish checkers with your friends, machine orrandomopponents!
Spanish Checkers 1.15
Traditional Spanish Checkers with official rules. -Trainingandtournament modes for playing with computer andtwo-player mode-Training mode allows undo/redo moves and exportinggames intofilesin PDN format - Tournament mode with leaderboardover allplayers.Games are stored automatically with possibility toload andviewthem later - Improved AI with 6 levels of difficulty -18megabytesof endgame tablebases with up to 5 pieces - Forced drawinthreeposition repetition - The game supports more than 10languages-Several board skins: wood, marble and leather - Moveselectionispossible by touching and dragging - Sounds are availableand canbeturned off - Additional useful settings:possiblemovehighlighting, quick move selection, disable screendimming ordenyscreen auto-rotation
Checkers Land Online 2020.11.12
Checkersland Online is a free program for playing more than 30kindsof checkers
Checkers Online Elite
Online checkers (draughts) to play with friends!
Checkers Pro 2.54
Challenge yourself with 12 different cpu levels or onlineopponents!
Checkers 2.55
Challenge yourself with 12 different cpu levels or onlineopponents!
Kids PhotoFrames 6.7
Best photo frames for your kid's photo
Chess & Checkers 7.1
Classical russian draughts, chess and other draughts
Russian Checkers 1.15
Traditional Russian Checkers with official rules
Enjoy the most powerful INTERNATIONALDRAUGHTSgame (10x10) ever made for mobile phones. Gorgeous graphicsin HighDefinition, tons of features, a fierce opponent, along withanunique and smooth interface.Designed for both Tablets and PhonesKey Features:* 3 Game modes: Fischer Cadence (Blitz games are possible!),Seconds By move and Trainings* 10 Difficulty levels* Opening books from the best Draughts Player: Sijbrands,Georgiev,Schwarzman, Chizhov, ...* Replay features ( Jump to a specific move, watch,rewind,...)* 1 or 2 players mode* Export games in PDN format (Full version includes Import)* Load and save games in your library* Share your games by mail* 2 themes: Wood and Cartoon in 2D or 3D* Optimized for multicore processors* Polished and intuitive interface* Swype Left/Right to Undo/Redo* Breathtaking animations* Preview your game before loading* Big fingers friendly* English and French supported* Instant HelpThe full version of Dr Checkers has in addition:* PDN file IMPORT (Analyse thousand games of professionals)* "Setup position" EditorBecome a fan of Dr Checkers on Facebook: Checkers Page is on Google+, join the community to knowtheincoming features: Dr Checkers on twitter: Dammen Draughts Checkers Dames Damspel DamasDamespielDamspel Dama Checkers Dam 西洋 ドラフツ Warcaby Шашки DámaШашкиShashki
Ugolki - Checkers - Dama 11.4.0
Play online Ugolki checkers anywhere
Checkers 2 1.0.5
Magma Mobile
A premium checkers game coming to you with beautiful HD designs
Classic Board Games Online 135
Hagstrom Dev
Classic Board Games: The only app you need for classic boardgames!5 different games: - Checkers (American/English rules) - 4 ina row- Chess - Tic Tac Toe - Reversi All games have followingmodes: -Play online against people around the world (matchmaking) -Playagainst your friends online, no matter where you are(real-timeduel) - Play against the CPU (3 difficulty levels) - Playon thesame screen (2 players) This Board Games Collection is packedwithsome of your favorite classic board games that you can playbyyourself, with family & friends. Duel your friends onlineinCheckers, 4 in a row, Chess, Tic Tac Toe & Reversi today!It'sthe obvious choice if you're looking for a multiplayerclassicboard games app. Perfect if you have some time over, andit'scompletely free! The app is very customizable with a number offunand challenging features: - Account with level & customavatars(play and earn more awesome avatars!) - Online rankingsystem (ELO)- Missions: Play games and complete missions: Earnrewards! - Chatwhile playing online HOW TO PLAY Checkers The gamefollowsAmerican/English rules. All you have to do is select a pieceon theboard. If you have multiple options, a green dot will appeartohelp you choose. The objective is to eliminate youropponentschecker pieces by jumping over them. If you manage toreach theother side of the board, your piece will be crowned "King"and willthen be able to move(and jump) backwards! 4 in a row Justtap therow you want to play in. Be the first to connect four in arow ofthe same color (4 in a straight line) by dropping your discsto thebottom of the columns! You can get four in a linebothhorizontally, vertically and diagonally to win. Chess If youareunsure about how the pieces in chess move, you can select eachoneof them and the green dot will help you with suggestions. TicTacToe Usually this game is only 3x3 squares but this makes italittle harder (and funnier) to play. The goal is to connect fiveofyour pieces in a row before your opponent, just tap a squaretoplay it. Reversi The goal is to have the most pieces when theboardis full. Flip your opponents pieces to become your own, bytrappingthem between your pieces. An exciting game that can turnquickly ifyou play your moves well. If you are looking for funstrategy gamesthat will train your brain this is what you arelooking for! I hopeyou like the app and if you have any positivefeedback, please ratethe app! You can also email directly [email protected]'s play!
Checkers Online 2.34.0
CC Games
Checkers - the game from your childhood, now available onlinewithleaderboards.
Backgammon Online - Board Game 123.1.21
The best app to play Backgammon Online for free! Hundred ofplayersto play now
Dominoes Casual Arena 5.3.2
Casual Arena
★ Have fun playing for free the best online Dominoes game oftheInternet! ★
Reversi 1.64
Trap and flip your opponent's pieces to control the board!
Shashki - Russian draughts
Play checkers with AI or online players
Dominos. Dominoes board game! Domino online! 1.4.18
Dominoes! Domino be definitely the most dynamic board game! Playourdominos, with opponents and create an amazing personal boardgameexperience. We release a separate board game edition ofdominoseries – enjoy the top board game on your mobile. Our domino:boardgame offers unique features such as quest, profile,customization,friend invites and many more! - Draw dominoes: havefun playingwith tiles on either side of the table you only need tomatch thedice you have with one of the two ends already on thetable,exciting game rules up to 101 points. (Turbo Dominoes - 1round)The best algorithm for generating a random number accordingto themethod for online board skill based games like: backgammon,ludo,dice, dice poker, kanak 101 okey, bingo, mahjong. Do you likeboardgames such as checkers, chess, mahjong, ludo, unoo, yatsi,then youwill admire Ace&Dice Domino game. Download today andjoin thisclassic board game challenge to become the best Dominoplayer inthe game leader board ranking. Let's play Domino?
Backgammon 4.03
Addictive, challenging and beautiful - test yourself in thisancientgame!
Backgammon Classic: Classic Di 1.3.0
Challenge yourself in the classic board game!
Dominoes - Classic Domino Game 1.2.9
Italic Games
Dominoes is the #1 popular board game played with rectangulardominotiles!
Backgammon Masters Online 1.7.104
Play Online Backgammon,Tavla,Narde in live playertournaments,hotseat or AI !
Domino Master - Play Dominoes 3.20.2
TikGames LLC
Challenge Friends and Play Dominoes Offline or Online!ClassicDominoes! 🂏 🂂
Dominos Game Classic Dominoes 2.0.36
Dominos is one of the most played board games in the world
Chess Trainer PRO - Repertoire Builder
Ayelmarc Apps
The best chess training tool on Play Store for chess players
Chess Coach 2.96
Play chess online against players effectively afterlearningtactics, strategy
Dominoes Republic 15.4.1368
Fun domino game, play dominoes with your friends online
Backgammon-Offline Board Games 1.0.1
SNG Games
Play the best Backgammon in offline games category. It istotallyfree.
Simple Dominoes 1.0
Play the BEST dominoes game for Android today!
Want to become a Dominoes master? Play Dominoes!