Top 45 Apps Similar to Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing

Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG
Fantasy turn-based RPG with make your own hero squad, RPGtactics,pvp battle
Hero Bump:Real-time PvP Battle
Enjoy the easy-to-master gameplay and unleash the fun atyourfingertips!
Smashing Rush : Parkour Action Run Game
Cold Soda
Feel the best parkour with just the jump/dash button!
Stop the monsters from escaping the lab!
Nindash: Skull Valley
Become a Master Ninja
Unbroken Soul 1.2.1
Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run,jumpandslash your way through the huge world of Alaron!Theevilnecromancer Elaniof has terrific plans for humanity...Tyrion,theking of Alaron is their last hope! Defeat countlessenemies,regionguardians and finish Elaniof in an epic adventure tosavehumanityfrom their terrible fate. The game includes · DYNAMIC2DACTION:You must de precise! Swing, wall jump, double jump,fightenemiesavoid obstacles and deadly traps! Super smoothanddynamiccontrols, you won't believe you are playing a mobilegame! ·9FANTASTIC REGIONS TO EXPLORE: From Insolo DeserttoCrisul'sFortress. ¡Prepare to explore all beautifullydesignedregions fromthe Dead's Reign! · 9 UNIQUE BOSSES: Each bossis auniqueexperience, different powers, different phases andwithoutadoubt... A huge challenge! · UNLOCK DIFFERENT ABILITIES:Youwillstart with a sword but don't worry, you will soon unlock abowandamazing abilities and powers. · UPGRADE YOURCHARACTER:Yourenemies will be more and more powerful, be ready forthem,upgradeyour character with the different merchants in thereign.·PERSONALIZE CONTROLS: Do you like a Dpad? Do you preferajoystick?Whatever your choice was, we've got you covered!Also,move andresize all controls to fit your needs. ·GAMEPADCOMPATIBLE:Completely optimized for gamepads, get ready fora trueconsoleexperience in your mobile devices! Supportedlanguages:English,Spanish, Russian, Korean, French.
Tap Titans 2: Clicker RPG Game
Attack clans of monsters & titans on the go. Arenaclash.Tapping adventure game
Rumble Arena - Super Smash
Rekall Games
Multiplayer fighting game! Battle with friends! Fight betweengodsand legends.
Epic Skater 2
Epic Skater is back! Go BIG and get Epic'r in Career &skateforever in Endless!
Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scrollarcadeaction!
Tap Town - Soul Event
train the heros and fight monsters!
Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker
Embark on an epic idle journey through the lands! Grow anddefeatyour enemies!
A minimal turn-based dungeon crawler. Collect hearts and getbackabove ground!
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game forAndroidDevices
Demon Warrior Premium
Unique Action RPG games and Stickman Fighting Offline games
Nonstop Game: Idle RPG
The coolest 3D idle RPG! Summon Heroes, form the strongest squad!
Vulture Island
Donut Games
Help 4 friends escape Vulture Island in anexploration-orientedretro platformer
Clicker Monster: RPG Idle Game
Yamato-style game with AFK feature and collection of artefacts:RPGIdle
Overdrive II: Shadow Battle
The world stands on the edge of an epic war! Suit up for theshadowfight!
Swarm of Destiny: AfK Idle RPG 1.10.6
Did you ever dream about being the Sole Ruler of a magicFantasyWorld? It’s Time to reach this Dream now! Dive into afabulous lowpoly/polygon style Idle Adventure. Be the Mastermindwho saves theFantasy World of the Fairy Tale Swarm now! Features: ★No Paywall:Fair In-App Purchases, only fully optional non-intrusiveAds ★ Getrich: Become a Gem Billionaire! Let your Swarm Workersidle minefor Gems, Prestige and win fantastic Treasures ★ Getmighty: Letyour Idle Fighters idle train to level up and fightagainst theMinions of the Mystical Creature ★ Be the Sole Ruler:Unleashpowerful Skills to defeat the Minions of the MysticalCreature thatcaused the Destruction of the Idle Fantasy Worldterritories ★ Bethe Mastermind: Regain the Control over the IdleFantasy WorldTerritories of the fabulous Swarm Creatures Step byStep ★ Find theperfect Strategy to reach a high level ofProductivity: UpgradeMines or Fighter Buildings? Use Prestige? YourDecision matters! ★Offline Idle Progression: Earn Idle Profit andlet your fabulousIdle Fighters level up even when this IdleIncremental Game isclosed or you’re AFK ★ Beautiful and calming lowpoly/polygon styleFantasy World Territories ★ Rebuild, boost andupgrade FighterBuildings and Gem Mines to earn Billions of Gems andsave the Worldof your Swarm ★ Play this semi casual IncrementalIdle RPG Game inyour own Tempo online or offline (no InternetConnection required)★ More Fantasy Worlds coming soon Be the SoleRuler An Aeon ago,evil Minions of a Mystical Creature came toharvest the FantasyWorld of fabulous Fairy Tale Creatures called“The Swarm”. It'sgood that you’re here: You’re the Sole Ruler thatthe SwarmCreatures need right now! The Time has come to rebuild theRuins ofthe destroyed Fantasy World, let the Swarm return fromExile andchange their Destiny! Get rich, get mighty Let your SwarmWorkersidle mine for Gems to get rich and become a Gem Billionaire!UsePrestige to get even richer. Get mighty by letting yourFightersidle train. Level up and unleash their powerful Skills towin epicBattles against the evil Minions of the Mystical Creatureto regainthe Fairy Tale Fantasy World Step by Step. CollectfantasticTreasures and fabulous Swarm Creatures to be the nextLandlordMastermind and undisputed Sole Ruler. Lead the SwarmCreatures to ahappy Aeon and be the Sole Ruler they deserve! Diveinto thisfabulous low poly/polygon style Incremental IdleAdventure/Idle RPGMining Tycoon Hybrid now! Find the perfectStrategy Be a FantasyWorld Mastermind: Upgrade Mines to earn moreidle Profit and reacha high Level of Productivity. Upgrade FighterBuildings to level upyour Swarm Idle Fighters and unlock mightySkills. Find the perfectStrategy to progress: Invest in Mines orFighter Buildings? Fightthe evil Minions of the Mystical Creaturenow or later? How muchRisk do you want to take when you chose yourReward for Defeatingan epic Boss? Which mines idle Profit is wortha Boost? It is yourChoice! You have nothing to lose - just win!Online and offline AFKand idle progression As this semi casualIncremental Idle RPG alsoprogresses when you’re not playing or AFK,you are free to play inyour own Tempo, online or offline: Earn idleProfit and let yourfabulous Idle Fighters level up even when theIdle Incremental Gameis closed. This is no typical Idle Clicker andthere’s no InternetConnection required to become the next SoleRuler of this magicFantasy World. Regain the Control over theFantasy WorldTerritories now! Join ourSubreddit Chat with us onDiscord Contact us [email protected]“Swarm of Destiny”-Team PrivacyPolicy:
Dark Quest 2
Turn Based RPG inspired by board game Hero Quest
Beat Street
Side-scrolling beat 'em up with single touch controls
Summoners Era Idle RPG Legends
Give 5 star heroes for all to fight in Hero War and become theGrandSummoner
Arrow Shooting Battle Game 3D 1.5
LT Online
Five years before the zombie virus bursted, the Companywasanecomony company. The person in charge of the Companychangedafteran internal adjustment, this company turned to beanambitiousmilitary research company. Variola virus was usedforgenetic testby the Company, and this city turned to betestbasement for thevirus. Unfortunately, you witnessed all ofthis.Game features:1.This crisis is hidden everywhere in the citywhichis covered bythe virus. 2.You find the virus is mutatingwithinyour body. Youfeel some changes within your body. 3.Varioustypesof weapons, tryto be characteristic warrior to crush theCompany'shypocrisy.4.Who keeps giving you information along theway? What ishiddenbehind all of this? 5.Protect yourself andsurvive!
Superhero Armor
Play as a superhero, fight super armor robot monsters, andrescuethe city
Heroes of Loot 2
Control multiple heroes at once in this dungeon crawlingactionadventure rpg
Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior – The fierce wars ofimmortalWarriors. Legendary Warrior – This story happens in ChaosKingdomLegend – land of chaos and dark. It was under the commandof Arestyrant - a warmonger and bloodshed addict. The whole landwasengulfed in the horrified dark and legendary wars.Legend about an immortal warrior in fierce battle with themonstersof the dark era of humanity begins! The fierce battle isonly doneby Legend of the hero, the best and the bravest willbecomeimmortal Legend.Hector – A legendary, strong and courageous warrior rose upanddestroyed this kingdom of blackest dye.The fighting journey of Legendary Warrior has started and itwillopen a Legend of an immortal Warrior.With Legendary Wars, the player will be played Legendary Hero–Hector and take part in the fierce battle and legendarywarsfighting to the end and destroying the wicked demons commendedbyAres tyrant to rescue the loved one and the whole Legendkingdom,become a Legend.HOW TO PLAY:- The players control the Hero and decimate monsters in maps toearnmoney to upgrade weapons, skills and level up.- Legendary Hero can move, jump and use the skill to killmonstersby your weapons.FEATURES- There are many skills and weapons for your Legend – Hero ofthesewars using- Legendary Warrior contains 30 maps. You can play the Bossmapafter passing 5 normal monster maps.- You can buy power up item to increase the power for yourWarrior,be a Legend!- Increase the power of Legendary Hero through mapsApplications should be granted the following permissions:+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: used for taking screenshot and shareitwith friends;+ GET_ACCOUNTS: used for logging and using the leaderboard;+ READ_PHONE_STATE: used for checking the status of yourdevice'sinternet connection.Legend of heroes have returned, join the battle and becomealegend!Let’s download Legendary Wars, be immortal Hero and fight forthesafety of Legendary Kingdom.Hope you enjoy the game!Contact with us:
Idle Arena - Clicker Battle
A futuristic idle RPG game with loads of loot, heroes to upgradeandepic quests
Smashing The Battle
Magic Cube
Masterpiece of Action game! Enjoy the classic arcade action onyourdevice!
Ninja Race - Multiplayer
Fun Running Online Action Racing with Ninjas
Heroics Epic Legend of Archero
DVS Games
Upgrade your hero and explore epic dungeons in this fantasyRPGaction game!
Heroes of Loot
A dungeon full of loot is awaiting for a new set of Heroes..comeand get some!
Super God Blade VIP : Spin the Ultimate Top!
Best reviewed Battle Spinning Top game from fans!
Dashero: Sword & Magic
Award-Winning Roguelike casual action RPG! Go from zero to HERO!
Heroes Legend: Idle Battle War
Summon heroes, mages and dragon to be victorious in an epicfantasybattle RPG!
Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG
Action RPG: Explore Dungeons, Fight Epic Bosses, Hack n Slash,GetMighty loot!
Infinite Arena - PVP Idle RPG
Tancho Games
Fight your way through Dungeons, 5v5 & 9v9 Arenas,Campaign,Survivals + Events!
Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game
Get ready to Hack & Slash all the monsters!
Sir Questionnaire
A turn-based roguelike adventure with hacking, slashing,puzzles,and strategy.
Stickman Ghost Premium
Become a Stickman in an unique action RPG games
Demong Hunter VIP - Action RPG
Hack & Slash Action fantasy
Tap! Captain Star
‘Tap! Captain Star’ is a space adventure game.
Machinal Instinct
Pomelo Games
Conquer the battle arena in this mech fighting game!
Infinite Skater
A groundbreaking visual experience, never seen before in amobilegame!