Top 44 Apps Similar to Real Tooth Morphology

Dental Anatomy Mastery 6.26.5561
Master the tooth morphology and occlusion concepts.Save timeandstudy smarter with a tool designed for your busy life. Themostpopular dental anatomy app on Google Play. 📖 PRACTICEQUESTIONSLIKE YOU’LL SEE IN CLASS • 400+ dental anatomy andocclusionpractice test questions • Detailed rationales andhigh-resolutiongraphics • In-depth rationales created by experts tooffer extracontext to every question • Dozens of methods of study,frommnemonics to custom quizzes and more! ✅ MORE QUESTIONS,QUIZZES,AND METHODS OF STUDY • 100+ dental concepts to help youmasterconcepts in tooth and root development, morphology, andocclusion •40+ tooth morphology practice quiz questions withhigh-resolutiontooth images to test your knowledge of toothanatomy, eruption, andocclusion • Immediate feedback to track yourprogress 💯 #1 DENTALANATOMY STUDY GUIDE • All-in-one dental anatomyapp for Androiddevices ❤️ WHAT STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS SAY “I’vealways struggledwith dental anatomy concepts and this gave me theconfidence Ineeded in school. I wouldn’t be where I am without thedentalanatomy program in Dental Anatomy Mastery. Highlyrecommend!”Kristin C. “Dental anatomy Mastery was a lifesaver indentalschool. The best part are the detailed explanations that giveyou abetter understanding of the answers.. It's so valuable, Istill useit as a learning tool now that I’m a dentist!” Alex G. “Asa busystudent, I loved that I could study anywhere—standing inline,before bed, and during my downtime at school. I love thisstudyprogram!” Jamie D. -------------- Choose the plan that's rightforyou. Receive access to all questions and clinical content.DentalAnatomy Prep: * 1 Month, auto-renewing: $7.99 * 1Year,auto-renewing: $14.99 Your payment will be charged to yourGooglePlay account at the time of purchase. Subscriptionsautomaticallyrenew unless auto-renew is turned off 24-hours priorto the end ofyour subscription period. Your account will be chargedwithin24-hours of the end of your current subscription period, andyou’llreceive a receipt for the cost of the renewal. To manageyourrenewal settings, head to the Account Settings once yourpurchasehas been confirmed. All prices are for United Statescustomers.Pricing in other countries may vary, and charges may beconvertedto local currency depending on your country of residence.If youhave questions or comments, email us any time:[email protected] call 319-237-7162. Privacy Policy- Terms and Conditions- Master the tooth morphologyandocclusion concepts.. Save time and study smarter with atooldesigned for your busy life. The most popular dental anatomyapp onGoogle Play.
ToothSOS 2.3.5
Official App of the International Association of DentalTraumatology(IADT)
Cusp Dental Clinic Software 4.5.7
The management of your dental/orthodontic clinic has neverbeeneasier!
Truthbrush 1.1.272
Track your toothbrush activity to improve oral hygiene andoverallhealth.
Dental Anesthesia - SecondLook 1.0.0
The SecondLookDental Anesthesia app is a study aid fordentalscience students
Dentist Manager: patient organiser software
Alex Mit
Dentistry manager helps dentists to manage list of patients
Cusp Dental Software 4.6.9
The management of your dental/orthodontic clinic has neverbeeneasier!
iDentist: Portal for dentists 4.8.5
Track dental health records & provide medical diagnosticsforyour patient.
My Dental Clinic 7.2.0
My Dental Clinic helps dentist manage their patients and clinic.
DocumentScanner 1.2.15
DocumentScanner is an app for document scanning.
Playbrush LTD
Toothbrushing app for GUM Smart One, your intelligentelectrictoothbrush.
DoctOral 2.4
DoctorOral is the first mobile app for medical/dentalprofessionalsand students
LecturePresentations 1.1.8
LecturePresentations is a screencast extension to LectureNotes.
Dental Pockets - Mastering Den 1.1.10
Must have app for BDS(UG)/MDS(entrance aspirants). Daily updatesforSUCCESS.
DTLab Offline 4.2.7
Organizer for dental technicians
Okee in Medical Imaging 1.2.2
From the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, this apphelpschildren to prepare for having medical imaging. Coming tohospitalfor medical imaging (radiology) can be a littleoverwhelming –especially if it’s your first visit! But this iswhere Okee theOctopus and his friends can help. They’ll show youthe ropes andhave you ready for your appointment in no time. Infact, they’rehaving so much fun you’ll want to join in their gameseven if youdon’t need to have your picture taken. And that’s okaytoo – theylove company! So are you ready? Join Okee in apicture-takingadventure in Medical Imaging! 3 training games Startthe adventurewith some training in holding your breath with Puffer,keepingstill with Jellyfish and helping Squid fill up with glowink. 6picture – taking activities Help Okee and friends to:Buildsubmarines in MRI Make milkshakes in fluoroscopy Look forstickersin CT Find the broken bones in X-ray Search for sea starsinultrasound Fasten seatbelts for a ride in nuclear medicineReallife action Videos and photos let you see what it’s really liketohave medical pictures taken at The Royal Children’s Hospital(RCH)Melbourne. Getting ready for your appointment Handy tips andeasyto understand information help you know what to do before youcometo the hospital. Information for parents This appincludesinformation to help you discuss your child’s upcomingappointmentand make visiting the hospital fun and exciting. There’salso handyinformation like phone numbers, parking tips and FAQs.This app hasbeen developed as a collaboration between thedepartments ofMedical Imaging, Educational Play Therapy, and theEducationalResource Centre at The Royal Children’s HospitalMelbourne’s.Funding generously provided by The Royal Children'sHospitalFoundation. Disclaimer This application is intended tosupport, notreplace, discussion with your doctor or healthcareprofessionals.The authors have made a considerable effort to ensuretheinformation is accurate, up to date and easily understood.TheRoyal Children's Hospital accepts no liability foranyinaccuracies, information perceived to be misleading, orthesuccess of any suggestions detailed in this application.
ACLS MegaCodes Review 2015 1.15
ACLS MegaCodes Review reflects the updated 2015AmericanHeartAdvanced Cardiovascular Life Support Guidelines andprovidesacomplete review of advanced cardiovascular lifesupport,includingthe new 2015 ICOR update. ACLS MegaCodes Reviewsimulatorlet youtest your skills in real-life situations. You canpracticemakinglife-or-death decisions and learn acute ACLSinterventions.Choosedefibrillation levels and pharmacologictreatments foreverypossible resuscitation situation. Take actualpractice testsusedfor ACLS certification. ACLS MegaCodes Reviewcoverseverythingfrom airway management and rhythms to electricaltherapy,acutecoronary syndromes, and acute stroke. ACLS MegaCodesReviewhelpsEMTs, nurses, students, and physicians successfullycompletetheAmerican Heart Association Advanced Cardiac LifeSupport(ACLS)course and certification exam. Experienced providerscanchoosemore challenging Place in Correct Order questions.
My Appointment Register 1.28
Tap! Tap!!! Done!!!!! Book your GNIB appointment just that simple!
Dental Board Exam Prep 2020: N 6.0.5
Study NBDE Part 2 anywhere with National Board Dental Exam prepapp& flashcards
UpSurgeOn Neurosurgery 2.79
Welcome to Neurosurgery, one of the digital parts of theUpSurgeOnAcademy
Andaman7 My Health Records 4.2.0
Collect, share & track medical reports, lab results,medications& immunizations
360Notebooks 6.84
360 Suite
A simple, unique note-taking app with support for noteorganisation.
List of my patients 2.4
Now you'll always have before your eyes a handy list ofyourpatients!
AppointmentPlus 1.3.14
Easily manage your AppointmentPlusbusinessscheduling account from your Android device withtheAppointmentPlus app. If you don’t already have an account, to learn more and start a free 15-daytrial.Setup only takes a minute, with no obligation or creditcardrequired.AppointmentPlus lets you take your business schedule withyou,wherever you work. Manage appointments for yourself or yourentirestaff. Create, update and cancel appointments on the fly. Youcanmeet a potential client while you’re out, enter theirinformation,and set them up with their first appointment, all fromoneintuitive interface!BENEFITS• Create, view, update and cancel appointments andreservetimes• Create, view, update and delete customers• Create new customers while setting up theirfirstappointment• View customer details while viewing theirappointmentdetails• Easily link out to a map of your customer’s location• Link to the customer phone number to call andconfirmappointments• Send appointment reminder emails to your customers• If you’re an administrator, manage appointments and customersforyour locations, staff, and rooms• Manage appointments made by your customers on yourAppointmentPluscustomer-facing website• Quickly move between appointments and reserve times whileviewingthe day and list view, or between multiple customers inthecustomer list.• View customer appointment history, either from thecustomerrecord, or from the customer detail view, inside anappointmentdetail viewFEATURES• Supports multiple appointments per timeslot• Long press an existing appointment from the day or list viewtoquickly update its status• Supports pets and children sub-categories• Add pets or children to an existing customer• View, update or remove pets or children• Package balance and expiration are displayed (if applicable),whenchoosing a package, while creating or updating anappointmentSPECIFICATIONS• Supports Action Bars for all devices• Compatible with most devices, including most tablets• Tablet view uses fragments to display a full calendarandappointment details in one viewABOUTAppointmentPlus provides online scheduling software formanyindustries, including health services, personal andprofessionalservices, education, events and many others.AppointmentPlus scalesto any size from small businesses to largeenterprises.
WatchFlower 5.3
Emeric Grange
A plant monitoring application for Xiaomi "Flower Care" sensorsandthermometers
EoEbooks 2.0.2
About essential oils, 350+ items, descriptions, oils,application& experiences.
Appointik - Clinic Management 1.1.57
Medical practice management app for Clinics and Practitioners
PALS MegaCodes Amer Heart 2015 1.15
MegaCodes Pediatric Advanced Life Support reflects themostrecentAmerican Hrt Guidelines needed by paramedics, EMTs,nurses,medicalstudents, and physicians. Participate in PALSMegaCodeswhere youare the team leader and you make the decisions tosave thelives ofchildren with acute illnesses and injuries. Pleaseviewthescreenshots before purchasing. Features: •RealisticPALSAmericanHrt code simulations. •Make the life-and-deathdecisions inPALSscenarios
Zemedy: The IBS Care Program 2.9.0
Bold Health
Zemedy provides access to personalized care for IBS thattransformsgut health
L-System Studio (Lindenmayer F 26.0
Play Posse
Play with the most accessible types of fractals during yourlunchbreak.
My Patients (PRO-version) 2.4
Now you'll always have before your eyes a handy list ofyourpatients!
Bluric 1.3.2
Indigo Madina
Frozen Glass icon style
Alexis: Minimal Icon Pack 13.5
Enjoy the sweetness!
Playgroond - Find playgrounds 1.28.2
No longer ask yourself where to go to play outside with the kids!
Nature - Oscillator 1.1
The world around us is an endless sourceofvisual information, the flow of the fractal code of life. Nature-Oscillator is one of the attempts to translate this code tosound,using spectral synthesis algorithm of the Virtual ANSengine(software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS).Theprogram continuously reads the image from the camera andinterpretsit as the spectrum of the sound. And you can easilycontrol thescanning curve: its amplitude, type and speed.Start the app and you will hear the sound immediately. Trytomove the camera and you will hear the sound change.How to change the scanning curve:* amplitude: touch the screen and slide up or down;* speed: touch the screen and slide left or right;* type: use the slider at the top of the screen.Any sound can be recorded by pressing the REC button on therightside of the screen.Known solutions for some problems:
Creamy Icon pack 3.4
Smooth and Professional icons Design
SwirlWalls Prime 1.0
License key app that unlocks all SwirlWalls wallpapers&features!
Dental Hygiene Mastery NBDHE 8.04.6340
Get study resources needed for the NBDHE - 6000+ RDH studentsusedour app
Plant Care App / Reminder 1.4.2
Plant Care app with plant care guide, care reminders andbotanistsupport..
Learn clinical and Non Clinical Dentistry in easy way withdentalschool app
Dentaltown - Access Forums, CE, Podcasts, News, and More
Correlate - Health Diary and L 1.20
Health symptoms tracker: stop feeling sick and develop healthhabits
Edible Plant Guide 1.0
Over 2,500 beautiful images covering over 950 plants and 377healthconditions!
Particulate Matter App 3.5.2
Be informed about the particulate matter situation and theairquality!