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Beauty Sweet Plus - Beauty Camera - Sweet Face
Beauty Selfie Plus - Sweet Snap, Sweet Camera is thebestselfieeditor and also a selfie beauty camera thatcontainsprofessionalediting tools and various effects. BeautyCamera –Sweet Snap a newway to take sweet selfies with amazingreal-timefilters and facestickers. Sweet Candy Camera has amazingandbeautiful colorfilters for your daily selfie, beauty facecameraalso, no more badselfie with a lot of features Beauty SelfiePlusgives you apowerful setting to take photo selfie anywhereanytime,makes yourskin beautiful and clean, with natural beautycamerabeauty.Amazing candy-sweet cam filters Sweet Camera Plus letsyouaddstickers to your face and snap cool videos for thesweetsnap.Sweet Snap - Beauty Plus makeup camera apps for sweetphotoeffectswith cool colors also makeup photo with beauty wondercamplus bestphoto editor with user-friendly retouch tools, coolfilteroptionsto have perfection in Beauty Sweet Cam Selfie HD City.Shareyourperfect photos freely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Andnowit'sfree to download Features Beauty Camera - Sweet Selfie:♥SweetSelfie Camera with beauty effects ◇ Selfie Camera can helpyoutakeperfect and sharable selfie easily ◇ Thousands ofphotostickersare available for you to choose from ◇ Beauty Camera-Photo editorallows you to add art filters to make your selfiemorepop ◇ Makeupcamera can retouch lips, blusher, eyes, brows,contour,and more ◇Selfie Sweet easy-to-use free selfie photo editorandbeauty cameraplus ♥ Beauty Camera, Face Tune - Selfie PhotoEditor◇ SweetSelfie, Smooth skin: beauty camera plus can retouchskintone usingexclusive skin smoothing makeover tool. ◇ Teethwhitener:beautyeditor with teeth whitening brings out the naturalbeauty inyoursmile. ◇ Beauty Plus, Perfect Eyes: erase bags anddarkcirclesbeneath your eyes, brighten your eyes. ◇ Acne &Pimpleremover:remove acne & pimples with just a tap to makeskinproblemsdisappear. ◇ Beauty Selfie Plus adjust facialfeatures:slim face,red-eye remover, plump up lips, grow a tallernosebridge.All-in-one selfie photo editor! ♥ Sweet Snap, CollageMaker&Photo Grid ◇ Beauty Camera, Sweet Selfie, Justselectseveralpictures, photo editor instantly remixes them into acoolphotocollage which provides tons of free preset templates&layoutsfor Instagram users. ◇ You can pick the favorite photogrid,editcollage with filters, background, stickers, text, etc.♥BeautyCamera Music Video Templates ◇ Remix your photos,picturesintoshort video clips. ◇ Sweet Snap, the Photo slideshowmaker,mergesphotos to create a slideshow with music. ♥ SweetCameraAdditionalFeatures ◇ Cutout: A background eraser photo editorcanhelp youeraser the unwanted part of your photo. ◇ SweetSnap,TouchCapture: Just tap the screen and a perfect selfie willshowyou. ◇Beauty Plus, Selfie Timer built in so you can get offtheperfecthands-free shot. ◇ Multiple face recognition lets you goforthegroup shot. ♥ Beauty Selfie Plus Body Retouch - ReshapeBody◇Beauty Camera slim body and face to get a perfectfigure.◇Elongate legs to make your proportion better. ◇BeautyPlusmultiple hairstyles, muscle stickers. ♥ BeautyCamera,ProfessionalPhoto Editor ◇ Blur photo editor: An essentialblurphoto editorwith an advanced blur photo brush. ◇ Beauty Sweet,Cropphotoeditor: The perfect selfie has never been easier, taptoresize andtrim with this crop photo editor. 💁‍♀️ Sweet SelfiePlus:BeautyCamera & Selfie Editor with Powerful PhotoEditor,PhotoCollage & Stickers cool face stickers and snappystickersforyou 💁‍♀️ Beauty Sweet - Sweet Selfie: Beauty SelfieandPhotoEditor is a free Beauty Selfie Cam helping you removeblemishandslim face. Download Beauty Plus - Sweet Selfie Now! TheBestPhotoEdit App Only for You. Edit, Share, and Enjoy Your Life!
BeautyPlus - Best Selfie Cam & Easy Photo Editor 7.4.030
• Selfie camera and photo editor app used by 800 millionusersworldwide • Get the perfect photo EVERY time with oursignatureAuto-Beautification tool • 30+ easy to use editing toolswithpowerful, professional results for perfect photo Creatingbeautifuland natural photo and video selfie has never been easier.WithBeautyPlus you can instantly take great-looking perfect selfiesandtouch-up your photos with our powerful photo editor: removeacne,pimple or blemish, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth,slimface, reshape the body, try trendy makeup, use remover toeraseunwanted objects, add filters and special effect, add blureffect,add sticker, doodle pen and more to enhance photos. EASYYETPOWERFUL PHOTO EDITOR Beauty Touch-up - Beautify: Instantlymakeyour selfie photo more gorgeous. - HD Retouch: Touch-up for amorenatural, stunning selfie photo with just one tap. - Height:Reshapeyour body by increasing the height with our height adjustingtool.- Slim: Drag to slim waist, arm, face, breasts, hips, andmore. -Smooth: Drag to smoothen your skin and refine your pores.Perfectskin is so easy. - Reshape: Drag to touch-up eyes, nose,lips, andmore. - Acne Remover: Tap to remove acne, pimple, blemishand otherskin problems and get smooth skin. - Eyes: Enlarge andbrightenyour eyes and remove dark circles. - Teeth Whitening:You’ll nolonger need to be reluctant to show your perfect smilewithwhitener teeth! Photo Editor - Remover: Remove people,buildingsand any other unwanted objects from your photos with ourpowerfulAI and image processing technologies. - Enhance: Autoenhancephotos and retain every detail with just one tap. - Blur:Add depthto your photos with our blur tool. Just swipe to apply theeffect.- Other Editing Functions: Collage, Magic Brush, Mosaic,Disperse,Vintage, Rotate, Crop, and more to distinguish your photofromothers and get perfect result. Effects Galore - Text: Add texttophotos and speak your mind using various aesthetic templatesandstyles. Change font, size, color, background, spacing, andpositionas you like. - Sticker: a large number of unique stickersthat makeyour photo more stylish and beautiful. - Doodle Pen: drawor painton your photo to enhance them or explain the photo to yourviewers- Filter: Over 200 themed filters and gorgeous effects tohelp youcreate diversified styles with ease. Just pick yourfavouritefilter to enhance your photos. - AR Sticker: Regularlyupdated withadorable AR stickers to add some fun to your photo. -Makeup:Natural and stylish makeup, including lipstick,eyebrows,eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye, to enhance your naturalbeauty.BEAUTY SELFIE CAMERA - Retouch: Make your selfies more thanperfectby getting flawless smooth skin in real time. Customizablebeautysolutions for enlarged eyes, whitener teeth, smaller headsize andmore. - Looks: Apply natural and stylish makeup effectswith filterin real time, or add makeup, including lipstick,eyebrows,eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye! - AR Sticker: Cat earssticker,flowery crowns sticker, hilarious poop-emoji hats sticker…tryadorable AR stickers and instantly make your selfies attractiveandunique! Our selfie camera and photo editor app can detect andeditmultiple faces at once, so invite your friends to come takefunselfies with you using our AR stickers now. The perfectselfiecamera for fun! You don't have to buy a separate selfiecamera forperfect photo. Download BeautyPlus for free now todiscoverpowerful photo editor, trendy makeup effects and funselfiestickers! SHARE YOUR PHOTOS (AND FEEDBACK) WITH US! •Instagram: •Facebook: •Support:[email protected]
B612 - Selfiegenic Camera
SNOW, Inc.
No 1 in the App Store photo category in52countries!Over 300 million users worldwide use B612 to achieveincredible selfies using live beautification adjustments.Express yourself daily through fun stickers and amazingARfiltersthat make glamour shots effortless and add life toboringbackgrounds.When video calls are too much, but texting is so boring?Chat like you're in a cartoon with Play!Make your memories even more specialTrendy Filters, Selfiegenic Camera - B612
Beauty Camera, Face & Body Editor - Sweet Selfie 4.18.1379
Best FREE selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus withallfeatures, face tune, body retouch, blur background, artfilters,live stickers, and makeup effects! Sweet Selfie - FeaturedbyGoogle Play🏆, top selfie photo editor and beauty camera pluswithreal-time beauty effects, helps you take selfies with ease,editphoto, picture, and video even boomerang for Instagram,Facebook,Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat, etc.Features:Selfie Camera with beauty effects * Selfie Camera can helpyou takeperfect and sharable selfie easily. * Thousands of photostickersare available for you to choose from. * Photo editor allowsyou toadd art filters to make your selfie more pop. * Makeup cameracanretouch lips, blusher, eyes, brows, contour, and more.*Easy-to-use free selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus.FaceTune - Selfie Photo Editor * Smooth skin: beauty camera pluscanretouch skin tone using exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool.*Teeth whitener: beauty editor with teeth whitening brings outthenatural beauty in your smile. * Perfect Eyes: erase bags anddarkcircles beneath your eyes, brighten your eyes. * Acne &Pimpleremover: remove acne & pimples with just a tap to makeskinproblems disappear. * Adjust facial features: smootherface,red-eye remover, plump up lips, brighten the nosebridge.All-in-one selfie photo editor! Body Retouch - Reshape Body*Retouch body and face to get an ideal shape. * Elongate legstomake your proportion better. * Multiple hairstyles,musclestickers. * Adjust your waist, breast, taller, abs andpecs.Professional Photo Editor * Blur photo editor: An essentialblurphoto editor with advanced blur photo brush. * Crop photoeditor:The perfect selfie has never been easier, tap to resize andtrimwith this crop photo editor. * Background Changer: Changeyourbackground shape to teardrop-shaped, corrugated shape. *Otherfeatures: You can adjust the brightness, contrast, vignette,fade,temperature, saturation, sharpen, etc. It’s the best photoeditorfree. Collage Maker & Photo Grid * Just selectseveralpictures, photo editor instantly remixes them into a coolphotocollage which provides tons of free preset templates &layoutsfor Instagram users. * You can pick the favorite photo grid,editcollage with filters, background, stickers, text, etc. MusicVideoTemplates * Remix your photos, pictures into short videoclips. *Photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshowwith music.* Mix photos with videos, add custom photo cover forvideo.Additional Features * Cutout: Background eraser photo editorcanhelp you eraser the unwanted part of your photo. * TouchCapture:Just tap the screen and a perfect selfie will show you. *SelfieTimer built in so you can get off the perfect hands-freeshot.Sweet Selfie is a powerful selfie photo editor & beautycameraplus, best selfie camera app with all features, free photocollagemaker. It’s great for transforming everyday images intoperfect,sharable photos. The blur tool also helps blur thebackground foryour videos and photos. With Sweet Selfie camera app,you canremove pimples and acne, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whitenteeth,change skin tone, add face filters and photo effects, blurphotobackgrounds. Sweet Selfie is a free selfie photo editor andbeautycamera plus. You can take selfies easily, save it evenwithoutediting, and share your selfie to Instagram, Facebook,Messenger,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat, etc. Any questionsfor SweetSelfie (FREE photo editor & beauty camera plus, photocollagemaker)? Please contact us. - Facebook: @sweetselfie_official - Youtube: @Sweet Selfie -Email:[email protected]
Bloom Camera, Selfie, Beauty Filter, Funny Sticker 1.3.5
Bloom 🌸 Camera uses smart facial recognition to help usersmakefunnyanimated GIFs, capture perfect selfies and photoswithtrendingstickers and filters. It is intended to help usersshootlike pros,and equipped with easy controls, steadyshooting,gridlines forcomposition, and more. Users can useretouch, makeup,watermarkfeatures to edit personal photos, andcreate Gifs forsocial sharing,which will make you shine and getyou noticed onInstagram. Whetheryou are taking photos for yourloved one, orwant to show off to yourfriends where you are, Bloomcamera willhelp you find more funs intaking photos of yourselves.🦄 Take CutePhotos with Snappy PhotoStickers Users can take aselfie with thedog, cat animal face ARstickers, and add creativeand stylishfilters to beautify photos.With only one-click,artistic effectsto photos will be added. BloomCamera will take alook at some ofthe inspiring and innovativedesigns on Instagram,and the popular& trending stickers andfilters will be addedevery month.👩‍❤️‍👩 Share Your Personal MemeGIFs to Your BFF BloomCamera canswap your or your buddy's face withfavorite memes,capture thefunny moments, creating personalizedGIFs. And usingsmart facialrecognition helps you generate massivefunny GIFs withjust onetap. Post your GIFs on social networks ormessenger, andsharehilarious moments with your friends and theworld! 💃CharmingMakeup Looks Make You A Superstar Bloom Cameraofferspresetmakeups that automatically detect your face to showmakeupeffectin real-time. It’s perfect for beginners who do notknow howto useeye, face, or lip cosmetics. It enables you to try onthelatestmakeup trends in a second. Whether it’s everyday makeuporpartymakeup, Bloom helps you have a new look in an instantandtotallyimprove your appearance before getting selfies. You canalsoadjustthe smart tools like lipstick, blush, and contour thatcanbeapplied on any skin tones and discover more ideal makeuplooksforyour own. In addition, if you think about changing yourhaircolor,please try our easy-to-use hair color changer. Wehavevariouscolors which you've never taken before, like darkbrown,forestgreen, and blue-black color. 💄 Perfectly Retouch MakeupforBeautyand Fashion Bloom Camera can remove unwanted things fromthefacemakes it easy for you to enjoy clear and beautiful skin,andmakeyour face slimmer, reshape your jaw, improve the elegancefornosenaturally. And photo Retouching features will make youlookbetterin just seconds with our professional face analysis. Youcanalsoachieve perfection and beauty with virtual makeup whichcanenhanceyour photos by applying foundation, buffing, blush,etc.,take yourportrait editing to the next level. 💦 Record MomentwithTime andLocation Watermark Not only Bloom offers users thetoinsertwatermarks with timestamp and location to thephotoautomatically,but it can change watermark placement to thedesiredangle. Userscan create their own texts or choose from theexistingpresets, andmake the personalized signature to be theiruniquephoto logos.Now, download Bloom and let the Watermark featurespeakyour story,and share it with your friends on your socialmedia! 🎨IntuitivePhoto Editor for Quick yet Professional EditsBloom Cameraoffersmanual adjustment for users who are into seriousediting.Itincludes, but not limited to Clip,Brightness,Contrast,Saturation, Degree, Sharpness, and more. Thephotoenhancer alsocan adjust the filter strength in the photos.Everyonecan achieveadvanced edits in fewer steps, even for anewbiephotographer.
Pretty Makeup - Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera 7.07
Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera istheperfectapp to give yourself a full virtual makeover and takeyourselfiesnappy camera with motion stickers andbeautyeffects. 
 PrettyMakeup, Beauty Photo Editor &SelfieCamera with many amazingmakeup effects. Whenever, wherever,snapyour candy filter selfie andmakeup your photo to be morebeauty.Use Pretty Makeup can achievethe professional &beautifulphotos , you can share the photos tosocial network to getmorelikes. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor& Selfie Camera ,isreally good for makeup your photos andtaking selfie withmotionstickers, How powerful it is? Have a try!Pretty Makeup ,apowerful makeup app. Selfie and beautifying andmotion stickerandmotion video and magic makeover all inPrettyMakeup!----------FEATURE---------- Auto-Recognition Thesmartrecognitiontechnology helps to make your makeup preciselyandnaturally fit,and make your photos more beautiful.Real-Time Real-timebeautifying effects and filters make youlookperfect in everyphoto, and the special motion stickers makeyourphoto more cuteand cool. A tap for Beauty  Throw awaytheannoying beautysteps, we provide a key to automaticallybeautifythe picturefunction, so that your photos are morebeautifulnatural, morerealistic. Hair Style and colors Bring outthe hottesthair dyetrends of the moment for you! And you can adjustyour hairstylefor yourself as you want. In addition, we providemany popularandspecial colors for you hair. Otherwise , you canchange thehairstyle’s color easily. Foundation Lip Color EyebrowsEye ShadowEyeLiner Eyelashes Blush and Eye Lids Eye Color andContour Exceptthetrend of the hairs and nice colors, foundation,lip color,hundredsof eyebrows, personalized eyeshadow, beautifuleyelashesblush eyelids hundreds of eye colors and Contour to makeyour photomorebeauty. Eyewear, Hat, Necklace, Earrings Many Fashioneyewearandhats and necklaces and earrings has been supported foryourphotos.With these decorates, you looks so cool. SnappyCameraMotionstickers Dozens of motion stickers, such as cat doganimaland lovestar, etc. Pretty makeup gives you real-timefaceswitchexperience. Dozens of motion faces are ready, you canswapwiththem as you like. There must be one that will catchyourfancy!Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera :AMagicMakeover & Beauty Selfie Selfie Camera App. Shareyourphotowith pretty makeup and cute motion stickers forFacebookandTwitter Instagram and so on . Enjoy it !
YuFace: Makeup Camera, Makeover Face Editor Magic 3.1.0
Yu Apps
You are too familiar and bored with the usual beauty cameraapps.You are looking for another photo makeover app for girls thatcantake a selfie with more professional effects. If so, thenyoushould come to YuFace, the selfie camera photo app withdiversemakeup effects, professional photo editing. Main features ofYuFace- best selfie makeover face editor app 🤳 Selfies camerafilters andeffect themes are available + Don’t need to spend timeediting eachselfie filters and effects + Thousands of themedeffects areavailable for you to choose from + Diverse themes ofmakeup filter:HOT topics, Celebrity Concepts, A/W, Christmas,Halloween, WinterMakeup, Summer Makeup, J-POP ... or even ARanimation effects +Easily organize favorite topics 💋 Face beautyselfie editor + Manyphoto color filters for you to choose freely +Eliminate allblemishes on the face, smooth skin + Face editor: slimface edit,create jaw, edit cheekbones + Contour and highlight yourface shape+ Whitening teeth + Hair color changer: Make our coolhair, changehair color every day + Make the nose tall and slim +Eyebroweditor, adjust the size of eyes, lips + Add hairline contour+Perfect eye color changer and many eye makeup styles free +Addcute stickers to photos 💄 Outstanding professional beautymakeupapp + Take a selfie with available makeup styles: you justneed tohave a bare face and YuFace selfie camera will help you makeup ina second + Give you a more wonderful makeup experience withtheability to adjust lipstick, cheek powder, eyebrows,favoritemascara, eyeliner + Especially can change hair color, lenscolor +Add accessories such as glasses, hats, earrings in the mostnaturalway. 📸 Full of photography features + Full support forfeaturessuch as touch screen to capture, set shooting time, flash,imagesize + Image quality options from normal to highquality.--------------------------------------------- 🛠 Editcapturedphotos + Makeup for the available photo: You take a photobutforget to apply lipstick, do not worry YuFace will help topaintlipstick in a split second with a series of different lipcolors toyour choice + Easily access your photo albums and editthem +Optionally edit photos by theme or makeup images similar tothesettings before taking them. + Rich sticker sets make yourphotosmore vivid 👑 The special advantages of YuFace beauty camera✔️Simple interface, easy to use ✔️ Install and edit photoscompletelyfree ✔️ Photo face makeup editor HD, save high-qualityphotos,don't break photos after editing ✔️ Professional photocapture,beauty makeup photo editor, and pretty tools ✔️ Thecorrectionlevel is clearly displayed to make it easy to adjustproperly. Nolonger need to sit for hours of makeup to get abeautiful selfiephoto. Now, selfies will be easy with YuFace, amakeup camera app,just a few small steps you can get pictures withthe newest makeuptrends.--------------------------------------------- 🎈 Do nothesitate anylonger, Download Now the selfie and photo makeover appYuFace andexperience editing beauty in just a phone today. 🎈Review 5⭐️ forYuFace magic beauty app and share on social networksto help YuFacehave more motivation to develop new features thatmake you morebeautiful every day! If you have any comments orsuggestions, pleaseleave your comments below, any useful ideas arewelcome. Yourcontributions will help us continue to develop betterYuFace infuture versions. Make up now today, daily beautiful liketheinstabeauty bloggers. Thank you for reading the fullproductintroduction 🌈🌈🌈 Email support: [email protected]
Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor 2.27
Pretty Makeup Camera , Selfie Beauty Makeup PhotoEditorwhenever,wherever , Instant make your photo be more beautiful,giveyourself a full virtual makeover and take your selfiephotowithinstant snappy camera. Take your photo with motionstickers.Pretty Makeup Camera contains more than 🎅100+ motionfunnyfacestickers😁 . And Pretty Makeup Camera is a instant photoeditorwithbeauty function. It’s a professionally designed toenhance thebestpictures and selfie photos for a perfect.PrettyMakeupCamera-Selfie Filter Make Up Photo Editor is a beautyphotoeditor,😘for you with make up function and you can make yourfacemorebeautiful .Share the beauty photoforinstagram/facebook/twitterand so on. 👠Retouch photos to adjustskintone, add filters, easilyremove wrinkles, add freckles&contours eraser pimples edittired eyes and reshape your faceandlook thinner in just a fewtouches. Your skin will looknaturallyradiant in all of yourselfies and photos! 💄💋Real-Time👙 Makeover and beauty andcute in real -time:Real-timebeautifying effects and filters makeyou look perfect inevery photoand the special motion stickersmake your photo more cuteand cool.💅▲Foundation Lip Color Eyebrowsand Eye and Shadow and EyeLinerEyelashes Blush Eye Lids and EyeColor and Contour👄 Get thePrettymakeup camera and create greatbeauty make up selfie.Makesyourselfie to be the hottest photo.❤️Skin Editor - Edit and eventanyour skin to achieve perfect,glowing perfection in just afewswipes! - Retouch skin tone usingour exclusive skin smoothingtoolwith Pretty Camera-Selfie FilterMake Up Photo Editor - Eachoneprovides different levels ofsmoothing toning and alsoremovingtemporary imperfections such aspimples and blemishes forsmootherand flawless skin! - Use darkeneffects to retouch yourphotos.❤️Slimming - Reshape your face, andlook thinner in just afewtouches. - Add contours to your face tobring out your truebeauty❤️Remove Blemishes - Retouch, edit andeven tan your skin toachieveperfect - Eliminate pimples andunwanted spots with a simpletap❤️Dark circles - Eye Bag Removerdiminishes dark under eyecirclesand reduces puffiness - Erasebags and dark circles beneathyoureyes - Our “brighten” functionenhances your eyes to instantlylightup your features. ❤️BrightEyes - Instant bring out thebeautifulcontrast of your eyes toinstantly light up your selfiewith“Brighten” - make your eyes popin photos with PrettyCamera-SelfieFilter Make Up Photo Editor❤️Create The Perfect Smile- Brings outthe natural beauty in yoursmile ❤️❤️Pretty MakeupCamera is aprofessional photo editor foryour facial photos. Lightenand Darkenacne enlarge brightendarCircle slimming satin with alloperationsmade automatically!❤️Use Pretty Camera-Selfie Filter MakeUp PhotoEditor edit yourselfie including: Remove blemishes, whitenskin,remove eye-bag,and many more! Say goodbye to fake faces andstarttaking perfectimage using Pretty camera for candy selfiesthatmakes yourpictures more natural and beautiful! ❤️PrettyMakeupCamera-SelfieFilter Make Up Photo Editor can instant applyvariousartisticeffects to your retouched photos to make them lookmoreappealing.Pretty Makeup Camera - Selfie Beauty Makeup PhotoEditoris notonly could be used as a makeover app but also aamazingselfiebeauty camera. make up your photo be more beautiful ortakeabeauty selfie with pretty makeup camera . Enjoy it and ifyouhavesome suggestion pls contact us :[email protected]
Sweet Face Camera - Live Face Filters for Snapchat 4.21.100700
Sweet Face Camera is used by over 100 million peoplearoundtheworld. Best FREE face App and snap camera on Google Play!🏆 Youcansnap perfect selfie & video with its funny facefilters,cutestickers, and unique camera effects. Various livecamerafiltersare in this app. Snap a sweet selfie with cute funnyfacefilterslike Snapchat, including dog filter, and other likecatfilter,rabbit filter, 2020 trendy photo filters with SweetFaceCamera.Besides, Sweet Face camera has many funny and cutestickersasangel wings. Best picture art experience with the SweetFaceCam!Let’s snap wonderful pictures and share your awesomephotoonInstagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tik Tok withthefacecam. ⭐Selfie camera with Funny Stickers: ⭐ *Vocation?Animal?Tattoo? Over 2800 special cute animal face stickersin thisfacelive camera. * Snap a sweet selfie or shoot a video forkidsinyour family with the funny face camera effects. * Bring somefuntoyour selfie with the cute animal stickers and emojis.Havefuntogether! ⭐ Funny Face Live Camera Filters :⭐ * Cutecat?🐱Lovelydog?🐶 Snap a sweet selfie with our funny animal facefilterslikeSnapchat. * Glitter? Neon? Sweet? Hundreds of photofiltersforpictures are available in Sweet Face Camera. * Snapfunnypicturesand have a great face game together with our sweetfacecamera! ⭐Various Face Filters & Effects⭐ * Food?Scenery?Portrait? Thesweet face camera comes up with free photofilters. *Face cameraautomatically makes your selfie more beautifulwith thefacefilters. * Snap a perfect selfie with the snap cameraandchoosecamera filters that suit selfie the best! * Whateveryoudo,various filters in Sweet face camera will make everyselfiephotoamazing. ⭐Real-time beauty effects: ⭐ * Acne?blemishes?pimples?Get flawless skin, sparkly eyes, white teeth,etc. in justONEsnap! * Edit photos and retouch your photo with thefabulouscamerabeauty effects. * In this Face App, our face effectsaregreat forsweet selfies, you can snap a picture with thebeautifulangeleffect, princess effect, or other funny beautyeffects. *Chooseone camera effect your favorite! ⭐Makeup Camera :⭐*Multiplechoices of the popular eyebrow, lipstick, blusher,andcontour. *In this face camera, you can find the makeup stylethatbest suitsyou. * Sweet Face cam automatically makes yourpicturesmorebeautiful with face filters. * Various popular makeupeffectsmakeyour selfies mesmerizing even when you’remakeup-less.⭐EasilyShare :⭐ * Snap perfect selfies & videoswith Sweet FaceCameraand save them in high resolution. * Share topopular socialsiteslike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger,YouTube, TikTok, andSnapchat right from Sweet Face Camera. Withthis sweet facecamera,every photo editor functions are free in oneface app. It'sthebest photo filter app and offers you amazing funnycameraeffects,including all the funny animal stickers and cutefacefilters forpictures. Funny face filters can be found in sweetfacefiltercamera. There’re face filters like Snapchat for kids,snapapicture for kids in your family, and have a lot offuntogether.Snap a sweet selfie with the face cam, sharing yourphototoSnapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK by one click,oreditvideo with music and pic for Tik Tok to get manylikes.Anyquestions for Sweet Face Camera (Best Face App &SnapCamera,Funny Face Live Camera filters for Snapchat)? Pleasecontactus!💗Facebook:@Sweet Snap Instagram: @sweet.snap Youtube:@SweetSnapEmail: [email protected]
Bestie - Camera360 Selfie 4.2.2
PinGuo Inc.
Howdy! Introduce you Bestie, the best of selfie camera appsoftheyear, developed by Top Developer Camera 360.Real-timeSkinBeautifying Effects ✦ Natural & radiantcomplexionretouching ✦Exquisite face feature & contourreshaping ✦Adjustable skinsmooth, whiten & brighten effect ✦Smart acne,blemishes &pimples remover ✦ 100+ filters developedforportrait selfiesStunning Filters for Portrait ✦Professionalportrait photographicfilters ✦ Designed & developedfordifferent self-portraitsscenarios ✦ Each filter could beappliedwith 1-100 degrees ✦Collect and manage your favorite filters✦Real-time filters forphoto and video snap Play withAnimatedStickers ✦ Easy cosplaycute characters like Bunny, Kitty,Puppy,and more ✦ Makeover withheaddress, tiara, jewelry, andotherornaments ✦ Makeup withanimated face stickers and funny emoji✦Accurate face recognitionand tracking technology ✦ More funwithgrid shot All-in-one SelfieCamera ✦ Fast and fluent to takeaselfie, capture your bestmoments with no fuss ✦ Night cameramoodthat allows you to take aquality selfie in dark ✦ Cameratimercould be set to take a photoafter 3, 5 or 10 seconds ✦Touchscreenand Auto option that setyour hands free ✦ Wide-anglelens,real-time filter & stickers,video shot, grid shot…IntelligentBeauty Editor for Your Photo ✦Quick-fix that autocontour your faceand retouch your skin foralbum pics ✦ Auto detectface features,smooth and whiten onlyfacial skin, slim face contour✦ Auto detecteyes and allow you toenlarge, brighten, change eyecolor, or removeeyebags ✦ Exquisiteremoving acnes, blemishes &pimples and makea flawless selfieeasily ✦ Cute and originalstickers to decorateyour album photos ✦Magic Brushes that helps youto blur photobackground, decorate orhighlight objects as you wantGet in TouchGet to know millions ofBestie users and share yourunique outfit,please get in touch withus in below ways:InstagramOfficial: PostwithInstagram Tag:# bestiecam FacebookFanPage:[email protected]
Selfix - Photo Editor And Selfie Retouch 1.4.6
💗 Reach perfection with your photos, and turn them into posters!💗Every Selfie beautifying filter will make your skin lookamazing!Swipe right and left to select between filters, Selfix is aphotoeditor with face recognition and filter technology atyourfingertips, for your selfie photos. Selfix is designed to bethebest user-friendly photo editor and retouch editor, withcooloptions, and amazing results! Features: Blemish and PimpleRemoverGet rid of pimples and blemishes! eliminate unwanted pimplesandunwanted spots with just one finger tap. 😁 Whiten Teeth **Yoursmile just got happier - Reveal your perfect smile with asingleswipe. 😍 Details for perfect eyes ** “Details” moduleenhances youreyes and hair and lights up your features. PerfectSmooth Skin **Smooth, edit a to achieve perfect skin for perfectselfies andphotos! For an added bonus, swipe on a cool blush orrouge to giveyour cheeks an extra glow. 😲Brows Eyebrow Editor,easily find thebest eyebrow style & color for your face. ⤴️Reshape YourSelfie or Photo ** Instantly reshape any area of yourphoto with afew swipes. Add Blur and Style to Your Photos + manymore filtersto edit and retouch your selfie with your camera.
Beauty Makeup Editor: Beauty Camera, Photo Editor 1.7.6
Beauty makeup photo editor is an all in one makeover apptoretouchselfies. One tap beauty makeup editor is powered by AItoperfectlyface tune selfies. Edit photos like a pro andhaveflawless selfieswith the face app. Superb photo editing toolssuchas neon spiralsand drip effect will take your pics artexperienceto the nextlevel. Fabulous picture editor & faceeditor alsooffers abeauty camera for auto retouch or to snap selfiewith funnyselfiecamera filters. Share your perfect selfies onInstagram,Facebook,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr,TwitterandPinterest! 💖 Amazing Beauty Makeup Editor: Retouchselfiesandbeautify yourself with the virtual makeoverapplication!Firstchoose a pic to face tune or snap selfie using thebeauty camwitha smooth skin. Amazing make up templates areavailable forspecialdays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve,Valentine’s dayandBirthdays! Apply gorgeous makeup from autoretouch section offaceshaper picture editor or personalize yourmake up withbeautymakeover tools: -Beautify Eyes: Best beauty faceeditor tochangeeye color, enlight and enlarge eyes! Eyebag removerby faceapp isgreat to beautify eyes. -Skin Smoothener: Face tunetoexplore thefoundation effect, soften your skin and have asmoothface! - TeethWhitener: Makeover face app removes yellowteetheasily to have ashiny smile with impressive white teeth!-Legendary Acne Remover:Remove acne and other skin problemslikepimples and blackhead tohave beautiful selfies! -CustomizedMakeup:Retouch selfies withfun beauty makeup camera. Pick alipstick andfind the best contourcolor for your image. To have moreattractiveselfies use mascaraand have impressive eyes. 💄 -LipShaper: Finetune your lips, applylipstick and enlarge it to have aperfectselfie. -Hair ColorChanger: Dye your hair into your desiredcolorwith the superbbeauty makeup application. 🤳 Beauty CamerawithFilters and EffectsFabulous makeup editor provides livesweetselfie camera so you cansee the photo filters and effectsdirectlyon your face! Beautymakeup camera slims your face andsmoothen itinstantly! Face applive camera comes with many hilariousphotofilters and effectssuch as cat and dog face filters to snapselfieor a video. Thanksto selfie camera effects, you don’t need tolearnPhotoshop!Aesthetic Photo Editor Free Once you have thebeautymakeup photoediting app you don’t need any other editing appsforphotos. Nocrop is needed since the beauty makeupeditorautomatically resizesyour pictures. Explore fun effects andartfilters for picturessuch as golden hour filter to havestunningpictures. Easily adjusthue and brightness for professionalphotoediting. You’ll love thesketch effect and neon spirals. Withdripeffect and neonbackgrounds you can turn your selfies into apieceof art. Removebackground or change it instantly withthebreathtaking photobackground changer. You can even blurbackgroundand add a neonbackground for your pic. Finalize pictureeditingwith cutestickers and stylish text. ✨ Photo Collage makerThanks tothe freebeauty editor you’ll have many awesome pictureswith neonspiralsand trendy drip effect to collage. Remix andmontage them inonespecial post or make hilarious memes with the piccollagemakerwith great photo grids and picture layouts. Sweetselfieeditorprovides all the picture editing tools and beautymakeupcamera forbeautiful selfies. First apply pretty make up theneditphotos withfun filters for pictures and background changer!Explorethe cooldrip effect, beauty camera, and blur background toimpressyourfriends! Enjoy the astonishing makeup app with beautyphotoeditorand beauty cam, and share your incredible beautymakeoveronInstagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok,VK,Tumblr,Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest!
YouCam Makeup - Selfie Camera & Magic Makeover
Perfect Corp.
Fall is here and it's time to get ready forallthe spooky happenings of Halloween with our spook-tacularhalloweenmakeovers.Halloween is almost here and we have some awesomely creepymakeupideas for you to try virtually!Transform yourself into a spooky doll, creepy comic zombie, orhalfskull makeover all perfectly spooky for halloween.Give your friends a fright with these creative makeup ideas andtrythem virtually in YouCam Makeup.Keep your skin healthy and radiant with our new skincareanalysisand Skin Diary from YouCam Makeup!Analyze the health of your skin in seconds with the newYouCamMakeup skincare analysis feature. Wrinkles, spots, acne anddarkcircles can be analyzed instantly with relative scores thankstoYouCam Makeup.Your YouCam Makeup Skincare Diary helps you to keep track ofyourskin needs and improvements in your skin health overtime.Try makeup in real-time with the live Makeup Cam and buytheproducts you love now. Get an instant makeover with hundredsofmakeup & beauty looks that you can apply in real life justlikea magic mirror.YouCam Makeup Selfie Camera Features:◇ Selfie editor complete with lipstick, contour, eye makeup&blush that you can shop forMakeup Videos - Live Streaming Makeup Experts◇ Live streaming makeup tutorials to feed yourmakeupaddiction◇ Live chat with beauty tutorial streamers for makeup tips &hottrends from our live streamDaily Horoscopes◇ Daily horoscope readings and lucky beauty tips, 7 daysaweek◇ Astrology advice from real fashion and beauty astrologersBeauty Circle Social Community - Your DailyBeautyGuide◇ Makeup, fashion & style talk keeps you up to date withlatesttrends. Find inspiration, try then buy!◇ Share to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and your favoritesocialnetworksMakeovers in Real-Time: Try Makeup, Auto Beautify Before TakingaPhoto & Shop Your Favorite makeup◇ Record a Makeover Mashup Video, try on a series of makeuplooksautomatically & record them in a short video**◇ Get style ready for social media like Instagram &Snapchatwith real-time effects and previews**Available for Android 5.0 devices with 1GB or moreFlawless Skin & Face Editor - Always aGlamorousLook◇ Flawless skin is yours with adjustable skin tones andeffortlesstans◇ Face editor includes skin smoother and skin toner forflawlessskin or add freckles for a totally on fleek look!◇ Add blush & contour, remove shine for a pristine,naturallook◇ Change eye color and overlay makeup to style your look up ordownfor any occasionHairstyle & Hair Color Changer - Salon Styles in DozensofShades◇ Try on a hairstyle over any face with super-accuratefacialdetection◇ Dye your own hair - color hair any way you want!◇ Hairstyle choices and haircuts range from long hair,shorthairstyles, curly hair or straightEye-catching Makeovers - Create Unique Eye Styles◇ Make your eye color shine with smart tools that conceal undereyecircles and remove red eyes◇ Mascara tool instantly adds volume & length to lashesEyebrow Editor - Find the Best Eyebrow Style forYourFace◇ Powerful eyebrow editor lets you color or trim existing browsfora subtle change that will soften your facial features. Gettheperfect brow just like microblading!◇ Our eyebrow editor can replace your brows with dozens ofcolors& shapesLip Enhancements & Gleaming Teeth - A Natural,ConfidentSmile Every Time◇ Lipstick and lip gloss! Choose classic matte color or shinecolorsdepending on your mood◇ Whiten your teeth instantly with teeth whitenerPerfect Corp. would love to hear your suggestions andfeedback!Please contact us at:[email protected] us: us: Makeup fully complies with the Facebook advertisingpolicies:
BeautyCam 10.1.15
A globally beloved photo & video app Join 800 million usersonBeautyCam to find your most beautiful self. ---BeautyCam isfilledwith exciting new updates--- 【Primary mode】 A gift fortakingamazing photos without excessive beautification. We realizeit isimportant to keep your inherent beauty that you cherish.【Slender】Change head to body ratio instantly! Three body adjustingplans andseveral pose templates are offered for you to snapmesmerizing fullbody photos. 【Amazing styles】 Reach trending makeuplooks andfilters with ease! Take amazing selfies in one tap! Alltypes ofbeauty are accessible! 【MovieCam】 Snap high-quality photosandVIDEOS! Say goodbye to messy backgrounds with movie-likeblurringeffects. Now you can make a video under the MovieCam modein 10seconds. 【Trending Stickers】 Tons of popular and creativeARstickers of different styles. Create funny, cute or coolselfieswhenever you like. 【AI Portrait】 Save fuzzy nighttimeportraitshots. Easily snap SLR-quality HD pics even in darkenvironments!【Natural Beautification Effects】 Intelligentlyrecongnizes andanalyzes facial features to customize exclusivebeauty style.Adjust any details that you feel like optimizing andprovidenatural effects from top to bottom. 【Stunning Makeup Looks】Variouspopular makeup selfie effects that'll make your selfiesmesmerizingeven when you're makeup-less! 【GIF】 A must-have functiontocolorize daily chats. Make gifs full of unique features and soisyour social life. 【Fine filters】 Different filter stylespreferredby Internet celebrities that can be used for shootingselfies,food, architecture, and scenery.
Photo Editor Pro: photo effects, background eraser 2.6
Insta bokeh and blend camera photo editor with Free squareblendcamera and bokeh neon spiral effect and square pic effect foryourphoto . ✨Free Photo editor with insta bokeh and blend neon fireanddrip photo effects bling effect for you and you also can use theAIcut out and add the flower /drip /fire and neon effects foryourphoto with background eraser . Get the camera and square sizephoto. 🎆Free Photo editor pro will provide the Ai cutout effectsforyour photo . All - in - one photo effects with greatbackgroundchanger . Just like flower background and fire cooleffects andpopular neon/blend and spiral photo effects for yourphoto . Getmore like with Insta bokeh and blend camera photoeditor.🔥Bokeh,light:by using "Instabokeh",you can add thesebeautifuleffect for your photos. With blend camera photo editor youcanshoot the sky and word and bokeh photo effect for blend camera .Atthe same time you can make the unique popular fire and greatphotocutout effects with 300 + effect layouts. 🌸fInsta bokeh -blendsquare effect camera photo editor neon and blend fire effectsis awonderful photo editor that you can choose your favorite bokehandblend effect to your photo. There are four function foryou:romantic sky tender night dream world and favorite text. Allofthem are amazing !!! How cool it is to share a photo withdifferentbokeh&light effects! On Instagram, it helps you getmore"like"! 🔥FEATURE: ★Popular Neon filters and fire effects ★Loveandflower photo effects for your cutout photo effects ★Aicutoutbackground eraser ★100+ Amazing bokeh and light effects foryourinstagram. ★ blend camera with bokeh effect . ★ Adddifferentbokeh&light effects to your photo, and will keepupdate. ★Adjust the transparency to different blend bokeh&lighteffects.★ Drag & Drop Rotate to different bokeh&lighteffects. ★Share square photo on Instagram or other social network.🔥 FEEDBACKEnjoy the Insta bokeh and blend camera photo editor andpleasecontact us by mail: [email protected], if you havesuggestionsor problems:)
Candy Camera - selfie, beauty camera, photo editor
Let’s take a selfie!With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode,You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime!Don’t miss out on Candy Camera’s amazing filters –7,000,000 people taking selfies with Candy Camera every day!★ Filters for SelfiesA diverse range of filters, designed specifically forselfies–Every Candy Camera filter will make your skin look amazing!Swipe left and right to change between filters,And find the perfect beautifying filter for a selfie!Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you takeaselfie,So you always look and feel beautiful with CandyCamera’sfilters!★ Beauty FunctionsIn addition to the filter camera, there are additional editingtoolsfor the perfect selfie -Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush,eyeliner,mascara!Edit or use make-up stickers to look beautiful in allyourselfies.Candy Camera is the ultimate beauty tool for selfies!★ StickersStickers for every season, occasion, and trend!Decorate your selfie with Candy Camera’s huge stickercollection–New stickers are being added to Candy Camera witheveryupdate!You can find cute stickers for your selfies and artistic onesforyour photography.Each sticker can be easily resized and movedusingmulti-touch!★ Silent CameraTake silent selfies, snapshots, or photography anywhereyougo!Candy Camera’s silent mode can be used for any occasion –Never be embarrassed to take a selfie, the camera is silent!★ CollageTake multiple photos for a collage!Choose from many different grids and styles –Taking selfies with Candy Camera’s collage mode,You’ll feel like you’re in a photo booth with filters.Have fun taking selfies with your friends!For more fun with Candy Camera, please follow us!Facebook:
Photo Editor Pro, Effects, Camera Filters -PicPlus 1.9.1
Easy and popping, have it all with PicPlus - photo editorpro!Photoediting has never been so easy! PicPlus is a pictureeditorfor bothexperienced users and those just getting started.Noteveryone is aphoto editor pro, but that doesn’t mean yourphotoscan’t be worksof art. Start using the camera filters andeffectsof PicPlus,you’ll quickly discover it’s the only all-in-onephotoeditor you’llneed. No matter what you want to accomplish,thispicture editoroffers a bunch of photo editing features togiveyour pics thatpolish they need. Photo Editing Features:PHOTOEDITOR EFFECTS -Getinspired with pre-made picture editoreffectsto help fill out yourphotos. -Sleek and polished, your picswilllook professional made.-Standout with photo editor effectsthatmake your work look likeart. PERFECT SELFIE EDITOR -Useselfieeditor to get your selfiessocial-media ready. -This photoeditoroffers perfect beautifyfeatures: facelift, whiten teeth,smoothskin and more. -Take wowselfies with trendy camera filtersandeffects. TRY CAMERA FILTERSAND EFFECTS -Camera filters thatmovewith you, the perfecteye-popping photo editor effects.-Camerafilters and effects thatmove-and-match your movement.-Acquirefancy picture editor effectssure to capture attentionandinterest. APPLY STYLISH FILTERS FORPICTURES -This photo editorprogives your pics an extra boost witha variety of photofilters.-PicPlus - Photo Editor Pro offersdozens of free,high-qualitycamera filters. -Film, Vintage,Sparkle, Old Movie,Polaroid…chooseone to apply on your pic. TRYPHOTO ENHANCER -One tapto unblurphoto or enhance photo quality.-Use this picture editor torestoreold photos to relieve the goodold days. MAKE AWESOMECOLLAGES-Create memorable photo collageswith the photo editor proto shareon social media. -Try out thedifferent layouts to createsomethingspecial. -You’ll never haveany problem attractingattention withthis powerful picture editor.SMART BACKGROUND CHANGER-Use thispicture editor to easily cut outor select an area with nofuss.-Simple and streamlined selection toremove the background, allbyone powerful photo editor! -No morefiddling with aclunkyinterface, feel like the photo editor pro youare. ADD TEXTS&STICKERS -Say what you want, as clear as youwant: makememes,cards, whatever your heart desires. -This pictureeditorprovidestons of text styles and stickers to spice up yourphotos.-Stickerssure to enliven your pics, and create trulyamazing photoeditoreffects. PicPlus photo editor pro offers anextensive listoffunctions. Take your pics beyond the mundane withfancyphotofilters! Use this picture editor to fulfill yourfantasieswithawesome photo editing effects, selfie editortools,stickers,templates, background options, live face filters andmore.
Camera360 - Selfie Photo Editor 9.9.5
PinGuo Inc.
★Best App of 2016 on Google Play inseveralcountries★Camera360 - Photo Editor is a free beauty camera and aglobalcommunity of photography with over 500 million users. Itcontainsprofessional editing tools and all themed funny stickers&motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and videoeffects.Your photo studio make all your photos even better withselfiecamera & photo editor!Follow us on:- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Camera360_Official★Camera360 - Photo Editor Includes: ★▲A Global Community of Creative Photography▲Selfie Camera & Beauty Camera▲Photo Editor Pro▲Customizable Filters and Cartoon EffectsAnime Sky, Visual Portrait Filters, Magic Sky, Starry Night▲Motion Stickers & Funny Stickers▲Poster Camera▲Photo Collage & Photo Grid====== Feature Highlights ======【Global Community】- Social network for connecting SHARE PICS of epic momentsinlife- DISCOVER the latest image and info about your interests- FIND and Follow like-minded people- WATCH videos and share favorites pics- POST your comments and like【Candy Selfie】- Perfect selfie camera- Become a goddess in 1 step with default instabeauty effects- Stylize your pictures with beauty camera selfie filtersBig eyes, charming lips, slim nose and small face... SelfieCameraknows what you want! Touch up your candy selfie with ourquick andeasy features and get great results【Photo Edit】- Selfie Cameraquick-fix (contour), whiten & smooth skin, brighten&enlarge eyes, remove acne, facelift, etc- Photo Editor Pro:set sharpness, temperature, tint, exposure, contrast,vibrance,saturation, highlight, shadow & vignette- More:image blur/crop/rotate, color balance, photo frames andtiltcorrection【Funny Stickers】100+ funny stickers are categorized, like Motion Stickers,SmartStickers, Emoji Faces Stickers, Photo Animation Stickers,MusicStickers, etc【Stylish Filters】- Art filters and cartoon photo effects- Live Filters:Visual Portrait filter, Anime Sky, Magic Sky, Starry Night,Foodie,HDR, Sketch, etc.【Photo Collage】- Poster Camera with Creative Photo Collage & Photo Frames&Layouts & Photo Grid- For photo frames with poster effects or a poster camera, tryourbuilt-in PIP camera. Many poster camera templatesareoffered.【Contact Us】email: [email protected] Tech Powered by Fabby technology
AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.14.0
Who says we can’t have perfection in our photos? We believeallusersshould have the best editor and filter technologyattheirfingertips, and AirBrush continually updates with newfeaturesandeffects to stay up to date with editing standards.AirBrushwasdesigned to be the best photo editor withuser-friendlyretouchtools, cool filter options, and natural,beautifulresults!Features: Blemish and Pimple Remover ** Saygoodbye topimples andblemishes! With our blemish remover, you caneliminatepimples andunwanted spots with the tap of a finger. Add aswipe ofblush toadd radiance and charm. Whiten Teeth and BrightenEyes **Whiteningyour teeth takes your smile to the next level! Ourteethwhiteningfunction lets you brighten your smilewithoutover-whitening. **Our “brighten” function enhances your eyestoinstantly light upyour features. Perfect Skin in Every Photo**Retouch, edit andeven tan your skin to achieve perfect,glowingperfection in just afew swipes! Your skin will looknaturallyradiant in all of yourselfies and photos! For an addedbonus, swipeon a cool blush orrouge to give your cheeks an extraglow. Slim,Reshape and LengthenYour Selfie or Photo ** Instantlyslim,lengthen or reshape anyarea of your photo with a few swipes ofyourfinger. ArtisticRetouching Features ** In addition its HDeditingfeatures, theAirBrush editor also includes tools that letyou blur,crop,stretch, slim and tune your pics for an artistic,beautifulanddramatic touch. Choose to automatically retouch yourpicturesorfix them manually. Add Depth and Style to Your Photos **Our“Blur”editing tool lets you retouch any photos to give itmoredepth andkeep only the things that matter in focus. Your photosandpicswill embody the cool perfection seen inprofessionalphotography.Real-Time Editing Technology ** Edit yourselfie beforetaking thepicture with real-time editing tools. Seeyour shot onyour phone,choose your edits and filters, then snap thephoto for aperfectpics every time! Natural, Radiant Filters **AirBrushbeautyfilters were professionally designed to enhance eventhebestpictures and selfie photos for a perfect,beautifulfinishingtouch. Some filters can add natural-lookingmakeup to yourpics,like blush or mascara! Ready to Share? ** Thisis the editingtoolthat really gets your picture ready for sharing.When you’redoneediting, share your pics to popular social siteslikeFacebook,Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat right fromAirBrush!Follow us onour official accounts and share your selfies,picturesand commentswith us! • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram •Website
B623: Selfie Camera Plus Photo Editing Expert 1.4.1
Selfie expert editor is one of the most used editor apps.Tryhotfilters for pictures & trendy effects with aselfiebeautycamera . Be in the spotlight with b623 beauty plussnaps.Thishelpsyou create pictures with selfie cameras, includingstylisheffects,filters, grids, change the background, and drawtools, evenifyou've never edited a before. With the new selfiebeautyfeatures,you can edit studio-like beautiful cameras easily.Beautycamerasgive images a new life with its excellent candycamerabeautyfilters. This editor has many unique and realisticfeatures.Thebeautiful inbuilt retrica effects with stickers,frames,andoverlay features make Free Editor extraordinary fromallotherapps. The user shows their creativity and allows themtotakebetter photos in this editing expert app with a studiolikecamera.Bring out the beautiful artist in you and trydifferentstyles withstandard and neon brush and several cameraeffects withthe varietyof beauty features offered by the selfieexpert andSelfie Cameraapp. This editing expert is free to use toenjoy thestylishdesigns and effects that will make you unique.PHOTO EDITOR:-Tuneimage – color and exposure adjustment, tuningmade easy andperfect- Crop – crop freely or with standard templates- Rotate –rotateimage accordingly, flip vertically and horizontally-Contrast –adjust the colors making the image look more focusandnatural -Brush- Outline stunning selfies with the neon brushtool -Overlay-Turn simple portraits into artistic masterpieceswithfreehandoverlay. - Stickers- Shiny effects and stylishanalogfilters tobrighten your day - Filters- Electrifying filterstocreate anastonishing edit - Freehand cropping – Remove objectsandgetfantastic retouch -Text and color– add both plain orstylizedtextwith different color shades - Blur – Backgroundsofteningandsharpening image for great photographic portraits witha factorofcustomized shapes. - Font Style: Add text using200+aestheticfonts -Shadows – boost details selectively in theshadows-Frames –add frames with adjustable size - Impressiveeraser:Erasebackgrounds after cut out photos. - Use millionsofoutstandingfree images or edit your pictures. - CustomiseThemeallows you tocustomize the app with your pic selection inthebackground.COLLAGE MAKER - Try photo grids, freestyle collage,andframes. -Go viral. Create funny pics using our stickers &sharethemwith friends. - Change the ratio of collage, adjust theborderandedit the shadow of the college. About our permissions:Oureditorexpert app asks for permissions :"Storage”“READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to readthepictureto edit and save pictures. This retrica photo editorisembeddedwith features that will provide you with multipleeditingoptions.Use this picture/snap editor and enjoy the features.Shareyourselfie expert experience with us. If you face any issuesorwant toshare some suggestions, feel free to letusknow.Email:[email protected]
Blur photo background - Auto editor
Blur photo background is a simple app to quickly blurbackground,geta depth effect and portrait mode photo. Don’t wasteyour timetomanually edit your photo to blur background.ArtificialIntelligencewill automatically blur your photo in fewseconds. Youcan alsounblur your photo, adjust the blur level ofyour photowith blurbackground control and share amazing pictureswith yourfriends onInstagram. Create an amazing blurry photoeffect like onaprofessional DSLR camera with our helpful free app.Enhanceyourphoto by one tap on any smartphone! -- Features -- -Createaportrait mode blur effect on any smartphone - Controlyourblurlevels for precise editing - Enjoy simpleanduser-friendlyinterface - Don’t waste your time. Just one taptocreate amazingDSLR focus effect - Use artificialintelligencemagic. No manualeffort is needed anymore - Share youportraits onInstagram withyour friends -- How to use -- - Choose animage fromthe album onyour smartphone or just capture a new picture- Waitfor fewseconds and voila! The depth effect is ready withtheartificialintelligence help. - You can unblur your photo by onetap- You cancompare the result with the original photo - Youcanadjust blurlevels to get necessary portrait mode blur effect -Saveyourenhanced amazing shot on your phone or share it onInstagramwithyour friends -- We will add in the future -- - Smartphoto crop-for portrait photo automatically creation - Bokeh effectphotoBlurphoto background is ideal for creating blur backgroundphoto,deptheffect photo, DSLR focus effect, point blur photo andmanymore.Try Now!
Candy selfie -beauty camera & photo editor pro 4.4.1655
Candy Selfie - the great camera editor to createbeautifulselfiephoto any time! Let's take a selfie! Use this sweetselfiephotocamera take selfies, easy to be a photodirector.======FeatureHighlights ====== 📸*Smart auto beautify to take photosEasyto useselfie camera- Professional tools for your skin makeup,takeamakeup selfie, make your selfie photo beautiful. Usethisselfiephoto editor to make beautiful selfie! 📸*Real-timeLivePhotoFilters in your selfie photo Special and free funphotofilters inselfie apps, take a selfie by selfie camera and makeyourselfiephoto, use makeup selfie be a master photographer! Usesweetselfiephoto camera to take selfies, easy to beaphotodirector.📸*interesting collage by selfie apps Take photosortake a selfie,combine several selfie photos into one collageusingin-apptemplates, text your makeup selfie, layout optionsinselfiecamera, make your collages with different stylephotos!📸*funnyanimal stickers and photo filters Kinds of cuteemoticonsstickerand photo filters in selfie apps! Take a selfie andtakephotos,find the suitable for you. Use this sweet selfiephotocamera andtake selfies, easy to be a photodirector. 📸*Onetouchsharing byselfie apps selfie help to make pictures representitsbest images,use selfie camera take photos and take a selfie.Youcan show yourphoto best in social media. with the beautyselfiephotos or makeupselfie, you can win more love. Share onsocialplatform now!Usethis selfie photo editor to make selfie! Allthesecreative toolsfor free in selfie camera, and makes it easy andfunto makeawesome pictures. Install selfie apps now! Use thissweetselfiephoto camera take selfies, easy to be a photodirector.Usethisselfie photo editor make selfie! Take photos and addphotofilters!We’re so happy you chose us, and we are excited to seeyourmakeupselfie! This sweet selfie photo camera and selfiephotoeditor,take selfies and make selfie, so that you can beaphotodirector!--CONTACT US---- Facebook:@CandyselfieInstagram:@candyselfie_official Email: [email protected]
Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera 1.8.3
Selfie Camera is a free beauty camera and selfie photoeditor,photocollage maker with allfeatures, facetune, bodyretouch, art filters,artisticeffects, live stickers,and makeup effects! SelfieCamerawith real-time beautyeffects, helps you get ready to post thebestselfie and shortvideo to your social media account! 📷📹 🎨【Whychoosethis FreeSelfie Camera?】 🌌 Real-time beauty effects to gettheperfect shotat once(face tune, Teeth whitener and etc.) 🌌Facialrecognitionstickers that can distort your face or turn youinto acute animal🌌 Take fun videos that play on a loop. 💓 BeautycameraCoreFeatures: * Smooth skin: retouch skin tone usingexclusiveskinsmoothing makeover tool. * Teeth whitener: TeethWhitenertoolgives you the brightest smile. * Perfect Eyes Brighteneyesandmake them pop in photos * Take awesome snaps or recordvideosinone tap. 💓 Stickers * Facial recognition AR stickers andARMaskscan give you fantastic selfie experience * Get a realisticnewlookwith 3D accessories including hats, hairbands &more.💓Professional Photo Editor * Tap to Crop and resize yourphoto.*Dozens of special photo filters * Enlarge, Stretch, SlimandRotatefeatures * Collage Maker & Photo Grid 💎 More Features*SelfieTimer, Multiple face recognition, Photo Backgrounds,Videotrimmer,and etc. Creating beautiful and natural looking photoandvideoselfies has never been easier. Selfie Camera take yourselfiegameto the next level. 🌃🌆
Facetune2 - Selfie Editor, Beauty & Makeover App
Facetune2 is an easy to use photo editor that helps youretouchyourselfies and acts as your own personal makeover studio.Getthatnatural beauty look in seconds and share it withyourfollowers. Thenext generation upgrade of theaward-winningFacetune photo editorapp provides a new collection ofretouchingfilters and amazingimage correction features. Get readyto win newfollowers and getmore likes with your photos!🔥🔥🧚‍♀️Upgrade yoursocial game withFacetune2’s top-of-the-art selfieenhancer now!🦄🔥🔥 💄 Powerful Toolsfor Selfie and Photo Editing -Retouch yourselfies, choose fromdozens of free filters, blur yourbackgroundand touch up yourfeatures using amazing photo editingtools - Glamyourself up anduse vibrant glowing filters to upgradeevery photofor a fashionablelook - Easy Compare tool to comparebefore &after - Getimpeccable results with professional-lookingphotos -Edit yourselfie in real-time right after you snap it 🎨AmazingMakeover Toolsand Image Correction Features - A wide rangeofhigh-quality beautyfilters for unique editing and sense of style-Use makeup brushesto retouch your features - Use Reshapetore-adjust or tweak yourselfie - Tap to crop, blur, andfine-tuneyour photos for abeautiful look - Enjoy amazing editingtools likecolorful lighteffects - Use Details to accentuatefeatures youlike. Brighten youreyes and make them sparkle ✨ RemoveZits,Pimples & Blemishes -Get rid of zits, pimples andblemisheswithin seconds - In a fewtaps, our advanced tools willremove anypores, blemishes or pimplesand will soften your skin 💁‍♀️SmoothOut Your Skin - Use Smooth toairbrush your skin to get asofterlook - Edit, retouch and refineany part of your skin to makeitlook naturally soft in every photo- Blot away the shine fromoilyskin Facetune2, the selfie enhancingapp, gets every photo100%glam and ready to make everyone stopscrolling. Step up yoursocialgame and share your selfies. Sharethe enhanced photos withyourfollowers and stay on top of thelatest beauty trends! Send usyourretouched pictures and selfiesfor a chance to be featuredforfree! -Facetune2 image editor’stermsof use: editor’sprivacypolicy:
PhotoDirector Photo Editor App 14.1.2
Change your smartphone pics and make themlooklike they were shot on a Canon or Nikon. Photoshop yourtravelpictures, enhance landscape images, and create aprofessionalquality artwork from an ordinary photograph.Our quick photo editing app combines a feature-rich photoeditorwith a richly creative collage maker that lets you adjust RGBwitha visual histogram. Change white balance or saturation, orapplyphoto effects and adjustments to an entire image orspecificregions. Use photo filters with just one touch to applylens flareeffects or create light leaked photos. PhotoDirector Appgives youan array of tools to turn your everyday pics intospectacularNational Geographic style artwork.All the best features you need to enhance and adjust images inoneapp:Powerful yet Easy Photo Editing Tools- Adjust HSL sliders and RGB color channels in your photo toeasilycolorize your shots, or correct tough white balanceproblems- Easily adjust Tone with Brightness, Darkness, ExposureandContrast sliders- Quick White Balance correction for improved color accuracy- Tweak Saturation for the most vivid image possible- Apply photo effects both globally or to specific regions ofyourpicturesAdvanced Camera Module with Live Effects- Apply live photo effects as you snap your photos, and utilizeawide range of advanced camera features when you use thein-appcamera feature!Collage maker lets you tell even more stories withyourphotos- Edit, adjust and then combine your favorite photos tocreatefantastic collages!Intelligently remove objects fromphotographs- Remove a photobomber, or an unwanted object, from your picswithquick Content-Aware Removal editing toolsEasy to Add HDR, photo effects &layerediting- Add and adjust HDR effects to create dramatic travel pics,andlandscape images- Instantly choose preset photo effects including Lomo,Artistic,HDR and Vignette, to give your photo a professionalartwork stylefinish- Use the Blender tool to add an extra image or effect layer toyourphoto. The closest thing to desktop layer editing onyourmobile!- Add mood and style to your photograph with one-clickoverlays.Make light leaked photos, add grunge effects, lens flareandmore- Linear and radial blur tools let you create a range ofimaginativephoto effects from bokeh to tilt-shiftQuick and easy photo sharing- Shoot a photo directly into the app, or enhance and adjustphotosfrom your gallery- Apply any adjustment, then set you pics as your mobilewallpaperwithout leaving the app- Get your images ready to upload to Instagram with InstaFill,plusa host of creative photo filters- Use PhotoDirector's powerful, quick editing and adjustmenttools,then start photo sharing with your friends, family andfollowers onFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and moreUnleash your inner professional photo editor.In-appPurchase Available for Upgrade to PremiumVersion- Enables unlimited Object Removal- Save images in Ultra HD 4K resolution (device dependent)- Remove the PhotoDirector logo from Collages and Frames- Remove in-app ads[Minimum System Requirements]- Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above- 1GHz processor- 768MB RAM- 480x640 screen resolution- ARM CPU, Tegra 3 and above- Supports JPEG / PNG images onlyWe would love to hear your suggestions & feedbackforPhotoDirector – Photo Editor App! Please continue tosendquestions, suggestions and [email protected] us:
Photo Editor Pro 1.369.100
InShot Inc.
Photo Editor Pro offers everything you want to edit pictures. Ahostof stylish effects, filters, stickers, grids, layouts, texts,customfonts & doodle brush help you create an eye-catcher,even ifyou've never edited a photo before. With Photo Editor Pro,you candirectly post your No Watermark artworks to Instagram,Snapchat,WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Unlock your creativity, and editpictureslike a pro! 👓100+ Filters for Pictures - Lomo, PINK,Vignette,Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa... - Adjust brightness,contrast,saturation, hue, warmth etc. ✨Glitch Effects & BlurBackground -GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Swirl, Pixel, Fisheye andmore; - Blur photobackground to get DSLR Blur Effect. 👑PhotoBlender & Light FX -Mix and blend two images to make stunningartworks; - Bokeh, Lens,Splash and dozens of light leaks effects.💃Body Retouch - Slim bodyand face to get a perfect figure; -Smoothen & brighten yourskin with refined pores; - Elongatelegs to make your proportionbetter. 🎨Photo Collage Maker - Remixup to 18 pictures into a photocollage instantly; - 100+ grids,massive backgrounds, frames,filters to choose from; - Halloween,Aesthetic, Cartoon, Emoji,Doodles and more photo stickers forBABY. 📸KEY FEATURES + Powerfuland easy photo editing tools; + Freeto add CUSTOM FONTS on yourartwork; + Hundreds of filters forpictures and photo effects; +Stylish photo effects: Glitch, Drip,Light fx, Cartoon , etc; + Faceretouch & body editor forperfecting body & face; + Collagemaker with 100+ photo layoutsand backgrounds; + Blur photo editorwith motion blur & DSLRblur effect; + Massive fun stickers; +Draw and add text withvarious art fonts; + Insta 1:1 square &blur background forInstagram. + Share pictures of high resolutionto Instagram,Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 100+ Photo Effect Highlightyour photowith charming photo effects. Sparkle, art, old,aesthetic, vintagefilters, glitter, overlay, glitch, angel wingsphoto effect… Thereare so many interesting features waiting foryour discovering. BlurPhoto Editor A must-have blur photo editorwith advanced blur imagebrush. It is used to blur parts of yourphoto to get DSLR blureffect. You can also unblur the image witheraser and adjust itsblur strength as well. Background Photo EditorUse this advancedbackground eraser, seamlessly combine your cutoutphoto with a tonof creative background templates. Both an AI cutouttool and abackground changer designed for you to make artworkseasily andquickly. Photo Editor New Version 2021 A useful photoeditor freewith massive filters for pictures. Powerfully make you avividphoto artwork with Glitch effects, double exposure, photoblenderetc. It is the best photo editor free. Photo Collage MakerJustselect several pictures, Photo Editor instantly remix themintocool photo collage. Pick layout you like best, edit collagewithfilters, background, stickers, etc. About our permissions:PhotoEditor Pro asks for permissions"READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" to read your photosso that we can edit andsave photos. We do not use this permissionfor any other purpose.Photo Editor Pro deserves your try rightaway. It is the simplestbut the most useful photo effects editor.With Photo Editor Pro,your moment will be as brilliant as anartwork. If you have anyproblems or suggestions, feel free to letus know. Email:[email protected] Disclaimer: Polish is notaffiliated, associated,sponsored, endorsed by, or in any wayofficially connected withInstagram, Facebook.
Sweet Snap Face Cam - Selfie Edit & Photo Filters 2.19.100667
Sweet Face Cam is a great edit tool, it takesawesomeprofilepictures for social media. Use stickers to takephotos withthemand make different cute selfies! Why choose our app?❤ you cantakea selfie with the animal stickers. ❤ add differentfiltersinreal-time. ❤ Professional edit tools. ❤ Enjoyrecordingfunexpression package. ❤ It’s convenient to Shoot shortvideos. ❤Easyto share. Take a selfie with us now.
HD Camera for Android
This is an native android system camera app. HD Camerautilizedalladvantage of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quickandeasyphotos and videos. Key features: - camera and video features-3modes: camera, video recorder & panorama - Pinch tozoom-smart panorama shooting - Countdown Timer - Dynamicuserinterface(phone/tablet) - Wide screen pictures - Picturequalitysetting -White balance settings(Incandescent,Fluorescent,Auto,Daylight,Cloudy) - Screen mode settings(Action,Night,Sunset,Play) - Exposure - Location targeting - Configurablevolumekeys -Photo Callage - Photo crop and photo editing. Althoughinthecurrent market, there are have many kinds ofcameraapplications,but we still think this android nativeapplication isthe mostefficient and able to meet a user needs. Hereonly as asupplementfor those devices are not installed androidnative systemprovidesan additional option. Notes: The specialpermissions foruse 1,android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION HDCamera canremember yourphotos and videos location if you wish.Other apps canaccess thisinformation along with your savedimages.2,android.permission.READ_CONTACTS After you take a photo,youcanshare with others. HD Camera need to read thecontactsinformationand help you share photos via email, SMS, orotherapps.------------------ Disclaimer: This app is based onnativeandroidcamera code, and licensed under the ApacheLicense.code:
Sweet Selfie Camera - Photo Editor & Beauty Snap 4.6.1645
Sweet Selfie Lite - Selfie Camera, Take Selfies is theliteversionof Sweet Selfie, the NO.1 selfie camera with beautyeffectsand allkinds of functions to edit photo.It is very easy touse evenif youare new to selfie. 📸 If you want all functions in onephotoeditorand want to take selfies easily, you can try thisselfiebeautycamera app, free selfie app and photo editor to take aselfieandget good selfies. This selfie camera has variousselfieeffectphoto filters and interesting trendy photo stickers!Yourphotoswill become more artistic with the photo effects, justbeaprofessional and creative selfie maker! 😍📷Easy to use:Inthissweet selfie app, take a selfie or edit photo whichwasalreadytaken. And then click edit in the app. In this selfiebeautycameraapp, you can just choose auto beauty or other selfieeffectlikeputting photo filters and photo stickers. With a fewtaps, takeaselfie and your beauty selfie is done! Easy to be aniceselfiephoto director with just a few seconds. Try theselfiebeautycamera free selfie app photo editor now to take aselfie,getselfie effect and nice selfie! 😍📷Your own style andicon:Wannamake your beauty selfie outstanding on social media? Youcanaddyour own style of logo. We have all kind of logos andselfieeffectphoto filters in the sweet selfie app. This niceselfiecamera appand free selfie app has unique and fashion designwhichwilldefinitely make you beauty selfie outstanding onsocialmedia.✨Let’s take selfies with Sweet Selfie Lite- PhotoFiltersandBeauty Camera, the popular selfie camera app 2021,snapfilters,effects & selfie beauty camera, selfie effect,snapphotoeditor, photo makeup camera and selfie expert. Selfieeffectlikephoto stickers and photo filters in this selfie beautycameraappfor selfie are all trendy enough.Just select a nice selfiephotoofyourself, and add stickers and filters in this sweetselfiecamera,and then save it! Enjoy beauty selfies with selfie andfacebeautycamera. with this live stickers camera and selfie editorsuchas abest sweet selfie app, we support snap filters, makeupfilterandface filters for selfie camera! 😍📷MAIN FEATURES:+🍉Ultrasmallpackage and everyone can download it.Best selfie beautycameratotake selfies and edit photo. Free selfie app.+🍇Simpleuserinterface page, it is not difficult at all, easy tohavebeautyselfie! +🍈All kinds of visual effects and awesomefiltersandstickers in this selfie beauty camera. + 🍊Best photoeditor toeditphoto wand Collage. Free design to make your selfiemore cuteandadorable! Come and try this camera selfie app! + 🍒SoManylovelyframes, this photo editor are full of art frames whichyoucancreate a art style of pic, and also grid frame andphotostickerswhich means you can do a collage too. It’s the bestchoiceto takeselfies and edit photo. +🥥Take selfies and have abeautyeffect.Share photos with your friends via social networksNow, CometoSweet Selfie Lite to take a selfie in this camera selfieapp.Usethose photo editing tools, have a beauty selfie and sharewithyourfriends.You will find you can get more likes than beforeand betheselfie master! Happy enjoy it! ******CONTACTUS****Facebook:@SweetSelfie Instagram:@Sweetselfie_officialEmail:[email protected]
Sweet Candy Cam - selfie editor & beauty camera 4.3.1521
More than just the best selfie retouching app. Sweet Candy Camiswhat you need for the perfect selfies. Download now for freeandfind out why! Sweet Candy Cam is the best selfie editor andalsoselfie beauty camera which contains professional editing toolsandvarious effects, such as Art Filters, funny Stickers,postertemplates. These functions are very easy for those who don’thavethe perfect skill at taking selfies and Photo Editor. As aSelfiebeauty camera, you can use it take a beautiful selfie withoutanyefforts. And the best selfie editor will give youunparalleledbeautification experience for flawless selfies. ======FeatureHighlights ====== SMOOTH SKIN - Swipe over blemishes, poresorwrinkles and remove them instantly - Smooth out skin foraporcelain look - Airbrush pictures to get glowing skin or cooldownredness - Blot away shine on oily skin ARTISTIC TOOLS -Magicallyreplace backgrounds - Get artistic with a unique prismeffect -Fun, creative and colorful light effects - Neon filters,likeyou’re on the cover of the greatest fashion magazine - Makeup&glitter brush to paint hair or skin SHINY EYES & BRIGHTSMILES- Whiten your teeth & widen your smile - Make your eyessparkleor change their color - Remove red eye PROFESSIONAL TOOLS -Easilyenlarge or minimize features: make features skinnier or wider-Change the light source & remove shadows or glare forperfectlighting - Ultimate control of temperature, saturation andmore -Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & afterMAGICCAMERA - Tweak features, smooth skin, whiten teeth *while*youshoot, not after - Live filters add makeup and beautify yourlookwhile you watch! With this selfie beauty camera, you will gettheperfect 365 days’ facial DECORATION, smooth skin, brighteneyes,teeth whitener, sharpen your face to whatever type you like,selfieeffects and so much more funny stickers, etc. Everything youneedto do is touching capture to take a selfie, the rest thing isjustleft to Sweet Candy Cam. Thanks for using Sweet Candy Cam.Pleaselet us know if you have any suggestions [email protected] more about our terms and conditionshere: Terms ofservice:
Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames 3.9.5
VicMan LLC
Photo Lab boasts one of the vastestcollectionsof stylish and funny photo effects: more than 500effects to date!Fantastic face photo montages, photoframes, animated effectsand photo filters are here for you toenjoy.Make your image look creative in seconds without usingaprofessional editor and set it as a contact icon, a wallpaper,senda signed virtual postcard to a friend or share it to anysocialnetwork.App’s foremost features include:☆ Neural Art Styles:a new smart (and quick) way to turn any photo into an artwork-choose from over 50 pre-set styles.☆ Photo frames:choose one of our beautiful frames if you need a final touch toyourfavorite picture.☆ Realistic photo effects:place your image in an unlikely setting. Airbrush it on anexclusivecar or leave it as a sand imprint on the beach. You arewelcome toget a new wonderful experience!☆ Face photo montages:swap face easily and turn yourself or your friend into pirate,anastronaut or a horrible monster. The most complicated montagesarehandled automatically by a face detection algorithm to createthemost unusual selfies.☆ Photo filters:your don't need a pro photo editor to add some style to yourimageswith various photo filters such as Black&White, NeonGlow, OilPainting and many others.☆ Photo collages:create a wonderful picture of you and your friend floatingtogetherin a sentimental or futuristic setting.The simple and intuitive app interface helps you quickly learnhowto use the picture editor. Almost a dozen of new photo framesandeffects is added with each update. We maintain a fruitfuldialoguewith our users. If you didn't find a particular photoeffect in thelibrary, contact the team and you might see it in thenextupdate.Photo Lab will change your life forever!*__________* Photo Lab may or may not change your life but you're totallygoingto love it!Please note that Photo Lab is an Internet-based application.Ithelps us keep your devices' memory free from tons ofresourcesrequired to create high-quality artworks of yourphotos.
Google Inc.
Snapseed is a complete and professionalphotoeditor developed by Google.== KEY FEATURES==• 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure,HDR,Perspective (see list below)• Opens JPG and DNG files• Use the “stack” to re-adjust edits later• Selective filter brush• All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control== TOOLS, FILTERS AND FACE ==• RAW Develop – open and tweak RAW DNG files; savenon-destructivelyor export as JPG (8 controls)• Tune image – adjust exposure and color automatically ormanuallywith fine, precise control (7 controls)• Details – magically brings out surface structures in images• Crop – crop to standard sizes or freely (8 aspect ratios)• Rotate – rotate by 90°, or straighten a skewed horizon• Perspective – fix skewed lines and perfect the geometryofhorizons or buildings• White Balance – adjust the colors so that the image looksmorenatural• Brush – selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightnessorwarmth• Selective – the renown “Control Point” technology: Position upto8 points on the image and assign enhancements, the algorithmdoesthe rest magically• Healing – remove the uninvited neighbor from a grouppicture• Vignette – add a soft darkness around the corners likeabeautiful, wide-aperture would do• Text – add both stylized or plain text (38predefinedstyles)• Curves - have precise control over the brightness levels inyourphotos (30 predefined styles)• Expand - increase the size of your canvas and fill up thenewspace in smart ways with content of your image• Lens Blur – add a beautiful Bokeh to images(backgroundsoftening), ideal for photographic portraits (11 Bokehtypes)• Glamour Glow – add a fine glow to images, great for fashionorportraits (6 styles)• Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in theshadows,midtones and highlights• HDR Scape – bring a stunning look to your images by creatingtheeffect of multiple exposures (4 styles)• Drama – add a hint of doomsday to your images (6 styles)• Grunge – an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays(5basic styles, endless variations)• Grainy Film – get modern film looks with realistic grain(18styles)• Vintage – the style of color film photo from the 50’s, 60’sor70’s (12 styles)• Retrolux – go retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles(13basic styles, endless variations)• Noir – Black and White film looks with realistic grain andthe“wash” effect (14 styles)• Black & White – classic Black and White look straight outofthe darkroom (11 styles)• Frames – add frames with adjustable size (23 frames)• Double Exposure - blend two photos, choosing from blend modesthatare inspired by shooting on film and by digitalimageprocessing• Face Enhance – add focus to the eyes, add face-specificlighting,or smoothen skin (10 predefined styles)• Face Pose - correct the pose of portraits based onthreedimensional models
Beauty Selfie Camera - Papaya 1.5.8
Dreams Room
Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera & AR Stickers createsyourownbeauty and fashion with filters, stickers, camera, photoeditorandphoto collage.💚💜💙 📷 Beauty camera: - Real-time ARstickersandmusic filters - Beautify your skin, reshape yourface,beautyfilters and light makeup - Shoot video with stickersandfilters -Provide flash, grid lines, countdown timer - Togglefrontand rearbeauty camera 🎨 Photo Editor: - Adjust photo:saturation,exposure,hue, etc. - Add beauty filters and stickers tophotos -Resize,draw, add text - Set picture quality, format,resolutionandstorage path - Show detailed information of the photos-Curvetoning, white balance 🖼️ Photo Collage: - Setlayout,border,background - Adjust contrast, sharpness,saturation,exposure, hue,etc. - Add various stickers and filters toenhanceeffect - Chooseratio of the collage - Draw or add text tothe photocollage 😆Real-time AR stickers: AR mesh, changeface,expression,background, gesture, music filter 💄 Beautyfiltereffects: Selfiecamera shoots attractive sefiles with filtersinvarious styles. 💯Beauty camera helps you access quickly toeveryspecific function.Powerful selfie camera, photo editor andphotocollage are all inone. shoot and edit your photos andselfiesperfectly with thisbeauty camera (selfie camera). Allfunctions arefree! Enjoy itnow!
Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover 8.79.21
The best FREE virtual makeup app, period. It’s like having aglamsquad in your pocket! ★ More than 100 million users andcounting ★As seen in The Today Show, ABC News, Allure and SeventeenTry newlooks on the fly with the world’s most popular,easiest-to-usevirtual makeup app. With new styles created weekly byour expertartist partners and in-house Beauty Squad, we’re thego-to placefor selfie, makeup and fashion enthusiasts around theworld. Wantto try a bold new lip or funky hair color? Get thelatest RedCarpet beauty looks? Peek backstage into Fashion Week?It’s alljust one tap away. Key features ★ More than 20 makeup andbeautytools so you can customize your personal style – shadows,liners,lipsticks, and more! ★ More than 200 pre-set Hotstyles –one-taplooks! ★ Unlimited custom color options with the Pro ColorPalette– design your own look with unique color combos. ★ Videotutorialsfrom your favorite YouTube artists, so you can recreatethe virtuallooks IRL! ★ Beauty and fashion product recommendations★ Dailymakeup and fashion tips ★ Subtle touchup features for ano-makeupglow ★ Most accurate makeup placement possible withcutting-edgeface detection! ★ Save and share your looks viaFacebook, Twitterand Instagram The makers behind the makeup magicPerfect365, the global leader in mobile imaging intelligencetechnology.Built on over twenty years of research and development,we use ourworld-class Intelligent Imaging™ to enable visual‘thinking'capabilities in more than 1.5 billion of today’s mostpopularsmartphones. Website: perfect365.comInstagram:@perfect365_official Twitter:@perfect365
Cymera - Photo Editor Collage Selfie Camera Filter 4.3.5
Cymera Photo Editor is a free selfie camera App for AndroidandiOSusers. 🍁Autumn is here!🍁 From baking pumpkin pie tocelebratingthemoon, autumn is that much-loved season providing coolcrisp airforcosy walks in chunky knits, the excitement ofHalloweenandcolourful, changing foliage. Meet Cymera editing toolsandcreatepersonalized selfies and photos to celebrate thisseason.🍁🍂Autumn’s magic won’t last long, though. Enjoy thisbeautifulseasonbefore the last leaf falls. ❤️ This easy-to-use appmakestakingself-timered pictures a breeze, meaning your selfie gameisaboutto level up.📸🍂 We've compiled Cymera new effects and toolstogetyour selfie ready! 🤩 Main Features - Real-time SelfieFilters.-Crop tool for YouTube Thumbnail, Instagram and Facebookcover.-DSLR Blur Effect. - Lights and Fireworks effects. - Texttoolforphoto-cards. - Selfie filter & beauty makeup tool.-CollageMaker & Poster tool. - Insta 1:1 square &blurbackgroundfor Instagram. - Add Beautiful Smile. - Smaller&V-shapedface. - Body and Face Editor. - Vintage, Natural,Neon,Lomo, Film,Sketch, Fisheye and more. - Skin Glow tool. -MEMEeditor. - Adjustbrightness, contrast, color temperatureandsaturation. - ImportDirectly From Google Photos. 📸Beauty Camera-Professional beautytools for your skin makeup, slim orfacereshape, remove wrinkles,erase face pimples and dark circles.-Hundreds of amazing beautyfilters and makeup effects. -Real-timebeauty camera selfieeffects & makeup camera 👓AmazingFilters -Perfect instantselfies with +150 filters. - Free filterpackagesfor selfie,nation flags, air shape, vintage-feel, pastelcolors,film-effect,black & white. - Lens flare effects or lightlakedeffects. -Create your own collection of favorite filters.✨CameraLenses andSilent Mode - 7 different and fascinating cameralenses.-Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, out-focusing options.-Silentmode to shoot wherever you want without disturbingothers.-Bluetooth connection is available for selfie stickswithremote.💎Simple and Easy for Collage - Choose photos fromyourgallery andinstantly see them laid out in a cool collage. -Croptool thathelps you to customize your YouTube thumbnails.WithCymera you cantake a video sized image and fit it to theInstagramsizerequirements and even add text and texture to theframe.-Different types of grid to combine photos (up to 9photos)intoone. - Change the size of the photo grid. 100% matchonInstagram,Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Thumbnail. 💄Body Retouch-Instantlytaller, lengthen your legs, reshape your body. -Stunningfeatureto Slim your waist. - The best photo editor to liftyourhip. - Nomore bow legs. Get a sexy, shaped legs in fewseconds.✨Super Easyand Fast Editing Tools - Brightness, contrast,mosaic,rotate andmore. - High quality resolution for clean andclearphotos. - Redeye removal function. 🎨Upgrade with Unique Items-Cartoon stickersincluding animal face, beauty filters,lighteffects, frame. -Brush tool for hand writings and drawings.-Variety of fonts.🎉Retouch or Adjust Photos Instantly -Automaticface recognitionincluding enlarge eyes, smile and slimfeature. -Skin correctionsusing skin glow and concealer tool. +200kinds ofnatural hair andface makeup tool. Sharing Photos &SmartGallery - Organizephotos by date, location, selfies, etc. -Send orshare your photoson your social media or other instant chat.CymeraPhoto SelfieEditor Language Support Korean, English,Spanish,German, Japanese,Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian,Indonesian,Turkish, andVietnamese.
Selfie Camera & Photo Editor 2.0.2
Beauty camera and Selfie Camera is designed to take stunningphotoseasily. It is free to use! Shooting selfies with numerousfilters,change effects as you like. With the built-in photo editorandphoto collage, you can improve your photos to a higher levelbyusing practical functions, such as filters, adjustments,layoutsand backgrounds. 💙 Beauty camera - Shoot with filters; setflash,ratio, timer and grid line - Online filters shop lies on theend ofthe list, click and choose - Easy to adjust the intensityofsmoothing and whitening - The stronger the smoothing effect,themore blurred the picture will be - Use two fingers to zoom 💛Photoeditor - Add text; set color, background, stroke color andpattern- Beautify face: smooth and whiten your skin - Crop photos:setratio and reverse direction - Adjust exposure, saturationandcontrast, etc. - Setwhite balance and vignetting; focusspecificplace - Make dual-exposure effect 💚 Photo collage andFilmstrip -Select several photos to make a collage and filmstrip -Chooselayout, background to enhance the design - Filmstrip providesmorefree template in the shop - Tap photos to change photo andchangethe direction One-stop to take photos and enhance photos inthisbeauty selfie camera. If you need a camera app to improveyourselfies and photos, try this beauty camera now! It is free touseall functions to make you like a pro!
Beauty Camera X - Selfie Camera, Photo Editor 7.5
Beauty Camera X is a cool camera for you to take HD photosandbeautyselfie, Camera X has 50+ amazing filters, 200+funnystickers, beautyselfie mode, professional mode andpowerfulbuilt-in photo editor!Beauty Camera X is created to be themostpowerful & cool Cameraand Photo Editor app! 👍 BeautyCamera Xis powerful & coolcamera: - Beauty Camera X isavailable forall Android 4.3+ devices,include Galaxy S, Galaxy J,Galaxy A, andetc. - Beauty Camera X isan easy beauty selfiecamera, One tap tobeautify your selfie, italso has skin toneeffects - Beauty CameraX has 50+ Real-timefilter, you can previewfilter effect beforetaking pictures - BeautyCamera X has 200+funny stickers to selfie- Face detection support -Ultra HD camera,support 4K - BeautyCamera X support 16:9, 4:3, andfull screen -Beauty Camera Xsupport silence capture mode - BeautyCamera Xsupport fast burstshot - S8 camera features: moving shutterleftand right to adjustcamera focus - Touch to focus camera, Pinchtozoom camera - Cameraflash on/off option - Beauty Camera Xhasprofessional mode: ISO,Scene modes, White balance andExposurecompensation - BeautyCamera X support taking photo remotelybyaudio command - BeautyCamera X support using Volume Key totakeselfie handily - Easyalbum manage for your photos -Locationtargeting feature - Date,time, location stamp on photos -Cameraand Video resolutionadjustment - Camera timer option: withBeautyCamera X, you cantake photos by timer - Camera grid option -Mirrorcamera 👍 BeautyCamera X also has Beauty Photo Editor X: -100+amazing filters, italso has online filters store - Beauty withfacefilter - Make upwith big eyes, lipstick, face-lift, contacts,andetc. - BeautyPhoto Editor X is powerful Photo collage maker,hasvarious coolcollage layouts - Beauty Photo Editor X has blurandsplash effect- Beauty Photo Editor X has Pic in Pic cool effect-Insta-sizefeature: you can easily change photo's size to 1:1 or4:5Instagramsize; 3:4 Facebook size, 2:1 Twitter size, and etc.,sothat easilyshare to those social network. - Doodle and text -Youcan addwonderful Backgrounds, Fonts and Tags to photos -Photoadjustment:Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and Tone - Cropandrotate -Tilt-shift and Vignette - Photo save format andsizeoptionPermission note: 1. Camera permission: take photos andrecordvideo2. Access SD card: manage photos, album 👍 Thanks forusingBeautyCamera X and Beauty PhotoEditor X, please rate andleavecommentsto help Beauty Camera X become better and better foryou,thanks alot
Photo Collage Maker - Pic Grid Layout Photo Editor 2.98
Photo Collage Maker - Pic Grid Layout Photo Editor isamazingphotoeditor for Shape Photo Insta Square and Pic Collage andShapeSnapPic and photo art for Instagram. Photo collage maker -picgridlayout photo editor let you cut out your photoswithdifferentshapes so that you can share them on socialnetwork.youcan feelhow cool it is to share a pic with shape.onInstagram, ithelps youget more "like". Square Shape Snap Pic canhelp you snaptext withshape effects, show artist to Instagramfriends and fans.Photocollage maker - pic grid layout photo editorcan quick Instasquareyou photo with no crop, with blur and patternsbackground,one Tapshare to Instagram. Photo collage maker - picgrid layoutphotoeditor can do collage photos, to record and sharemomentsforinstagram and facebook. Features: 1.Shape Insta SquareSnapPicwith shape and frame shape 2.Collage maker with300+collagelayouts 3.Collage your 1-9 photos together with manygreatbeautylayouts 4.Photo frames with collage frames and shapeframeseffects5.Photo editor with text and filters and stickers forfun6.Snapphoto editor for your phone 7.Adjust the collagemakerwithprofessional adjust function. ~ Frame shape is ashapecollageeffects for pic collage ~ Add different shapes to cutoutyourphotos and make a different design like circle,trianglehexagonrectangle,heart, cross, drop, rhombus and manymoreshapes.we haveover 20 kinds of shapes and will keep update. ~frameshape willprovide some effect with shape for your photo. ~SquareShape SnapPic Pic collage module can do 1-9 photo collage ~Photocollagemaker - pic grid layout photo editor can quick instasquarefor ~choose the backgrounds and colors for your photos. ~30+filtersfor your photos. ~ Drag and Drop and Zoom In and ZoomOutRotateRound Corner. ~ Share photo on Instagram or othersocialnetwork.Enjoy Photo collage maker - pic grid layout photoeditorand pleasecontact us by mail: [email protected], if youhavesuggestionsor problems:)
Photo Editor Pro & Collage Maker - Square Art 3.20
😀Photo Editor Pro & Collage Maker - Square Art is abestinstantpic editor to provide the square and collage makerandbeauty cameraamazing funny makeup sickers and wonderful pipblureffect and snapphoto and beauty selfie camera for instagram.😀300+ amazingstickers for you . You can use the💋 makeupstickers💋on your selfiephoto . You can change your eyes colorsinstantwith eyes stickersand change your hair colors so easy .There area variety of cutebeauty makeup stickers just as animalface andHat and Glasses andlips . At the same time you can addthetattoo、Abs on your body.😀Square Art will provide Amazing☺️PIPblur effect😘 for you . Beautyand Magic and Bottle and Postcard….effect for you. So pretty PIPblur photo editor. 😀100+professionalfilters will make your photobe more beautiful . Add theNew York/beauty and winter and summerand lovely filters on yourphoto.😀Photo Editor Pro & CollageMaker - Square Art with300+stickers .Just like lips abds and colortattoo and B&Wtattooand animal face and so on. Apply the funnystickers on yourphoto.😀Photo Editor Pro & Collage Maker -Square Art will makethephoto be square with blur background andFill and colorbackgroundfor instagram. And you can adjust yourphoto add stickersforpictures. Many funny emojis for you. 😀PhotoEditor Pro&Collage Maker - Square Art will provide manydifferent effectstomake your pics be more special. WithInstasquare Art you canedityour photos instant with filters tomake your photos bepopular.😀Photo Editor Pro & Collage Maker -Square Art willallow youto take the beauty selfie photos withselfie camera. Thereal-timefilters for you and you can take morethan one photostogether.❤️With instant square Art you can editphoto with filtersto makeyour photos be popular. You can add thesnap for your photos.Addthe snap and stickers together and sharethe snap photoforFacebook and instagram . At the same time you canmake theblurbackground for your snap photo . 😀Photo Editor Pro&CollageMaker - Square Art will allow you to combine the1-9photostogether instant . There are 100+ collage templates foryour. Youcan collage your photos together and adjust the innerouterandconner . Be a best collage maker and share the collageforyourfriends will give more like and followers. Snappic functionisverypopular. You can add text and emojis. You can long touchtoremovethe snap . If you want to get more attention andpraise,downloadPhoto Editor Pro & Collage Maker - SquareArt.Features: 📌~Collage 1-9 photo collage. 100+ collage templatesforyou. 📌~100+Background : Color background and patternsbackgroundfor you .📌~Rotate and Flip and crop 📌~A variety offilters to makeyourphotos more wonderful. 📌~Share your beautifulphotos toInstagramFacebook Twitter and so on . Photo Editor Pro&Collage Maker -Square Art is a pic editor to make your photobesquare withoutcropping and share the snappic and PIP andCollagephoto for yourinstagram.
Photo frame, Photo collage 1.5.1
This app contains Photo frame - Love frame - Romantic frame-Babyframe - Photo collage ... - Photo frame is one of thebestphotoeditors with a lot of beautiful frames for your photos.-Photoframe is a powerful collage maker for you tocreateamazingcollages using your photos, text with cool fonts andframes.-Photo frame editor has a very simple userinterface,whicheverybody can use. With a powerful photo editor,Photo framegivesyou everything you need to create amazing collagesof yourphotos.- Photo collage lets you create one-of-a-kind layoutsbyremixingyour own photos, and share them with your friends. -Choosephotosfrom your gallery and instantly see them laid out inacoolcollage. Pick the layout you like best, add a sexy shadowtoyourcollage, then edit it to make it your own. - Photoeditorallowsyou to create amazing artworks using images,painting,backgroundtext with beautiful fonts and templates. - Photoeditoris apowerful photo editor for you to create amazingphotocuttings,wallpapers, backgrounds with layouts and frames. -Combinemultipleimages with different frames at the same time. -Frameswith lotsof beautiful art frames, with which you canquicklycombine photosinto cool art frames. In your life, you havelots ofbeautifulmemorable events such as parties,birthdays,congratulationsevents, graduations, weddings, etc., witha lot ofphotos. Withthis software, you can save all those eventsinto abeautiful artframe and share with your friends, family, etc.- Allframes inthis software are designed with high resolution. Theyarecreativeand not similar to those of any other apps instore.FEATURES -More than 500 grid frames and art frames withsquarestyle, whichare very beautiful. - Multiple frames for use;youchoose. - Edityour lovely images in a moment. - Easy to makephotoframes, photogrids and photo collages. - Create photo collageswithhundreds oflayouts in seconds. - Easy to make a beautifulphotocollage. -Make a photo collage with Free style or Grid style.-Create aprofessional photo collage instantly. - Simpletouchgestures torotate, resize, and double tap to delete. - Makeapicture with thestyle of Free Grid. - Change the grafting rateandedit the borderof the collage. - Lots of backgrounds andstickersto choose from!- Update frames every day. - Ability to addemojis,smiles, cliparts, text, and stickers to your photos andcollages. -A lot ofmagazine templates to suit many differentoccasions. - Alot ofshape collages for different layouts. - GreatImage Filter -Shareyour collage photos or photo frames on Gmail,WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook, etc.
Beauty Camera - Selfie Camera
This is a selfie camera.This is a selfie & makeover editor.This is the best selfie & makeover app."Beauty Camera" is designed to make your photo look morebeautiful.Take a selfie and see the makeover magic effect.When you take photos in dark room, the face or object will notlookas beautiful as usual. Beauty Camera helps to solvetheproblem.Beauty Camera will help you smooth the skin in one second afteryoutake a selfie or select a photo, which makes selfie more easyandmakeover fun.You can not only adjust the brightness but also tonal and detailofthe photo. With this selfie app you can also smooth theskin,remove spot on the face.Best app for selfie ever!Come on and enjoy your facial beauty.With Beauty Camera, you are gonna love selfie.Features:- Take new photo or select photo in phone- Compare the effect with previous photo- Adjust brightness, tonal, smoothing and detail- Save new image- Share images with your friends via facebook, twitter,emailetcBeauty Camera uses Facebook as ads provider. Facebook wants toshowads that are relevant to you. For more information, pleasecheck Camera is very safe software, please contact us if youhaveany security question.
FaceApp - Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App 5.0.0
FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for AI photoediting.Turnyour selfie into a modeling portrait using one of themostpopularapps with over 500 million downloads to date. FaceAppgivesyoueverything you need to create Instagram-worthy edits forfree.Nomore extra tapping on your screen! Use a fantastic setofAIfilters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to createaseamlessand photorealistic edit in ONE TAP. You will never havetospendhours photoshopping again! More than 60highlyphotorealisticfilters PHOTO EDITOR • Perfect your selfieswithImpression filters🤩 • Add a beard or mustache 🧔 • Change yourhaircolor andhairstyle 💇💇‍♂️ • Add volume to your hair • Try hot&trendymakeup filters 💄 • Use creative light effects • Removeacneandblemishes • Smooth wrinkles • Easily enlarge orminimizefacialfeatures • Try out the color lens • Easy Compare toolatevery stepto compare before & after • Total controloftemperature,saturation, and more VIDEO EDITOR • Yourfavoritefilters, now invideo mode 🎥 • Apply filters to existingrecordingsto enhance yourportrait filming • Have fun withlive-actionediting! HAVE FUN• Gender Swap: See what you'd look likeas adifferent gender • LetAI find your best hairstyle andcolor• Aging: try our popular Old& Young filters 👴👵👶 • Morphyourphoto with your favoritecelebrity • Swap faces with friends• Seewhat your future kidswould look like • Borrow your favoritestylefrom different photos• Put your face in a famous movie scene• Tryweight filters: getbigger or smaller • And many more funfilters!READY TO SHARE?Share your FaceApp edits directly to yourfavoritesocial mediaaccounts FaceApp is powered by the mostadvanced neuralfaceediting technology. It makes every photo 100%perfect to stopyourfollowers mid-scroll. Share your enhanced photoswith everyoneyouknow and stay on top of the latest beauty trends!Tag uswith#FaceApp on social media for a chance to get featuredonourofficial pages! PrivacyPolicy ofUse Online TrackingOpt-OutGuide
Collage Maker InstaSquare Size
Collage Maker Insta Square Size isamazingphoto editor and collage maker for you make life photo art.cancollages photo,add stickers,backgrounds,text with layout andaddframes.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is easy to stitch multiplesphotoswith various designable layout frames and photo grids,collagequick, share quick, enjoy quick.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is Color Splash EffectPhotoEditor,lets you color your photos that are turned into BlurBlackand White Photos, with tens Insta Mag Color Splash EffectsandColor Filter your photos with Gorgeous looking. You can Youcanblur splash the entire photo.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is very powerful photo editorandeverything you could ever want from a photo editor, WithInstaSquare Photo without cropping on Instagram.Collage Maker Insta Square Size provide the effects of gridcollage,frame collage and so on. especially, the frame collage isa veryspecial effects of ever your see, we trust it will help yourgotmore like in your instagram and etc.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is an easy-to-use, yetfeature-richapp. You can use this app to merge lots of photos intoone photothrough very simple operation.Features:~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size have Hundreds of layouts andframefor collage,easy to change background color andpatterns.~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size is quick way for Insta squareforInstagram.~ Color photo, Color Splash Blur with tens mag effects.~ Full Feature with layout, free collage and frame collage.~ Powerful photo editor for square, collage, and colorsplashblur!~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size Scrapbook collage makerphotoeditor to show your owner style.~ Frame collage maker photo editor, maker collage art.Collage Maker Insta Square Size is Amazing and powerful photoeditor& collage maker and color splash blur effects to makephotocollages and art and enjoy , your worth it.Enjoy it and please contact us by mail:[email protected],Youare welcome!
PicsPro - Photo Editor, Background Eraser & Effect 1.8
PicsPro Nature Photo Editor is an all-in-one photoeditorwitheverything: You can add the drip art effect ,blend effectneonandspiral frames nature photo effect for your photo and withAIcutoutbackground eraser. With PicsPro Nature PhotoEditor-Blend,Drip,Free Background Eraser you will discovertheall-in-onephoto editor pro . PicPro will give you everythingyouneed. Makethe magic blend photo effect and add neon wingsandamazing Natureframes for your photo . — — Feature — — 🌈AIPhotoCutout PicsProPhoto Editor with photo editor & photoeffect toremoveunwanted background from any photo with PicPro AIcutout.🌈CutoutTemplates With beauty cutout templates you can maketheeffect foryour photos . There are neon templates and driparttemplates andblend double exposure effect . With thiscutouttemplates you canjust one tap to use it . And You will getmorelike for InstagramTwitter and Facebook and so on . 🌈FreeBackgroundEraser At thesame time you can use the background eraserto edityour photos asyou like . 🌈Neon and Drip photo effect / Blendphotoeditor 1. With500+ amazing drip effect and blend effectphotoeditor! will bemake your images more artistic. 2. Usebackgrounderaser backgroundchanger to make your picture unique. 3.At thesame time ,you canuse the neon effect and colorful photoeditoreffects with PicsProPhoto Editor - Blend,Drip,FreeBackgroundEraser. 🌈BackgroundEraser and background changer WithPicsPro PhotoEditor -Blend,Drip,Free Background Eraser , you canpersonalizethebackground with AI cutout function ,and you canchangethebackground with 500+ magic background effect . Take theeffectandenjoy the effects with Picspro photo editor. 🌈500+Magicpicslayouts templates -Get more cutout templates withpicspro-Polishedblend and frames and drip neon effects -With 500+popularAI picslayer photo editor you can get more like with PicProPhotoEditor .-PicsPro Photo Editor will update thetemplatesperiodically Youcan cutout your photos as you like ,youcan easilypick the photoshape with your finger to cutout photos andchangethe backgroundwith picspro With the 500+ cool drip effect andblendeffect and AIcutout . You and change your background and makeyourphotos beunique. You can pick a photo from your gallery and useourAIcutout background eraser to change the background Andsharetheamazing drip and blend and magic cutout effectforInstagram/WhatsApp and Snapchat and so on . Get more likewithPicsPro PhotoEditor - Blend,Drip,Free Background Eraser. Ifyouhave somesuggestions please send the email for us:[email protected]
Photo Collage Maker - Photo Editor - Face Camera 87
Photo Collage Maker - Photo Editor with BeautySelfieCamera,Beautifying Tools, Free Style Collage maker andpowerfulphotoeditor its just all in one photo editor app. BeautyPlusFaceCamera to take unlimited selfies with your friends. Makeupto15Photo Collage Grid images of your choice and givethemglowingeffects. With Photo Collage app you can Crop, resize,blurphoto,image ratio and beautify your photos-pictures withgridlayouts,contrast, saturation, textures, shades to your pictureandmanythings you can do with this photo editor. No limits totakeselfieswith beauty selfie camera and editing your photo,dounlimitedphoto editing absolutely FREE. Superb Photo CollageMakerto Gridyour Photos upto 15 images with creative Photo Editor-PhotoEffects - Filter & Stickers. * What makes us best200+StylishCool PhotoGrid layouts upto 15 images. TexturesandBackgrounds inphoto editor new version 2019. Frosted GlassEffectsand Stickers.Get new filters and stickers every week.SnappyStickers andemoji's to add expressions to your photos. 100+RichArt filters.Photo collage maker up to 15 images and freestylecollage maker.Crop Photo, Tint Beautify Image, Make up etc..Usebeard, mustache,wig, goggles, boomers etc. stickers to makefunnyimages. Takeselfie from the beauty camera and make selfiecameraPIP image andshare it to your friends. Photo collage makermakesyour photoediting fun and creative. With Photo Collage makercreateyourbeautiful pic with 200+ stylish grid layouts Createawesomephotocollage with photo collage maker that has amazinganimatedfilters,live stickers, funny stickers, text on photo,instasquareeffectsthat makes blur photo to give DSLR camera effectto yourphoto withthis photo editor new version 2019. We alwayswelcomeyoursuggestions please write us at [email protected] wewilltakeyour it into consideration and work on it. Please giveHighFive ifyou liked our app.
Love Collage Maker - Photo Editor & Heart Frames
eToolkit Inc
Turn your favorite photos into a beautiful collage! Love Collageisaphoto collage app that will turn your pictures intoamasterpiece.All that you need is fantasy. Create your ownuniquepicture collage,decorate it with photo frames, tryoriginaleffects and share it withyour beloved or friends. Add aspecialcaption to photo - it willshow them your care and will makethemsmile. Our photo collage makerhas an inspiring andusableinterface that will help you to revealyour creativity. Withourvarious filters and frames, the creation oflove photos willbeeasy and exciting. Just open the app and start:edit layout,addtext to photos, make a pic collage, select filters,addstickers,use photo effects - enjoy! Don’t forget to write afewwarm wordsor place some text on photo, express your feelings!Forexample,you miss your beloved and want him or her to knowaboutthat.Browse your photos, place them in a colorful frame andaddlovequotes. You can even create a gift card for your mothernotonly onMother’s day using our beautiful collage maker. You cansendyourlove pictures via messengers or socialnetworksinstantly!Moreover, you can print your photo montage andget a realgift cardfor a special case. Fancy photo collage editorwill givepositiveemotions to you and your dearest. Become a collagemaker,editpictures and share your love images! You haven't been aguruinphotography? Develop your photo edit skills - creatingyourfuturemasterpiece because our pictures editor is extremely easytouseand offers a lot of features to stitch your pics and makethemlookawesome! Wanna surprise your sweetheart at St. Valentine'sday?Ournew collection of Valentine's Day romantic frames,stickersandemoticons is perfect for lovers, for couples, and forallpeoplewho cherish their feelings. Edit pics with love! Createalove cardwith various love quotes like «I love you», etc. Itwillbe a nicesurprise for your beloved! It's so easy to do –justchoose a photoframe you like as a base for your love card,choose afont andcolor, then add love quotes and, finally, send thisamazinglovecard to your beloved via SMS, E-mail, Messengers orshareviasocial networks. Main features of the app: - Tons ofphotoframes -Photocollage frames - Photo grids - Photo effects(sepia,70's,80's filters & more) - Stickers, emoticons &clipart -Texton the photo - Photo frames and editing photofeatures:mirror,crop, rotate, brightness/contrast/sharpnessadjustments& more- Easy sharing via E-mail, SMS, Instagram,Facebook,WhatsApp &more - Special frames for Valentine's day,Christmas,New Year,etc. - Enjoy free app or subscribe to ads-freeversionLove Collageis a fantastic photo editing software andcollage makerforpictures that you would like to post online orshare withfriends.Let your fantasy unwind!
Photo Studio
Photo Studio is a powerful multifunctional photo editingapplicationfor photographers of any level. It contains the vastediting kit oftools for basic and advanced retouching of yourphotos. Make eachyour shot a perfect complete art-work using awide range of effects,filters, text editing and color enhancementtools and a lot of otherready-to-use features. Main features: 1.More than 200 uniquefilters, amazing special effects, a bigcollection ofpicture-in-picture effects, rich set of variousframes for any eventof your life, huge amount of stickers,textures, shapes andcorrection tools – lighting tune, colorcorrection, sharpening, lensboost, tilt shift, blur and more. 2.Use manual correction tools tohighlight, fix or improve any partor object on your photo. Use maskcorrection tool to apply filters,effects or tune your photoselectively. 3. Collage editor allows tocombine several photos intoamazingly looking photo collages with awide variety of adjustableframes, shapes, customizablebackgrounds, templates and stickers. 4.Magic tools comprising thefollowing outstanding features: Blend feature for combiningof two images together using a bigcollection of masks, backgroundsand blend modes; Color Splash isaimed to highlight objects on aphoto; Clone stamp is intended tocopy objects, change or erase abackground; Shapes editor helps tocombine photos with multiplevariations of shapes, textures andbackgrounds. 5. Impressive textediting tool is designed forcreation of nice-looking messages onyour photos with richcollection of customizable fonts, color,textures and shapes. 6.About 50 additional content packagesexpanding the photo editingprocess with new effects, frames,textures, fonts and templates. Ourteam's constantly working hardto implement new stunning features togain the #1 photo editortitle. Instagram: Twitter:
Sweet Camera Lite - Take Selfie Filter Camera 4.7.539
Sweet Camera Lite is the best choice for you if you arelookingforan outstanding selfie filter camera! In Sweet Camera Litethereareall kinds of face filters like cat ears, dog ears and soon.Youcan also make a boomerang and personal meme in SweetCameraLite! ✨Why Choose Sweet Camera Lite? ① All kinds of stickersandfiltersfor pictures! - You can always find the live stickeryoulike! Weupdate live stickers and selfie filters very often.InSweetCamera, you can find animal face filters, for example,cutecatface filter. Get cat ears and dog ears in your selfie!②Lessstorage! - Sweet Camera Lite is the Lite version ofSweetcamera.It occupies less storage but has the same functions!③Boomerangfunction! - Want to make boomerang? Open SweetCamera!Easy to makea boomerang with simple taps! No necessary todownloadapps inwhich you only can make a boomerang. Upload yourboomerangtoInstagram! ④ Create personal meme! - Do you like to usememes?Wantto have your personal meme? Try Sweet Camera tocreateyourpersonal meme! Funny? Cute? You can get whatever youwant. Withgifmeme, your meme would be more vivid! ⑤ Beauty selfietools toeditphotos! - Sweet Camera is a powerful selfie editor! Youcansmoothyour skin, enlarge your eyes, slim your face and so on!Useselfieeditor to make your selfie flawless. 🍭Sweet Camera Liteisthepopular beauty selfie camera and photo editor appwithSnapchatface filters, cute face sticker and abundant memewhichanimateyour face in real-time and take beauty selfie for you!🍭WithSweetCamera Lite, snap a beauty selfie has never beeneasier.SweetCamera Lite has many stunning functions such asliveselfiefilters, real-time face stickers and powerful selfieeditorto wowyour friends! Sweet Camera Features ❤ AR face camera&motionstickers ❤ Live filters selfie camera ❤ Variousphotostickers& face filter ❤ Face swap with live stickers ❤Selfiephotoeditor funtions ❤ Selfie camera app with beauty effects❤Beautycamera private gallery Tips to take selfies: - Capture agoodangleof your face and use the beautify selfie edit functionstoenhanceit. - Show off something new with a daily updatedshinylivesticker. - Pay attention to the good light conditions whenyoutakeselfies. Better light, better photos. - Don't forget toedityourselfie with the photo editor. - Experiment with filters,noteveryfilter is right for every selfie, so play aroundwithdifferentoptions before settling on the best one. DownloadSweetCamera LiteNOW! Get outstandingselfies!📪Email:[email protected]
Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera 3.0.2
Selfie Camera provides a brand new shooting experience for youwithits powerful yet free filters and online stickers. It usesvariousbeauty methods to improve your pictures and videos to thegreatestextent. ✨ 😊 Beauty Selfie Camera - Allow shooting photo andvideo -Shoot with free stickers and filters - Online stickers ofdifferentthemes - Natural beauty, extreme beauty and precisionbeauty -Smooth and whiten skin - Micro shaping eyes, nose, lipsandeyebrow, etc. 😊 Photo Editor - Numerous adjustment - Filtersforall scenes: portrait, food, scenery, art, etc. - Crop to acertainratio, straighten, rotate - Draw with colorful brush andpen, shapeand thickness - Beautify by smoothing and brighteningingskin -Create double-exposure effects with two photos - Professionaltonecurves and white balance 😊 Photo Gallery - Viewwell-organizedphotos and videos - Manage photos and videos withsmart gallery -Select several photos to create a photo collage inthe gallery -Enhance collage with amazing backgrounds and layouts 💯One-stopshooting and editing with this popular selfie camera appwill beway more convenient and can make your shootingexperienceinteresting. Having this selfie camera means you canenjoy a beautycamera, photo editor, photo collage maker at the sametime. TrySelfie camera, free to use!
Koda Cam-Photo Editor,1998 Cam,Koda Filter,HD Cam 2.2.6
🔮 Years of making cameras clearer than ever before led us to this–astrange affinity towards lens flares, grain,anddust-speckledphotos. Many app developers have released theirownversion ofretro camera simulators. ✦ Retro photo effect appletsyou makeyour photo more attractive with a vintage effect. ✦It’ssimple,has great vintage filters, and can make a photo of eventhemostmundane subject look artistic and well-composed. ✦ Bringyoubackto the photography period of the 90s with romance,classicstyle,vintage film filter 🍀 Many apps simply apply filtersto thephotosyou already have, while some really take on the retrophotosfeeland only let you work with the app’s preset filtersandrandomlygenerated light leaks. Some apps have also been intheGoogle PlayStore for a while now and are only resurfacingbecauseof thissteadily rising retro cam app trend. And the Koda Camis thebestfor that perfect retro photo look. ☢️ Features ★30+Professionallydesigned Analog film filters ★Nondestructiveediting. ★ 40+ Lightleak filters ★ Lomo filters.Adjustments ★ Goback and changeanything you want. ★ 20+ Gradienteffects. ★ Colormask: Selectiveadjustment with color ★ Gradientmask: Adjustingphoto over agradient ★ Selectively retouch exposure,saturation,brightness orwarmth. ★ Adjust the colors so that theimage looksmore natural. ★Magically brings out surface structuresin images. ★Adjustexposure and color with fine, precise control. ★OnetapGlitcheffect (Chromatic aberration) ★ 20+ Film scratches anddust ★Shareyour perfect analogue photos on social media 🎀Vintagefilterphotos are cool. Retro pictures are chic. Let thisKoda Camappwith retro photo effects do its magic on your lovelyphotos.Findyour favourite camera filters, choose some ofyourbeautifulpictures from gallery or take a new selfie now andhavefun editingthem. Once you've got adorable vintage photos,sharethem onnetwork social and count the likes! All of your friendsandfamilywill love those awesome pictures of yours. Having inmindthat thisis the best selfie camera with vintage photoeffects,there is nodoubt that you are about to adore all of thecamerafilters! 🌼 WithKoda Cam, you can easily set the filters andget apreview of whatyour photo will look like before you take apicture.Also, you canuse those camera filters as photo vintageeffects onpictures youhave already taken. Just one tap separatesyour lovelyphotos fromturning into a retro photos masterpiece.Enjoy thesimplicity ofusing this app, because selfie time has neverbeenmoreinteresting! 💎 Using filter vintage to give your photosaretrolook with cool vintage effects. Do you want to giveyourphotos aretro look with cool vintage effects or filmeffects?"Filter" is afun and free filter camera app that lets youaddeffects similarwith filter retro into cool vintage images.🥗Vintage retro cameraeffects and filters are the perfect choicesforspring and summerphotos! Instant vintage camera with a moderntakeon old cameraeffects will make your photos look cooler thanever.This vintagecamera app is a perfect vintage photo editor andis oneof thenewest retro camera apps for Android that reunitedcoolvintagephoto filters and retro camera effects. Download nowandmake yourphotos look awesome! If you like this app , please rateus5 star.Thanks you!