Top 37 Games Similar to BBTAN by 111%

Smash Hit
Prepare for a transcendental, ambient journey through timeandspace.
Red Ball 4
Roll, jump and bounce through 75 exciting levels full of adventure.
Glow Hockey
Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play,hardto master.
Subway Surfers
SYBO Games
Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspectorandhis dog!
Bubble Shooter
Drag your finger on the button or tap the bubble above, And haveagreat shoot!
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!
One More Brick
Rifter Games
Simple and super addictive brick breaker! Swipe your finger toshootthe balls!
Zombie Tsunami 4.5.2
The zombies are revolting ! Attack thecitywith a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies andcreatethe largest horde.Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race bydestroyingeverything in your path.Zombie Tsunami has proudly exceeded 200 million players aroundtheworld.FEATURES- "One touch" gameplay to control the entire hord- 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more- Many upgrades to unlock- Raise zombie birds and use their powers- More than 300 missions to devour- 11 sets to travel in- Optimized for all Android modelsREVIEWS4.5/5 TouchArcade - "Zombie Tsunami is a game you really needtoown"5/5 AppSmile - "Featuring Pixar-like graphics, simple controls,andplenty of content"5/5 - "If you’re looking for a fantastic game, looknofurther!"4.5/5 148Apps - "It’s fun madness, emphasis on fun."5/5 - "Revolutionary endless runner formula!"5/5 - "Zombie Tsunami carves its own path with agreatclaymation style and roaming hordes of the walking, andjumpingdead"Why not try our other games: EDGE, Cross Fingers, PerfectCell,Truckers Delight.Follow us on us at
Fruit Ninja®
Swipe your screen to cut fruit, but don’thitbombs – that’s how easy it is to play Fruit Ninja, thehitfruit-slicing mobile game enjoyed by billions of players alloverthe world!Start your addiction to the delicious fruit carnage with thethreeoriginal game modes and a wide range of blades and dojos tochoosefrom. Experience the thrill of setting a new high score inthefan-favourite Arcade mode as you dodge bombs and slicemassivecombos with the help of the special Double Score, Freeze orFrenzybananas, or relax and slash for stress relief in Zen Mode.Last butnot least, slice as many fruit as you can in Classic mode –justdon’t drop the fruit and don’t hit the bombs! Make your gameevenmore exciting by equipping the special power-ups: PeachyTime,which gives extra time; Berry Blast, which destroyssurroundingfruit when sliced; and Bomb Deflect.Ready to put your super skills to the test? Play throughsixchallenging minigames and use the Golden Apples earned toenterEvent mode, where you’ll clash with other characters from theFruitNinja world and can win powerful new blades and dojos. Withregularevent updates, be sure to keep playing so you don’t miss outonspecial prizes! The competition continues in the dailyChallengemode - can you out-slice the other ninjas for prizes andglory? Youcan even duel against your friends and family with thelocalmultiplayer mode by playing a match on the same device, orrise upthe ranks to become king or queen of the leaderboard!So if you’re looking for some fast, juicy arcade action, this isthegame for you. Play it now and get hooked on the awesomenessthat isFruit Ninja – chop chop!View our privacy policy at our terms of service at help with the game? Email us at [email protected]
Temple Run
Run for your life!
Piano Tiles 2™
Cheetah Games
Pianotiles2™ is a popular game that has500million players around the world.In 2016, we have added pop music and new instruments. Slidertilesand Competition of Masters are also presented. The interfaceismore simple with more fonction such as favorites whichsimplifiesthe research of music. This is a better version of PianoTiles 2with more splendid music, better gaming experience and moreexcitedhand speed competition. Come and try!Game features:1.Finish your achievements to get more diamonds and coins.2.Master's challenge kicks off! Reach the peak experience ofspeedchallenge.3.Brand new slider tile gamplay brings you more excitinggamingexperiences.4.There are more albums and songs of various styles.5.You can add songs to your favorite, play both classical andpopmusic to enrich your playing experience.6.New interface and new song lists make it easier tochoosesongs.7.Compete with friends and global players8.Easy to master with visual effect incomparable9.Log in with Facebook and share data on multiple devices10.Enjoy a brand-new level of sound qualityGame rules:Tap on the black tiles while listening to music. Avoid thewhiteones! Hurry now! Enjoy classical and pop music, challengeyourfriends, improve your tapping speed!. Compete with your friendsandspeed up your fingers!Support:Are you having problems? Send email to [email protected] us in game by going to Settings > FAQ andSupport.Business Cooperation:Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobilegamedevelopers globally to achieve mutual success! we arelookingforward to the great games! Contact uson:[email protected] policy:
Angry Birds Classic
Play the classic bird-flinging game that started aglobalphenomenon!
Lep's World 2 🍀🍀 3.8.4
nerByte GmbH
From the creators of the number 1 hitLep'sWorld – over 175 million downloads!nerByte presents the long-awaited successor of Lep's World withmoreLevels, more Items, more enemies, better game physics,awesomegraphics and beautiful new sound effects. Thanks for allyourfeedback! We took the best ideas and packed them into Lep'sWorld2, and the result is an incredibly good and addictivegame.It is a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep andhisfriends enjoy the sun, when suddenly the sky darkens andlightningfills the sky. An evil wizard appears, he steals theLeprechaun'sgold, and kidnaps all the villagers except Lep, wholuckilyescapes. The wizard is planning to use the Leprechaun'smagic andcombine it with his own to take over the world.Lep has to save his friends and family all alone. So help himtogain more powerful abilities to defeat the wizard. Jump andrunthrough Lep's world and have fun with 80 awesomewell-designedlevels.Note: Get more abilities after each World.FEATURES:+ Beautiful new graphics with more detail+ 10 unique Worlds with 90 Levels+ 10 items and abilities+ 13 demanding enemies+ Challenging boss fightsJoin us on the Lep's World 2 Facebook Page: us on Twitter: more informations visit Lep's World 2 homepage:http://www.lepsworld2.comWe hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!! :)
Tigerball 1.2.3
Bounce your way to glory in this endless arcade! Featuring :-Superrealistic tigerball physics - Silky smooth swipe control-Fastpaced but relaxing gameplay - 100 handcrafted levels setin20worlds
new Red Ball 2.4.4
Red ball is a little hero in his own world.Oneday red-ball realizes that the tree in front of his house islost.Go with redball in this world and find the truth behind thelosttree. Someone destroying green forests, and bringing rock andmetalinside of trees. so you need to find this Bad Guy. Red Ballcansolve this problem with your help.Platform game lovers and bounce game of nokia fans will lovenewred ball. Also all kind super hero game fans may love the redball.You will find different puzzles and labyrinth, also you willfindyour way in candy boxes and longest platrofm maze. Little kidsmayplay first levels , but you need more game skill on higherlevels.Red Ball Game designed to fit both mobile phones and tabletswithHd resolution. New version of old classic "Red Ball".
Jetpack Joyride
Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giantmechanicaldragons! Birds that poop money! Suit up with a selectionof thecoolest jetpacks ever made and test your skills as legendaryactionhero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million players can’t bewrong.Download FREE and start your adventure today!FEATURES:* Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history* Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles* Storm the lab in crazy vehicles and giant mechs* Earn achievements and battle it out against friends* Customise your look with ridiculous outfits* Equip high-tech gadgets and vehicle upgrades* Complete daring missions to boost your rank* Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at
Can you stay focused?
100 Balls - Tap to Drop the Color Ball Game
EpiCoro Games
Tap on the right moment to release balls into cup. Try not tolose100 balls.
Play now at the best new twisted game!
Teeter Pro - free maze game
Teeter Pro - the best labyrinth & maze game on yourdevice.Always for free!
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.6.3
Nine Games
Swipe Brick Breaker loved by 10 million users, start now! Agamethat you will become addicted to without realizing it whileusingyour wits and control to smash bricks! [Features of SwipeBrickBreaker] Even if you turn off the game, you can playindefinitelyunless it's game over! You can play comfortably withoutWi-Fi!Enjoy the game faster and more fun with Speed ​​Mode andPowerMode! Blow dozens of balls with just a touch to smash bricksandchallenge your high score! [How to Swipe Brick Breaker] 1.Swipethe ball to destroy the bricks. 2. When the ball collides,thedurability of the bricks decreases, and when the durabilityreaches0, the bricks are destroyed. 3. The number of ballsincreases whenyou win the green circle. 4. When the bricks comedown to thebottom line, the game is over. [Notes] Swipe BrickBreaker is afree game. Swipe Brick Breaker contains ads. SwipeBrick Breakerincludes in-app purchases in the game. [Support]Contact us here:[email protected] Thank you for playing SwipeBrick Breaker.Have fun!
Geometry Dash Lite
RobTop Games
Jump and fly your way through danger in this rythm-basedactionplatformer!
Fidget Spinner
Most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket!
GyroSphere Trials
Join the fun and test your ability to master the GyroSphere!
Bricks DEMOLITION 1.8.72
Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy thespectacularvisual effects in this clone of the famous game BricksBreak wereso popular in the 70's and 80's and that you can carry inyourpocket everywhere. There are two control modes ball: Classic,wherethe bounce angle depends on the point of impact on theracket(steeper as more far from the center) and Demolition, wherethebounce angle depends on the angle of incidence and the movementofthe racket. DEMOLITION currently consists of 800 levels but willbeadding more. To overcome them you will have various aids,althoughsometimes they can hinder you work, as can be changes inthe sizeof the racket or the speed of the balls multiplier balls,barrier,fireballs, gravity, change visibility bricks ... You alsohave alimited number of wildcards or 'jokers' to skip levels thatcan notbe able to complete. Apart from this you are just you andyourskill. Good luck!
Snake VS Block 1.40
Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break thebricks.Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additionalballs andmake the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but veryhard toreach high scores! Game Features: - Free to play - Endlessgameplay- Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends with thebesthighscore
Tap Tap Dash
World's hardest game. Do you dare to challenge it?
Super Jabber Jump 3
Classic side-scrolling platform game.
Dancing Line
Cheetah Games
Dancing Line combines fast-paced gameplaywitha carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience likenoother. Featuring different worlds of increasing difficulty,eachone paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. Thekeyis to not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also play tothemusic. Listen to the beat and the melody, and after a shortwhileyou will find yourself doing better and better.Come on! Test your reflexes and rhythm skills! See the surprisesandwonders every level holds for you.Game rules:Guide an ever-growing Line through a multiple ofenvironments,listening carefully to the music. Tap the screen tomake a sharpturn, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the Worldchanging beforeyour eyes.Game features:1. Original background music2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with theirownstories3. Very simple practice mode with only one finger tap4. Music is the key to guide youSupport:Are you having problems? Send email to [email protected] Cooperation:Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobilegamedevelopers globally to achieve mutual success! we arelookingforward to the great games! Contact uson:[email protected] Policy: of Service: Choice:
Fidget Spinner
Words Mobile
The most realistic Fidget Spinner simulator on Android!
Vector: Parkour Run
Join the breathtaking chase!
Knock Down
Knock Down all the boxes with Slingshot and Angry Balls
Geometry Dash World
RobTop Games
Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure!
Magic Ball 1.0.2
Magic Ball é um jogo onde você tem queclicarnatela para a bolinha ir subindo, e ao subir ela vai mudandodecor, evocê deve entrar no círculo apenas passando pela cordabola.Magic Ball is agamewhereyou have to click on the screen to the ball go up, and upitchangescolor, and you should enter the circle just past thecolorof theball.
Maze King
It's puzzle game that search the way from the start to the goal.
Slide down the Spiral as far as you can and get the best scoreinthe world!
Tunnel Rush
Deer Cat
A high-speed racing game through an ever changing, twisting tunnel.