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Gin Rummy Deluxe 1.0
Play the classic game of Gin Rummy forFREEonAndroid!Gin Rummy Deluxe is a fun new version of the classic gameofGinRummy. In this two player card game, you and youropponentcompeteto form runs and sets of cards. New and experiencedplayerscan allenjoy this game by utilizing the three difficultymodes.With threedifferent scoring modes and customizable themes,youwon't be ableto put down this easy to play classic.Features:- Three difficulty settings for all experience levels- Intuitive and easy to use controls- Customizable card backs and backgrounds- Detailed gameplay instructions- Statistics tracking
Gin Rummy Pro 1.243
Collect sets and runs but don't give away a card youropponentneeds!
Gin Rummy Pro 2.14.20
The ever-popular card game comes toAndroid!Play Gin Rummy against the computer. 5 different computeropponentsto choose from, each with their own playing styles andindividualstrategies. Optimized for various screen sizes so it'sfun and easyto play.- Easy options to sort your cards. Tap the Sort Hand button tosortby Rank, Suit or Meld or you can drag and drop the cards tosortthem. Tap “Sort by” to change the sorting method. Auto willsortnew cards into your hand automatically.- 5 Unique Opponents to choose from.- Play individual matches against your opponents or playatournament to match your skills against each opponent in turn.See“Game Type” in the Options menu.- Options for Sound, Deadwood count and more!- Statistics to track your wins, scores, hand results andmore.Filter by opponent and/or by date!- Pick up an accidental discard if opponent has not actedyet.- Rating system so you can measure your skills and trackyourprogress.- Strategy section in Help.- Smooth gameplay.- Hours of entertainment!- Ad FreeGin Rummy is a terrific game that you're sure to enjoy.FAQ1) How are the opponents unique?Each opponent has different strategies and goal. The higherlevelopponents are more likely to knock, whereas the lower levelspreferto play for gin. Higher level opponents rarely pick up cardsfromthe discard pile to avoid revealing their hand. And just likethereal-life pros, the highest level opponents keep track ofdiscardsto know which cards are still “live”.2) Do the opponents cheat?Absolutely not! They don't get better cards, they can not seeyourhand. How would that be fun for you, our valued customer?3) How are the cards dealt?Cards are dealt randomly, just as if you were using arealdeck.4) So why am I not winning?Gin Rummy is a complicated game. While easy to learn, it requiresalot of skill and strategy to master. Check out the“Strategy”section under Help for some valuable tips andtricks.5) But sometimes the opponent knocks right away.In any card game there is also a lot of luck. If you play forawhile, you'll get your share of lucky hands too!6) Why didn't my game download?Occasionally there are glitches that interrupt a download andcauseit to fail. Usually if you just try again it will work fine.Ifnot, you may want to clear the Market cache by going toSettings-> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All-> Market-> Clear Cache AND Force Stop. Then retry thedownload. If thatdoesn't work, please send us an [email protected].
Eryod Soft
Play the famous Rummy card game on yourAndroidSmartphone or Tablet !!Play rummy with 2, 3, or 4 players against simulatedopponentsplaying with high-level artificial intelligence.There are a number of rules that can be modified, making thisgamevery faithful to the original.*** MANY VARIATIONS INCLUDED ***Many rummy variations are included in the application:- From 2 to 4 players.- Choose the AI level of opponents.- Number of cards dealt to each player (from 7 to 14).- Number of jokers (from 0 to 4).- Number of turns before being able to lay down acombination.- Number of points required for the first meld.- Sequence required or not for the first meld.- Card taken from discard pile has to be played or canbekept.- Final card to be discarded or played.- And several other variations...*** A VERY THOROUGH APPLICATION ***- Easy to learn, smooth game play, card animations for amorerealistic game experience.- Opponents endowed with advanced AI.- Statistics on games played.- Game rules included in the application.- Back-up of current game in case the application closes.Do you have questions about the game?Contact:[email protected] fun!
Grand Gin Rummy Old 2.2.2
Play Gin Rummy for free in Classic, Quick or Oklahoma mode.Thechoice is yours!
Gin Rummy 4.2
Gin Rummy is two player card game. Gin Rummy is FREE to download.
Rummy (full) 7.0.4
Shvuta Apps
Get Rummy Card game play with two orfourplayers.Rummy is a group of matching card games notable for similargameplaybased on the matching cards of the same rank or sequenceand samesuit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to buildmelds whichconsists of sets, three or four of a kind of the samerank, or runs,three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.The original formof rummy is called Sai rummy or Basic rummy. TheMexican game ofConquian is considered by David Parlett to beancestral to all rummygames, which itself is derived from aChinese game called Khanhooand, going even further back,Mahjong.You can choose in this rummy to play against one orthreeopponents.Play the classic game of free Rummy! Draw, knock or discard.Formmelds and eliminate deadwood. It is very simple!Rummy is one of the most popular forms of rummy. Rummy isgenerallyplayed by two players each receiving ten cards. Rummy,whichevolved from 18th-century Whiskey Poker , was created withtheintention of being faster than standard rummy. The objective inGinRummy is to score more points than your opponent. The basicGinRummy strategy is to improve one's hand by forming meldsandeliminating deadwood. In standard Gin Rummy, a player may notknockunless he has 10 or fewer points of deadwood. He must knock, aGinRummy term, if he has 0 points of deadwood. Knocking with 0pointsof deadwood is known as going Gin or having a Gin, whileknockingwith deadwood points is known as going down in Gin Rummy.ginrummy..So do not wait and download and play now the rummy card gameEnjoy playing the free rummy card game!
Gin Rummy 3.4
DroidVeda LLP
Gin Rummy is a popular Card Game. Download Gin Rummy for FREEtoday!
Gin Rummy - Offline Card Games 2.8.4
SNG Games
Gin Rummy is a classic rummy card game. Play offline gin card game.
Gin Rummy 3.6.0
Now with Online Multiplayer!
Rummy 500 2.7.1
Now with Online Multiplayer!
Gin Rummy Offline Card Game 24.4
Artoon Games
Play the Gin Rummy card Game with Straight Gin, Oklahoma Gin&Undercut modes.
Gin Rummy Blyts 1.0.5
Challenge players all over the world to the quirkiest game ofGinRummy around!
Gin Rummy Classic 1.2.1
Paris Pinkney
Gin Rummy is a fun to play card game where cards are placedintosets and runs.
Gin Rummy
Popular card game
Gin Rummy League 1.32
Gin Rummy League is #1 and the Play Store's fastest growingFREEmultiplayer Gin Rummy card Game !! Are you a ROOKIE or PROorCHAMPION Gin Rummy player?? Find out when you join the GinRummyLeague and play with Gin Rummy players all around the US, UKandAustralia! Special 1000 coin WELCOME BONUS + 4 HOURLY BONUSforMAXIMUM fun! 5 Reasons to WHY Gin Rummy League is #1 Gin Rummycardgame 1) Play with REAL people from across the globe 2) All thetopGin Rummy players play our game 3) Exciting Quick format GinRummyGames 4) High stakes Gin rummy - 5000+ coins per games 5)Hundredsof players online Good Luck! Important Disclaimer: GinRummy Leaguecard game is for FUN and amusement purposes only!
Hardware. Mechanical
Anna Voronich
All you want to know about of Hardware. Mechanical!
Gin Rummy 1.0231
Play FREE online multiplayer, with friends or against achallengingAI.
Pyramid Gin Rummy 1.05
Pyramid Gin Rummy is #1 and thePlayStore'sfastest growing multiplayer Gin Rummy Game !!Learning Gin Rummy? Pyramid Gin Rummy is the best way tolearnGinRummy and play with thousands of players in the US.Special 1000 coin WELCOME BONUS + 4 HOURLY BONUSforMAXIMUMfun!5 Reasons to WHY Pyramid Gin Rummy is #1 Gin Rummycardgame1) Play with REAL people from across the globe2) All the top Gin Rummy players play our game3) Exciting Quick format Gin Rummy Games4) High stakes Gin Rummy - 5000+ coins per games5) Lots of free chips to start with and playGood Luck!Important Disclaimer: Pyramid Gin Rummy card game is forFUNandamusement purposes only!
Gin Rummy Lite 1.0
Do you like to play the popular rummy orrumgame? Are you looking for a free rummy game that you canplayoffline as well?Here is a top news for you then! Your favorite card game isnowavailable on Android. Welcome to “Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite”,aclassical rummy or rum game for your Android device. Downloadthegame right now and play different variations of the gin rummygamesuch as Straight, Oklahoma and Hollywood style of rummy at yourownconvenience.Rummy is a popular card match game, and gin rummy is probablythemost popular form of it. Generally the game is played betweenthetwo players. The aim is to form and combined the playing cardsintosets and runs using your personal strategies, before youropponentplayer do.If you think you’re a champion rum player, you must try yourrummystrategies in Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite.How to Play:You’re playing against the computer in “Card Games : Gin RummyLite”in offline mode. Each player get 10 cards, the remaining deckofcards is placed in front of you on the table. One card in putfaceup besides the deck to start the game. You must start the gamebydrawing one card, you can either draw the top card from the deckorthe top card from the discard pile. After drawing a card youmustdiscard one card from your hand. The game continues like thisuntilany of the two players form his cards into sets and runs.There aresome differences in playing a straight, Oklahoma orHollywood rummybut the basics are same in all of them.Features:• Four rummy variations to play, choose from gin rummyclassic,Oklahoma, straight and Hollywood gin• Set difficulty level at your own convenience from easy, mediumorhard• It’s free and you can play it while remaining offline• Gin rummy rules and help available• Universal app, works best on any Android deviceincludingtabs• Simple and eye catchy graphics• User stats and scores availableCard Games : Gin Rummy Lite is a top offline game on yourAndroiddevice if you love gin rum and want to be a champion of it.Be sureto play and have some good practice of strategies inmatching cardsbefore challenging your friends and family for thetop score.Please leave us a review and rating to let us know what youthinkabout our free offline rum game. We at “Rockstar WhaleStudios”always want to continue to deliver the best and most funcard gamesfor your Android devices. Your feedback plays animportant part inus being able to achieve this. Thanks!Please contact us at [email protected] for anytechnicaldetails.
Indian Rummy 5.1
Indian Rummy a popular card game, a variation of the original Rummy