Top 20 Games Similar to Torneo Mortal 2

Popular 2D VS fighting game "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012"
Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Play with 150 Million Players in Global Multiplayer Battles.
Dragon Heroes:Tap Survival 1.0.17
Do you like DB?Enjoy now this cool game made by fans of the worlwideknownphenomenon and play with your favourite Dragon Hero!Beat your enemies with energy attacks!There are 4 different stages and more to come, unlock allofthem!Start playing now and get the maximum number of balls you can togetmore stages and characters.How to play?:*Tap on enemies to make an attack and destroy them before theyreachyour position.* Your score will only be saved if you complete the60seconds.*Warning, this game can be insanely addictive for all fans oftheanime!
Superheroes Fighting Games
3GM Games
Fight with all your soul to save the planet, wrestling vs thefaceof evil.
Marvel Contest of Champions
Collect and assemble a team of Avengers heroes and villains towinepic battles
Injustice: Gods Among Us 3.4
Build an epic roster of DC super heroesandvillains and get ready for battle! INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US isafree-to-play collectible card game where you build a rosterofcharacters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arenaintouch-based 3-on-3 action combat.FIGHTUse the touch screen mechanics of your mobile device to battleyourenemies in 3-on-3 action combat. Swipe and tap to performcombosand build your power to pull off special attacks and supermovestaken straight from the console version of the game.LEVEL UPBuild your move set, increase your powers, upgrade yourcharactersand gear, and beat your competition. Constantly evolveyour cardcollection to fit your style of play and put your bestteam forwardas you take on a series of DC super hero andvilliancombatants.zONLINE MULTIPLAYERTake on real opponents in Online Multiplayer Battles.Competeagainst players worldwide on the leaderboards, and intournamentsfilled with awesome rewards. Watch replays of yourpreviousoffensive and defensive battles to hone your skills andyour teamlineup. Lead your team to victory!MASSIVE ROSTERCollect and play as your favorite DC Comics icons: Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman, The Joker, Green Arrow, Flash, Bane, GreenLantern,Doomsday, and many others. With each alternate version oftheseiconic characters you get a new set of powers and moves, anda wholenew fight!AMAZING GRAPHICSDelivers best-in-class graphics on your phone or tablet, withcustomanimations for every single super hero and villain. Take thebattleto Arkham Asylum, the Batcave, The Watchtower, and othericoniclocales from DC Comics, fully rendered in 3D.Please Note: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is free to play, butitcontains items that can be purchased for real money.
Kung Fu Fighting
Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with android deviceNow!
Gods of Rome
Gameloft SE
Join fighting warriors in a mortal battle with the gods
Anger of stick 5 : zombie 1.1.65
Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie [Scenario]Astrangegroup of enemies appeared in the city and have beenusinginnocentpeople as experimental tools. Lots of people haveturnedinto Zombieso that Hero and his friends should save thepeople andremove theenemies. [RPG's growth elements] • The levelup systemthroughexperiences (EXP). • Please Invite 6 kinds ofreliablefellows. • Youcan request help up to 3 players. • Buyweapons andupgrade them tostrong weapons. [Game Features] • Youcan enjoyboth Single mode andJombie mode. • A variety of movementsandrealistic actions have beenadapted • Use helicopters andmachineguns strategically. • Buypowerful robots and unleashpowerfulfirepower. • Realistic effectson characters’ movement andobjectsare updated. • It only occupies30MB to install in yourmobile. •Enjoy its marvelous effects on yourold mobile. ※ Datawill beinitialized when you replace the phone'sterminal ordeletethegame.Homepage: Foradditional support, please contact: E-mail:[email protected]====================================
Fightback 1.8.0
When there is no justice, there can only be vengeance!Thugs have kidnapped your sister but they’ve picked on thewrongguy. It’s time to Fightback!This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrictin-apppurchasing using your device settings.From the award-winning developer Ninja Theory comes anewstandard in mobile fighters. Stunning visuals, unique controls,anda vibrant design come together to bring you the pinnacle ofmobilefighting games.TAKE BACK CONTROLPunch, kick, and combo your way through this rotten cityusingFightback’s revolutionary gesture-based touchscreen controls.Thisis mobile fighting done right!TAKE BACK IN STYLEWhen flying fists and feet won’t do, bring out the big guns!Unloaddual pistols, pump-action shotguns, explosive bazookas andmore.Unlock body armor and tattoos to boost your stats.TAKE BACK THE CITYScale each skyscraper one floor at a time. Immerse yourselfinFightback’s 80’s action movie style by knocking outbaseballbat-wielding punks and psychotic quarterbacks in a varietyofunique backdrops.FIGHT ALL NIGHTPlay Endless Mode to fill up your bank account. Take on wavesofthugs for as long as you can last! Compete against yourFacebookfriends to determine who is the ass-kicking champion.Game Features:• Over 100 levels of floor-to-floor fist-fighting!• A new mobile experience from console developer Ninja Theory• Punch, kick, and combo using revolutionary touch controls• Kit out your character with vests, tattoos, guns, and more• Play all day and rack up cash in Endless Mode and competewithyour friends via Facebook!• Stunning high-quality 3D visuals powered by UnityImportant Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptanceofEA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Collectsdatathrough third party ad serving and analytics technology(seePrivacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct linkstothe Internet and social networking sites intended for anaudienceover 13.Allows players to communicate via Facebooknotificationsand gifting. To disable see the settings in-game.Terms of Service : & Cookie Policy : : or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 daysnoticeposted on
Shadow Battle 2.2
Let's get ready for breathtaking battles!
Super Battle for Goku Devil 1.4.2
LIP Studio
Super Battle of God vs Devil base oncharacterand saiyan forms what were love by more than a millionplayers allover the world.The best game ever for dbz fan with more than 50saiyanforms.With Super Saiyan Level from 1 to 20 and SSJG, SSGSSforstrongest power with cool skills will bring you to anultimatesaiyan battle.The cool saiyan transform effect and many bosses what youwilllove the way to fight if you love dragon ball z (dbz).Many skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, BigBangAttack and Monkey King Recall ... and many more coming.In this game you will have chance to fight one-one with bossorone-many.We managed to prepare for you more than 40 battle level withalot of reward coin and skill improve time by time you fight.FEATURES- Easy and Simple to play- More than 50 super saiyan forms with cool graphic design- Cool transform effect- Cool skill design and effect- Flexible moving and game play- A lot of bosses and fighters- A lot of challenges and stages- More than 40 pre-design battle and power level- Multi-Character supportWe always love to hear from you to make the game better.Pleasetell us about our game via:- Facebook page: Facebookgroup: Twitter: Website: Email: [email protected]
Mortal Tournament 1.0
Mortal Tournamentent es un divertidovideojuegode batallas cuerpo a cuerpo y con sorprendentespoderesmágicosgana batallas para ir desbloqueando habilidades en tu guerreroylanza poderosos ataques cuerpo a cuerpo y con sorprendentespoderesmágicos para derrotar a todos los guerreros del torneomortalMortal Tournamentent isafun game for melee battles and amazing magical powersWin battles to be unlocked in your warrior skills andlaunchpowerful melee attacks and with amazing magical powers todefeatall mortal warriors tournament
Smash Champs
Rise to the challenge and battle your way to greatness!
Rap Fight: Gangster Edition
Bambo Studio
Can you imagine all the rap stars reunitedinthe same arena? They all have beefs among them and now theycansolve it in the hood. Choose your favorite rapper andfightevery rap star to get the hip-hop throne.Gangs are ready to watch the most controversial fights. Gunsandweapons are not allowed so it´s going to be a real kick andpunchcombat. Also female rappers are here to fight against themostknown rappers in the world and live a thug life. Thismusicproducers or lyric mc´s are ready to battle in the trap.Multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martialarts,karate, kick boxing, kung fu, thousands of tricks andcombinationsof kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks, infinitypunchknockouts air strikes and many more to discover.You have up to 3 rounds to defeat you enemy, the more youhityour opponent it will be easier to launch the power combohit.Every rapper has its own specific power combo hit so trythemall.These are the rap fighters:FUTURISTIC He is very well known in the trap game becauseheknows how to chop bricks like karate.ACTION BRANDON He was a chef back in the days now hasthefastest movements thanks to its knife skills.NICKEY MINAY Beautiful girl that freezes with itsprettylook.WHIZ KALUFA Skinny boy with lots of tattoos for every wininthe fighting arena.BAD JOE Golden era rapper with slow movements but verybigbody.THA GAMER Conflicts with its first record label made himabeast and know only think in fighting.SLIM JESUS New in the game, is very well know for itsdrillmovement.NATARIUS He moved from music to fashion but still haveapower punch that scares every artist.None of the characters mentioned exist in real life, they arejustfiction.
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
War has evolved, and so has the best onlineFPSon mobile!Step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the titlethatraised the bar for first person shooter games with itsgreatgraphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayeraction.Create a squad from 8 classes, add your friends for teamplay andtest your skills in dynamic warfare against online rivalsfromaround the world!Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrillingsoloplay campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situationafteranother to save the world as you launch an attack againstalunatic’s apocalyptic plans.You won’t find more first person shooter fun in a freegameanywhere!8 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS> Customize and level up any of the 8 classes across soloplayand team play modes.> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy,Recon,Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, or X1-Morph.> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spendingSkillPoints.HIGH-POWERED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER> Watch players engaged in live online FPS battles andeSportscompetitions with all the great graphics you expect in thenewSpectator mode.> Epic guns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squadmatches.> Talk to other players to plan your onlinemultiplayerstrategies and coordinate an attack in the Global andSquadChats.> Top the individual and Squads leaderboards as you masteryoureSports skills.> Win free rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.UNIFIED GAME PROGRESSION> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both solo playmissionsand team play matches.> Unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons bymasteringlower-tier guns.> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachmentsandjump straight into the free game action.INTENSE SOLO PLAY CAMPAIGN> Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call willtakeyou from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first personshooterchallenges.> Play the new Spec Ops missions for a real online FPSadrenalinerush.> Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectlyadaptedfor a first person shooter game.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can playthegame just the way you want.> Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Pro isalsosupported, in mode B (HID Mode).Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.So if you’re ready for the online FPS of your dreams, dive intothisunparalleled free game that takes online multiplayer to newheights.Perfect for anyone hungry for solo play first personshooter fun, orteam play eSports competition._____________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Ben10 Vengeance of Vilgax FREE
Face your ultimate enemy Vilgax in thisbrandnew Ben 10 beat’em up game. Transform into numerous aliensandbattle through 4 unique worlds and 15 action packed levelsfilledwith bioids and drones. Master the mini-games to gain newalienforms and face the vengeance of Vilgax himself.
Stickman fighter : Epic battle
You like fighting games and stickmangames?This game is made for you! Enter the arena and play as anheroicStickman. You must fight against your opponents. You musthave nomercy against them. To win, you have to kill them all. Watchout... you'll face numerous warriors. Their big boss will nothesitateto mangle you !Stickman Fighter Epic Battles is a game of skill and speed inwhichyou will need to string together catches, kicks andpunches.Numerous weapons are also available to you. You mustdodgeopponents or die. The universe of this game makes ittrulyunique.HOW TO PLAYStand in front of your opponents and start the combat. Eachenemyhas its specificity. A life bar shows your health.GAME FEATURES- Stickman- Combat- 40 Levels- Weapons
Block Mortal Survival Battle
Aeria Canada
Battle the dark legion that threatens your realm in thisfantasticchallenge