Top 50 Apps Similar to Mansion of Puzzles. Escape Puzzle games for adults

Puzzle Games "World of Logic Puzzles"
Discover new worlds - Solving riddles and puzzles!
Doors Puzzle Game. Seasons 1-5
100 Doors Seasons - challenging puzzle game, interestinggamesoffline.
Open 100 Doors - Logic puzzle games, interesting.
New puzzles, point and click, logic games for child. MerryChristmasGames 2022!
Escape the Mansion 1.9.2
Escape the Mansion takes you to a mysterious house on ahill,whereconfounding puzzles and addictive minigames are comingout ofthewalls. Ring in the new year with an all-new pack ofpuzzles!Keepthe holiday spirit going year-round with Features: ↗220+trickylevels ↗ Addictive mini-games ↗ Hint shop ↗ Skip anylevelany time↗ Different themed floors ↗ Immersive sound and audio↗Atmosphericgraphics ↗ Puzzles that use all your phone’s features↗It’s free!Enjoy tricky level made in horror theme!
Puzzle Tower - Puzzle Games
Brain Vault
Puzzle Tower - puzzle games collection
How To Loot: Logic Puzzles
A42 Games
The hardest among puzzle games for adults. Logic puzzles youcan’tbeat!
Golovolomki: Logic games for adults, mind puzzle
Logic quest puzzles with creative solutions. Puzzle gamesfreeoffline
Word Logic - trivia puzzles
Logical Games. Word Association.
Books of Wonder Hidden Objects
Enter the beautiful realm of Books of Wonders & seek andfindhidden objects.
Crystalux puzzle game
Crystalux - show your friends and loved ones who is the smartestofthem all.
Clockmaker - Amazing Match 3 50.32.5
An amazing adventure is waiting for you.Solvethe quests and rescue a town from the evil curse of theOldClockmaker.Features:- Intense mystical atmosphere- Over 550 quests to solve- Monthly game updates: holidayadventures with rewards and prizes!- All quests are available without additional fees- Facebook login- HD support
Mechanicus - logic puzzle game 0.0.25
Mechanicus logic steampunk puzzle isn't just another way ofkillingtime. Sure, you can chill out, but you'll also develop yourlogicskills and spatial intelligence like IQ Test. Are you up tothechallenge? Mechanicus puzzle has 320 levels, so you can trainyourbrain as often as you like. Each one has its own patternsandpuzzle, giving your mind the most possible exercise! If you runoutof patience with a puzzle, you can always use the hintfunction.That way you can get the difficulty just right. You canalways stopusing hints as your newly improved IQ takes shape!Mechanicus is anintellectual steampunk puzzle game that challengesyour brain whileyou play. Who knew a mental workout could be soaddicting? There'sa function in the game to tell your friends onFacebook, Twitterand that you've started your mentaltraining and let themtry this IQ test. Unless they're extremelylazy, they'll surelywant to boost their brain too! We lovelanguage, logic and makingstunning games. If you like the sound ofthat then Mechanicus isfor you! A special announcement for allthose budding geniuses outthere who can whizz through the levels:we're developing the gamefurther. We welcome all feedback onanything from the font to thecontent, so drop us a line! Mechanicusis one the best game amongsteampunk games and logic puzzles inGoogle Play. Don't think thatpuzzle games just for kids. Our logicpuzzle is suitable foreveryone. If you find out any logic problemsyou can use hints. Usetactics in our brainstorming session to stopchaos of lamps andlights. We are looking for masterminds who areready for brainworkout. With new logic and gameplay Mechanicusbecome one of suchmental games that train your brain activity everyday. As a wiseman once said, "I came, I saw, I conquered Mechanicus– and becamea genius!" Get playing now and you’ll be smarter beforeyou knowit!
Puzzle 100 Doors - Room escape
Room escape game with hundreds of puzzles inside 100 Doors.Worksoffline!
101 - Free New Escape Games
101 Free New Escape Games is a collectionofnew games in various genres. After playing all these games,surelyyou will have the feel of escaping in reality. The games arefullof puzzles and make a challenge to your brain. but definitely,youfeel it's not an easy thing that kind of experiences gives atthetime of play. The game is one of the best in this categorythatcovers all genre from Room escapes, horror, fantasy,adventurous,outdoor and so on. You might have read out greatescapes frombooks, novels and also have watched in movies. But youcould gainthe real exciting experience once you play these "Newescapegames". HFG brings you this point and click type latestgamesespecially for the escape games lovers.FEATURES:101 attractive levelsChallenging Puzzles.Incredible graphics.Addictive Gameplay (50 hours).Amazing Logics.Explore different themes and roomsPolished animation.Stuck in Game - Get Help - Any Suggestion about the game,pleasecontact us through below social media links. We are ready tohelpyou...Facebook: +:
Can you escape the 100 room VII
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room VII"
Escape game - 100 Doors
Can you escape mystery manor? Only peoples with huge IQ level candothis.
Escape game: 50 rooms 3
A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.
Guess The Words - Connect Vocabulary
Lunapp DE
Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills by guessing the words
Guess the Word : Word Puzzle
Test Brain logical association Pics and Word. Guess the Word. 4Pics1 Word Game
Hidden Object: Coastal Hill
Solve mystery games and seek n find objects hidden in atwilighttown!
Hidden Object - Elven Forest
Search for Hidden Objects, find items, and complete quests intheElven Forest!
Hidden Object Games for Adults 🌟 Puzzle Game
Free hidden objects puzzle games for adults. 100+ free hiddenobjectpuzzles!
Escape Room - Enchanting Tales
100 Levels of adventure mysterious stories with riddlingbrainmagical puzzles.
Take Ten: Puzzle with numbers 1.8.50
One of the best time killer ever! Warning:TakeTen causes an addiction!Take Ten! is a logic puzzle game also known as Numbers,Digits,Sunflower seeds, Seeds, Column or Ten. Rules are verysimple: yourmain goal is to remove all digits from the game fieldby deletingpairs of equal digits or pairs of digits that add up toten. If nomore moves are possible all remaining digits will berewritten fromthe last cell. There is an illustrated and moredetailed guide inthe application.Want to play Take Ten on your native language? Help us totranslateit! Write to [email protected] smart! There are a lot of ways to solve this puzzle! Goodluckand have fun!Features:- Hints, undo, save game- Google Play Games services- Day and night mode- 3 game modes: Classic, Random and Chaotic!Tired of action games? Try to play Take Ten!
Rooms&Exits: Escape Room Games
Follow a thrilling story & solve puzzles to unravel theescaperoom mystery.
Hiddenverse: Dream Walker
Escape the Sandman in the free hidden object game with bonusjigsawpuzzles!
Escape Room Game Beyond Life
50 amazing games are waiting here to entertain you. Solve riddleandexit.
501 Room Escape Game - Mystery
HFG brings you the most popular point and click type latest newroom2D adventure mystery escape games specially designed forescapegames lovers. With endless levels filled with various themesrangingfrom fantasy, mystery, detective thriller to fiction, whichtestsand improve your brain IQ skills while providing you thedesired funand excitement. Our game was beautifully designed withcolorfulinteractive graphics and dressed up with appealinggame-play objectsthat alleviates your eyes. Make up your mind tojump into a game oflogic's and fun. Observe, Analyze and use yourlogical skills toescape the mysterious Room. Easy gaming controlsand alluring userinterface pleases players from all age groups.Grab your detectivehat and lens to find the hidden objects to planyour Escape plan.Put on your logical hat and solve the variousnumber and letterpuzzles to open the locks. Solve the riddles byinvestigating theclues found. Start your mission and facechallenging differentvarieties of logical puzzles. Enjoy themysterious journey continuedfrom every room with thrilling twistin the stories. Look out formore struggles to find the hiddenobjects. Find thousands of keysand unlock all the locked doors andprove your wits. Are you anescape game lover, eager to exploremore rooms to unlock them all,then download this game to fulfillyour desires. Are you an expertin facing brain challenges, thenstart playing today. Are your eyesare too sharp to find hiddenobjects in the scenes, install our gamenow. Loaded with tons ofmystery puzzles waiting to entertain you.Get addicted bychallenging your brain with our puzzle escape gamewhich can relaxyour mind and can be your stress buster. With overten millionplayers world-wide, our game tops the chart withthousands ofpositive feedback's. 501 levels waiting. Let's startyour journeynow but it not coming to an end. Surely the journey ishaving moreadventurous and riddle fields. Get ready to enjoy ourhighlysuccessful room escape game in this year 2021. With nothingtolose, do you have the smarts and tenacity to solve every puzzleandmake it off the Rock! FEATURES: - 501 Levels with differentdoors& exits - Tricky Challenging brain teaser - Beautifulgraphicsdesigns and sound - Addictive Gameplay (250 hours) -Riddling Logicmysteries Puzzles waiting for unlocking - Free gamecoins are givendaily - Charming rooms with lots of hidden clues andsolutions
Sherlock・Hidden Object Mystery
Search scenes for hidden objects, solve the mysterios&detective match 3 cases!
Escape Room Fantasy - Reverie
Mystery 130 levels fantasy escape game has lots of fun puzzlesandriddles.
Can you escape the 100 room XI
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room XI
Time Machine - Hidden Objects
Exciting adventure through space and time! Search and findobjectsgames
Dreamcage Escape
Are you ready to solve puzzles and crack codes in this newroomescape game?
Labyrinths of World 7 f2p
Travel to several worlds in this fun seek and find hiddenobjectgames!
Room Escape - Can You Escape this 1000 Doors
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you this point and click typelatestfree new Christmas escape games especially for the escapegameslovers. It is a combo of 65 games with 3 categories ofChristmas& New Year puzzle collections for 2021. Let's playandcelebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. The most specialandbeautiful holiday of the year will again be full of joyandhappiness. Winter Escape Games Story: The first collection isWaxStone of 23 games. Its story is about preventing the earth fromthewax stone falling on the earth and celebrating Christmas withahappy ending. The second collection is the Christmas celebrationof27 games. The third collection is the New Year Celebrations.Eachgame is different in all aspects of celebrating New Yearincompletely different atmospheres. It's all about the party oftheNew Year, participating in celebrations, and Santa Clauspresentingprecious gifts to your loved ones. About Unique Design:The floorsand rooms are highly decorated for Christmas and Newyear. Find allthe massive numbers of hidden objects in allChristmas celebrationsand matching the objects, collect the hiddenkey, open the doorsand locks then finally escape from the room. Itwill be taken intothe real feel celebration in front of Santa andBunny. About themystery of Logic puzzles: A huge number of puzzlesare waiting toentertain you. The mystery puzzles are really given atoughchallenge to your brain, at the same time highly entertainyou.Each seasonal puzzle is having a unique design and concept.Kidslike it very much and help to increase memory power. NewVariety ofGame-play: If you are an escape game lover then try thisgame onceit is totally different from other games. Because we aremade witha tough challenge in an entertaining manner. Once youstart playingyou will be busy for the next few days. Meanwhile, thegames aresuitable for all age groups. Here we combined bothChristmas &New Year celebration games. Are you ready to escapefrom themysterious room, unlock the Christmas levels & overcomethisamazing graphic adventure? You will be pleasantly surprised bythevariety of new levels where fascinating brainstormingpuzzlescombine with the classic point and click escape games. Findall thehidden objects and solve the riddles in the snow house.Celebratewith a different collection of Christmas and New Year'sunique gamelevels. FEATURES: * 65 Levels of Mixed VarietyCelebrations *Addictive Game-play (32 hours). * Exciting Animation&Graphics. * Riddling Logical Puzzles * Endless User-FriendlyHints* It's Free in Category. But here the only thing escapeisimpossible. Can You Escape from here? If you are intelligentthenall are possible. Are you ready?
Hidden Object: Peaceful Places
Search for Hidden Objects among Peaceful Places in ourrelaxing& tranquil game!
Word Journey – Word Games
Brain Vault
Word Journey - word games for adults to search words
Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles
Rikudo Games
Connect the numbers and find each puzzle's unique solution.
100 Doors Escape Room
Join the adventure now and solve many interesting puzzles in the100doors!
100 Doors Escape Room Mystery
Adventure challenges are behind you. Solve addictive riddlingpuzzle
Maze: puzzle games for adults
A pack escape room games, logic puzzle in maze games and logicgamesfor adults
Adventure Escape Mysteries
Haiku Games
Decipher clues, unravel mysteries, and solve puzzles inbeautifuladventures!
House of Secrets Hidden Object
Free hidden objects game for adults. Seek, find, and look puzzlehogames & app.
Crystalux. New Discovery - logic puzzle game
We’ve got a new cure for boredom – Crystalux. New Discovery!
Escape Machine City: Airborne
Escape from many intriguing levels in this 3D puzzle adventure
Can you escape the 100 room VIII
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room VIII"
Fun Escape Room: Logic Puzzles
Entertaining room escape games with various brain teasers toboostyour mind!
DePuzzle - Anti Stress Puzzle
BIP Games
Relax mind & solve brain teaser. Train logic in unpuzzlegame.Offline game 2022
100 Doors: Magic Word
Unlock a 100 Doors to a Secret World of Words, Puzzles andLiteraryClassics!