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Golem World Mod 1.0
Golems are actual mobs in the PCversionofMinecraft. But now they have gone and entered the gameofMinecraftPocket Edition as well, at least if you install themod.They arestrong and heavily built mobs which primary goal istodefend youfrom evil creatures like zombies and other nastybeings.If you areattacked by a hostile mob then they will come toyourprotectionand hunt down the attacker.
Mod Golem World 1.0
JDX Studio
This app will help you to installGolemWorldmod for MCPE. Amazing!This mod adds currently 18 new mobs similar to the IronGolem,withvarying stats suchas health, attack damage or drops,andsomespecial abilities. They are built in the same way as theGolem,butthe iron blocks are replaced by some other block.Letsstartgame!