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Love Sex Positions 18+ 1.0
Adults Only
Love Sex Positions 18+Are you looking for ways to make your sexuallifemoreexciting?want to spice things up in the bedroom? Make a greatnightanddrive crazy with these sex positions that you love.Ultimately, sex is about love and intimacy, so whilethepositionsare part of the fun, the real payoff is the wayvariousmaneuversallow you to connect and explore each other indifferentways.The bedroom moves for your love: try thesesexpositionstonight.Features:- Top 12 sex positions for your love.- Improve your sexual life.- Totally Free**WARNING - the app contain sexual reference. Please donotallowunder 18 to view them**
119 Best Sex Positions 1.2
The App is for Adults only."119 Best Sex Positions" App is featured with more than100illustrated sex positions, complete with clear explanations tomakethings easier in the bedroom.The Application contains illustrated drawings to showcouplesdifferent ways of having sex and love making. Readexplanatorydescriptions on how to perform them, and learn theirstrengths andweaknesses.Try different positions to spice your love life up a bit.Mark your favorites positions and Create ToDo list.The application "119 Best Sex Positions" is an application thatcansave your sex life and make it a fascinating and diverse. Now,youdon’t have to think what a new pose you can try being into bedwithyour partner, turning the leaves of KAMASUTRA and shakingyourminds with new ideas. Use our application – and you willalwayshave hot postures both for sex and your enjoyment!The application "119 Best Sex Positions" is convenientandaffordable. It contains more than 100 sexual postures classifiedbyeight categories. If you want to try something new today,simplyselect one of the poses that will strike your fancy. All thesexpositions have their illustrations and descriptions of howtoaccept them. You can see everything clearly and get instructiononusing a sex pose in your intimate life.The appendix free sex positions contains the best sexual posesthatmay bring you a maximum pleasure. There is even something herethatKamaSutra doesn’t contain. You will find a lot of new things inourapplication that will be a good variety for your intimatelife.Surprise your partner with interesting ideas: new sexpositionswill make a lot of pleasurable feelings in yoursexualrelationship!App Features:* THE APP IS TOTALLY FREE.* More than 100 Sex Positions* HD illustrated drawings* Nice & Elegant User Interface* Category Wise Sex Positions* Mark as Favorite & Create ToDo ListThe App uses in-app advertising to generate revenue.Please give positive ratings and reviews to support us.
Sex positions for beginners 3.0
18 Apps Store
Sex Positions For Beginners (Or Anyone WhoCanAppreciate Getting Back To Basics)Getting comfortable doing it when you’re new at all ofthatsexual stuff takes some time!That’s why it’d be smart to start off nice and easy! Going slowisthe way to go, and if you’re just a beginner these are the top5positions you should stick too! Until you loosen up a bitatleast!These are mostly what are considered to be "standard"and"regular" positions. So they are definitely the ones to startoffwith if you’re just beginning to explore your…uh…options!They aren’t too hard on your muscles and won’t cause discomfortorstrain for either of you, so, you’ll be able to work upsomeexperience before you go on to some more challenging ones!Not everyday would you feel like trying out differentsexpositions, which actually can be pretty complex from whatyou'veheard.Let's admit it, sex aren't always as simple as they seem. Theymakeyou twist and turn, and sometimes you even end up hurtingyourselfor your partner.On days like these, when you don't want to be experimental, sticktoeasy peasy sex positions like these.Features:- There are 5 sex positions for beginners.- Improve your sexual life.- Great for dating and making closer to your partner.
Best Sex Positions & Tips
Completely offline & free collectionofSexual knowledge. This is best app for marriage couples tofulfilltheir Sexual pleasure .Best Features :★ Unique ,simple and beautiful layout★ Swipe left/right to go to previous/nextSexposition/Knowledge/Quote★ More than 100 Sex Positions with details★ More than 300 Sexual Quotes★ More than 300 Sexual Facts★ More than 100 Sexual Topics with details★ Facility to add as favorite and to read topics★ Update regular basis★ Facility to change font and color★ Facility to add as favorite and to read♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Download Best Sex Positions & Tips application andenjoydifferent sex positions .♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥★Kamasutra application★Kamasutra best application★Kamasutra best application for couples★Kamasutra for couples★Best Sex Positions & Tips for marriage life
Kamasutra Sex Positions
Lovingly written and illustratedexclusivelyfor this Kamasutra Sex Posicions Android Application,Kamasutra SexPosicions Application brings thousands of years ofKamasutraexperimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app.View overone hundred sex positions in 9 categories. KamasutraApplication isthe most highly recommended app of its kind, with abeautifullydesigned and pleasing interface.*245 SEX POSITIONS**ILLUSTRATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS**LOVE DICE*
Sex Education 1.0
Sex education in schoolsSex education hindiTelgu sex education booksSex education in hindiSex education for boysBest sex positionsSex education videoSex education for teenagersSex education for married couples
Sex Position 1.0
In This Application ,There is a all type ofsexposition which one can be use for your successful & AwesomeSexLife.-Sex Tips-Sex Position-With Photograph-Easy To Understand
Game of Sex - Positions sex
Game of Sex - Positions : Let's makeyoursexual life more interesting and challenging.Expanding your sexual experiences by having sex withrandompositions. This game will help both of you feel sexuallysurprise,says sex and relationship expert.Changing positions randomly that make your adrenalinepumping,which helps you get even more aroused than usual.And get this: Sharing feelings of excitement can help couplesgetconnected during the experience and after.One thing to keep in mind: Getting it on in a new is moreabouthaving a new thrilling experience than trying to achieveamind-blowing orgasm.It's definitely possible to have great sex without an orgasm,andthe experience will be totally worth it.How to use :- Just click to Start button.- The positions is random.- Wait to 100% percent.- And done... Time to play.Features:- Funny game for adult- There are 10 sex positions.- Improve your sexual life.- Great for dating and making closer to your partner.Playing games with your guy or your girl is a good thing.Theideas here will set a fun, flirty tone to create a night youbothwon't forget.
Best random sex positions 1.3
Using the app provided if you have18yearHow to use :Click on the GoAnd click againTo change the positionYou can easily free access for all positions
Kamasutra Sex Game 1.0
Brighten your intimate momentswithKamasutrasex positions- The game application! Let the app tellyouwhat todo .Featuring more than 200 sex positions andnaughtyLovedice.Sutra apps brings you kamasutra sex posicions - thegame,Theultimategame for your intimate moments! Know what to doand how todo it.Never a dull night againShake the app for new positions* SEX POSITIONS ** LOVE DICE*
Top Kamasutra Sex Positions 4.0
This app has lot of positions with nameanddetail of each and every position.
Best Sex Positions Guide 1.4
All contains are offline andtotallyfree.We aims to provide this best app for marriage couplestofulfilltheir Sexual Life.Enjoying your sex life in a better way with this app. It hasover30different sex positions that you can enjoy withyourpartner.We used justifyTextview,Url : The information contained in this application isstrictlyforeducational purposes only.
Kamasutra Roulette Positions 1.0
This game is awesome to play with yourpartner.If you want to innovate and break the monotony downloadKamasutraRoulette Positions.This application is ideal for increasing your sexual desire. Yesyoulack sexual life boredom experiment with erotic roulette.Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with this sexy gameforboth.Roulette is a fun and sexy game that will make you fantasizeaboutyour innermost fantasies.You spin the wheel and increases the libido of your partnerandyours. If you want to spend a special evening party or adaringtest this application.Increase passion and romanticism playing roulette.Without spending any money, you will add spice and spark toyourrelationship. Sure to be an exciting experience.Spend a fun time with that special someone for you.It is perfect for Valentine's Day and spend Valentine'sDayspecial and different. Also for summer nights.Whether you are bored of the same sexual positions, playingindifferent positions to try new places.Important:If you find a problem, doubt or suggestion with our apps,pleasecontact us through [email protected] before anegativequalification.We are happy to help.
Make Her Orgasm! 1.0
The App is for Adults only."Make Her Orgasm app" - is mainly known for describing theartofmaking love.Here's our step-by-step guide to giving her an orgasmShe’s arching her back, moaning and groaning in thethroesofpleasure. You're feeling great about yourself and lovinghowit'sgoing, but you're not alone if these momentsaresometimesaccompanied by a nagging worry: What if I can't getitright asecond time? What if this is all just luck?Well, some of it is out of your hands. Many women will tellyouthatan orgasm is nigh on impossible if she's not in therightheadspace. If she's distracted, worried or feelinguncomfortable,youcan be the world's greatest lover and still failto give herrealpleasure. So the first thing you need to do is relaxandrecognisethat it's not all about you. On the other hand, anymanworth aplace in bed beside a woman knows that he bearssomeresponsibilityfor sexual satisfaction. For that part oftheequation, read on forour for tips to make her orgasm."Make Her Orgasm app" will help you to increase yourknowledgeaboutsex and kamasutra. The Kamasutra is the bibleofsexpositions.Easy to read all content with full details of sex tips.Easy to use for life and easy to read and fullydetailcontent.Amazing and very Useful tips of SexThe app is totally freeNice & Elegant User InterfaceApp contains :- 3 Ways To Spice Things Up and Make Her Orgasm MoreQuicklyandEasily- 4 Sexy ways to speed up her orgasm- 9 Lessons about the female orgasm- 10 Sex tips that practically guarantee her orgasm- A Guide to female ejaculation- All the different ways a woman can orgasm- Better orgasms- Give her an orgasm in 15 minutes- How to Become a Cunnilingus Master- How To Give A Girl An Orgasm And Make Her Cum- How to give her better oral sex- How to Make A Woman Orgasm In Under 5 Minutes- Make Her Orgasm Hard from Sex in 8 Minutes or Less- Sex Positions that practically guarantee her orgasm- Kamasutra for Woman OrgasmDownload the best app for your intimate life right now,andKamaSutrawill make your sexual life better than everbefore.With our app, your relationship will be richer, and yourlovewillbecome stronger.The App uses in-app advertising to generate revenue.Please give positive ratings and reviews to support us.Notes : this app is not for child..!!! Only 18+
Sex education in hindi 1.0
Sex education in schoolsSex education hindiTelgu sex education booksSex education in hindiSex education for boysBest sex positionsSex education videoSex education for teenagersSex education for married couples
Posiciones del Kamasutra 9.0
Bar Castilla
¿Te gustaria potenciar el placerentusrelaciones sexuales?. ¿Te gustaria cambiar de posturassexualescontu pareja para no entrar en la monotonía?, La mejorrecopilacióndeposiciones para variar en la cama ya esta aqui.Con posiciones del Kamasutra nunca más volverás a ponerexcusasparano practicar sexo:¡estas son las autenticas posturas del kamasutra ysonmuyplacenteras!Hay posturas del kamasutra para todos losgustos,atrevidas,sencillas, clásicas, increibles,... Si has caidoen lamonotonía,necesitas posiciones del kamasutra.Tu pareja espera que le sorprendas en la cama,recuperaraslapasion perdida, con posiciones del kamasutradisfrutarásdeposiciones increibles.¡Sorprende a tu pareja con posiciones del kamasutra!Would you liketoenhancepleasure during sex ?. Would you like to changesexualpositionswith your partner not to enter the monotony ?, thebestcollectionof positions to vary the bed already here.With Kamasutra positions will never again make excuses fornothavingsex:These are the real positions of the Kama Sutra and areverypleasant!There postures kamasutra for everyone, bold,simple,classic,incredible ... If you have fallen into monotony, youneedKamasutrapositions.Your partner expects to be surprised in bed, you willregainthelost passion with Kama Sutra positionsenjoyincrediblepositions.Surprise your partner with positions of the Kama Sutra!
Sex Tips & Kamasutra Positions 1.5
Did your intimate life become boringandtedious?Then you have to download the app "Sex Tips andKamasutraPositions"!It's going to pleasantly surprise your partner with newpositionsand bring passion back to your relationship."Sex Tips and Kamasutra Positions" includes the best sexpositionsand tips, taken directly from Kama Sutra, a famous manualaboutlove.Download the best app for your intimate life right now, andKamaSutra will make your sexual life better than ever before.With our app, your relationship will be richer, and your lovewillbecome stronger.
Modern Kamasutra Positions 1.0
Mordern Apps
This app will guide you how tomakemoresaturated your sexual life.Enjoying your sex life in a good way with this guide app. Ithasover100+ different modern kamasutra sex positions that youcanfeel andenjoy with your partner.Modern Features :1. You can see All modern kamasutra positions listwithphotosand detail description.2. You can see CATEGORY wise position.3. Add your FAVOURITE kama sutra position asfavourite.4. Save your position in TRIED list.5. Reminder and mark your modern position in TODOlist.6. Find your TODAY RANDOM sexual position guide.7. In SETTINGS define multiple access likeCHANGEFONTSIZE and FONT COLOR, CLEARyourFAVOURITEpositions as well TRIED andTODOalso.If you have any suggetions and questions feel freetocontactus.Thank You.
Kamasutra with Illustrations 1.0
Kamasutra with IllustrationsThe Kamasutra is the bible of sex positions.Originally it wasn't just a sex positions manual but a wholewayoflife! However, if it's sex positions you're after thenyou'vecometo the right place!The Kamasutra with Illustrations contains different sexpositionsandwe've come up with handy little illustrations to helpyou gettogrips with them!Set in the backdrop of the ancient, Kamasutra withIllustrationsisthe journey of a soulful love embodied with betrayalandwar.It weaves the trans formative changes in body, mind and soulbytheforbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.Features:- Top 7 Kama Sutra positions for adults with Illustrations- Improve your sexual life.- Totally Free**WARNING - the app contain sexual reference for adults18+only.Please do not allow under 18 to view them**
Kamasutra Application Appodeal2
Lovingly written and illustratedexclusivelyfor this Kamasutra Sex Posicions Android Application,Kamasutra SexPosicions Application brings thousands of years ofKamasutraexperimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app.View overone hundred sex positions in 9 categories. KamasutraApplication isthe most highly recommended app of its kind, with abeautifullydesigned and pleasing interface.The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text. It iswidelyconsidered to be the standard work on human sexual behaviorinSanskrit literature.The Book contains more than 200+ sexpositionsto light up your "Bedroom Life". We have brought thousandsof yearsof kamasutra experimentation into one incredibly fun andsensualapp!*245 SEX POSITIONS**ILLUSTRATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS**LOVE DICE*
Sex education in schools 1.0
Sex education in schoolsSex education hindiTelgu sex education booksSex education in hindiSex education for boysBest sex positionsSex education videoSex education for teenagersSex education for married couples
Sex Positions Stickman 18+ sex
X Apps
Sex Positions Stickman 18+2016 is the year to really heat things up in the bedroom!Are you looking for ways to make your sexual lifemoreexciting?Romance between you and your partner in the bedroom slowingdown?Getting tired of trying the same old sex positions? Or maybeyoufancy a bit of fun outside the bedroom?We have the top 16 adults sex positions stickman everyone needstoknow about!Trying new position isn't just for that exciting honeymoonperiod,anyone can rekindle the spark with their long-term partnerbytrying something new in 2016.You don't have to be super flexible or wildly adventurous either-we have ideas for anyone to try!Why not work your way through the gallery until you get tonumberone - the most popular of all our sex positions for adults,asvoted for by you.That one must be pretty close to guaranteedsatisfaction,then!Every sex position worth knowing about is right here, so take alookand we guarantee things in your bedroom will be becoming lessof aflicker and more of a full-blown fire in no time!Features:- Top 16 positions for adults 18+ in style of stickman.- Improve your sexual life.- Totally Free**WARNING - the app contain sexual reference. Please do notallowunder 18 to view them**
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The most Romantic Postures 0.0.1
There are times when your sex lifecriesalittle more romance. And although every time we see morenewsextoys and sexual practices, there are many people whosimplypreferto be classic. But that is not synonymous with beingboringin bed.There is nothing sexier than staring into the eyes oftheotherperson and have sexual intercourse with more calm, as itisshownthat emotional connection with your partnerexponentiallyincreasesthe number and quality of orgasms.Seesaw, the millefeuille, Nirvana, the Padlock,Ascensionlust,Zen moment, Rock and Roll, the Amazon, etc. are someof themostromantic positions that you can find in thisapplication.You can also find out about the benefitsoffemalemasturbation.And we give an idea ... you seem to have an end tantricweekwithyour partner? Find out how to have a weekend of tantricsexeveryday and step by step, with the best positions oftantricsex.Share this information with anyone for facebook and wassapsothatknowledge is reciprocal, certainly also they havetocontribute datathat will suit you.
Happen 1.2.1
Time for hustle to find place to havefuninweekend or weekday reaching an end.Happen gives you a chance to enjoy your day orweekendthroughyour mobile phones.Happen application gives you information of alleventshappeningin town.Also Happen Application linking you with popularRestaurant,Bars,Night Clubs, Carnivals, Swimming pools etc.Enjoy your weekend by using Happen Application!!
Daily GK Facts, Ultimate Facts 2022.01
Daily Interesting, Informative and Weird Random GK Facts!
Touch on Girls 1.1
99 Prank Apps
Touch the item X times to see the girls.And How to touch a girl ?Touch the item x times to see the full girls.No porn girls.No sex girls.No nude girls.And This is no sex game, no nude game , no porn gameOpen all card girls and collection all sexy girl in gameTouchonGirls.This is funny game about hidden girls. Only sexy girlsandbikinigirls.Hottest Girls in game is a beautifully girl wallpaper.Thislovelywallpaper with models in bikinis at the beachmakesyouhappy.Beach and beautiful hottest girls are the best combinationforlonghot summer nights.Do not forget to rate app!Enjoy and fun !This app is just for entertainment purpose.
Prank - Adults Video adults
Adults Only
Adults Video - prank applicationThis is a fun prank application, use to scare and shockyourfriends,foes or anyone you feel like. If you are a prankster,thisapp isjust for you.It looks like a adults app, while actually it�s a scary app.-> Start this application,-> Then you would see a player,-> Give the phone to your friend, on whom you would wanttodoprank and-> Ask them to play this video.-> The player will start loading... and when finish,-> Then scare image opens with background sound...-> The image will open in ~5 seconds.-> Your friends will be shocked for sure :DHow to use :- Download Adults Video Prank- Make sure the volume of your phone is maximum- Open and tap to video to play- And done. Make sure your your phone is safe :DFeatures:- There are 2 very scary image.- Easy to prank, only you can know the app actually is!- Play jokes on your family!- Have realistic adults video and player that makes it looklikeit'sactually loading...Note & Tips:Please use carefully on people with heart problems orothermedicalissues.The app developers take no responsibility to you oryourfriend'shealth.Your friend may be too scared to throw the phone away. Sopleasetakecare of your phone.