Top 50 Apps Similar to Medieval Clicker Blacksmith

Blacksmith: Ancient Weapons - Merge Idle RPG
Fumb Games
Merge weapons, empower them with runes and discover theultimateweapon!
Tap the Monster - Medieval RPG Clicker 1.1.1
Hawk Games!
* A fantasy RPG game of heroes and monsters * Tap the Monsterisafascinating endless action medieval RPG clicker that youhavebeenwaiting for! Use the best strategy to become a clickerhero.Tap toattack monsters, level up your hero, slay monsters forgold,findtreasure and explore new worlds and dungeons. Tap theMonsteris afantasy idle clicker game with hero simulation mode andRPGstorywith idle and strategy based gameplay in medieval times.Juststartyour medieval tycoon adventure. * Strategy is important*Buildmedieval village to earn gold coins even if you areoffline,idlesystem applied. Building gold mine, market, blacksmith,tavernandmore! - gives you profit. Gold mine and explorer's guildgiveyouidle profits, invest it to earn more! Different buildingshelpgrowyour medieval village so you collect more money, evenwhenidle.Medieval village tycoon simulation. * Fantasy RPGclickerwithendless gameplay and with best tap tap mechanics *Fightotherplayer in PvP Arena. Complete daily missions, use yourtacticsandstrategy to become a hero, earn gold and discoverfantasyRPG-basedworld. Battle cursed monsters, explore darkdungeons tofind evenmore treasures. RPG Hero tycoon simulator &medievalworldsimulation. ★ Features ★ • ADVANCE through thousandsof levelstoprove your skills • FIGHT with over 150 differentmonsters!•MANAGE your own medieval village and get more cash •UPGRADEyourcharacter and items • INVEST money and boost your income•OPENCHESTS to gain powerful equipment! • COMPLETE hundredsofquests,missions and daily quests! • PROGRESS through 8islandsbydefeating epic bosses and monsters! • PRESTIGEforbattle-hardenedplayers to gain even more power • PLAY offline,nowi-fi needed ★Online Features ★ • FIGHT against other players •BUYand SELLitems on the marketplace • TRADE with other players•FRIENDS -chat with friends, play with friends. ★ Nointernetconnectionneeded. No wi-fi needed. You can play offline.The gamedoesn't endafter reaching the maximum level, you can do theREBORN(PRESTIGE)which will reset your character to level 1 andyou'llface evenstronger and more rewarding monsters! Download TaptheMonster forfree and begin a simple, yet incredibly funadventure. ★Join us inour Facebook, Discord & Redditcommunities★
Puzzle Forge 2 1.32
Tuesday Quest
Heroes of Burning-Blade need your help! As the new blacksmithoftherealm, put together ressources on the board tobuildpowerfulweapons. Sell these equipments to heroes, earn goldpiecesandexperience to increase your skills. Who knows which newherowillbe attracted by your talents? - Build 2000 differentsweaponthanksto the unique creation system of Puzzle Forge 2. - Addgemsandenchantments to your creations. - Earn spells and magicitemsinquests. Use them to improve your unique weapons. - Like inanyRPG,use your experience to increase your skills. - Meetmanyheroeswith strange requests. SUPPORT & FEEDBACK Sharetipsandexperiences, find details on game updates onourforum:[email protected] for any issue or feedback,we'dlove tohear from you! Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter forthelatestdevelopment updates, news&tips: You can also reach usonFacebook: MORE TUESDAY QUESTGAMESHungryCatMahjong'nGoblins
Blade Crafter 4.20
Studio Drill
Are you bored? Craft the Legendary Blade right now! Yourweaponwillmove around and fight on its own, as if it's alive. Areyouworriedthat the game might be too complicated? Don't worry!BladeCrafteris a simple, automatic game that doesn't needanytutorials. BladeCrafter uses a dynamic combat system thatisunlike any otherautomatic games. Relieve some stress bydefeatingenemies withpowerful and impressive skills. Been lookingfor a fungame? BladeCrafter is your best choice. - Complete yourcodex ofweapons as amaster of sword crafting! - Defeat strongbosses thatappear every100 stages. - Get special magical stats byenchantingyour weapons.- Clear stages to get various rewards. -Completein-gameachievements to get various rewards.
Lumberjack Attack! - Idle Game
An auto side-scroller jam-packed with elements of Idle&Incremental games!
Blade Crafter 2
Studio Drill
automatic crafting game
Tap Craft - Clicker
Create the best equipment, improve your skills and defend theworld!
Tap Tap Axe™ - Chopping Lumberjack Idle Clicker 4.72.01
Are you the ULTIMATE LUMBERJACK? Achieve your truewoodchoppingpotential with Tap Tap Axe, the premier idle clickerthatwillscratch your thumb-clicking itch! A must-try for any fanoftheidle clicker genre, you'll be hooked on the wood-choppingactioninseconds. Cut trees, collect wood, acquire new weaponsandupgrades.Tired of chopping wood? Test your might in thedungeonagainstmonsters andbosses!-------------------------------------------TOPFEATURES------------------------------------------- • Tap thescreentoswing your axe and collect wood! • Spend your hard earnedwoodtounlock new axes, chainsaws, pets, powerups, upgrades andmore! •Getstronger axes to farm more wood and get even morepowerful axes!•Take a break from tapping - get the woodpecker toAFK farm whileyourelax and collect your lumber • Get the chainsawto harvestwoodnonstop! • Gain proficiency with every swing ofyour axe.Whenproficiency reaches 100%, get a whole new tree tochop! • Whenyouget strong enough, enter the dungeon to do battlewith all kindsofmenacing monsters • Tons of cool axes andupgrades to unlock,gottacollect 'em all!-------------------------------------------TIPSAND TRICKS------------------------------------------- ➤Uponupgrading axesand trees, don't forget to collect yourmountainginseng rewardtoo! ➤ Use the chainsaw combined with thewoodpeckerfor non-stopwood harvesting! ➤ Use your skills inefficientcombinations tomaximize your firewood yield! ➤ Experimentwithdifferent upgradesynergies to find which combination work thebest➤ Earn extramountain ginseng through completingin-gameachievements! Who saystimberman can’t be a hero? Chop wood,getstronger, levelup tobecome the ultimate lumber jack - DOWNLOADNOWFOR FREE! --- Do youlove Tap Tap Axe? If you do, please takeamoment to leave a ratingand review to support us. We promisetocontinue improving our gameto add new exciting features and tomakeit free from any bugs anderrors. Note: If you delete the game,alldata will disappear. Formore details, please check theofficialFacebook of Tap Tap Axe:[email protected]
Idle Empires
Ever wanted to play the role of a gold-hungry,power-obsessedtyrant?
Craftsmith - Idle Crafting Game
Knubbles Inc.
Gather materials, craft weapons and become a Master Blacksmith!
Pixel Blacksmith
Jake Lee Ltd
Craft hundreds of unique items, and keep your blacksmith'scustomershappy!
Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idleclickertapping game!
Idle Sword 2: Incremental Dungeon Crawling RPG
Click & Tap in this SUPER TOUGH Dungeon Crawler RPG!Over200,000 Installs!
Crafting Idle Clicker
Craft a complex production line, earn idle cash and becomeanindustrial tycoon!
Idle Crafting Kingdom
Automate your production, manage your resources and earn lotsofcash!
Grow SwordMaster - Idle Rpg
Create a variety of weapons to become the strong swordmaster
Castle Clicker: Build a City, Idle City Builder
Kelson Kugler
🏰Castle clicker is an idle clicker game where you build acitywithFarms, Mines, Seaport and grow castles! Dozens ofbuildingstounlock and upgrade! Puts a new spin on both citytycoonsimulatorand clicker games. Show your city builder skills inthisengagingidle adventure! Create the strategy of the growth -Makeyourtownsmen happy! Tired of mindless tap tycoon andcitybuildinggames? Play idle clicker games unlike any other! Justtapand clickto build a city where you can manage your workersandresources.Grow castle to help you to build your own city andbecomethe citytycoon of the medieval metropolis! Medieval gamesfans,watch out!This is the best idle city clicker game around - Tapyourway tovictory! If you love city building games, you are intherightplace - build medieval town and show your skills!DiscoverancientArtifacts and recruit special Avatars to help youwith newpowersand abilities! Build a city from a small village to abiggercityand finally to impressive medieval metropolis! Yourtownsmenwillbe grateful! ⏩Main features of this idle city buildergame:⏪✔️Beautiful, full-resolution graphics and design ✔️ Abilitytosaveyour game across all devices ✔️ Buildings withspecialgameplayattributes, like the Bank that can generate interestonyourResources. It will help you to build a city - a biggercity!✔️Full control over time management, send your Ships out foronlyafew minutes or for several days for greater rewards!Controltheseaport! ✔️ Frequent feature updates, including newbuildings!✔️Infinite Gameplay: Even when you think it ends, there'smore -Oneof the best city building games out there!✔️Full-featuredLeaderboard system. ✔️ This is not just a one moreofmedievalgames - It is an addictive and relaxing idleadventure!Build yourown city and your first Farm. Grow castle anddiscoveryour firstMine - Become a city tycoon! Thanks for playingthe bestidle citybuilder game - Enjoy in this amazing idleadventure!➡️Downloadthis idle city builder app! Show your skillsand makeyour townsmenhappy! ⭐ Best Idle Adventure Game Android ⭐Best IdleClicker GamesAndroid ⭐ Best Town Game Android ⭐ BestTycoonSimulator GameAndroid ⭐ Best City Building Games Android Allidleclicker andmedieval games fans - Sit back and ENJOY! --- Moreaboutus:E-mail: [email protected]
Simple RPG - Idle Tap Adventure! 1.1.0
Embark on the epic quest of good VS. evil in thisrefreshinglysimpleRPG Idle Clicker Incremental! Assume theidentity of an IdleTap Heroas you combat fearsome Monsters in anRPG Quest for loot!Fight ->Loot -> Upgrade -> Rinse andRepeat! There is nochoice:advance or die! So, sit back and relaxwhile your Heroslays theMonsters – perhaps pitching in with a Tap,or two – thenspend thehard-won Quest Loot purchasing Upgradesagain and againas the epicbattle continues… Gameplay * Play Idleor Tap, tap, tapyour way tovictory over the Monsters! *Auto-battle combat! *Incremental styleprogress! * Prestiging andinfinite gameplay! *Retro-style pixel artgraphics! *Straightforward RPG withStrategic Upgrades! * ClassicIdle Clickergameplay with someunexpected twists! Heroes * 10 IdleTap Heroes! *Every Hero has aunique ability to help defeatMonsters! *Incremental unlocking anddiscovery! Enemies * Battlehoards ofenemies, including Monsterssuch as Warlocks, Ogres,Goblins,Dragons and more! * Upgrade yourHero and Tap like crazy toovercomeepic bosses! Quests * 10 Uniqueand Epic Quests! * Match therightIdle Tap Hero with the rightQuest to maximize yourBattleadvantage!
Grow Heroes
A real-time turn-based RPG game Use your Idle and strategy toclearthe dungeon
Idle Crafting Empire 1.3.16
In Idle Crafting Empire you'll explore a beautiful world andminethousands of blocks with one swipe of your finger. Befriendmobsand animals to mine by your side and craft awesome gearlikepotions, enchanted books, furnaces and pickaxes to enhanceyourjourney. Join players worldwide in bi-weekly live tournamentsandpit your swiping and crafting skills against the very best.Competein global events to earn amazing, unique rewards that'llhelp youprogress further, faster! This is the world's bestincremental idlemining and crafting game. Are you ready?! 8 REASONSTO PLAY IDLECRAFTING EMPIRE! ~~~~~~~~~~ - SWIPE TO MINE - Tap n’swipe to minethousands of blocks and resources instantly. - GLOBALEVENTS -Compete in bi-weekly tournaments against players from allover theworld and win unique rewards! - BEFRIEND MOBS – Saveanimals andmobs trapped in jelly to mine for you while you’re away!- CRAFTAWESOME GEAR - Use your resources to craft everything fromNetherBricks to Eyes of Ender. - EXPLORE A WORLD - Explore anddiscoverbeautiful scenic biomes as your adventure develops. -FRENZIEDMINING – Tornados, TNT, and a giant golden hammer harvestentirechunks in an instant! - INVEST WISELY - Prove your RPGstrategywith smart decisions on which gear and mobs to befriend,craft andupgrade. - PLAY ANYWHERE! - The world’s best idle miningandcrafting game is free to play online or offline!Support: ofService:
Tap Craft 2 - Clicker
Create the best equipment, improve your skills and defend theworld!
Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG
The Wheel Returns! Collect Heroes and Conquer Time in thisRetro,Idle-RPG!
Idle Kingdom Clicker
In case the title didn't make it obvious, this is anIncrementalIdle Game 😎. Your kingdom will continue producingresources evenwhen you are not actively playing. Your role as Kingis to manageeverything, devise the strategy and give orders. Youcan activelyspeed up production by tapping really really fast onreally nicebuttons, but you don't have to! For your convenience,here is alist of things you can expect: ★ Be The King Of YourRealm! ★ ClaimLand And Expand Your Borders! ★ Conquer Shrines ToBoost YourEconomy And Unlock Features! ★ Plan Ahead And Devise TheOptimalStrategy! ★ Construct Buildings! ★ Tap And Craft Resources!★Optimize Resource Flow! ★ Offline Idle Production KeepsCraftingResources While The Game Is Closed! ★ Prestige System MakesYourEconomy Stronger With Each Reset! ★ Can be played offline forup to24h! Do you have questions or ideas? Then contact [email protected]! We'd love to hear from you! We alsohavea discord server for discussions at,come by and have a chat with the devs!And most importantly,Enjoy!❤️
Merge Wars: Fun Idle Game Inc 1.0.36
Merge Wars is a merging game where you combine heroes to createmoreand more powerful ones. Use your army to defeat a series ofenemies,but watch out: as you become more powerful so do they. Canyoudiscover all 80+ heroes? In a land of adventure, in a timelongago... The people of the world awaited a hero. Someone tounitethem against a horde of beasts... Of dragons, goblins anddemonicweeds. That hero could be you. So, what do you say? Youcould mergethem all to victory and help save the day! Earntreasure... withknights, wizards and dwarfs. Go forth and enterEzone's Merge Wars!- Mergelin the Wizard • Idle earnings: yourheroes attack even whenyou aren't playing • Personality: 80+ cuteand crazy characters todiscover • Quests! New challenges andlocations every day •Upgrades, boosts, rewards: there's alwayssomething to do Whatabout if you don't have an internet connection?No problem: Mergeon a plane, Merge on a train, Merge in the car,Merge near and far!Your offline progress is tracked and updatedonce you reconnect.You will need to reconnect occasionally to getall the latestquests and events and to update your clan progress.If you likemerge games, idle games, clicker games, incrementalgames, incgames, tycoon games, fun games, cool games and free gamesthenMerge Wars is the game for you! We are constantly updatingandadding new features to create an even better game experience.Besure to give our game a rating and send feedback on what youlikeand what you want to see added to the game. We'relistening.Cheers! - The Edis Brothers (Jamie and Simon) "RoyalMembership"for $1.99 offers a weekly subscription (after a 3-dayfree trial)which unlocks 2 merge slots, 2 attack slots, 20% moreidleearnings, 20% more gems from in-game purchases, special rewardsanda daily reward of 20 gems. This price is for UnitedStatescustomers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actualchargesmay be converted to your local currency depending on thecountry ofresidence. Payment will be charged to your Google Playaccount atthe confirmation of purchase. Subscription automaticallyrenewsunless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent period. Your account will be charged for renewal within24hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manageandcancel your subscriptions by going to your Account SettingsinGoogle Play after purchase. You can turn off the auto-renew forthesubscription whenever you want to through Google Play. Anyunusedportion of a free trial period will be forfeited when youpurchasea subscription. Merge Wars is free to download and play,however,some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou don'twant to use this feature, please disable in-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Rock Collector - Idle Clicker Game
Ever dreamed of having an insane amount of rocks? Neither haveI,but it's fun.
Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game
Tap, get idle profits, build town, rule the world! BecomeEmpireTycoon!
Dunidle Idle RPG - Pixel Games
Dunidle Idle RPG is an action pixel game. Explore dungeons andfightmonsters!
Overloot – Loot, Merge & Manage your gear!
WHAT (games)
Slay evil, manage items & merge gear to reach full strengthinthis Puzzle RPG!
Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games
Medieval incremental game: Build a kingdom, fight tapbattles,collect Heroes
Guild Master: Medieval Merge Idle Blacksmith Game 0.9.9
❖WELCOME TO THE FANTASY WORLD OF GUILDS!❖ Good day,masters!Welcometo our fantasy kingdom. Today you have a greatopportunityto becomethe best guild master in the world! Put on theblacksmithapron, getthe magic anvil, and explore the craft andimprove yourskills! ❖NEWCONTENT❖ 👉 The new class is the joiner.Unlock a newclass - joiner.Craft shields, magic staves, and more!Also, don'tforget about theblacksmith class! 👉 Lootbox. Open themagic box toreceive a randomreward. Increase the power of yourguild usingmagic. 👉 Dailyreward. Log into the game every 8 hoursand get areward from theguild. This is a free reward for guildmembership.👉 Many smallimprovements. 👉 Technical improvements. Thegame nowworks betterboth on old smartphones and new ones. GAMEFEATURES ❖Open allclasses! ❖ In the world of guilds, you can becomeanyone.Do youwant to forge the best armor for the noble knights ofthekingdom orclothing for the kings and its nobles? Want toequipyour adventurersquads to visit dungeons and fight dragons?Ormaybe you want tocreate artifacts for the Mages Guild?Create,merge and open newcontent in different sequences! ❖ Create,usemagic anvil ❖ Imagineyourself as a real blacksmith! Use themagicanvil. Tap on it toearn crafting points. After accumulatingenoughpoints, an item willappear on the workbench. Upgrade yourhammerand anvil, grow yourpower! Hire workers. They generateidlegrowth. ❖ Merge and upgrade!❖ Merge items, unlock newcontent.Upgrade your workshop, expandyour workbench to unlock newitemsand merge even more items! ❖Trade! ❖ Trade on the guildmarket.Buy goods from other guildmasters, and merge them inyourworkshop. Spend earned gold or usegems! ❖ Resources arecollectedoffline! ❖ Your workshops alwaysgenerate income. Theywork, evenwhen idle, when you are offline. ❖A kingdom to exploreanddiscover! ❖ Climb the career ladder in theguild and discovernewclasses and workshops throughout the magickingdom! Increasemightof your guild! ❖ Contact Me❖ This is myfirst game, and I hopeyouenjoy it.😉 You can contact me byemail:[email protected]
Clicker Heroes
Play the highly acclaimed idle adventure and tap your waytovictory!
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim
Tap to dig for gold with your pick axe! Get rich in a fun idleminesim game!
Merge Star : Adventure of a Merge Hero
Powerfully addictive item merge adventure.
Sword Knights : Idle RPG
Easy and Fun idle Game RPG! Be the last winner of this battle!
Idle Towers & Creeps
Idle Towers and Creeps, an Idle style game thatcombinestowerdefense with RPG aspects! Set up and upgrade your bestarmiestoadvance through the levels, defeat dragons, bossesandotherplayers. 【Collect a series of legendary unit cards】Discoverunitswhere each has their own ability and can combine withotherunits.You will want to collect each card! 【Relax and enjoyalltherewards that come your way】 While you enjoy another leisureyoucanlet your armies advance through the endlessdungeonscollectingcountless resources to increasingly defeatstrongerbosses andother players to conquer the top. 【Evolve yourdungeon toplayagainst other players】 In player-vs-player mode, youcan evolveandhave your own boss to defend your dungeon against theenemyarmy. 【Strategies and master】 Combine units, runes, andequipmentso youcan reach higher and higher levels.
Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush
Tap to dig gold, craft, trade and make money in thisfreeincremental idle game.
Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game
Ruoto Games
An In-Depth Retro Style Idle Game
Idle Armies
Top 10 Tapper of 2016. An Idle RPG game like no other, youcontrolboth sides!
Dungeon Shop Tycoon: Craft and Idle
Open up your RPG item shop in this fantasy themed idle game!
Tower Defense Heroes
Defend Your Tower against orcs and monster in Tower Defense Heroes
Idle Evolution
Idle / Clicker Game Suitable for Tablets! Endless Gameplay! NoAdsor IAP's!
Devil Smithy : Epic Idle Merge
Simple IDLE Merge game Merge two weapons to make a more powerfulnewweapon
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker is a fantasy RPG simplified to one finger touch.
Wil Knight 1.7.2
Go ahead and move forward! You are “Wil Knight”!Collectpowerfulweapons and merge them! You will be the strongestknight intheworld. Something cool ◆ Collect SUPER legendary weapon!◆Combineweapons to make a stronger weapon. ◆ Activate EPICPOWERSKILLS !!◆ You can meet various enemies ◆ Be A RANKER ontheleaderboard
Tap Wizard: Idle Magic Quest
Use Magic & Upgrade your Mage in Tap Wizard: Idle MagicQuest!Best Idle RPG!
Idle Slayer
Pablo Leban
Go through an adventure, earn coins and upgrade your gear!
Medieval Life 2.65
A new adventure begins! From the same creators of thesuccessfullNautical Life, we present: Medieval Life! An unique RPGexperiencewith the beloved medieval theme! You can buy castlesworthy ofkings and queens, and customize the interior of your homewithfurniture for all tastes. See the cycle of day andnightinfluencing scenery and hunting. Travel around the world andtry tohunt down all mythical creatures to make a fortune. -Turn-basedbattle system. - 10 weapons with different attributes. -12 skillswith different magic effects to help in battle. - 8elements withyour strengths and weaknesses. - There are 9completely uniquecastles. - Over 76 different creatures to hunt. -More than 150furniture to customize the interior of your castle. -Day and nightcycle. - Several quests around the world. - Show yourfriends howawesome your castle is in multiplayer mode. - Set trapsto increaseyour fortune. - Become famous by capturing all legendarycreatures.Come on an adventure in the amazing world of MedievalLife! Likeour Facebook page:
+9 God Blessing Knight - Cash Knight
God Blessing Legend Knight !! Must have this game !!
Merge Stories - Merge Games
Merge & build your own warriors only at Merge Stories -FunMerge Game!