Top 50 Apps Similar to Kingdom Medieval

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels
Use the force of your troops to become a kingdom builder inthemedieval age!
Total War Battles: KINGDOM - Medieval Strategy 1.4.3
BUILD A MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Shape the land, build sprawlingtownsandrecruit and train a powerful army. Defeat rival lordsandotherplayers in epic real-time battles. Rise and defendamightystronghold, manage your economy and rule your folks.AllywithVikings to discover new lands and expand your influence.Becomealegendary medieval lord and go down in history. TOTALWARMOBILESTRATEGY • Build and expand your Kingdom, withfarms,quarries,blacksmiths and more. • Alter the land by creatingrivers,lakesand mountains. • Command your army in large-scalebattles. •Battleother players in real-time. • Cross-Platform - Playonphones,tablet, and PC, whenever you want, wherever youwant.Actions inyour Kingdom will carry over onto any device youplay on.• Fromthe creators of Total War: Rome, Medieval, ArenaandThreeKingdoms. NEWS Like usonFacebook: Follow usonTwitter: Follow usonInstagram: SubscribeonYouTube: PLEASE NOTETotalWarBattles: KINGDOM is free to download and play. AdditionalGoldcanbe purchased using real money. More information onin-apppurchasesisavailablehere: not want to use this feature, please disablein-apppurchases inyour device’s settings. Also, under our TermsofService and PrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of agetoplay or downloadTotal War Battles: KINGDOM. REQUIREMENTS •Android5 or higher • 2 GBof RAM recommended • An internetconnection - -- - - EULA: TermsofService: © SEGA. CreativeAssembly,theCreative Assembly logo, Total War, Total War Battles:Kingdomandthe Total War Battles logo are either registeredtrademarksortrademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited. SEGA andthe SEGAlogoare either registered trademarks or trademarks ofSEGAHoldingsCo., Ltd. or its affiliates. All rights reserved.SEGAisregistered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Allothertrademarks, logos and copyrights are property oftheirrespectiveowners.
Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG
Game Squad
Open world 3D fantasy role playing game (RPG)
I, Viking: Epic Vikings War for Valhalla
It’s vikings game for creed, honor & glory! Play astrategybattle game!
Dragon Eternity
Game Insight
«Dragon Eternity» - is a free cross-platform fantasy MMORPG
Viking Clan: Call of Valhalla
Kano Games
Text-based Viking RPG game. Have a chance to prove yourselfworthyof Valhalla.
Fire and Glory: Blood War
Live the age of the ancient Spartan empires and unleashyourstrategic fantasy!
Lords & Knights - Medieval MMO 9.12.0
Strategic alliances with other players, fierce campaigns and warsaswell as massive fortresses await you in Lords & Knights!Trade,complete missions and discover technologies. Recruit armiesof nobleknights to protect your castle or conquer other cities.Conquer anempire and make your enemies quiver before you! Lords& Knightsis a free to play medieval strategy MMO. At first youtake controlof one castle and its knights. As time goes by, youcan expand yourrealm all the way to an empire with the righttactic. Conquer thecities of your enemies and become the mostpowerful ruler of theMiddle Ages. Raise a powerful army and leadit into war! Recruitseveral medieval units like knights and footsoldiers. Lead theminto battle against other lords with the rightstrategy and tactics,so you can strike them unexpectedly, or sendthem on lucrativemissions. Among these missions, you will findadventures such asdriving off robbers, taking part in a joust orhold a castlefestival in honor of your. Construction anddevelopment of yourcastles into massive fortresses! Improve yoursimple starting castleall the way to a powerful fortress right inthe Middle Ages. You canstock up on resources for the war in yourkeep, while you are comingup with strategies for the upcomingbattles. Strengthen your armiesby improving your armory andresearching new technologies. Improvethe defense of your realm byerecting fortifications or improve yourresource production.Tactics are an important part of the creationof your defense andyou decide on them as the king! An alliancesystem that facilitatesjoint conquest! Found an alliance or join anexisting one, in orderto plan the strategy and construction of yourmedieval empire withhundreds of other players. You can forgenon-aggression treatiesand create alliances with other alliances ormarch into the age ofwar together. You can take on different roleswithin thesealliances, for example that of the minister of war orof defenseand exchange information with your friends and otherlords in theforum and the live alliance chat. Peaceful realm orwarlike empire!Interact with other lords in order to plan attacksor set up yourdefense. You can support them with armies andresources. Defendeach other´s throne and life in the castle! Shoulddiplomacy fail,another solution would be a well-planned war ofconquest withnumerous attacks on enemy cities. Send out your armiesand plunderthe resources of your enemy or assault hisfortifications, occupyhis castle and make it a part of your empireand expand your realm.Make sure that your most hated enemy won’tremain a king for long!Show everyone that you have what it takes tobe the king of anentire realm and conquer a throne! Become a fan onFacebook: The medieval strategy MMOLords &Knights is free to play and needs an active internetconnection.Take a look at the rest of our free to play games: -Celtic Tribes– Celtic Strategy MMO - Crazy Tribes – postapocalyptic MMO Now,start building your stronghold fortress, defendit with a thoughtthrough strategy and conquer your enemies´ empiresin medievaltimes!
Steel And Flesh Old
Steel And Flesh Old - a Mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.
KingsRoad 7.9.1
Answer the hero's call. Leave the safety of the hearth behindasyoufight to prevent the warriors of evil from dominatingtherealm.Play KingsRoad for free in the most addicting ActionRPG!CHOOSEYOUR CLASS • Knight - Noble warrior. Sword and boardtank.Defenderof the Kingdom. • Archer - Sniper. Rogue. Bow andarrowexpert. •Wizard -  Sorcerer. General wielder of fire andarcanespellsGAMEPLAY FEATURES • Free to play Action RPG •Real-timemultiplayer.Play with other heroes from around the world.• Crossplatformgameplay. Play your heroes across desktop andmobiledevices. •Endless Content. Hundreds of maps to explore.Countlessenemies toslay. • Form guilds and create alliances indefense ofthe Kingdom.• Customizable talents and spells. •Craftable itemupgrades. •Epic. Loot. Drops. Like usonFacebook: TermsofService:
Kingdom Quest 2 3D RPG
Game Squad
Open World 3d Fantasy Role Playing Game
Forgotten Tales RPG
DM Studio
Classic RPG gameplay with exciting story, tons oflocations,monsters and quests
Kingdom Warriors
Enter a chaotic world ripped apart by war and lead your forcestovictory!
Age of Kingdoms: Forge Empires
Epic global online strategy game. Befriend,chat and battle inthereal time game
Chief Almighty
In the war of fire, beasts and stone, will you be theChiefAlmighty?
Ancient Rivals: Dungeon RPG 1.4
New story-driven Dungeon Action RPG arrives on Android! Embarkonanexciting adventure, fight countless enemies, solvetrickypuzzlesand discover the history of a great war between twomightyempires:Valor and Irongard. Enemy, like el Diablo, is hidinginthe shadows,awaiting to hit back… If you love immortalDungeonCrawler, ActionRPG, rpg games with lots of hack and slash,dungeoncrawling andfights, this game will be everything you need!Made bya small indieteam not constrained by business needs, itoffers afresh look atthe genre. Immortal classic awaits you! KEYFEATURESo Awesome 3Dgraphics and optimization. o Captivating story.oDiverse charactersto interact with. o Lots of sword andshieldswith differenteffects. o Unique abilities and spells oHardcorearena battles oInteresting puzzles to solve. o Hours offightingin catacombs,dungeons and caves. o And of course, hordesofenemies to slay!
Medieval Battle: Europe
Fight various battles across Europe throughout the medieval ages.
Throne: Kingdom at War
Plarium LLC
We welcome you to the legendary world ofwiseKings, great Lords and valiant Heroes. Walk the exciting pathof acity builder and warlord! Assemble an army of faithful warriorsingleaming armor. Create a powerful Order and demonstrate yourmightto players from all over the world. Glorious victories inbloodybattles for supremacy in the Kingdom and the brutal struggleforthe ancient Throne are just a small part of all the adventuresthatawait you in the lands of fearless rulers.From the moment you begin the game, the atmosphere of amedievaltown in an expansive Kingdom, courageous marches, battlesandancient riches will take you on an unforgettable journey. MyLord,your vassals are waiting for your orders!Throne: Kingdom at War is free to play. You can purchasein-gamecurrency in exchange for real money. It gives you theability tobuy various boosts and items that will make your gamingexperiencemore dynamic and exciting. If you want to switch off thisoption,you can set a password in the Google Play Store menu toprevent anyunwanted purchases. Note: you must be at least 13 yearsof age todownload and play Throne: Kingdom at War.Game features:- Access to a completely free mode- High-grade graphics and sound- Localization into multiple languages- You can create your own Order or join an existing one- Dynamic real-time battles with players from all overtheworld- Several troop classes to choose from: knights, spearmen,ranged,cavalry, siege, scouts- Armor, weapons and other equipment crafting for your Hero- Numerous quests and errands with valuable rewardsWe are constantly improving the app, making it better andmoreentertaining. You also can help us sending your feedbackandsuggestions.Support: Policy: of Use:
Arcane Quest 3
Epic adventures in this classic tabletop RPG based on theoriginalboard games.
Legendary War:Ancient 1.0.34
The battlefield is now open! Please the ancient warriors toenterthereinforcement force immediately! FightingOnline!!"LegendaryWar:Ancient" is a real-time country warfareMMORPG mobilegame,fascinating storyline, invigorating skill specialeffects,plusexciting PVP mode, will definitely lead every playertoexperiencethe charm of multiplayer country warfare in thegame.■■■■■HundredCities and National War, Thousands of People ontheSameScreen■■■■■ A variety of national war games,experiencetherefreshing slash of thousands, and unlimited skillsrelease. Ifyouare a brother, come see me dominate! ■■■■■AncientBehemoth,doublethe drop■■■■■ The evil spirit hides in the abyss,onlywaiting forthe warriors to conquer, all the artifacts andequipmentof thegame are dropped by monsters, the abyss climbingtowerstimulatesthe gameplay, and it is self-sufficient withoutkryptonor liver!■■■■■Fashion wardrobe, dominates the style■■■■■Hundredsof mountfashions, full of special effects, you can inviteyourpartners toenjoy the beautiful scenery and create a romanticmomentfor you.
Arcane Quest 2 RPG
Explore the dungeons with this board game rpg, in classictabletopstyle!
Ever Dungeon : Dark Survivor 1.0.115
“Ever Dungeon: Dark Survivor“ is a Free-to-Play dungeonadventuregame with dark artistic style! ***Endless Dungeons,EndlessAdventure!*** In prehistoric times, man defeated themonsters andsealed them in the dark castle. The power of the sealhas weakenedand the evil is gaining strength. As the savior, youwill step intothe sealed grounds to banish the monsters once andfor all!Adventure around every turn! • Pet and Monster Grow withyou. •Random maps give you a new experience every time • Tons ofMissionsand Achievements • Addictive dungeon crawling experience •DailyLogin & Arena awards Personalized combat system • Plentyofskills to choose from • The Talent system lets you play yourway!Barbarian, Rogue, Magic-User, etc. • Attribute combinationshelpyou grow in the direction YOU choose Awesome equipment system •Youcan pick up dozens of different looks and abilities • ArmorandWeapon strengthening, forging and gem-setting are all available•Unique Recast system helps you push the limit Immersivegamingexperience • Manage multiple ore mines to accumulateresources •Mine War Get More Resouce. • Shops have random surprisesevery day• Dynamic Pet system: Lots of pets with individualattacks, uniqueleveling system and more • PVP Arena challenge,compete globallywith other players! Battle your way to the top!Join the thousandswho crawl endless dungeons for valuable lootevery day! Be thegreatest! Kill the strongest monsters and get thegreatest rewards!
My Lands
Find out what it feels like to rule over your own fantasy empire!
Godlands RPG - Fight for Throne : Legendary Story
Unique RPG, bosses, quests, massive online events, tournaments&clans await you
Ash of Gods: Tactics
The Reapers are here, and the world is on fire. Will you facetheReaping?
Rival Knights 1.2.4b
***A TALE OF STRENGTH AND STEEL***Live the fantasy: Be a knight & joust your way tovictory!Compete with thousands of other players in games of glory&adventure! This is the most intuitive, action-packed &visuallystunning knight combat game on touch screens!JOUST LIKE A KNIGHT!√ Experience the thrill of fast-paced & highlyaddictivejousting for free√ Sharpen your war skills with precision timing & aim√ Battle ruthless foes & rival clans across 5 leagues toseizetheir castles & thrones√ Embark on an adventure across the kingdom, become a champion&etch your name into history!BONE-BREAKING ACTION√ Motion-capture animations for knights & horses immerse youinbattle like never before in a free game√ Enjoy stunning, lifelike 3D graphics and dynamiccameraangles√ Compete in a breathtaking environment with changingweatherconditions & time of day√ Send rivals flying with real-time ragdoll physics&slow-motion effectsARM YOURSELF FOR VICTORY√ Unlock over 120 mounts, lances, armors, helms & more√ Upgrade them at the Blacksmith to gain an edgeoveropponents√ Use temporary boosts wisely to triumph in your adventure√ Customize your crest to strike fear into your rivalsTHROW DOWN THE GAUNTLET!√ Challenge other players in asynchronous multiplayer games√ Enter weekly PvP multiplayer tournaments for glory…√ …and win King-sized rewards!Will you ride to victory, or fall in battle?These are troubled times for you & your people. Your kingdomisin debt, the king slain in war, no one has claimed theChampions'Thrones, & enemy clans are massing at thekingdom'sborders.Embark on an epic quest & get ready to battle your waythroughintense solo and multiplayer challenges in this free newjoustinggame. Journey from castle to castle in search of adventure&action.Claim the Champions' Thrones with your friends. Become a legendofjousting, grab the tournament chest & save your kingdomfromthe hands of the awful Lord Cunnings.Forget about fantasy MMO games, castle games & war games. Ifyouare looking for a true fantasy adventure, this free game is foryou.It features massive multiplayer online (MMO) tournaments,clans,epic knight battles, all set in a breathtaking medievalfantasykingdom, for free. The war for the Champions' Thrones ison!G+ support is temporarily removed. It will be back in afutureupdate, along with an achievement system._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO
Conquer the world of Grepolis! Begin by expanding yourvillageinAncient Greece. Grepolis is a free strategy game in whichyoubuildyour own empire and strike back against your enemies withthehelpof allied players and powerful alliances. Now theheroesofantiquity are entering Grepolis! Legendary andpowerfulheroes,such as Leonidas, Hercules, Andromeda and Helena,help yourcity orarmy with their unique powers and strengths. Playthe freeapp anddrive the expansion of your city forward quickly andeasily.Usethe powers of the ancient Greek gods Zeus, Athena,Hera,Poseidonor Hades, and summon with their help mythical unitssuchasPegasus, Medusa, Cyclops and the Minotaur. Forgepowerfulallianceswith thousands of real players and friends.Prepare forepicbattles and support your alliance in the strugglefordomination inthe world of Grepolis. FEATURES - FREE strategygame -Begin with acity and turn it into a mighty empire - Battleagainstplayers fromall over the world and conquer their cities -Buildyour army outof 27 different kinds of units and lead them intowarin real time- Choose a god and use powerful spells - Recruitheroesofantiquity and deploy them in your army or city - Tradewithotherplayers - Research 30 useful technologies - Build13differentconstructions - Fight side by side with real playersinalliances -Continue playing in your PC browser atwww.grepolis.comJoin us onFacebook at TermsandConditions:
Viking Wars
Numma Games
Become the most feared Viking leader and conquer the known world.Nomercy!
Sherwood Dungeon 3D MMO RPG
Escape to a Fantasy World in this Award Winning Indie MMO !TheSherwood Dungeon MMORPG is a unique indie massivemultiplayeronline role playing game, bringing together a communityoflike-minded players from around the world. ● A truecross-platformMMO: Use your mobile or computer to log into the sameworld.INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE ● Explore a lush open-world withthirteendifferent islands and an infinitely deep dungeon filledwithmonsters and treasure. ● Discover the innovative skill-basedcombatsystem with casual controls accessible to all - but withhiddendepth. ● Meet up with friends or join a clan andexperienceopen-world PvP battles with up to 32 other players inreal-time.DEFEND YOUR HONOR ● Epic story-based RPG experience ●Switchcharacter avatars anytime without loosing progress ●Playerorganized clans and raids ● Chat, duel or team-up withotherplayers ● Defend your honor in action-packed real-time PvPcombatSKILL IS KING Sherwood is a skill based action game, whichmeansevery attack and defense move is input in real-time by theplayer.The beauty of this combat system is one of Sherwood'smostappealing features: action combat requires skill, timing,patience,and forethought, even against MOBs. Proper timing andreaction to afight can leave a player ending a fight with fullhealth. Skill isking! COLLECT & CUSTOMIZE ● Collect pets,mounts and heroes ●Transform into a dragon or other beast ● Craftlegendary weaponswith runes and scrolls ● Explore the dungeon andcollect loot ●Explore a Massive Open World Play this EpicOpen-World Fantasy MMOtoday!
Chaos Lords: Medieval RPG War
Digital Pill
Fantasy RPG missions in PvP mode! For fans of real battles witheviland chaos!
Lords of Kingdoms
Lords of Kingdoms is a multiplayer war strategy game. On a landfullof wars and dark chaos, you inherited a historic small castle.As aking, you need to build and upgrade a variety of buildings toforgeyour stronghold, and gradually build up a powerful army todefendyour castles, or plunder resources from other lords to speedup thedevelopment. This online imperia game is very special, itimplementsfresh and interesting rules, well-designed gamemechanics allow youto enjoy the fun of a real war game. Make yourcastles rise, becomethe world conqueror, claim your totaldomination in the age of lordsand knights. This game is a lordsmobile game, but it has differentversions to support all platformsincluding mobile phones, mobilepads, PC and web browsers. Features>> Friendly tutorial helpsyou master the game in minutes andrise. Build and manage yourcastle, expand your realm or create newtowns as you grow. Fourbattle modes: wild land, castle war,expedition and kings ofdiscord. Rich bonuses and rewards help newplayers grow fast, theyare useful to forge an empire. Plunderresources from other lords& castles or exile them to remoterealms. Hunt monsters inexiled kingdoms to find the lost throne.Play matches or clashes inarena realms to achieve honors andreveal your military power.Collect crystals to craft artifacts forheroes which improve theirmight and magics greatly. Battles videoscan be watched in realtime, or replay them later. Form an alliancebase to protect yourempires, up to three kingdoms. A lot of legenditems to win: DragonShield, Giant Gloves, Elvenar Helmet, Sword ofMasters, Luck Cards,Trivia Shield, Star of Warriors, Ring ofCamelot and Grepolis Totumetc. The clan event logs help organizingattacks easier. Players inthe same league can launch rallyattacks, this helps weak players tochallenge powerful enemies. Theworld conquest event for a gameworld starts in 50 days. Win theclash event to claim your empireonline! Earn million coins bytaking part in our events. Goodmanagement can make your smalltowns rush into an empire! You canenable/disable castle defensesso you won't lose all soldiersovernight. About us>> Email:[email protected] Website:
Knights & Dragons Action RPG
Collect unique pets and weapons and battle epic bosses to becometheHero!
Game of Kings:The Blood Throne
Become the Supreme King in Game of Kings: The Blood Throne!
Gods and Glory: War for the Throne
Fantasy MMO strategy game! Prepare for glory!
Vincelot: A Knight's Adventure 1.3
Dive into a fairytale adventure with Vincelot the small knight!Takepart in the tournament, visit Princess Paula in the castle andplaygreat mini games. You will discover many exciting thingsandanimations in the kingdom of Dragonstone! Hand-drawnillustrationsAccompany Vincelot on his fairytale journey throughthe differentlocations around castle Dragonstone! While travelling,you'll getto know many funny characters and even visit PrincessPaula'sbirthday party. As in a hidden object story book, there arefunny,hidden elements to discover. Who discovers the clumsy knightfirst?5 adventurous and artistic minigames Dive into the colourfulmiddleage and explore Vincelot's world! Show your skills inarchery, findPrincess Paula's favorite balls' hiding spots ordirect the funnyband of bards. As a crest painter you can let yourfantasy run freeand decorate the throne room with your art and manycolours. Theking and the princess will love your designs! In eachscene thereare knightly challenges waiting for Vincelot and theplayer -exciting mini games! Carefully hand drawn characters andgameelements inspire the kids' fantasy and guarantee apleasantatmosphere. The controllings are designed to be easy tolearn forsmall squires, but also challenging for big knights.Intuitivecontrols The colourful sceneries and the varied mini gamesarecarefully aligned to the needs of young and old fairytale fansandbecome an educational and exciting fun for everyone. Acalmfairytale narrator supports the story without annoyingordisturbing the player. Soothing music and lovinglydesignedanimations round off the experience and turn it intoanunforgettable adventure in the fantastic world of the middleages.So don't hesitate and explore the exciting fairytale worldofVincelot! ★ Colourful, interactive children's book ★ Exploretheknights' tournament and Dragonstone Castle! ★ More than 100cute,hidden animations ★ Funny characters in hand-drawn 2D graphics★Child-oriented controls and gameplay ★ Funny sounds andmedievalmusic Support If you have questions or problems related tothe appor in-app purchases, please feel free to contact us viaourfacebook page
The Third Age - Epic Fantasy Strategy Game
Epic Fantasy Strategy Game. War of the three nations is atouchaway!
Age of Ottoman
Real time battle strategy game.
God Kings 0.61.1
IT’S TIME TO BECOME THE WORLD’S GREATEST KING!! Competeontheultimate battleground against epic monsters andtyrannicalenemykings in the vast 3D world of God Kings! Raise aneternalempireand build an army, the likes of which have never beenseen!Yourstrategy, your victory! Summon legendary Guardiansandunleashdevastating damage upon all those who stand opposed!Joinforceswith other strong kingdoms and grow your influenceonthebattlefield together! FEATURES ☥ Build your empireinunseenbeautiful 3D graphics ☥ Forge an alliance with yourfriendsandother players and conquer your enemies’ territories☥Summonlegendary Guardians and evolve them into theultimatebattlemachines ☥ Command your Guardians and mighty armiesto win inepicPvP battles ☥ Capture and sacrifice your enemies’Guardianstostrengthen your empire ☥ Research Divine Powers toshapethedestiny of your troops and economy ☥ Fight in diverseregionssuchas deserts, jungles, the arctic or volcanoes --- GeneralTermsandConditions:
TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG
Level up your hero! Save the towers from the invasion inthisclassic-style RPG!
Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator 1.8.6
★★★ Recruit Legendary Heroes and Command Mythical SoldiersintoBattles ★★★ Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcaseyourstrategic and tactical abilities in a war to claim yourvictoryamong millions of people in a battle of clans and alliances.❰KING'S CHALLENGE - NEW ❱ ● Earn new resources by battlingthestages in the King's Challenge ● Use the new resources tofurthertrain up your units ● Beware, you must follow the King'srule tobattle! GAME FEATURES: ● Collect new powerful cards orupgradeexisting ones. ● Build an ultimate army of legendary heroestoconquer your opponents. ● Vanquish enemy's troops to earnCrownsand Treasure Chest. ● Defend your kingdom's caravan to secureyourclan's treasure. ● Fight through single player campaign andmightybosses. ● Two difficulty war mode in single player campaign●Enlist the service of powerful generals and soldiers. ● Buildanalliance or clan to share cards and join clan events. ●Friendlybattles and special events, strike early and rise to thetop of theleaderboards. ● Shape your skills at the Training area.AWESOMEREWARDS ● Mini Archery game for coins and even new units. ●Earnmultiple free treasure chests to get awesome rewards. ●Weeklyevent to participate and compete! ● Adventure Mode Challengetoearn more cards, diamonds and gold. Collect and upgrade dozensofcards featuring a series of historical generals, mythicalheroesand advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo DaVinci.Command legendary troops from great civilisations such asmedievalEurope and Asia, like The Knight Templar and The JapaneseSamurai.Enlist the help of the wisest tactician, Zhuge Liang, fromtheThree Kingdoms era. Huang Zhong is another recruitablebravewarrior from the Three Kingdoms era that can help you fightagainstthe enemies' onslaught. Build an army to plunder yourenemy'streasure and create strong defensive lines to protect yourowntreasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cardsandfight for bigger rewards and rise to become the greatest kingdominthe empire. Take your army to victory and be prepared for anepicmedieval battle! Grow your empire and master the art of wartostrike hard against your enemies. Win battles, win the wargamesand be remembered as a true warrior in the whole empire!SupportAre you having problems? Emails us [email protected] orcontact us in game by going to Settings> FAQ and Support.Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: A networkconnectionis also required. NOTE: Knights and Glory is free todownload andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadKnights and Glory.
Brave Order 1.2.2
Outact Inc
BRAVE ORDER is an action packed, battle collectionstrategygame,where hundreds of units clash on the fields of war!Chaosamong theElemental Gods has spilled into the mortalrealm...Balance betweenthe primal orders of Earth, Air, Fire,Water, andVoid have beenshattered, and it’s up to you to commandyour teamand restorebalance to the world! A mysterious and ancientconflictbetween theElemental Gods unfolds as Players conquer astory drivencampaign,full of unexpected surprises and valuableriches!TACTICALLARGE-SCALE BATTLES • Hundreds of units sharethebattlefield andfight for victory! • Tactical pre-battledeploymentgives playersoptions for creating different formations. •In-battleactiveabilities and spells for executing battle strategiesin realtime!UNIQUE DECK BUILDING & COLLECTION • Players cancreatetheirown strategies by constructing unique teams fromhundredsofindividual Heroes, Troops, Towers, Traps, and Spells! •Developandspecial your team with randomized Runes and Tactics,taking themtonew levels of untold power! COMPETITIVE PVP • Playerscan engageinintense Player-vs-Player battles, claiming victoryovercontestedterritories! STRONG SOCIAL PRESENCE • In-gamestreamingfeaturesthat provides an immersive social experience! Showoff yourskillsand get famous in game! • Forge strong alliancesandcooperate withother Players to tackle even greater andmorechallenging enemies!• Alliances can compete with one anotherinlarge scale alliancewars to claim dominance over theElementallandscape and earn richrewards! CONSTANTLY EVOLVING WORLDEVENTS •The frontlines ofbattle are continually shifting, allowingPlayersto compete inlimited-time events for special gifts! •Ancient Godsare returningto wreak havoc and reclaim the world, butPlayers canband togetherto take down the global threat!
Exiled Kingdoms RPG
Classic RPG with a thrilling epic story and an open worldtoexplore.
ROME: Total War – BI
Fight for Rome or destroy it in antiquity's greatest conflict.
Elves vs Dwarves
Join the Elves or Dwarves and train vast armies to rule the realm!
Game of Lords: Middle Ages and Dragons
The royal battle has begun. A new strategy about the Middle Agesisavailable!
Three Kingdoms: Epic War
Three Kingdoms SLG+RPG! Epic combat immersion!
Vikings - Age of Warlords
Brave Vikings, prepare for battle! Join the epic MMO war game,ifyou dare!
Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG
Ravensword is a massive 3d Action RPG for Mobile Devices
Dynasty Blades: Collect Heroes & Defeat Bosses 3.7.5
Dynasty Blades, the first Three Kingdoms 3D MMO-ARPGwithMULTI-WEAPON SYSTEM on mobile. CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, FIGHTEPICBATTLES, AND DESTROY ANYONE WHO STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND THETHRONE.o SWITCH BETWEEN MULTIPLE WEAPONS WITH JUST ONE TAP! o Hackthroughenemies as the mighty Warrior. o Slash your foes withthelightning-fast Dual Blade. o Summon storms and thunderbolt astheFan Mage. o Knock and kick with dazzling Kungfu combos. oShootenemies down with the magic Firelock. TONS OF EPIC LOOT o Lootandcraft rare weapons, armor, gems, pets, battle flags andmagicalitems to make your characters invincible in battles. REALTIME PVPBATTLES o Enter the arena to battle other players online inepicmatches. o Experience the ultimate combat system: 1 VS 1 PK, 3VS 3Cross-Server PVP at all time. GUILDS o Create a guild andinviteother players to join. o Lead your guild in GvG events todominateleaderboards. ALWAYS A NEW CHALLENGE o Take on Daily andWeeklyEvents for more fun and huge rewards. o Unlock unique rewardsinspecial seasonal events. Contact us: [email protected] Like usonFacebook:
Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory 34.03
The Best strategy game is here! 👍👍👍 The whole newMMOEmpire-Building experience It is an easy-to-master RPG.ThreeKingdoms: Heroes & Glory is dedicated to translatingtheexperience of pc/console gameplay onto your phone. Grow yourempirefrom the ground up first by developing your capital city,thenrecruit epic generals to build your own armies and then useyourforces to attack enemies or defend your empire. Key Features[EpicGenerals await your command] Choose your Destiny! Over 150iconicand recognizable generals from the three kingdoms period,ready tobattle and occupy the world. Each generals is also giventheir ownunique skill sets and categorized into five attributes.Recruit,develop and promote your favorite generals and create yourpowerfularmies. [Diverse oriental Combat System for the ModernGamer] Winthe glory and rise in power through real-time PVP and PVEcombat.Battle with the global fifty thousand players, cooperatewithfriends from the guild, plunder enemies' manors, or challengeotherWarlords in the arduous and asynchronous combat in PVP.Relivefamous battles in history by yourself in PVE combat. [All forone,one for all] This is a game where both multiplayerandsingle-player coexists. Empower your own empire; solo, co-opwithfriends; or join a Guild to meet players worldwide. Playhoweveryou want with whoever you want. Three Kingdoms: Heroes &Gloryis based on the celebrated Romance of the Three Kingdomsseries,bringing an RPG and TCG gameplay experience. As areal-timemultiplayer online game, Three Kingdoms: Heroes &Gloryfeatures a huge array of game content for players todive,in-depth, into warfare on multiple fronts, team up withotherplayers and conquer the world with your loyal generalsandwell-equipped troops. A historic era has begun. Are you ready tobea king in chaotic proportions and climb to the top oftheleaderboards? *Don’t forget to follow our OfficialAccounts!*Facebook: *ThreeKingdoms: Heroes & Glory is completely free to play, butsomeoptional in-game items will require payment.