Top 50 Apps Similar to Sword Of Xolan

Apple Knight Action Platformer 2.3.4
Looking for an epic action platformer game? Check this out!
Mortal Crusade 2.4.4
Embark on an epic adventure as a brave knight in Mortal Crusade!
Swordigo 1.4.6
Touch Foo
Run, jump and slash through an epic adventure platformer game.
Swordman: Reforged 2.1.3
Oddmar 0.110
Mobge Ltd.
Action-adventure Platformer in Norse Mythology
Redungeon 4.65
Endless, random, increasingly difficult dungeons. Enter the worldofRedungeon!
Manuganu 2 1.0.13
Manuganu 2 : A Running Adventure!
Dark Sword 2.3.6
Side scrolling Hack ’N’ Slash RPG Unique dark silhouette action!
Wayward Souls
Wayward Souls is an action-adventure gamebuiltfor quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value.It wasinspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game,MageGauntlet.Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time youplaythe game, it's a different experience. Control one ofsixcharacters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities,andequipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat whereyourtactics, positioning, and timing matter.More Features:- Fancy control scheme with no virtual buttons or sticks tofumbleover.- Unlock new areas, for increasingly punishing difficulty.- 13 area types, all with different monsters, potential traps,andrare encounters.- Each character can find equipment combinations that changetheirgameplay.- Victory is based on your increasing skill as a player, notsolelyon grinding.- Hats.- No IAP ever, even for the hats. All content updates will befreefor our fans.- Unprecedented scope and variety for an action-adventure gameonAndroid, maybe anywhere.Second Update Plans: MFI controller support, some sort of savesync,boss health bars, more character tweaks, Rogue buffs, andmore! Youcan reach us on twitter or facebook to give requests orfeedback onthe game:@NoodlecakeGames / /
Reaper 1.7.9
Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become theBlackSwordsman!
Tower Fortress 1.0.227
Roguelite Run and Gun
Downwell 1.2.3
A curious game about falling down a well in search ofuntoldtreasures!
Dead Cells 3.3.6
Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.
NinjAwesome 1.1.3
Jump, Dive, Slide and Throw Shuriken through an AwesomeendlessNinja adventure!
Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer 13.8
Battle Solo or Co-Op with Friends! Fists, Swords and Magic.Finishthe Quest.
Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad.2D Action shooter. 1.5.55 B.V.
“Welcome aboard, kiddo! Name’s Jeff, I’m the captain of thisship.We’ve got a nasty situation on our hands — all theseskitteringaliens swarming us, ya know. So suit up and let’s getourselvessome gun fun!” Captain Jeff If nasty alien bugs invadeyour lovelyhome planet, the only way to resist is to grab a gun!When all elsefails, call on Bombastic Brothers, a semi-legal teamof soldiersand agents! Join the Arcade Revolution where oldschoolplatformergameplay meets the future. Choose your hero, pick aweapon, obtainand upgrade your spaceship and fight epic bosses!BombasticBrothers: Top Squad is inspired by classic platformer hitsloved byfans of hardcore games, but it’s totally accessible toplayers newto the genre as well! What you’ll get: - ClassicalRun’n’gungameplay - Featuring base-building and battler mechanics-Oldschool but not obsolete bosses - Humorous story andcharismaticheroes - A huge spaceship (free of charge!) - WorldwidePVP Arena
Teslagrad 2.2
Teslagrad is an electromagnetic 2D puzzle-platformer.
Mangavania: Action Platformer 2.6
Mangavania is a 2D pixel platformer game with metroidvania levels
Shadow Blade 2.0
Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game forAndroidDevices
Labyrinth Legend 1.38
Take on fun battles in this RPG.Fight strong bossesinauto-generated dungeons.
Dark Sword 2 1.1.4
Hack & slash! The legendary dark silhouette action RPG‘DarkSword’ is back!
Nubs' Adventure 1.6
Nubs' Adventure - Exploratory Platformer
Ritual: Spellcasting RPG 2.2.4
Cut through crowds in endless dance with dagger! Leave magicmayhemin your wake
Runic Curse 1.15
Alexey Suslin
Action RPG in metroidvania style
Qualification as Rogue 2.17
A platformer combining fun controls and puzzles to solve traps
The Bug Butcher 1.0.14
An action-packed 2D side scrolling shoot em up where perilcomesfrom above.
PPKP 1.1.9
Suddenly the Monster Corps attacks and breaks the city. Betheherowho will revive the city while taking down monsters.-ScrapyardGet building materials by smashing old cars to pieces.Themorefingers on that button the better. - RestaurantReplenishyourstrength and boost your combo powers whilegainingneededexperience to level up. Don't worry about losing somefights;therestaurant is always open to satisfy your appetite. So gooutandchallenge those monsters again and again. - Dojo Ancientscrollsofmartial arts are available for you to learn. Learningmoremartialarts allows you to upgrade the dojo and learn muchmore.Don'tforget to check the hidden room for the forbiddentechniques.-Laboratory Do you want upgrades? The laboratory hasthem.Fromspecial goggles that let's you see the monstersweaknesses,topower ups that will make you the best monsterhunter,thelaboratory has them all. Some power ups will gainexperienceifequipped at your house. - People Tapping on people inthe citywillgive you some nice hints. Animals also deserve some ofyourtendertaps.
Moonrise Arena - Pixel RPG 1.13.12
Hardcore Action RPG game in pixel retro style. Play offline onPvEarenas
Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest 43
Mooff Games
Street Fighter meets Ghost and Goblins, a classic arcadeplatformbrawler
Unbroken Soul 1.2.1
Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run,jumpandslash your way through the huge world of Alaron!Theevilnecromancer Elaniof has terrific plans for humanity...Tyrion,theking of Alaron is their last hope! Defeat countlessenemies,regionguardians and finish Elaniof in an epic adventure tosavehumanityfrom their terrible fate. The game includes · DYNAMIC2DACTION:You must de precise! Swing, wall jump, double jump,fightenemiesavoid obstacles and deadly traps! Super smoothanddynamiccontrols, you won't believe you are playing a mobilegame! ·9FANTASTIC REGIONS TO EXPLORE: From Insolo DeserttoCrisul'sFortress. ¡Prepare to explore all beautifullydesignedregions fromthe Dead's Reign! · 9 UNIQUE BOSSES: Each bossis auniqueexperience, different powers, different phases andwithoutadoubt... A huge challenge! · UNLOCK DIFFERENT ABILITIES:Youwillstart with a sword but don't worry, you will soon unlock abowandamazing abilities and powers. · UPGRADE YOURCHARACTER:Yourenemies will be more and more powerful, be ready forthem,upgradeyour character with the different merchants in thereign.·PERSONALIZE CONTROLS: Do you like a Dpad? Do you preferajoystick?Whatever your choice was, we've got you covered!Also,move andresize all controls to fit your needs. ·GAMEPADCOMPATIBLE:Completely optimized for gamepads, get ready fora trueconsoleexperience in your mobile devices! Supportedlanguages:English,Spanish, Russian, Korean, French.
The Dark Book: RPG Offline 4.0.3
An obscure old-school rpg - Single player offline with askeletonwarrior
Matchmaker: Choose Your Story 1.1.9
Fusebox Games
The match 3 game that puts YOU in the heart of your owninteractivestories!
Otherworld Legends 1.18.5
Kick, Dodge and Smash! Ready to rule this roguelike dungeoncrawlerRPG?
Fin Ancient Mystery platformer 1.3.24
Great adventure: fight, run, jump and solve puzzles in theplatformgame.
Leap Day 1.119.5
A jumping game with a brand new level every day.
Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure 1.4.3
Katata Games
Run, jump & shoot your way through endless 80s city withbizarrepixel enemies!
Caves (Roguelike)
Turn-based roguelike RPG. Kill monsters. Improve yourcharacter.Loot. Dig.
Timing Hero: Retro Action RPG 2.3.5
Want to play Action RPG Hero Monster Game? Play FantasyBattleRoyale!
Evoland 2 2.2.0
Epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history
Evoland is an action adventure game whichtakesyou on a journey through the history of classic adventure andRPGgaming.As you progress through the game, you unlock newtechnologies,gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. Frommonochrome tofull 3D graphics and from turn-based battles toreal-time bossfights, Evoland makes you live the evolution ofadventure gaming –all with plenty of humor and nods to moments fromclassicgames.- Play through the history of action-adventure video games- Discover many evolutions, from old school 2D action/adventuretoactive time battles and full 3D action- Revisit the starting area rendered in full 3D or exploretheoverworld with your own airship!- And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secretstouncover, and hundreds of achievements and stars to collectCheck out the official website at evoland.shirogames.comFollow us on Twitter @playdigiousLike us on Facebook /playdigiousIf you experience any problem with Evoland, please contactourcustomer support team at [email protected]. Don't forgettospecify which device and operating system you are using.Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French,Chinese,Korean, Japanese
Dandara Trials of Fear Edition 1.5.19
Raw Fury
A Metroidvania Adventure Hunt
Only One 1.29
Ernest Szoka
Pick up a magic sword on the ancient pillar of sacrifice andbecomethe Only One
Wind-up Knight 2 1.8
Robot Invader
Super high-end platforming gameplay in a beautiful 3D world!
Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scrollarcadeaction!
Platform Panic 1.3.0
Platform game heroes through the ages have been abducted! Whichoneis the best?
Spartan Firefight 4.24
Battle against players from around the world with the PvPgamemodes!
Super Boys - The Big Fight 1.29
Mooff Games
Smash faces. Team Brawl for glory, fame and toasters.
Endurance: infection in space (2d space-shooter) 3.5.0
Looking for an action-packed space-shooter game with amysterystory?Or maybe you're after retro games with a dungeonsetting? Orperhapsyour aim is to find something old school like8-bit gamesbut withRPG elements? If so, then Endurance: infectionin space(2dspace-shooter) is the best choice for you! Endurance:infectioninspace – is a prequel to Ailment (anotherspacelabyrinth/dungeonpixel game with a mystery story). Play itandforget about theothers shooting games. Endurance space-shooterisoffering you:Mystery plot This 2d dungeon shooter will tell youastory thathappened before the events of Ailment (you don’t havetoplayAilment before). You’re a researcher on a starshipEndurance,andone day your space team gets an infection and becomesinsane.Yourgoal You have to survive in this labyrinth/dungeonmysterystarshipand find out what happened to the space team, howthisinfectionspread around the Endurance starship, and rescue yourcrewmembers.You’ll be fighting with your former colleagues, andyou’llbetrying to survive this bullet rush nightmare with tons ofguns.2dgame setting Endurance: infection in space has aretromysteryambience with labyrinth/dungeon levels as it is one ofthe2d pixelgames with bullet rush battles. It also hashorrorelements, whichmakes the mystery story even more engaging. Ifyoulove shootinggames, you have to try Endurance. Multipleplayingoptions You canplay using a gamepad as it’s one ofthosecontrollers supportedgames. Endurance is a game you shouldn'tmissif you live shootinggames with thrilling gameplay and plotyouwon't get enough of.Your space team In this bullet rush pixelgame,you’ll besurrounded by your space team - liveable andtalkativecharacters,which going to break a bit of this horrorambience torelax you andprepare for the hardcore battles with yourenemies whogot theinfection. Weapons There’s a huge arsenal of gunsthat youcan useto defeat the whole army of your infected spaceteam, todiscoverthe whole mystery story of how this infectionappeared onthislabyrinth(dungeon) starship. This adventure 2dshooter is fullofreferences to many sci-fi movies as well! And nowjust to sumupall the great gameplay features of this space-shooter:* Tonsofweapon * Retro ambience * Hardcore gameplay * Mystery story*2dpixel art graphics * Atmospheric music *Dungeon(labyrinth)likelevels * One of the controllers supportedgames So If you’reachoice among thousands of bullet rush games orshooting gamesandyou're a fan of 2d pixel games, retro games,indiegames,controller supported games, labyrinth/dungeon gameswithRPGelements, you need to stop doing whatever you’redoing,anddownload Endurance right now!
Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting 3.24.129
A Legendary Action RPG With Ninja Shadow Legends FightingStyleOffline Games!