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Hola Free VPN Proxy
Unlimited FREE VPN | Open the webandbrowse safelyFEATURES• The only VPN that gives you simple access to yourfavoritecontent• Freedom to view applications and websites from aroundtheworld• Browse the web privately & anonymously• 100% Free• Switch countries with easeWelcome to a Better Internet!• Hola is a free peer-to-peer VPN service, that works bysharingidle resources of its users to create a more open Web.• Hola keeps its service free by providing a paid-for,commercialversion of the VPN service to businesses.• Read more about the Hola network .• Access sites blocked in your country through an innovative peertopeer network• Accelerates browsing• Reduces data costsMore info at you have any questions and suggestions, feel free and sendthemto [email protected] love to hear from you :-)Hola Free VPN contains Lightning Browser and is used underLightningBrowser Mozilla Public Licence, Version 2.0. A copy ofthis licenseis availableat:
Free VPN -Hotspot Shield Basic
This is the 100% Free and Unlimited versionofHotspot Shield VPN Proxy and has the basic features. If youneedthe full version of Hotspot Shield for wider servercoverage,please download from here: Free VPN – Hotspot Shield Basic, you can:⇨ Unblock and access all websites and apps with no worriesaboutgeo-restrictions. It also makes your online activitiescompletelyprivate, anonymous and secured.⇨ Stay private and anonymous online, preventing anyone fromtrackingyour online activities.⇨ Get protected from hackers and snoopers on publicWiFiconnections.Highlights of Free VPN – Hotspot Shield Basic foryourAndroid:✓ FREE: 100% free. No credit card information or signupneeded.✓ UNLIMITED: Truly unlimited. No session, speed orbandwidthlimitations.✓ Simple: Unblock the world with just one touch ofthe“Connect” button. ✓ Privacy: We do not keep useractivitieslogs. You are completely anonymous with HotspotShield.✓ Security: Our military - level SSL encryption will makeyoufully anonymous and secured.✓ Performance: We fully own all VPN servers to ensurefastestVPN speed, and most stable & secured connections.-------------------------------------------■ Why Free VPN – Hotspot Shield BasicFree VPN – Hotspot Shield Basic is 100% free, unlimited, securedandsuper easy to use. With Free VPN – Hotspot Shield Basicyoucan:⇨ Access any website in any country. Bypassgeo-restrictionsto unblock any website wherever you are! Evadefirewalls to unblocksocial media sites, video streaming services,and circumvent VOIPlimitations.⇨ Protect Your Data from Hackers. When you’re connected to apublicWi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personal informationcanbe easily compromised. Free VPN – Hotspot Shield Basicencryptsyour data and provides you with banking-level security forthe bestprotection.⇨ Enjoy complete anonymity - hide your IP address, identity,andlocation from websites and online trackers.⇨ Free VPN – Hotspot Shield Basic is a one-click VPNProxyService. HSS contains only one button. The button connectsyouto one of many anonymous servers at speeds faster than awebproxy.⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously. Avoid being snooped by yourISPand prevent websites from ad tracking and targeting. Free VPN–Hotspot Shield Basic changes your IP address, so youronlineidentity is anonymous and your internet activity isinaccessible toprying eyes and businesses.■ Powered by AnchorfreeAnchorFree is a privately held, venture-backed company based intheSilicon Valley. The company’s mission is to enable secure accesstothe world’s information. Anchorfree believes in placingconsumersin control of their personal information online.Anchorfreeprovides millions of users with online security, privacyand аccessthrough its most popular - Hotspot Shield. Channeling allwebactivities through a personal Virtual Private Network,HotspotShield creates a personal secure tunnel for each user andenablesuser online activities, sites visited, searches andpersonallyidentifiable information to always stay private.Website: About VPN Technology:
SuperVPN Fast VPN Client 2.9.3
SuperVPN, Fast Secure VPN service. Easy to use, one clicktoconnect, unlimited
Snap VPN: Super Fast VPN Proxy
Enjoy private and secure access to popular websites and appswithSnap VPN.
Turbo VPN - Secure VPN Proxy
Enjoy fast streaming, secure & private internet withsuperunlimited VPN Turbo
Touch VPN - Fast Hotspot Proxy 2.4.0
Unlimited & fast VPN to protect your privacy, unblocksites& secure your wifi!
Super VPN - Unlimited Proxy 9.3
SuperVPN Inc
Fast android VPN for Unblock sites, Wi-Fi Security & Privacy.
Yoga VPN -Secure Proxy VPN 8.0.602
Sarah Hawken
Global high-speed proxy server, Privacy protection.
VPN Master (FREE) 1.6.0
What do you expect from a greatVPNapp?# Unlimited Bandwidth to use# Endless list of countries to connect to worldwide!# Simple one click to connect# Super fast# Torrent supportVPN Master:1) The fastest VPN ever made.2) Friendly and easy interface.3) 20+ different locations worldwide to connect to.4) No restrictions, Torrents and file sharing are allowed.5) Unblock blocked websites such as: Netflix, YouTube,Twitter,Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc...6) NO LOGS! That means, that you're absolutely anonymousandprotected while using our app.7) All features of Premium paid-up VPN service forABSOLUTELYFREE!We are the best VPN app on the market!Just try us and see for yourself!
Signal Secure VPN - Robot VPN 2.4.8
Fast and secure VPN robot to unblock all sites, protect WiFihotspot& privacy
Ultrasurf VPN - Fast Unlimited 3.0.6
Secure Fast Invisible VPN, Free, Unlimited with Proxy Support.
Vpn Free Unblocker unlimited
Vpn free unlimited – best anonymous & faster than proxy.
LinkVPN Unlimited VPN Proxy 1.1.8
FuryWeb Tech
LinkVPN, a Unlimited, Safe, Fast VPN Proxy unblocks sites andhideactivities
VPN by Ultra VPN - Secure Proxy & Unlimited VPN 4.9.0
Betternet LLC
Get the Ultra VPN app for unlimited access to all your favoriteappsand websites. With Ultra VPN, you can UNBLOCK any site or appwhilesecurely connecting to public WiFi hotspots atlightning-fastspeeds! Ultra VPN provides military-grade encryptionto keep yourpersonal information safe and protected fromcybercriminals. Getmore from your VPN service with Ultra VPN'snewest mobile securityfeatures! Get more from your VPN app withsecure WiFi connectionsalong with our newest mobile securityfeatures: ► Malicious SiteBlocking - Identifies malicious URL's andstops cybercriminals fromstealing your personal information. ► WebTracker Blocking - Stopswebsites from tracking your internet usageto keep your browsinghistory private. UNLIMITED VPN Ultra VPN givesyou the onlinesecurity and confidentiality every one of usdeserves. The best andfastest VPN developed by its users, for itsusers. ► Unlimitedaccess and connection. ► Easy-to-use VPN,one-touch connection. ►No logs saved. UNBLOCK ANY SITE & APP –Change IP By usingUltra VPN, you can change your device's IPaddress to be from thelocation of your choice, therein unblockingaccess to morestreaming websites and apps. ► Privately unblockhome-specificbroadcasts while you are traveling. With Ultra VPN,you can changeyour IP address to access your home country as if youwerephysically there. ► Bypass firewalls and unblock yourfavoritewebsites and apps from work or school. ► Avoid annoyingcontentrestrictions online with Ultra Free VPN. Unblock what youwant whenyou want. ANONYMOUS BROWSING – Hide IP Ultra VPN lets youbrowsethe web anonymously. It automatically hides your IP addressso youcan enjoy online confidentiality and security. ► When youconnectto any Ultra VPN server, your IP address and location arehiddenand modified to protect your identity. ► When you have UltraVPNenabled, you get a new IP address to mask your actual IPaddress.You can enjoy the Internet in complete confidentiality.WIFISECURITY & PRIVACY ► Ultra VPN Proxy lets you protect yourmostvaluable data on unsecured public WiFi hotspots. ► Get themostadvanced data encryption protocol to protect your privacyandsecure your connections. ► Securely connect to publicWiFiHotspots. Protect yourself while traveling, working incoffeeshops, and browsing on any other public WiFi connection. Ifyou arelooking for a security app to access your favorite contentsecurelyand anonymously, and if you want security and privacywhileconnecting to public WiFi hotspots, Ultra VPN Proxy is thebest VPNfor you!
自由门VPN - 比赛风速的翻墙软件 5.7
EasyOvpn - Plugin for OpenVPN
Easy4U Ltd.
Lead Free VPN applicationonAndroid!Wonderful plugin for popular OpenVPN clients.Enable you to find and import FREE open VPN serversfromInternet for OpenVPN clients.Increase their availability to easily UNBLOCK blocked siteslikeTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.Encrypt the data, Protect your privacy, Bypass firewall, Hideyourpublic ip, nobody know where are you from.*** IMPORTANT ***- It is a plugin, so does NOT work standalone!- Designed for co-working with "OpenVPN Connect", "OpenVPNforAndroid", and "OpenVPN Settings".- For Android4.0 and upper, suggest to install the officialOpenVPNclient "OpenVPN Connect", for which we providespecificfeature.- Of cause, you can use "OpenVPN for Android". Support importovpnprofiles, but can't clean them quickly.- For Android2.x and 3.x, suggest to install "OpenVPNSettings"(need root the phone). Support import ovpn profiles.- All servers are from Internet, so we can't make sure each ofthembe available, so need you to try one by one patiently. Onetapversion is in plan, but need more time to develop.*** HOW TO USE ***1. Install the app and "OpenVPN Connect"2. Open the app, and click the refresh button, then waitingforserver list3. Click one server, the ovpn profile import screen will bestarted,click the "Accept" button4. In the "OpenVPN Connect" main screen, click"Connect"button5. If you are lucky, you will get a VPN connection.6. If the server can't be reached, please repeat steps: 3 - 4*** HOW TO REMOVE ALL OVPN PROFILES QUICKLY ***As time goes on, lots of OVPN profiles are obsoleted. Theappprovides option to clean the profiles quickly. Click the"Ovpn"button, the App Info page of OpenVPN Connect will come out,thenyou can click "Clear Data" button to clear all itsprofiles.*** SUPPORTING DEVICES ***- Supports 2.x, 4.x OS- But NO for devices for lacking of TUN module in kernel (Pleasetry"TUN.ko installer")*** LANGUAGES ***- English- Chinese Simplified- Chinese Traditional- Arabic- Korean- Spanish- Thai- Vietnamese- Indonesian- ...More languages will be supported, if you'd like to help totransfer,and show your name in the thanks, please send usemail.*** GET SUPPORT ***If you have a problem when using the app, please use theFeedbackfunction inside the app or Send us Email:[email protected] will try our best to help you.If the app helps you and you like it, please rate EXCELLENT forus.If it makes you unhappy, please kindly let us knowwhy.THANKS.If you find bugs, please kindly report them to us.
Lantern: Open Internet for All 7.6.15 (20231019.000631)
Team Lantern
Are your favorite apps blocked? Download Lantern toeasilyaccesspopular video, messaging and other apps while at schoolorwork.EASY - No set up, no registration, no signup, nosettings,justclick and go! All you do is install it and push the ONbutton!FAST- Don’t wait forever for your apps to load or for thewebsitetopop up in the browser. Connect with Lantern and get therefast!USEANYWHERE - Lantern is great for browsing and streamingatschool,work, or home! SECURE - Lantern encrypts all your trafficsothatno one can peek in and see where you are going. SurftheInternetin peace! FRIENDLY - We love hearing from ourusers,wheneverthere’s an issue or a suggestion. Getintouch:[email protected] LANTERN PRO - Avoid all typesofblocking,get Lantern PRO and get the best blockingresistanceavailable withthe highest speed and unlimited data! Buythe one ortwo year planand get unlimited access anytime! Formoreinformation, check outtheFAQs:
CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi
CyberGhost SA
Secure IP location changer. Get Fast Internet Connection With aSafeVPN
HTTP Injector (SSH/V2R/DNS)VPN 6.0.0
VPN app to browse the internet privately & securelywithmultiple tunnel tech 🛡
TxVPN free VPN 1.17
No registration is completelyfreeunlimitedduration, unlimited traffic, application fastestVPNaccelerator,support Android 4+ device by using the above versionofAndr oid 4+VpnService API over the wall, without ROOTprivileges.UnitedStates, Japan and other multiple servers providechoicecompletelyfree VPN, connect to anywhere! We do not need youtoregister anypersonal information, you do not have to worryaboutprivacy!Without limiting the length of all lines, does notrestrictflow,overseas sites, online games, videos, podcastschoice,unboundedbrowse, scientific online tool! What to do after aVPNconnection?Quickly to overseas navigation around,overseasapplicationselection recommended! VPN what is the use?-Instagram,Facebook,Blogger, Twitter, feel free to overseasfriends, relativesandfriends to share the joy! - Office or schoolnetworklimitations?VPN connections can enjoy browsing the web tosee! -For allnetwork access Hide your real network address!-Establishcommunication and contact with overseas customersthroughFacebook!-Youtube, Dailymotio, Youmaker, at any time withthejunior partnerto watch the wonderful video! - Quicker access totheUnited Statesor Europe Website, mothers can successfullyabroadwebsite to babysea Amoy various supplies! - More excitingwaitingfor you todiscover!
VPN - VPN Master & VPN Free
Snap VPN - The TOP free &unlimitedVPN tunnel for Android to unblock sites, watch onlinevideo, bypassblocked apps, secure WiFi hotspots and browseprivately &anonymously.No username, No password, No registration, No data limitation,Noads.Brings a high speed and encrypted VPN Master connection toyoursmartphone or tablet.Unblock your favorite websites and apps with worldwide freeVPNproxy whenever, wherever.Enjoy the most stable proxy server to bypass blocked websiteandapps as if you were in another country.Secure your internet connection under WiFi hotspot.Browse anonymously and privately without being tracked. Hide yourIPand enjoy the best private browsing experience.Multi VPN servers: United States, Germany, India, SingaporeandCanada.Fast and Accurate - Decent speed whenever, wherever.Easy and Simple - Connect to VPN proxy server just withonetap.Stable and Free - Reliable servers to provide decentVPNservice.Snap VPN Free for Android Key BenefitsUNLOCKING WEBSITES AND APPS- Connect to your Favorite websites and apps, such asFacebook,Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Enjoy your unlockedInternetwhenever you want to. Rocket VPN & Fast VPN.SECURE YOUR CONNECTION- Protect your data with encryption to keep yourpersonalinformation safe.PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY- Anonymize your connection and prevent third parties fromtrackingyour identity and location.GUARD YOUR PRIVACY- Lock down your security to block third parties from spying onyourweb traffic, VPN private Internet access.Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.Encrypts data using Open VPN protocols (UDP / TCP).Download this latest super-light Turbo Android Snap VPNMasterapplication now.Contact Turbo Snap VPNIf you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach [email protected]’d love to hear from you :)