Top 28 Games Similar to Kids Animal Slide Puzzle 15

Slidey®: Block Puzzle 3.2.13
Anytime, Anywhere, Offline. Exercises your thinking skill.
Linedoku - Logic Puzzle Games 1.9.28
All line based logic puzzle games in one - A collection ofsmartoffline games.
Unblock 3D Puzzle 1.1.92
Radle Games
Get ready for a new challenge! Test your puzzle-solving skillswithUnblock 3D; a new, simple and addictive sliding block puzzlegame.It's an easy-to-play game with realistic 3D graphics. Exerciseyourbrain muscle and help gain focus. It will keep you entertainedforhours. ◆ Logical puzzles. Solve logical puzzles. Unblock themasterblock by sliding other smaller blocks. ◆ 3000+ challenginglevels.There are more than 3000 levels for you to solve. Enjoyhundreds ofhours of fun in this non-stop puzzle block game. ◆ EasyNormal HardChoose difficulty level. Each difficulty has more than700 uniquepuzzles to solve. ◆ Smooth Controls Enjoy smoothgame-play withfluid intuitive controls and simplistic interface.Sit back andrelax. ◆ Train your brain Improve your brain functionsandcognitive capabilities by solving puzzles in this classicslidingblock games. ◆ Hints and Undos. If you get stuck on acertainlevel, you can use hints to instantly solve complicatedpuzzles.Earn free hints as you progress in the game. ◆ Achievements&Leader-boards. Show off your problem solving skills and becomethehighest achiever by unlocking achievement and moving up theleaderboard. ◆ Realistic 3D graphics. Play the game on a woodentableswith wooden and marble blocks Train your brain to solvecomplexlogical puzzles and become a zen master. Earn more stars bysolvingthe puzzles in lesser moves. Improve you brain functionsandcognitive abilities
Route - slide puzzle game 2.2.1
Move blocks to create a path in this completely freeintellectualpuzzle game.
Tile Puzzle Peaceful Places 1.14
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of beautifulandpeaceful photos.
Unblock Fish - Save The Fish 1.7
Unblock Fish - Tile Slide Puzzle (or Save The Fish Game) is anewandoriginal addictive puzzle game for FREE. Molly, the fishlosther wayhome while catching some tasty algae. Slide the blocksandhelp Mollyto find her way home and eggs. Logic puzzle gamesaregreat to trainyour brain and Unblock Fish is one of the bestbraintraining gamesto exercise your mind. Unblock Fish is one of akindanimated slidepuzzle (tile sliding games). If you like therolland unblock gamesthen you will love Unblock Fish tile puzzlegame.• New 2D puzzlegame with unique gameplay. • Slide the blocksandcomplete the route!• One of the easiest sliding puzzle games.•Mind bending levels thatwill tease your brain. • Train yourbrainto get three stars in alllevels. • Improve your logic skillswithUnblock Fish. • Block puzzlegame with slider feature. • Thenextlevel in tile puzzle games:Unblock Fish. • Animated tilepuzzlegame. Use your finger and dragblocks to complete the routeforMolly, the fish. The tiles withpearls are fixed and can notbemoved. You can always tap the hintbutton and see the right pathtoMolly's home. PLAY Unblock Fish andhave FUN now! FEATURES•SLIDING PUZZLE - Unblock Fish sliding puzzleis fun for all ages.•LOTS OF ROUTES TO SOLVE - There are manylevels waiting for youtobe solved. • NO TIME LIMIT - You can slideand solve the levelsaslong as you like. • PLAY OFFLINE - UnblockFish can beplayedoffline. • GAME BUTTONS: - RESTART: Tap restartbutton tostart allover. - HINT : Tap to see the right route toMolly's home.- LEVEL: Tap to go back to levels menu. - GET MOREHINTS: Tap toget 3hints when you run out of hints. - SHARE: Tap toshare UnblockFishwith your friends. - RATE: Rate Unblock Fish andsupport us!•FEWER ADS! - You can easily solve more than 15levelswithoutseeing a single (full screen) ad. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID&GOOGLEPLAY GAMES - Support for PHONES &TABLETS.FACEBOOK:
Tile Puzzle Nature 1.39
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of beautifulnaturephotos.
Wooly blast - Top blasting game 😍😸 2.9.3
Welcome to the incredible world of Wooly Blast, thecolorfulmatching puzzle game that puts you in a 3D world! WoolyBlast is a3D spinner game that is challenging, but is very relaxingandcaptures your attention with a lovely colorful world. Itssuperiorgame design and smooth gameplay relieves stress throughandcombines challenging puzzles and fun! Challenge your brainandblast matching color blocks! Spin your playing field anddefeatenemies, explode bombs and use powerful boosts! Try your luckwithroulette. Spin around 3D puzzles and explore this fun world.JustTAP, SCROLL and BLAST all the blocks away! Use your matchgameskills and power-ups to solve the puzzles. Advance throughcolorfulmaps and amazing 3D stages to see more of the woolyworlds.FEATURES YOU WILL LOVE: *Free to play *Unique 3D gameplay.*Dailyrewards! *Updates all the time! *Unique gameplay
Slide Puzzle Free
Alan Haden
15 Tile Slide puzzle
Unblock the Orb : Sliding Puzz 3.3
Most popular brain-teasing game available in play store!.
Unblock Red Wood 2.2.1
Fun Free Fun
Easy to play and pleasurable puzzle game.
Unblock Taxi Slide Tile Puzzle 2.9.7
Simple & fun car iq puzzle; slide tile block puzzle &helptaxi reach its goal
Puzzle 15 14.3
Best puzzle for Android. Train your brain
Tile Puzzle Dream Home 1.32
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of wonderfulhousephotos.
Tile Puzzle Gardens 1.47
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of beautifulgardenphotos.
Magnetic Monsters 1.011
Very addictive and simple monster puzzle game with funcartoongraphics!
Sleeptracker® 6.5.15
For Beautyrest® and Tomorrow® Sleeptracker® Monitors.DEVICEREQUIRED TO USE APP
Unblock Ball Puzzle 1.12
Complete work of slide puzzle that more than one hundredmillionusers have play
Tile Puzzle Cats 1.47
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of beautifulcatphotos.
Block Hexa - Jewels Puzzle 1.1
Block Hexa - Jewels Puzzle is a simple and addictive brickpuzzlegame.
Tile Puzzle Girls Bedrooms 1.27
Tamco Apps
A free puzzle game which includes a collection of girlbedroomphotos.
Merge Block Puzzle - Dominoes 1.27
Merge the falling dominoes blocks with corresponding numbers.
Sliding Puzzle Cartoon&Animals 4.3.3
Solve the 36 sliding puzzles in the game. be creative and planstepsin mind.
Rolling Ball, Slide Puzzle 1.7
Rolling Ball, Slide Puzzle game by rolling ball and unblock mefree.Enjoy it!
Mi Claro 13.1
View and Pay all your services from a Smartphone Clear.
Sudoku. Logic Puzzle 1.1.7
Forsbit LLC
Play classic Sudoku logic puzzle game for free on yourmobiledevice.
Princess Girls Puzzles - Kids
Puzzles for girls: Sliding puzzles, Coloring, Sudoku offairy-talesand princess
Slide Puzzle : Sliding Numbers 12.3
Sliding Number Puzzle. Multiple modes (colors, photos, abc).Classic& Original!