1.0.4 / Apr 8, 2015
(4.210084/5) (207438)


Help Sackboy escape the Negativitron in this new adventure fromLittleBigPlanet™

App Information Run Sackboy! Run!

  • App Name
    Run Sackboy! Run!
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    Apr 8, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1
  • Version
  • Developer
    PlayStation Mobile Inc.
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  • Developer
    PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States
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Run Sackboy! Run! Version History

Select Run Sackboy! Run! Version :
  • 1.0.4 (42) - Latest Version

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Run Sackboy! Run! 1.0.4 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named 'main.42.com.playstation.runsackboyrun.obb' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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「torne(トルネ)™mobile」は、あなたのテレビライフをもっと便利に、もっと快適にするPlayStation®生まれのTVアプリケーション。家の中、お出かけ先、いつでもどこでも、自宅の「nasne(ナスネ)™」にアクセスし、放送中&録り溜めたテレビ番組の視聴や、番組チェック、録画予約が思いのまま!しかも、これまでのスマホアプリではなしえなかった、PlayStation®らしい、サクサクとしたスピーディーな操作感、カラフルかつ直感的なデザインは、テレビの視聴・録画をもっと便利に、もっと楽しくしてくれます!※「torne(トルネ)™mobile」の主要機能をご利用いただくには、ネットワークレコーダー&メディアストレージ「nasne(ナスネ)™」が必要となります。※「テレビ視聴」や「ビデオ再生」を行うには、アプリ内で「視聴再生機能」 (税込500円)をご購入頂く必要があります。▼▼主な機能▼▼■いつでもどこでも、テレビをトル!ミル!1.テレビ視聴&ビデオ再生放送中のテレビ番組や録画した番組を視聴/再生することができます(※)。2.録画予約番組表、番組検索や、人気番組ランキング、ピックアップ番組など、多彩なメニューから気に入った番組をその場ですぐ録画予約できます。3.ニコニコ実況対応テレビを見ながら「ニコニコ実況」のコメントを見たり投稿することができます。■見たい番組をチェック!知らない番組と出会う!1. 番組表/番組検索爆速・快適で見やすい番組表や、キーワードやジャンルを指定できる番組検索で、気になる番組をストレス無く、すぐに見つけられます。2.人気番組ランキング全国の「torne(トルネ)™」ユーザーの録画予約情報(トル情報)を元にした番組ランキングを搭載!世の中で、今人気の番組がひと目で分かります。3.トルネフピックアップ「torne(トルネ)™」公式キャラクター「トルネフ」が気になる番組を独自にピックアップし、コメント付きでご紹介!■様々な機能・機器と連携してもっと便利に!1. カレンダー連携機能チェックした番組をカレンダーにセット。これで気になる番組も見逃しません。2. Twitter連携機能チェックした番組やアンケートの内容をTwitterに投稿できます。また、他のユーザーのツイートからも番組情報をチェックしたり、直接録画予約を行うことができます。3. 「torne(トルネ)™ PlayStation®4 」リモコン機能スマホが『torne™ PS4®』のリモコンに。PS4®のコントローラを使わずに、スマホでPS4®の立ち上げから録画や視聴まで、快適に操作できます。※PS4®リモコン機能を使用するには、PlayStation®4本体と『torne™ PS4®』が必要です。※PS4®リモコン機能でのPS4®の立ち上げは、スタンバイ状態からの復帰のみとなります。▼▼ご注意▼▼※「torne(トルネ)™mobile」の主要機能をご利用いただくには、ネットワークレコーダー&メディアストレージ「nasne(ナスネ)™」が必要となります。※地上デジタルレコーダーキット「torne(トルネ)™」に同梱されているPS3®専用地上デジタルチューナーには対応しておりません。※「テレビ視聴」や「ビデオ再生」を行うには、アプリ内で「視聴再生機能」 (税込500円)をご購入頂く必要があります。※お出かけ先からのテレビ番組リモート視聴機能に関する注意事項http://pscom.jp/info/nasneqa/remoteview▼▼動作環境▼▼・Android 4.1以降・対応機種についてはこちら(http://pscom.jp/info/nasneqa/remoteincompatible2)・nasne™システムソフトウェア バージョン2.50以上▼▼サポート▼▼このアプリの利用方法などについてご不明な点がありましたら、プレイステーションカスタマーサポートまでお問合せください。(http://pscom.jp/info/contact)「視聴再生機能」は、株式会社ソニー・インタラクティブエンタテインメントが提供するサービスです。サービスの提供期間は2013年10月10日から12ヶ月以上を予定しておりますが、必要に応じて提供を中断する場合があります。提供終了の際には、終了予定日の30日前までにhttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/にて告知いたします。▼▼リンク▼▼『torne™』公式ページhttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/apps/torne/ネットワークレコーダー&メディアストレージ「nasne(ナスネ)™」公式ページhttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/"Torne (Tornado) ™mobile" is the more convenient your TV life, PlayStation® born ofTV applications to be more comfortable. In the house, outing,anytime, anywhere access to the home of "nasne (Nasune) ™", watchand broadcast in &-recording reservoir television programs,program check, recording reservation I leave! Moreover, could nothave story in Concerning Copyrights so far, seems to PlayStation®,speedy operation feeling was crisp, colorful and intuitive design,more convenient to watch and record television, us with morefun!※ In order to use the key features of "torne (Tornado) ™ mobile",the network recorder and media storage "nasne (Nasune) ™" it isrequired.※ to carry out the "TV viewing" and "video playback", you need topurchase a "viewing playback function" (tax-included 500 yen)within the app.▼▼ main function ▼▼■ anywhere at any time, take the TV! mill!1. TV viewing and video playbackYou can watch / play TV shows and recorded program being broadcast(※).2. recording reservationProgram guide, program search and, popular program rankings, suchas pick-up program, you can immediately recording reservation onthe spot your favorite program from the varied menu.3. smiling Commentary correspondenceYou can post or look at the comments of the "smiling commentary"while watching TV.■ Check the program you want to see! Meet and do not know theprogram!1. program guide / program searchDetonation velocity, and comfortable and easy-to-read programguide, on the show search where you can specify the keyword orgenre, a program to be worried about without stress, can be foundimmediately.2. popular program rankingsNationwide "torne (Tornado) ™" user of the recording reservationinformation equipped with a program rankings were based on the(torr information)! In the world, now popular programs you can seeat a glance.3. torr Neff pickup"Torne (Tornado) ™" official character "Torunefu" is independentlypick up the program to be worried about, introduce, with acomment!■ to more convenient to work with the various functions andequipment!1. Calendar cooperation functionSet the check the program to the calendar. This does not miss evenprogram to be worried about.2. Twitter cooperation functionYou can post the contents of the check the program and surveys toTwitter. You can also check the program information from otherusers of the tweet, you can make a recording reservationdirectly.3. "torne (Tornado) ™ PlayStation®4" remote control functionSmartphone is the remote control of "torne ™ PS4®". Without usingthe controller of PS4®, to recording and viewing from the launch ofthe PS4® in the smartphone, you can comfortably operation.※ To use the PS4® remote control function, you must havePlayStation®4 body and "torne ™ PS4®".※ launch of PS4® in PS4® remote control function is the only returnfrom the standby state.▼▼ Please note ▼▼※ In order to use the key features of "torne (Tornado) ™ mobile",the network recorder and media storage "nasne (Nasune) ™" it isrequired.※ The terrestrial digital recorder kit "torne (Tornado) ™" has beenshipped with the PS3® dedicated terrestrial digital tuner does notcorrespond.※ to carry out the "TV viewing" and "video playback", you need topurchase a "viewing playback function" (tax-included 500 yen)within the app.※ Notes on TV program remote viewing function from the outinghttp://pscom.jp/info/nasneqa/remoteview▼▼ operating environment ▼▼· Android 4.1 or later• For compatible models here(http://pscom.jp/info/nasneqa/remoteincompatible2)· Nasne ™ system software version 2.50 or higher▼▼ support ▼▼If you have any questions about, such as how to use this app,please contact PlayStation customer support.(Http://pscom.jp/info/contact)"Viewing playback function" is a service provided by SonyInteractive Entertainment. Period in which the service is scheduledfor more than 12 months from October 10, 2013, but you might wantto pause the offer if necessary. When the offer is completed, to upto 30 days before the scheduled end datehttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/We notice at.▼▼ link ▼▼"Torne ™" official pagehttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/apps/torne/Network Recorder & Media storage "nasne (Nasune) ™" officialpagehttp://www.jp.playstation.com/nasne/
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Rescue the Princess! Fat Princess: Piece of Cake takes the comicmedieval battle royale to the next level with a brand-new strategicmatch-3 game for mobile platforms. Charge into battle with 4different character classes! Make matches to smash through the bluearmy! Collect gems to upgrade your troops! Feed cake to theprincess to unleash her devastating slam attack! Trigger massivecombos and save the kingdom!Bonus PS3™ Game!Escort your beloved princess through Level 15 and earn access toa download of Fat Princess for your PS3 system at no additionalcost. You must complete Level 15 in the Fat Princess: Piece of Cakemobile game and have an active Facebook account to receive thevoucher code. A valid Sony Entertainment Network account isrequired to redeem the voucher code and download the game to yourPS3 system.Game features:• Strategic turn-based match 3 gameplay• Over 55 levels across 5 unique lands• Prove your skills on 10 bonus challenge levels• Upgrade your characters for massive attack power and strongerdefences• Draw from an arsenal of clever power-ups to boost yourscore• Compete against your friends for the top spot on theleaderboardsFat Princess: Piece of Cake is free to download and can beplayed without making in-app purchases, however some in-game itemssuch as power-ups and character upgrades can be acquired throughin-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disablingthe in-app purchases on your device.Spend stamina points to play – stamina points recharge over timeand can also be bought in-game using gold coins.Gold coins can be purchased or can be collected in-game at noextra cost. They can also be used to buy special power-ups, boostsand character upgrades.A valid Facebook account is required to back-up your in-apppurchases and gameplay progress online.A third party analytics provider (Game Analytics) may collect dataabout how you use this app. For more info and to opt-out, visit:www.gameanalytics.com/privacy.html
PS Remote Play 6.5.0 APK
Access your PS5 or PS4 wherever you go.
KNACK's Quest™ 1.2.1 APK
Knack, the hero born on the PlayStation®4system, makes his app debut! Collect parts and make Knack grow! Youcan use items you collect in the app within the PS4™ title KNACK™.Enjoy KNACK’s Quest™ together with the PS4 title KNACK™!■Game IntroductionKNACK’s Quest™ is a simple puzzle game in which you collect 3 ormore of the same type of parts. Collecting parts will make Knackgrow larger – reach the maximum size within the time limit to clearthe stage. Super Move (Special Power) Collect Sunstones to use twodifferent types of Super Moves! Use “Thunder Chain”, which allowsyou to collect all parts of a certain type by tracing over themwith a single vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Or use “Blast”to collect parts all at once by tapping on them. Use the two supermoves wisely based on the situation and collect lots of parts atonce!■Mode ExplanationChapter Mode * Enjoy a variety of stages, from basic stages, tostages that are mixed with Temporary Parts with special effects!Aim to clear them all!Endless Mode * Clear the entire Chapter Mode to unlock EndlessMode! Hone your skills and challenge the high score!■Terms of Use/EULAThe following terms apply to your use of this application,depending on your region of residence.(i) License Agreement or Terms of Use: http://us.playstation.com/support/terms/mobile.htm(ii) Sony Entertainment Network/PSN Privacy Policy: http://www.scei.co.jp/legal/index.html■Compatible with Android software 4.1.1 or later