/ January 19, 2017
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Too many fish in the sea? Not in our coolmatch3 puzzle game! Dive into this amazing adventure under the seafillwith tons of amazing ocean figures and creatures and plenty offunsurprises. Seashells, corals and jellyfish are some of thetreatswaiting to be discovered at every move. Play today, visitthewonderful coral reef and explore thousands of splashy levelswrappedwith reef frenzy puzzles, watery challenges and powerfulboostersthat will help you crush your way to victory.

Dive Into the Match 3 Fun and explore the magical underwaterworld,advance along the slippery map and solve all the puzzles towinpoints and complete levels.

- Match 3 ocean figures to blast and remove them fromtheboard
- Use fewer moves to get high scores
- Try getting 3 stars at every level
- Combine 4 figures to get a striped item of the same colorandcreate a line blast
- Match sea items in an L or a T form to earn a seashell bombthatwill explode surrounding figures!
- Link 5 fun ocean items in a row to get a powerfulrainbowbomb!

Reef Frenzy Features:
- 1300+ amazing levels underwater
- Massive watery explosions
- Relaxing graphics and sound effects
Download now and attempt to solve the many secrets and mysteriesofthe ocean, the sea world is waiting for you!

App Information Reef Frenzy Match 3

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