1.5.1 / July 19, 2019
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Ever dream of becoming the richest pirate in the world? You’rejustabout to start THE MOST exciting pirate adventure ever! BAM!Fireyour cannon! Shipwreck other pirates and plunder all thecoin,loot, and booty! Gather your fleet and crew to set sail!Plundertreasure and become the king of pirates with yourbattleship! Startyour legendary pirate adventure now and be thePIRATE MASTER.Welcome aboard! ◈ How to play Pirate Master PirateMaster is aneasy game to play. Follow the simple steps and you’reall set tostart your pirate adventure! Step 1: Spin the slot!Collect variousitems! Step 2: Steer the wheel. Boom! Attack otherpirates. Becomethe raid coin master and plunder their coin! Step 3:Build andupgrade your ship! Be the dominant rich king of piratesand raidthe ocean! Got that? Pirate Master is such an easy game tolearn!Spin, raid, plunder, and build! Simple enough, huh? You'll beacoin master in no time. ◈ Special FEATURES of Pirate Master▣Family game! Pirate Master is a pirate adventure for everyone!It’sone THE BEST social pirate games to play with your familyandfriends! Invite your Facebook friends to join you! Oncethey’reaboard, you will gain free coins! Want to raid treasure andcoinsfrom your mates? Want to be the KING of pirates among yourfamily?The coin master of the block? Play Pirate Master NOW andfight forthe crown! Begin your raid and plunder pirate adventureagainstyour fellow pirates! ▣ Boom! Boom! Boom! Time to get thattreasurein your hands! Pirate Master is the perfect game for stressrelief!Boom! Bam! Explosions? Blowing things up with cannons?Plunder ofcoins? We have it all! There are tons of ships out therein theocean! Challenge them, plunder what you need from them andmakeyour ship bigger and stronger! The path to becoming coin masteristhrough raids and explosions! ▣ Attractive characters andvariousthemes! For one, there's a cute little pink dolphin that youwillsee around. A pink dolphin is no joke, it will defend yourshipfrom enemy attacks! The pink dolphin has other friends too!Spinthe slot! Get the treasure! Collect the coins and use them tobuildyour ship! Never stop the raid. More treasure! Morepleasure!Amazing pirate ships await! Steal the coins to upgradeyour shipand play pirate games worthy of a coin master! ▣ Startyour pirateadventure and collect the treasure! No pirate wants tostay on itsship forever. It's their instinct to explore and go onpirateadventure! Steer the wheel! Send your fleet to exploremysteriousislands far in the ocean. You could find a pink dolphin!Make themexplore the beach! They shall return with great treasures!Open thetreasure! Coins, cards and more rewards await! Attackothers withyour cannon! Take it all and YOU will become the KING ofpiratesand the coin MASTER! ▣ Free to play pirate adventure Thesepirategames are absolutely FREE! You need not pay anything to playPirateMaster! You do have the option to purchase items that willget youmore coins and larger ships, but this is completelyoptional. Ifyou do not wish to purchase in-app items, simply turnoff in-apppurchases in the settings! All set! ▣ Enjoying PirateMaster? Visitour fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/PlayPiratemaster/ and lookout forEXCLUSIVE events for our followers! Don’t forget to leave5-star★★★★★ reviews and tell us what you like about PirateMaster!Experiencing any issues with your pirate games? Give usfeedbackthrough http://bit.ly/Rich_pirates. We appreciate ourusers’feedback and we promise we will put in all our effort tobestassist you with the issue. * This application requiresthefollowing permissions * [Essential Access Permissions] - Read&modify contents on SD card [Optional Access Permissions] -Storagespace / Phone / Address book: Required to store game data *How tochange access authority * - Device Settings> Manageapps>Select app> Revoke access

App Information Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure

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    Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure
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    July 19, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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