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Meet your lovers on their island

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Angelo Skate Away 0.6.26 APK
Angelo Skate Away is a brand new game based on the successful TVshow Angelo Rules! Play Angelo, Lola, Sherwood and many morecharacters in this epic skate game. Enjoy riding through suchiconic environments as the City, the School, Adventure Land or theSkate-park. Unlock new levels, characters, hats, boards and tricksand become a very unique skater! This game is optimized for phonesand tablets. FEATURES: ☼ Play with Angelo and more than 10 othercharacters from the show. ☼ Master 30+ levels, and prepare yourselffor many more with the upcoming free updates. ☼ More than 30 uniquehats to really enjoy the game YOUR way. ☼ Battle your friends forleaderboard dominance. ☼ Unlock more than 15 sick tricks! PLEASENOTE: Angelo Skate Away is completely free to play, but you canunlock all the items in the game and make the video ads disappearby buying the premium version directly in game.
Hareport - Crazy flights 0.1.9 APK
All animals can fly but they are not good atit.Make them land softly, unlock new landing strips, explode thescores with BIG COMBOS.BE THE BEST.☼ BUILD your very own airport.☼ CONTROL the air traffic and make all animals land gently.☼ DOMINATE the leaderboard.☼ UNLOCK crazy achievements!~ EXCLUSIVE EXPERT MODE ~ (COMING SOON)Master the art of landing animals with the expert mode.~ EXCLUSIVE VERSUS MODE ~ (COMING SOON)Play with your friends in our brand new versus mode!And when you win, just look at their faces while you're doing yourvictory dance.
Plankton Invasion 0.1.01 APK
Plankton Invasion est un jeu de towerdefenseou vous devez protéger votre base à l'aide de différentestourelleset pouvoirs surpuissants !¤ Plus de 40 niveaux pour un vrai challenge !¤ 5 tourelles et trois niveaux dévolution¤ 5 pouvoirs surpuissants¤ Des ressources à gérer et améliorer !Plankton Invasion isatower defense game where you must protect your base withturretsand different powers overpowering!¤ More than 40 levels for a real challenge!¤ 5 turrets and three levels of devolution¤ 5 overpowering powers¤ Resources to manage and improve!
Angelo - Skate Away NO ADS 0.6.12 APK
Angelo - Skate Away is a brand new gamebasedon the successful TV show Angelo Rules!Play Angelo, Lola, Sherwood and many more characters in thisepicskate game.Enjoy riding through such iconic environments as the City,theSchool, Adventure Land or the Skate-park.Unlock new levels, characters, hats, boards and tricks and becomeavery unique skater!This game is optimized for phones and tablets.FEATURES:☼ Play with Angelo and more than 15 other characters fromtheshow.☼ Master 30+ levels, and prepare yourself for many more withtheupcoming free updates.☼ More than 30 unique hats to really enjoy the game YOUR way.☼ Battle your friends for leaderboard dominance.☼ Unlock more than 25 sick tricks!
Angelo Rules - Crazy day APK
Play with Angelo and his band in this thrilling adventure game!
Angelo Funny Faces 1.0.44 APK
Welcome in Angelo Funny Faces! The new Angelo Rules app isbetterthan ever. What do you feel like creating today? A tiger makeupfor Sherwood? The worst tired face for Alvina? A ninja styleforAngelo? It's time to make the funniest things you can imaginereal!Grab the brushes, the colors, the shampoo and the faces ofthecutest characters and let your creativity do the rest. UNIQUEFUNNYFACES SALOON Grab the cheeks of your favorite character andmakehim or her smile, grin. Make him or her tired or sad orsimplystupid. Just follow your heart and with your finger decidehow yourcharacter will look. Or just enjoy the endless fun of therandomcurtain! AWESOME MAKE-UP STATION Funny faces are even funnierwithcolors! Paint all over the faces of your hero and make him orher apirate, a tiger, a ninja, a scary ghost or a pumpkin. Theonlylimit is your imagination! DYE THOSE HAIR Finish your perfectfunnyface by changing those hair. Don't get wrong idea, they arenice.But wouldn't they be even better in blond? Purple? Or evenbetterRAINBOWISH? TAKE THE POSE Now it's time to take the pose infrontof the camera. Close-up or wide shot? On which background?Maybe aselfie with Angelo? Find the perfect picture and share itwith theworld! FEATURES - 6 different characters to find your ownstyle -Funny, scary, cute... Every face is possible with make-up! -Allthe tools you need to do whatever you want - Hundred of stickerstopimp-up your pictures - Dozens of colors - Change backdrops inthephotobooth - Snap a picture and send it to your friends -Takeselfies with your favorite characters! - Gender neutralaesthetic:fun is genderless! - No time limit, play as much as youwant - Nothird party advertising
Lovers in paradise APK
Meet your lovers on their island
Dig your way APK
Save your people and go through the sand!