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Simple and cool lock screen wallpapers with password to customizeyour phone

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    Lock Screen Password
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    Thalia Premium Photo Montage
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Photo editor for every occasion to stitch pictures together into agrid
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Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard 1.1 APK
New creation in the field of mostsophisticated keyboard apps for girls has finally arrived – please,welcome Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard! Follow the latest trends and beone of those fancy girls who always have their phones dressed inrainbow cheetah! What's more, this unique animal keyboard withrainbow cheetah print includes numerous emoticons for texting too,so that you can write your text messages with funny emoticons anddecorate your comments and statuses. If you like mobile themes andneed a fancy keyboard layout, do not hesitate, but download yournew emoji app and enjoy typing and chatting with yourfriends!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴ How to set your new “keyboard design”: ∴♔∴♔∴♔∴1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)If you like animal print on your smartphone or tablet, download nowand see what we have prepared for you!♔ Easy install and manipulation!♔ Beautiful themes with sophisticated rainbow cheetah print!♔ A great number of cute and funny emoticons!♔ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!♔ Select theme for your emoji keypad!♔ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!♔ Go text your bff or boyfriend on your new qwerty keypad!♔ This app does not require Go Keyboard™ installed!Sweet, but trendy, cheetah backgrounds for your custom keyboardrepresent a real must-have! Do not wonder how to add emoji keyboardany longer, or search for “mobile themes download” for free;Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard is all you need. Smiley emoticons for textmessages? Checked! Rainbow cheetah print for your custom keypad?Checked! So what else do you need to embark the adventure of usingthe best “emoji keyboard”? Hurry up and install most beautifulgirly theme among apps for teenage girls, get emoji for free and gotext your boyfriend!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴If you are searching for cheetah wallpapers and backgrounds, checkout rainbow cheetah keyboard app for free, and we guarantee youwill be stunned by style and glamour of “rainbow colors” whichdecorate it. Beside stylish theme for qwerty keypad phones incolors of the rainbow, you also get “emoticons for texting” whichyou can use in your love messages or funny SMS. Use it to commenton Facebook or Instagram, or write text on photos, you can dowhatever you wish on this “rainbow keyboard app”. Like a mostinteresting animal print wallpaper, emoji themes with rainbow colormotives give a special touch to your free emoji keyboard. Downloadit to experience stylish “rainbow cheetah print” on your phone andjoin the numerous cheetah mobile apps users.∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴Free emojis and rainbow love cheetah backgrounds – this makes aperfect keyboard customizer with emoji art. Only imagine your bf'sface when he sees cute emoticons you sent to him in your love SMS!Surprise him with a heart emoticon or cute blushing emoticon whileyou declare him love. Feel free to express your emotions via thischeetah keypad. Not only pink cheetah theme, but all rainbow colorsare included in this “rainbow emoji keyboard” so wait no more, butdownload Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard and become the most sophisticatedgirl in your class!
Lock Screen Password APK
Simple and cool lock screen wallpapers with password to customizeyour phone
Digital Watch Face 1.3 APK
If you like to look trendy and yet have the most efficient smartwatch app, your choice should definitely be our new Digital WatchFace! With a rich watch face collection you are offered theopportunity to have a new digital watchface whenever you want.Also, you can make a watch face by combining the elements andbackgrounds the way you want. If you have a digital clock widget onyour phone, why don't you download this watch face design software,synchronize it with your smart device, and get into the possessionof the best digital smart watches that everyone will ask you about.The era of greatest technological innovations requires the bestapps, and a digital watch with changeable faces is a must in thatcase. By following the simple instructions bellow it would be soeasy to get your new smart watch faces, and be trendy every day. Noneed to wait any longer, download Digital Watch Face and get a newlook for your smart gadget! ***How to set your watch face?*** ●Download smart watch application to your phone! ● Find the icon andsimply click on it! ● Choose among beautiful preset skins and syncto your smartwatch! ● Or design your own watch face! ● Choose allwatch face elements separately! ● Choose a background, differenthand styles, markers and widget styles! ● See the preview of eachelement combination! ● Choose what you want to be shown when yourwatch face is in ambient mode! ● When you're done, sync the appwith your device! ● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?*** ● You can eitherfind the Android Wear application on your phone and select ourwatch face from the list. ● Or press hard the face of yoursmartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and then findours among them. ● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize,be patient! Gear up with Digital Watch Face, download the app toyour phone and then sync software for smart watch.***Compatibility!*** Make sure that your device runs on AndroidWear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to use ourapplication. Digital Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1 Moto 360 2nd genHuawei Watch Asus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch Urbane LG WatchUrbane 2nd Edition LG Watch R™ LG G Watch Fossil Q Founder CasioWSD-F10 Tag Heuer Sony Smartwatch 3 Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app! Contact us on:[email protected] Disclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Photo Keyboard Theme Changer 2.7 APK
It's high time to go and set your own photo as the background toyour keypad! Luckily, we've created just a perfect mobile themesoftware which can help you do exactly that – prepare to meet PhotoKeyboard Theme Changer, a free application with tons of cuteemoticons which you can use in your messages and comments! How coolis that?! You can have a new photo theme every single day thanks tothis theme changer, all you have to do is follow the instructionsbelow and install your new photo keyboard. Send emoji in all yourmessages and have fun all day long! How to set your “keyboardskin”: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-fieldnext to “Photo Keyboard Theme Changer” and then click on the OKbutton 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Photo Keyboard Theme Changer' 3.Now, you can customize your keypad 4. Select language and shortcuts5. Choose the font color, button shape and the background image 6.Check whether you like the final look using the 'Preview' option 7.Choose background images from the gallery or take a new one withyour camera and click the Done button when you are satisfied withthe pic Once you download it, you will recommend it to all yourfriends who also want to personalize their phones. Together you canenjoy the benefits of using Photo Keyboard Theme Changer! ➲ Getphoto backgrounds for your custom keypad! ➲ Write funny messagesand insert free emoji! ➲ A huge collection of symbols and emoticonsfor all your moods! ➲ Choose the default language: English,Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German,Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! ➲ Set hot keys! ➲ Set key feedbackoptions – vibration, sound, preview! Now you can go and chooseimages for background from your gallery! If you are in love, youcan change your girly keyboard for a picture keyboard app and setyour 's photo as your background. In that way you will have thefeeling that you actually talk to him or her even when you're onlytexting and typing “I love you text messages”! And the emoji art inthis photo keyboard with emoticons will be of use when you want toexpress the emotions and reactions. Have a stylish key board designnow for free and and change background pictures every day! ✻✰✻✰✻The best part is that you can have a new “keyboard theme” everysingle day! You can set a pic of your sweetheart, family, baby, ortake a picture with your selfie camera. To create a “photokeyboard” with cool emoticons is easier than ever! Wanted to find a'my photo background' application? No worries for you, this“keyboard with emoticons” is a perfect free app which setsphotography themes, all you need to do is go send “keyboardemoticons” to your friends. Make use of this mobile themes downloadfor phones this instant, for free, photo background changer for keyboards is waiting for you! ✻✰✻✰✻ If you want to know “how to get apicture on your keyboard”, and need emoticons for texting as well,we strongly suggest that you download “emoji keyboard” and setbackground photo for free, in a few easy steps. Can you imaginethat, instead of your old system keypad, you can have apersonalized keyboard background and that you can get “funnyemoticons” for free? Don't imagine, download Photo Keyboard ThemeChanger and experience it in reality!
Square Quick No Crop Photos 1.1 APK
Crop or no crop – that is the question,butwith Square Quick No Crop Photos you will crop no more! Postyourfull size photos to any social network quickly and easily orresizephoto to fit any template. This picture editing app is whatyouneed to create and share beautiful images and you don't havetocrop them. Just take a new picture or select one from yourgalleryand then choose blur background or select your favoritecutepattern or color to decorate the frame. Everybody will loveyouredited pictures because they are retouched in the top trendingpicediting app on the market. Your photo cropping days are over!Nowyour can post your full size photos and Square Quick No CropPhotosis here to help you with that! Download this picture editorforfree!Features:☑ Cool photo squarer with awesome camera effects!☑ No cropping - post full sized images!☑ Use blur background effect or mosaic to decorateyourselfies!☑ Choose and apply many colors, patterns and textures forthebackground!☑ Make your pic vibrant and colorful!☑ There is no need to crop photos anymore!☑ Share images to any service including Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, WhatsApp!☑ A fantastic app and the best fx photo editor, try it now!Tired of having to crop pictures to fit them where you want?Youneed a pic editing app that will resize pictures and makesquarephotos in an instant? Our image squarer is everything youneed topost your entire pics to ig with “no crop”! It is the newestappamong photo size converters & a better way to post instasquarepics with blur mosaic background or other cool image effectssuchas numerous colors or different girly patterns and textures. Itisthe easiest way to make “quick square” images and post highqualityfull size pictures without face cropping. Join many gratefulusersand make “square fit” images without cropping! All you have todois download Square Quick No Crop Photos free of charge andenjoy“square quick no crop” editing today!Square edit your pics and resize images as you wish! Thisamazingimage editor has all the insta sizes in one app and it willhelp youpost any image you want. Isn't that amazing? You will beannoyed nomore when you have to shrink or reduce photo size. Withthe“instasize photo editor” you can “square quick” and fit anytemplateand at the same time decorate your selfies with coolframes,background patterns and nuances of colors. Whenever youshare nocrop pictures on any social network, everybody will seethem intheir full size glory. This is the most effective pictureresizerand insta square app that you have seen. If you need“square quickcrop” to edit your images then the only editing toolyou need isSquare Quick No Crop Photos so download it now!If you don't want to crop your images to fit differenttemplatesthen you surely must try this amazing “photo sizeconverter”. Itoffers a single “square quick grid” that will fit anypic you want.This cool app for smartphones and tablets providescool no croplayouts and it will frame your pictures into beautifulbackgroundcolors of your choice or romantic patterns that willadorn yourprofile picture like nothing else. All in all, you cannow finallypost entire pics and selfies to any social network, makesquarephotos without cropping and shrink photo size to fit ig! Notime towaste, there is some pic editing that needs to be done!Download“Square Quick No Crop Photos” free of charge now andquickly makesquare pics!