1.3.2 / July 8, 2020
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The KleptoCats have returned to invade the colorful worldsofpopular Cartoon Network series such as Adventure Time, TheAmazingWorld of Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe andWe BareBears. Some have theorized that we are not alone in themultiverse…that there are creatures out there far more clever, moresmarter,more advanced-er and more cuter-er than we could possiblyfathom.They were right! Blossom, Ice Bear, Steven, Gumball and Finnareabout to learn the hard way that having a (klepto)cat problemissoooo much worse than it sounds. Witness as the adorableKleptoCatsunleash chaos turn their worlds upside down. But look onthe brightside! The KleptoCats can bring some pretty PAW-somestuff... likeAdventure Time’s Enchiridion or Gumball’s cursed GameChild gameconsole. Use the mystical KleptoScope to travel to theworlds ofAdventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, ThePowerpuff Girls,Steven Universe and We Bare Bears and witness asyour favoriteCartoon Network characters interact and engage withthe adorableKleptoCats. Wether it’s marveling at Adventure Time’sJake enjoyinga signature burrito, helping The Amazing World ofGumball's titularcharacter plan for a date with Penny, or listeningto The PowerpuffGirls’ Mojo Jojo drone on about how great he is,again... therewill never be a lack of amazing and unforgettablemoments toexperience. But of course, like with any fancy feline,you need totake good care of the KleptoCats to keep them healthy,happy andklepto-y. Make sure to frequently pet, wash and feed thelittlerascals and then send them out on a journey to recover lostitems,or even bring back magical gizmos and whatnots from otherworlds.KleptoCats Cartoon Network Features: Pet Simulator Game •Take careof multiple cats. • See the cats you unlock playing in therooms. •Keep your cats clean, full and happy by washing, feedingandpetting them. Relaxing Idle Game • Easy gameplay - check ineveryonce in a while to see what the cats have brought. • ExploretheCartoon Network worlds at your own pace. • Idle game - lettheKleptoCats do the… “klepting” for you. Collector Game •Collecthundreds of special Items. • Unlock cute cats in each world.•Unlock reactions and moments from characters such asAdventureTime’s Marceline the Vampire Queen and We Bare Bear’s NomNom. CuteMystery Game • Learn the secrets of the KleptoCats andCartoonNetwork worlds from the heroes themselves. • Uncover lostimportantitems. • Unlock hidden emotional moments. Crossover Game •ClassicKleptoCats idle gameplay. • Interact with Cartoon NetworkHeroes. •Watch characters mingle. Minigame Collection • Differentmini gamesfor each Cartoon. • Slash targets with Finn. • Tend yourgardenwith Steven Universe. • Play villain whack-a-mole withBlossom,Buttercup and Bubbles. • Earn coins playing many moresecretminigames! So come on down and join your favorite CartoonNetworkcharacters and meet the most adorable, quintessentiallykawaiiheroes, the KleptoCats, in their greatest adventure yet.

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    KleptoCats Cartoon Network
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    July 8, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    705 Tofino Cv Round Rock, TX 78665
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