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Welcome to Kidzonia - Play school & Daycare Management App-Tech platform for preschools. Its is a cloud based, end-to-endtechplatform, especially designed for preschools and franchisers.Ithelps them expand – getting more admissions and more franchisees–and eases their day-to-day activities. (*‘Umbilical cord’) Thisapphas been designed after comprehensive analysis of whatproblemspreschools and parents face, and how they can be solvedmostefficiently using technology. The main featuresare:Franchiser/Admin features: * Personal website with SEO – Haveapersonal state-of-the-art website for franchiser andpreschool,with SEO done for each center. As a unique feature, youcan updateall the content yourself, directly from the mobile app. *CorporateView – Full control to franchisers – create branches,assign adminpermissions to center heads, create groups ofprincipals/centerheads and communicate with them privately.Corporate has acomprehensive view of everything – exact number ofstudents/staffin each branch, total amount of fee collected/due ineach branch,parent reviews etc. * Curriculum management –Franchiser/preschoolcan create the whole year’s curriculum in anice formatted waywithin the app. * Fee management – Create feeinvoices, withvarious options (discounts, late fee, etc.), and sendinstantly toparents. * Parent review system – No need to wait forPTM to getparents’ feedback. Parents can give rating/review aboutthepreschool, visible only to admins. * Template system – Avoidtypingby teachers, making basic errors while communicating withparents.Admins create pre-filled templates for various activities(e.g.daily diary, food updates), which teachers just select whensendingto parents. * Enquiry management system – Fill all thenewadmission enquiries directly in a form in app. All entriesareautomatically organized, giving you various options – addnotes,set reminders to follow up, categorize leads etc. There is noneedfor multiple apps for franchisers, teachers, parentsoradmins/owners – Kidzonia - Play school & Daycare ManagementAppis a single app for all. The app shows you information basedonyour access permissions. AGREEMENT DISCLOSURE We do collectthefollowing data for the smoother functioning of the app: *EmailAddress and Phone Number: Used to uniquely identify the userofthis application. This data is also used to send emails andSMSnotifications for various operations related to the functioningofthe application. # Permissions * Device ID and callinformation:Used for the session management once the user logs into theapplication. * Storage: Used to save images and/or documentspostedby different users to the internal storage if the userchooses tosave them. * Photos/Media/Files: Used to presentrespective filepicker if the user needs to share something fromwithin theapplication. If you are admin, you may need thesepermissions toshare content with the parents of the school/classchildren.

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Learning puzzle activities for kindergartenand preschool children (Age 2-6 yrs) to teach numbers,abc,Counting,Colors,Shapes.The fun games are a great mode ofeducation for toddlers entering kindergarten as KINESTHETICLearners​.(Appreciate touch/ feel/experience as modes ofcommunication)** Features1. Colorful games to teach kids learning basics2. Frequent repetition to help children learn3. Easy to use. Kids friendly interface4. Beautiful stickers to earn5. Free play** Games are designed to enhance following skills1. Basic mathematics2. Numbers recognition3. Hand-eye coordination4. Concentration5. Visual perception6. Vocabulary7. Classification8. Symmetry9. Organizing10. Memory11. Matching12. Attention to detail** List of games* Match the shadow* Count 123* Scratch to reveal* Balloon pop* Hungry Frog* Tricky maze* Jigsaw puzzle* Odd one out* Missing objects* Same to same* Hopping frog* Fill the colors* Find odd items* Spot the difference* Match the numbers* Sort it out* Learn to trace* Bingo fun** About Greysprings** Visit us at www.greysprings.com** Contact us: [email protected]** Applications from Greysprings1. GS Kids! Preschool Games2. GS Kids! Preschool Basics3. GS Kids! Preschool Numbers4. GS Kids! Preschool Letters5. GS Kids! Shapes N' Colors** Privacy1. Privacy policy: http://www.greysprings.com/privacy.php2. We do not collect any personal information about kids
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