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Start playing with bouncy ball for a long journey in a beautifulworld

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    Carlo Lollo
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Hit the ball APK
Carlo Lollo
Help the players during a competition of balloon head shots!
The Snake 1.2.3 APK
Carlo Lollo
Snake is a classic game 80's years. Theobjective of the game is to help the snake to eat the food aroundthe lawn. The purpose is to avoid that the snake eats its own tailor, when present, the poison highlighted by the red. When thingsget complicated aid may come from the yellow pad that reduces thelength of five units of the snake. There are two modes: Classic andEvolution. In Classic mode control movement must be made directingthe head using the four arrows in the semi-transparent section atthe bottom left. Evolution mode the control is done by tapping thedirection in which you want the snake go, using your head as areference point. Blocks can be removed by using the button on thehome page.
Sensor PX 2.2.2 APK
Carlo Lollo
Turn on the lights. In Sensor PX there are twogame modes: Arcade and By Level. In the arcade mode the objectiveis turn on all the lights to gain access to the next level and beatthe overall record. In By Level mode you can select the level toplay (1 to 50) with the aim of improving the records of individuallevel. The complexity of the game is growing and it may seem simplein the early stages, but with the increasing levels things getcomplicated even more. The lights begin to go out and jump. Theshuttle that bolting turn, increases speed, changes direction,stops, starts and disappears only to reappear in another location.To complicate the game the terrible black bulb, which if ignitedinstantly puts an end to the game and the red light which reducesthe time available. To help us there are the green lamp that givesus an extra time, the lamp fuchsia that makes us earn extra pointsand blue backlight (only available in Arcade mode) in one fellswoop makes us pass the level. Mischievous Joker is the bulb. Ifall the bulbs lit blows gray simultaneously at a height twice thenormal turning them into Joker. The only way to control the gameare the three buttons at the bottom that allow you to restart theshuttle and set the direction and the stop button which stops therun.
Untangle Me 2.0.5 APK
Carlo Lollo
Infinite game with random generation!Ten difficulty levels!Untangle Me is an addictive logic game where the goal is tountangle, as quickly as possible, all the red lines connecting thevarious planets making them green. To move to the planets, simplyclick on the planet of interest and move it to a location thatallows you to turn green lines that unite it to others. The gameends when all lines red are green!
Seven Frog 1.2.6 APK
Carlo Lollo
Defend the butterflies from the assault of greedy frogs. Sink holesagainst throwing the pebbles with your slingshot. Seven Frog is afun pastime in which your goal is to prevent the frogs in the pondto eat butterflies. The frogs are sitting on the leaves spitefulfast-growing that the rise from the pond to the height they areflying butterflies. Your task is to defend the butterflies from thevoracity of frogs with your slingshot. To prevent them from eatingyou have to hit the frogs by throwing pebbles. When the frogs areaffected sinking in the pond and try a new lifts. To throw thestones with a sling must set the path best suited to hit them. Todetermine the path you have to drag the index with the stonesetting angle and strength. A major difficulty levels, the leavesthat hold frogs have increased even faster, making life moredifficult for the nice butterflies.
Falling Eggs 2.0.9 APK
Carlo Lollo
You are in the hen house and you must take the eggs on the fly. InFalling Eggs are two game modes: Arcade and By Level. In the arcademode the objective is to collect as many eggs as possible to gainaccess to the next level and beat the overall record. For eachlevel you have 15 seconds available, plus any bonuses and a maximumof three eggs to break. The complexity of the game is growing andas it may seem easy in the early levels with increasing levelsthings get complicated even more. By Level mode you can select thelevel to play with (1 to 15) with the aim of improving the level ofindividual records. For each game we can not drop out of the basket3 eggs at the most. During the game we have to be careful not topick up any poo, otherwise the game ends immediately, and no dirtyegg, which is equivalent to an egg lost. The Golden Egg allows usto recover a lost egg while larger eggs give us more points.
Minesweeper 2.0.4 APK
Carlo Lollo
You are a minefield and your goal is to find and report as quicklyas possible, all the mines present (shown as a number in the lowerright corner) without making them explode. The playing court is arectangle made ​​up of many cells. Each cell is cleared, ordiscovered, by clicking on it. If a cell contains a mine, when itis clicked will end the game immediately. If the cell does notcontain a mine, two events can happen. If a number appears itindicates the number of adjacent cells that contain mines. If thereis no number is cleaned automatically all the cells adjacent to theempty until it will contain a number. You win the game when all thecells that do not contain mines will be discovered, or when all themines will be reported. To indicate the presence of a mine you mustfirst enable the red flag on the right (activate the background isgreen, clicking again the flag is off) and then click on the cellwhere you think there is a mine. To deactivate just double-click it(always having the flag to enabled).
Catapult 1.2.6 APK
Carlo Lollo
Catapult is a war game that takes you back in time making yourelive the epic battles with catapults in a hostile scenario. Theobjective of the game is to destroy your opponent by throwing withthe catapult, primitive bombs. Initially, you create a mountain sorandom that describes the hostile environment. At the sides of thesame are positioned the two catapults. The game is played in turns.To launch the bombs you need to set the catapult the path bestsuited to hit your opponent. To determine the path you have to dragthe index by setting the projectile angle and strength. The blowsthat come close to the center of the catapult are those that createmore damage and lower, with a higher percentage of the opponent\'slife. Catapult has two modes of play (against your device oragainst a friend) and four levels of difficulty. A major difficultylevels, the greater the uncertainty in the shooting.