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Heroes! Engage all your senses! Epic Fusions! Idle RPG, Hero Ball Z

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    Hero Ball Z - Idle RPG
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    JOYCITY Corp.
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Hero Ball Z - Idle RPG Version History

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  • 1.8.3 (62)

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Hero Ball Z - Idle RPG for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named '' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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Prepare yourselves to takeoff for SecondWar.Confront fierce battles and survive the aftermath of war!It’s now the 1950s and the Great War has ended, but the JadeMercenaries still find themselves in another maelstrom.Become a member of the Jade Mercenaries and wreak havoc over thebattlefield with the most powerful gunships in history: TheSpitfire, Warhawk, and Saetta.Prove that you are worthy to be named as the Ace Pilot in theSecond War.With upgraded graphics, customizable gear, new cockpit mode,special missions, and much more!▶ Game Features ◀★ New Stories with New Gunships★ A variety of Cutomizable Gear★ New realistic First-Person Gameplay, Cockpit Mode★ Endless Competition with other Pilots, Challenge Mode★ Test your pilot skills, Special MissionThis game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money forsome in-game items. Please note that some paid items may not berefundable depending on the type of the items.----Get New Information from our Homepage.http://gunshipbattle.joycity.com/----Contact:Joycity Corps, 463-824, 11th Floor Bundang First tower 55 bundangrobundanggu sungnamsi Gyunggido Corporate registration number:116-81-54101Online Marketing Business Report: Gyunggi Sungnam 2007-129Phone: 031-789-6500◆Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games1. Access to Make and Manage Phone Calls (READ_PHONE_STATE)(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identify thedevice for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [Make andManage Phone Calls] includes information to identify the device,and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny the accessrequest.2. Access to Contacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able to identifythe Google account registered in the device for Google Login.[Access to Contacts] includes information to read the Googleaccount. You will be unable to login to the game if you deny theaccess request.3. Access to Photos, Media, and Files (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)(When game updating) We need your permission to save the updatefiles onto your device's SD card. [Pictures, Media, File Access]includes the authority to access SD card. If you refuse therequest, you will be unable to login.* Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device and OSversion
Dungeon Trackers 1.14.2000 APK
Strategic Battle RPG, Dungeon Trackers[Game Features]▶ Collect hundreds of beautifully crafted creature cards!- Over 550 creature cards and five attributes - Fire, Water, Wood,Light, and Darkness- Buid the ultimate deck by enhancing and evolving your cards▶ Easy controls and action-packed battle scenes!- Chain powerful combos with intuitivie touch controls- Time your attacks to activate the "BREAK" system for extrapowerful combos▶ Various immersive multiplayer modes!- Challenge other players through the PvP mode in theColiseum- Take on the World Boss with your friends!▶ Play strategically to show your strength!- Assemble the most powerful party of creatures to tackle theinfinite dungeon challenge▶ Play with your friends!- Take along a friend on each battle for additonal benefitsPlease 'Like' Dungeon Trackers in facebook, and receive latest newsand updates!www.facebook.com/dungeontrackers.en
Elemental Wings 1.09 APK
A fresh style of flight shooting RPG,Elemental Wings!Come and join the flight!▶ A new concept of flight shooting- Fly with a variety of Elementals- Shoot down enemies using powerful skills- Choose from dozens of Elementals for dazzling flight action▶ Stylish monsters and bosses- Characteristic monsters and bosses- Unique attack patterns for you to overcome▶ A joyride for your eye and ears- Composed by the famous, Dubbed by the best- Plus, lively Elemental illustrations- It's not just a game, an entertainment at your leisure time▶ Challenge your skills and compete with friends- Make your way through the monsters and bosses- Victory couldn't taste better than this- Monsters and bosses are not the only ones to overcome, competewith friends and be the best▶ Cooperate with friends in Boss raids- A special coop mode, Boss Rifts- Beat the bosses together and receive rewards▶Flight shooting meets RPG!- Collect and evolve your Elementals- Try to complete quests to spice up your flight- Create your own strategy to clear stages, it's not an ordinaryflight shooting gameJoin the force of Elemental Wings![Official Website] http://ew.joycity.com[Customer Support] https://goo.gl/vMmrXP◆ Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games1. Access to Make and Manage Phone Calls(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identify thedevice for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [Make andManage Phone Calls] includes information to identify the device,and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny the accessrequest.2. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(When registering/editing profile) Access to [Photos, Media, andFiles] saved in the device is required when you register/editaccount profile image. Login and gameplay will not be affected evenif you deny the access.* Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device and OSversion
정령의 날개 for Kakao 2.24 APK
신개념 비행 슈팅 RPG 등장!'정령의 날개'가 지금 여러분 곁으로 날아갑니다![게임 특징]1. 새로운 방식의 비행 슈팅!다양한 정령과 함께 하는 비행!정령의 화려한 스킬로 적을 물리쳐라!수 십가지 정령 조합에 따라, 개성넘치는 액션이 펼쳐져요!.2. 다양한 몬스터와 보스가 등장하는 스테이지!독특한 개성을 가진 몬스터와 보스가 등장!다른 게임에서 보기 드문 패턴과 공격을 하는 적들을 물리치세요!3. 눈과 귀가 즐거운 비행!유명 작곡가의 신나는 음악과 유명 성우들의 목소리가 생생하게!아름다운 정령 일러스트를 감상하는 재미까지!게임을 하면 할 수록, 지루할 틈이 없다!4. 친구와의 경쟁! 그리고 나와의 경쟁!친구를 이길 때의 쾌감!그리고 스테이지를 깼을때의 쾌감!비행 슈팅 게임 최고의 재미인 경쟁을 즐겨보세요!5. 친구와 함께 하는 보스 레이드!친구들과 함께 하는 특별한 모드! 균열의 틈!협동을 통해 보상을 얻고, 재미도 얻고!6. 비행 슈팅 게임과 RPG의 만남!정령을 수집하고, 성장 시키는 재미!수 많은 퀘스트를 하면서, 스테이지를 깨는 재미!그리고 공략 요소를 가지고 있는 게임이 왔다!우리 함께 '정령의 날개'가 되어, 휴대폰 세상 속을 날아보아요~[공식 홈페이지] http://wing.joycity.com[공식 카페] http://cafe.naver.com/happyjoycity[조이시티 페이스북] https://www.facebook.com/joycitymobile[조이시티 고객센터] http://wing.joycity.com/help[Tel] 1588-7399 (평일 09:00 - 18:00 / 주말,공휴일 휴무)Copyright ⓒ 2014 JOYCITY Corporation. All Rights Reserved----개발자 연락처 :경기도 성남시 분당구 분당로 55 분당퍼스트타워 11층 463-824 (주) 조이시티사업자등록번호 116-81-54101통신판매업신고 경기성남 2007-129대표전화 031-789-6500Appearance of a newconcept in flight shooting RPG!'Elemental Wings' flies now be near you![Game Features]1 shot a new way of flying!Flying with a variety of spirits!Defeat an enemy with the spirit of the brilliant skill!Depending on the combination of dozens spirits, full of personalityreminiscing action unfold!2 appeared in various stage boss monsters!Monsters and bosses with unique personality can do it!Unusual pattern of other games that attacks enemies with physicalsys!3 eyes and ears flying fun!Exciting music of famous composers and lively voices of famousactors!Beautiful illustration of the spirit of fun to watch!The more you play, there is no gap boring!4 friends and the competition! And out of the competition!When you beat a friend's pleasure!When you woke up, and the pleasure of the stage!Best flight shooting game and enjoy fun competition!May raid boss with a friend!A special mode with friends! Crack the gap!Obtain compensation through collaboration, get fun!6 Meet flight shooting game and RPG!Spirits to gather, grow the fun!While a number of quests, fun breaking stage!And targeting elements in this game is here!With our "Spirit Wings is the mobile phone in the world to flyspy ~[Official Website] http://wing.joycity.com[Official cafe] http://cafe.naver.com/happyjoycity[Joy City Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/joycitymobile[Joy City Customer Service] http://wing.joycity.com/help[Tel] 1588-7399 (Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00 / weekends, holidays)Copyright ⓒ 2014 JOYCITY Corporation. All Rights Reserved
Uncharted Wars: Oceans&Empires APK
Battle Against Players of All Servers from Around the World!
하프블러드 CBT 1.1.1 APK
영혼 없는 자동 전투와 반복적인 퀘스트에 질리셨다면딜과 힐의 절묘한 컨트롤 전투와 영화와 같은 스토리가가득한 하프블러드에서 감성을 느껴보아요~[탄탄한 스토리]한 편의 판타지 영화와 같은 스토리!스토리 모드에서 펼쳐지는 흥미진진한 스토리!쉴틈없이 재밌는 이야기가 계속됩니다.[수동 컨드롤만의 묘미]딜러와 힐러의 컨트롤로 전투의 승패를 가를 수 있다!절묘한 타이밍으로 국산 RPG의 묘미를 느껴보세요.[다양한 컨텐츠]시선을 빼앗는 영웅들과 개성 넘치는 기사단을 육성하는 재미!장비와 마법석을 모아 강해지는 기사단과 함께스토리, 결투장, 수련의 탑, 시련의 던전 등 다양한 모드도 즐겨보세요!⊙ 다양한 게임 정보, 이벤트, 그리고 함께 할 동료들을 만나보세요!- 공식 카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/thehalfblood- 공식 웹페이지 : http://halfblood.joycity.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------개발자 연락처 :경기도 성남시 분당구 분당로 55 분당퍼스트타워 11층 463-824 (주) 조이시티사업자등록번호 116-81-54101통신판매업신고 경기성남 2007-129대표전화 031-789-6500----개발자 연락처 :경기도 성남시 분당구 분당로 55 분당퍼스트타워 11층 463-824 (주) 조이시티사업자등록번호 116-81-54101통신판매업신고 경기성남 2007-129대표전화 031-789-6500Syeotdamyeon tired of the battle for the soul is not automatic andrepetitive questsThe story, such as the exquisite control of the battle and themovie deals with the HillFeel the emotion-filled spy on the half-blood -[Solid StoryA piece of fantasy films like the story!Exciting story unfolds in story mode!The interesting story will continue without swilteum.[The best part of the passive container deurol only]Whether it be the outcome of the battle in control of the dealerand a healer!Feel the excitement of the domestic RPG with exquisite timing.[Diverse content;Fun to foster a personality full of knights and heroes takingyour eyes!Gather equipment and magic stones stronger with the KnightsStory, a duel, a training tower, the dungeon also enjoy a varietyof modes, including Trial!⊙ meet a variety of game information, events, and co-workers tojoin!- Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/thehalfblood- Official Web Page: http://halfblood.joycity.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Developers Contact:Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, 55 min First Tower, 11th Floor463-824 per minute, Ltd Joy CityBusiness Registration Number 116-81-54101Android Apps match Seongnam 2007-129Main Phone 031-789-6500
테라노아 1.1 APK
4 X 5 블록 위에서 펼치는 전략보드 RPG,테라노아![게임특징]1)지금껏 경험하지 못했던 색다른 전투방식!: 슬라이드 조작으로 쉽고 간편한 턴제 전투의 재미!2)화면너머 '진짜 사람' 과의 대결, 실시간 PvP!: 나만의 전략과 전술로 랭킹 최강자가 되어보세요!3)영웅들을 수집하고 나만의 팀을 만들자!!: 다양한 영웅조합으로 최강의 팀을 구성해보세요!4)강해지고 싶다면, 성장하라! 영웅육성!!: 강력한 영웅으로 전투를 유리하게 진행하세요!★공식카페: http://cafe.naver.com/terranoah★공식홈페이지: http://terranoah.joycity.com----개발자 연락처 :경기도 성남시 분당구 분당로 55 분당퍼스트타워 11층 463-824 (주) 조이시티사업자등록번호 116-81-54101통신판매업신고 경기성남 2007-129대표전화 031-789-6500Fourstrategies unfold on board X 5 blocks RPG,Terra Noah![Game Features]1) had not ever experienced unusual way battle!: Fun and Easy teonje combat operations in the slide!2) Screen Beyond the 'real people' and of confrontation,real-time PvP!: Become a ranking of powerhouse with your own strategies andtactics!3) Create your own hero and collect team!: Try teaming with various combinations of the strongestHeroes!4) If you want to be strong, be growing! Hero !!development: Please proceed favorably battle with powerful Hero! ★ formula Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/terranoah★ official website: http://terranoah.joycity.com
LastDragon 1.187 APK
From fundamentals to the exceptional, the lastRPG you will ever experience, Last Dragon!Drahken has sealed the Goddess Eledra and the world is coming to anend. A story of Legendary Champions to save the Goddess begins![Game Features]▶ Everything you expect from an RPG is here- Numerous ways to grow and enhance your units- Your characters will grow and craft just by a push of a buttoneven if you exit the game▶ Strength isn't always everything, strategic team formation isthe key to victory- Take control in battles with elemental advantage and linkskills▶ Bash, Charge, or Freeze, countless skills to cast duringbattles- Link skills to create dynamic effects and cause massivedamage- Form a team from a list of units and try linking every skill▶ One who wants to wear the crown, must bear the crown- Form the right team to withstand attacks in PvP mode, Battlefieldof Glory- Revenge never tasted so good. You always have a chance to getback on those who attacked you▶ Keep up with the latest announcements and share strategieswith other players- Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lastdragon.en