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Spot the difference — relaxing games for adults and puzzle gamesfor kids.

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Jigsaw Puzzle for adults APK
Online puzzles allow you to collect puzzles animals and otherpuzzle pictures.
Jigsaw puzzles castles 0.2.3 APK
Do not miss this wonderful and colorful gamefor children and adults. Puzzle palaces and castles - isn't it agodsend for fans to collect puzzles.In the pleasant atmosphere of the middle ages follow a knight'spath, visiting the beautiful castles and palaces of the world.Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, feel like a realknight who captures castles and expanding your Empire.The game offers you:- More than 15 castles;Soundtrack - melodies and a pleasant female voice;- Select levels of difficulty;- Tip;- Colorful and high quality image;Play puzzles castles are very interesting. It's not just to lookat the photos of palaces and castles. But also to guess them,folding of small pieces.The game will be interesting not only to kids but also to the elderchildren. Well, who hasn't imagined themselves in childhood thebrave knight who rescues princesses and fights dragons and defeatsthem.This time your task is to collect all the images and beat thegame. After the collection of each puzzle you will find a nicesecret surprise, which you'll learn during the game.Puzzle palaces offer several difficulty levels, the ability toenable and disable sound, as well as to use hints.
Kids puzzles fruit APK
Beautiful puzzles for children where it is necessary to collectimages of fruit.
Puzzles zoo 0.3.0 APK
In game about a zoo it is necessary to put beautiful puzzles withthe image of animals. Kind and interesting pictures which need tobe collected from small pieces. In game different animals who canbe met in zoos of the different cities of the world are broughttogether. Get acquainted with animals closer, consider how theylook and be glad to the collected picture together with your child.Now it is not obligatory to go to a zoo to look at animals, the zoofor children is enough to download puzzles and to win in thispuzzle, having collected all images from small. In this game: - Themode on 6, 20 and 30 pictures; - An opportunity to include the hintwhich consists in illumination of a background the translucentimage; - Cheerful music; - Balloons which appear when the pictureis collected, and them it is possible to burst; - Voice comments bya kind female voice which encourages the player in the course ofgame. In this version puzzles a zoo you will meet such animals: -elephant; - flamingo; - roe; - leopard; - zebra; - bear; - panda; -lemur; - monkey. Play the developing games which allow to trainattention and dexterity.
Puzzle fairies and bears 0.2.3 APK
If you want to have fun in the great company, the kind bear and themagical fairy invite you to play an interesting puzzle with them.The bear gets into different trouble, and the good fairy, as a truefriend, helps him to get out of them. Join the game characters tohave fun with them and enjoy the game. You can choose any level ofdifficulty which depends on the number of pieces of the puzzle. Becareful and try not to make mistakes, dragging the pieces to theright place on the game screen. This game is suitable for 3+ yearold children. Collect all 9 images of different difficulties, tofind out how the little fairy and funny bear story ends. Enjoy allour games!
Puzzles for kids: sea puzzles 0.0.5 APK
Puzzle for children is about the inhabitantsof the sea. In this game you need to collect images from smallseparate pieces. The gameplay is accompanied by beautiful andsoothing music. Fish, crab, shrimp, octopus and squid - that's whatawaits you in this wonderful and exciting game.
Ребусы APK
Complex and interesting puzzles and charades for adults inpictures.
Puzzles for adults of a puzzle APK
Jigsaw contain complex images for adults.