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Face exercise app: Anti-aging yoga exercises for youthful andglowing skin.

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Cookbook Recipes for free app is one of themost used recipe apps in the world. It lets you discover new andtasty recipes from around the world.Cook a delicious iftar party for your friends this Ramadan. Ourteam has handpicked middle eastern recipes for Ramadan, perfect foryou to cook with your family. Let the Ramadan feast be a specialone this year!Enjoy the taste of the finest cuisines from around the world. Makemeal plans from a wide range of categories like egg, chicken, cake,dessert, macaroni, pancake and salad. Cooking videos that helps tocook quick and easy recipes for kids and family.It's Tastyappetizers with cocktail collection are also available. Go healthywith a clean up diet and weight loss recipes for your healthy newyear resolutions.Healthy food for healthy livingCookbook has a healthy meal planner with grocery list. Using themeal planner, you can add healthy recipes to the calendar.Ingredients required for the meal plan gets added to your shoppinglist automatically. Cooking reminders help you shop for grocery intime for the meal plan. Cookbook's meal planner and shopping listhelps you to cook healthy recipes for the whole family.Healthy eating is a habit we love to follow. It starts from healthybreakfast. No matter a bachelor life or family life we follow, easyhealthy recipes for breakfast is the best way to start a day. Cheapand healthy meals are available like healthy smoothies andpancakes. For lunch you can make quick and easy healthy meals as ahealthy takeaway to your office or workplace. Dinner ideas includerecipes with brussels sprout and kale. Clean eating is necessaryfor a healthy slimming and weight loss. Paleo diet , whole 30 andother special diet recipes are available here for daily diet needs. For super healthy kids , plan their food with great care. Specialsunday brunch with healthy sweet snacks are also available in thisrecipe app.Recipe Search by VoiceCookbook has voice search for recipes built in. This allows you tosearch for easy recipes by ingredients on hand. You can also accessshopping lists and bookmarked recipes using voice commands. It'syour perfect cooking assistant. Search for recipes based oncuisine, cook time & techniques (grill, bake or fry).Recipes for every eventGet access to curated collection of the finest recipes for everyevent, that too for free. Cookbook includes recipes for festivalslike Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year Barbecue parties.Cookbook can also suggest recipes for birthdays, anniversaries,weekend parties and getaways.Collect & Save recipes you loveCookbook acts as a recipe keeper and allows you to collect recipesfrom around the world. You can tweak the collected recipe to theway you like it.Special DietsCookbook helps people suffering from food allergies to dairy,seafood and peanuts eat healthy meals. Cookbook covers peoplefollowing vegan, paleo, vegetarian and gluten free diets. Keeptrack of nutrition requirements for fat, calories, carbs andcholesterol using Cookbook.Non-vegetarian recipes for prime ribs, beef stew, pork chops areavailable in Cookbook. It also covers crock pot and seafood likeshrimps and prawns. Appetizers and desserts for Christmas cookies,banana bread, cheesecakes and snickerdoodle are alsoavailable.--NOTE--We are using the Read-Write permissions for the following:1. Photo upload of a recipe2. Save recipe as PDF for printing3. Image caching for Offline support
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American Recipes are very famous in all partsof world. People from different parts of world stays in Unitedstates of America and love to cook and taste some deliciousAmerican food. American cookbook style was early originated fromEuropean style of cooking. American food recipes are prepared sucha way that all will love the the addictive taste which makes usfeel like having more and more. American foods like yummy burgerhave fans all over world. Food network of America have combinedtaste which all love to have. Our recipe App will really help youin cooking some tasty American recipes. Grilling meats made onbarbecue maker (BBQ)are very common in American cookbook.Food recipes of America is very tasty and healthy. There aresome very special native American recipes according to the regionsthey live. The common American recipes that are available andcommon are yummy burgers like hamburger and hot dog. Hamburgers andHot dogs are actually German dishes later become popular in US.Pizza's are also very famous among all American recipes. The latesttrendy new American cookbook include recipes like meatballs,doughnuts, cupcakes and macaroons. Lobster is an integral part ofgreat American recipes. There are also many other shellfishes.There are special recipes called African American recipes wereAfrican and American recipes are combined together. Americankitchen contain barbecue maker (BBQ), many oils and fats animals.Best American recipes uses rendered pork fat which will be verytasty for the preparation of bacon's. American recipes have rum andbeers as their common alcoholic drinks. In American Kitchen recipeslike yummy burgers salted, or smoked pork supplement vegetablediet.French fries is a very common dish from American kitchen recipesjust as French fries are popular in different parts of the world.French fries are very tasty and can be included in the category ofeasy American easy recipes. Like French fries another FamousAmerican food is American pie. There are different varieties ofAmerican pie recipes.With our American recipes app all will get have feeling that i cancook easily. All have this question in mind how to cook complicatedAmerican recipes. Even though Pizza's are Italian dishes but thereare many special pizza recipes and yummy burgers are part ofAmerican cookbook. American cake recipes have a great variety.American people really love cake recipes. American cake recipes arevery tasty, there are chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes etc. ThereAmerican Indian recipes which gives combine taste of Americanrecipes and Indian recipes. Soup recipes and salad recipes comes inthe group of healthy recipes. This Online cookbook will really helpall the starters in cooking. Mexican dishes contain very tasty beefrecipes and pork recipes. Among beef recipes steaks are veryfamous. Dinner recipes and casserole recipes are also include inthis app.So Enjoy cooking with American recipes...Happy cooking !!!
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May is an amazing photo editor/ camera app that adds colour to yourpriceless memories. It can create unique blending effects with yourphotos. May uses double exposure filters to blend two photos intoone great picture. May is a photo blender capable of producingpainting like pics in HD. Capturing photos with May is super easyand you'll love it's photo blending filters. May uses oil paintingto create photographic masterpieces. May-ed photos are insanelybeautiful and dreamlike. Photos undergo colour enhancement tocreate a fantasy effect. May's photo editor new version can controlfilter opacity, intensity & colour saturation. You can also useskin glow to make selfies more beautiful. May has beautiful photofilters and its oil painting photo effects are a treat to the eye.Besides being able to do oil painting, May can also act as a photoblender. May camera apps specialities include cartoon camera,pixelated effects, beautifying effects, stickers, fantasybackgrounds etc. Take artistic pictures using May's selfie camera.You can create amazing cartoon sketch effects from photos ingallery. By adjusting color saturation, get pencil sketch/drawingeffect. Convert photo into dream world art using cartoon the photoeditor option. Also, turn selfie photo into oil painting artworksfor free. Apply different photo art effects to images from camera.Live filters are automatically applied to the saved photo. May letsyou try variations of each artwork with the remix option. Editingphotos has never been this easy; add a photo, choose an effect,make adjustments and save. You can take a photo or add an imagefrom gallery. Adjust the photograph and crop to square beforeapplying fantasy filters. May has a collection of awesome doubleexposure effects like sky mountain, bokeh nights. Other effectsinclude starry sky, flaming forests, living ocean and vibrant seas.We add new double exposure frames weekly. Share may photos usinghashtags mayapp, mayed, mayedBy and mayedIn. --NOTE-- We are usingthe Camera and Read-Write permissions for the following: 1. Takinga photo to be edited with May 2. Adding a photo from gallery 3.Saving an edited photo By installing this app you agree to thefollowing privacy policy:http://www.oneaudience.com/privacy/?package_name=com.riatech.mayphotoeditor
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Chinese cookbook is a favourite cuisine forall regions. The variety of rices is one of the specialty ofChinese cuisine. Fried rice and noodles are the common dish whichis famous all over the world. There are special food recipes calledIndian Chinese food recipes. There are special Chinese soup recipeswhich comes under the category of Healthy recipes. Different stylesof cooking influence Chinese food. Szechuan food recipes is sort ofstyle which come under this category. The style cooking variesaccording to resources, history, climate etc. The flavor of therecipes varies on the use of garlics, shallots, lots of chilliesand spices. Chinese rice is the staple food of regions having ricecultivation. Rice is also used for the preparation of beer, wineand vinegar. The quick cooking method involves retaining nutrientsin the dishes. Tofus are made of soybeans. Chinese noodles in areavailable in dry form and fresh form with different shape andtextures. For the authentic cooking use soy milk, soy paste, soyoil etc. There are Chinese recipes which are made of some authenticvegetables in china like cabbage eg. cabbage clear water soup.Vegetables that are used in Chinese recipe are leaves, bittermelon, Chinese broccoli. There are wide variety of pickledvegetables. There are many Chinese chicken recipe which can beeasily prepared. It will be a special to tell your friends that ican cook Chinese recipes very quickly with this cook book.App Features-- recipe search with directions of preparation andingredients-- Search recipes from ingredients or dish name-- calculated Preparation time-- add ingredients to the shopping list-- pictures to illustrate how dish looks-- Browse and share complete menus for special occasions andeveryday meals.This cookbook app will provide you a wide variety of tasty dishes.There are massive health benefits to using the tasty trio - garlicis good for the heart, ginger aids digestion and chillies are fullof vitamins. Prawn crackers are often consumed as snacks. To deepenflavours and enrich stews and stocks, Chinese tradition championsdried ingredients, such as mushrooms, shrimps, clams, herbs andspices. There are italian and spanish restaurants in China. Chinesechicken have great varieties. Chinese recipes and Indian recipeshave great bond. There are very tasty side dishes, pasta dishes andchicken dishes in food network of china. The main similarity inIndian dishes and Chinese dish is in the case of rice dishes.Italian dish and Chinese food love pasta dishes. There are specialcooking for babies called baby cook which very little amount ofspices and which are really tasty and healthy. Now days in the listof Fast food Chinese food comes in first place with it special easyrecipes. Good food should be done with best food delivery. Slowcooker recipes and casserole recipes are meant for fast and easycooking. Chinese people usually have very lite for dinner recipeslike salad recipes and soup recipes. There are wide varieties ofsalad recipes and soup recipes which vary according to the climaticconditions and region. There are beef recipes in Chinese food andthe main item is Chili beef. Pork recipes are comparatively lesswhen compared to beef recipes.Enjoy cooking with our app...Happy Cooking!!!
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Mexican recipe app give all favourite dishesfrom Mexican Cuisine. Festival season is more colourful withMexican food on your dining table. Collection of new Mexicanrecipes for Halloween and Thanksgiving is here. Cook deliciousrecipes like dessert, chicken and cakes for Christmas . Easy andsimple to cook.Popular dishes of Mexico are Creamy Burrito Casserole, Sour CreamChicken Enchiladas. All such popular recipes are available inMexican recipe app. Healthy choice of Mexican food for people whohave health condition and follows diet. Easy and simple recipe toreduce wight and to gain weight are here.To make cooking easy and fast , ingredient list along with detaileddirections and time. Along with this features recipe serving andoption to make recipe offline is available. Along with globalcuisines like Chinese , Indian, Spanish and American , Mexican foodis popular. Soup, stews, beef and pork dishes are popular food inthis season. Salads with corn, vegetable, tomato and beans alongwith healthy drinks and smoothies. Chicken noodles or spaghettiwith barbecue sauce is another favourite Mexican dish. Chili andcheese recipes are tasty recipes. Vegetarian food for all veganfood lovers, with recipes like vegan soup and salad. ChickenTortilla Soup and Mexican Rice are trendy choice of recipes. Riceand soup are popular food in America.This app comes handy during shopping cooking ingredients . Shoppinglist feature and cooking mode helps users for fast and convenientcooking. Quick and easy breakfast recipes for family, main courseand side dish for dinner. This app supports cooking with mobile,tablet , android wear and android TV. Like local Indian cuisineslike Punjabi and Gujarati , Mexican flavour is also spicy. Frenchstew recipes along with delicious dessert. Now even beginners cantry to cook salad recipes, chicken recipes and soup and stew.If you love to cook and eat , try Mexican recipes. Download it forFREE.
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Homemade cake: Get baking and pastry recipes, pie recipes, anddesserts.
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