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Domination - one POP at a time

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    Mar 31, 2022
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    Android 6.0
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Cut the Rope: Experiments HD 1.7.3 APK
Experiment to feed Om Nom candy! Cuttheropelike never before. Everything you love and new gameplay!200levelsand more to come!Eager to learn more about Om Nom's adventures? Watch"OmNomStories" cartoons and other amazing videos onourYouTubechannel!www.zep.tl/youtubeThe little green monster Om Nom is back and hungrierthanever!Team up with the Professor, a mad (but notbad!)scientistdetermined to study Om Nom’s candy-loving behaviorthrougha seriesof experiments. Use suction cups and other funnydevices tocollectshiny gold stars, uncover hidden prizes and unlocknewlevels!Key features:- 8 level packs with 200 levels- Innovative physics gameplay- Adorable character- Outstanding graphics- Om Nom animation shorts- Superpowers- Constant free updates with new levels and animationsAbout the game:“Cut the Rope: Experiments from ZeptoLab follows theexactsameformula as its predecessor, which means it's awesome.”-IGN“If Cut the Rope: Experiments uncovers one scientifictruth,it’sthis: ZeptoLab knows how to put together a charmingpuzzlegame.” -Tapscape“Cut the Rope: Experiments takes the original'saddictiveformulaand adds a splash of deviousness, thanks to theaddition ofsomecunning new items.” - Pocket Gamer
Cut the Rope 2 1.37.0 APK
Cut the Rope 2 is the second chapter game inthe iconic Cut the Rope puzzle series by ZeptoLab. Get it now forfree!Follow the adventures of Om Nom, the world's favorite sweet toothon his incredible quest.On this sweet journey, you will get to meet Om Nom's friends - theNommies! Together, they will venture through more than 160 levelsacross lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and undergroundtunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY!Simple to pick up, yet hard to master, Cut the Rope 2 brings mindbending challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the casual gamingphenomenon loved by preschool children and adults alike!Keep your brain sharp and boost your problem solving skills bymastering the tricky levels based on real-life physics.Enjoy the cheerfulness and relaxing atmosphere of one of the mostbeautiful free educational apps for kids. If you like Cut the Rope,you’ll love Cut the Rope 2!ALL NEW LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE! Experience 168 entirely new levels ofrope cutting, mind boggling action.ALL NEW CHARACTERS TO MEET! Discover 7 new characters, the Nommies,to help you solve puzzles.ALL NEW HATS TO BRAG ABOUT! Customize Om Nom, choose your favoritecandy and select a unique finger trace.ALL NEW ADVENTURES FOR OM NOM! Experience completely new graphics,sound and gameplay elements, including the ability to move OmNom.MEET OM NOM’S NEW FRIENDS, THE NOMMIES!• Roto can carry Om Nom to the best candy catching locations. Nomnoms, yummy!• Lick can make small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reachhis goal • Blue can lift Om Nom to new levels of candy huntingfun• Toss can throw objects up in the air. Use her to boost Om Nom,candies and you problem solving skills!• Boo can scare Om Nom to jump to new heights• Snailbrow bravely rolls on walls, ceilings and pushes candiesaround, like a boss• Ginger can burn away obstacles between Om Nom and the candyTired of mind work and cutting ropes? Relax and enjoy Om Nom'sexciting adventures with the 'Om Nom Stories' cartoon serieswithout leaving the app! And don't forget to subscribe to ourYouTube channel for more candy crunching videos with your favoritesweet tooth! http://bit.ly/1TO38exFan of Cut The Rope? LIKE US: http://facebook.com/cuttherope FOLLOWUS: http://twitter.com/cut_the_rope VISIT US:http://cuttherope.net/cuttherope2If you are experiencing issues with the game, drop us a note [email protected], and we will do our best to help you!What are you waiting for, help Om Nom get his candy back! DownloadCut the Rope 2 now for free!About ZeptoLab:ZeptoLab is a global gaming and entertainment company best knownfor developing the award-winning, hit franchise Cut the Rope, whichincludes Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope:Time Travel, Cut the Rope 2 and Cut the Rope: Magic.Cut the Rope games have been downloaded over 1 billion times byusers around the world since the game's debut in October 2010. Thecompany has also released King of Thieves, a multiplayer mobiletitle with over 50 million downloads to date, as well as PuddingMonsters, Om Nom Toons and My Om Nom.
King of Thieves 2.60 APK
Steal gems, build your defense and win guildwars in this unique blend of arcade, platform game and PVPmultiplayer!Compete with more than 50 million users around the world and createyour own clan of thieves. Break into enemy’s dungeon and stealtheir gold.Prove you’re the smartest and the most skillful thief in theworld!PLEASE NOTE: the game is extremely addictive and inevitably leadsto increasing the number of your friends.KEY FEATURES:STEAL PRECIOUS THINGS. Stealing is fun! Collect gold and gems fromother players to become the wealthiest thief in the world.DEFEND YOUR LOOT. Design a dungeon defense, place traps andplatforms to prevent others from stealing your treasure. See thembeing caught in your traps. No escape, muhaha!CLAIM THE THRONE. Dive into action, boost your skills and competewith other players worldwide to jump on top of theleaderboards.JOIN GUILD. Find some reliable dudes and proclaim war on otherguilds. Win epic clan battles!CUSTOMIZE YOUR OUTFIT. Choose a cool costume which perfectly suitsyour personality. Be a stylish thief, stand out from thecrowd!TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 112 single-modelevels or dive into an underground world of user-generatedcontent._________________________________________________________SUBSCRIPTION. Subscribe to get an opportunity to progress fasterand access exclusive costumes!By subscribing to King of Thieves, you get:- x10 lock picks (maximum capacity increase)- Lock picks restoration is x10 faster- Gold mine also produces "tears" every day- 3 unique costumes_________________________________________________________Ready to meet the challenge? Game on!Join the community, find friends and check news:www.facebook.com/kingofthievesgamewww.twitter.com/kingthieveswww.kingofthieves.com/forum“King of Thieves is a well designed multiplayer challenge whichwill keep you coming back and is definitely a steal of a deal forthe entertainment value for free.” - Apple'N'Apps“King of Thieves is the most compelling PvP game to come around ina long time. It’s good to be bad, so go ahead and indulge.” -Gamezebohttp://www.zeptolab.com/privacyhttp://www.zeptolab.com/terms
My Om Nom APK
Adopt your own Om Nom, the cutest candy-eatingmonster in the world!Om Nom, the star of the blockbuster Cut the Rope game series, needsa new home. And your device would suit him perfectly! Look afteryour new friend… and don’t forget to bring him somethingsweet.• YOUR OWN OM NOM! Take good care of the adorable monster from thefamous Cut the Rope puzzle. Play with him, bathe him, and feed himregularly with candy!• INTRODUCING OM NELLE! For the first time ever, a littlecandy-eating monster girl.• FUN TO WATCH! See your pet react to you in hundreds of hilariousways! They get sick when ignored, so make sure that you are caringand attentive.• UNLEASH CREATIVITY! Give your Om Nom a great new look withhundreds of customization options.• DECORATE YOUR HOME! From a modest shack to a luxury townhouse.Then visit other players' houses and see who is the betterdecorator!• PLAY MINI-GAMES! Send Om Nom on a space trip, use your memory tomatch the cookies or power up your brain with a ‘match-three’puzzle.

• SOLVE THE MYSTERY! Complete quests from the Professor to learnabout the mysterious origins of Om Nom.
Cut the Rope: Time Travel 1.18.0 APK
Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feedhis ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completelynew adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching,physics-based action!Eager to learn more about Om Nom's adventures? Watch "Om NomStories" cartoons and other amazing videos on our YouTubechannel!www.zep.tl/youtubeWith two cute monsters to feed in each level, Cut the Rope: TimeTravel is twice the fun but familiar to play. If you like Cut theRope, you’ll love Cut the Rope: Time Travel!There’s no time to waste! Visit exciting locations including theMiddle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, AncientGreece, the Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty,Industrial Revolution and the Future. Om Nom’s ancestors arewaiting – and they’re getting really hungry for candy!Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the iKids Awards 2014 winner!Already a fan?LIKE US: www.facebook.com/cuttheropeFOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/cut_the_ropeWATCH US: www.youtube.com/zeptolabVISIT US: www.cuttherope.net________Note: the "SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" permission will allow the app todisplay special offers properly.
Cut the Rope: Magic 1.15.1 APK
ABRACADABRA! After more than 960 milliondownloads, the Cut the Rope series returns with a magical newsequel: Cut the Rope: Magic!Join Om Nom’s newest adventure and transform him into magical formsto help the lovable little monster recover candy stolen by an evilwizard!EXCITING NEW FEATURES- A magical world with completely new graphics, sound and gameplayelements- 6 ways to transform Om Nom into magical creatures along hisjourney- Complex boss levels that will challenge your candy-crunching,rope-cutting skills- 160+ all-new puzzles, with more coming soonA magical mishap has accidentally teleported Om Nom to a mysticalworld filled with challenging puzzles for players of all ages. Canyou use Om Nom’s new skills to solve an evil wizard’s tricks andtraps? The latest installment of this globally popularentertainment franchise puts a fresh spin on Cut the Rope’s iconicphysics-puzzle gameplay, introducing more than 160 all-newmagic-themed levels across a richly imagined, colorful world.MAGICALLY TRANSFORM OM NOM INTO NEW FORMS- The Bird Form helps Om Nom fly up above obstacles and potentialtraps- The Baby Form allows Om Nom to squeeze into small, restrictedspaces- The Fish Form can help Om Nom dive deep to snatch up all thedelicious candy- The Mouse Form gives Om Nom a heightened sense of smell to helphim sniff out the sweets he craves- The Spirit Form ensures that nothing gets in Om Nom’s way duringhis magical journey- The Dragon Form summons a powerful sneeze that sends everythingflyingTHAT’S NOT ALL -- Additional levels and transformations comingsoon!Already a fan? Stay in touch!LIKE US: http://facebook.com/cuttheropeFOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/cut_the_ropeWATCH US: http://youtube.com/zeptolabVISIT US: http://cuttherope.net/
Pudding Monsters APK
Sticky, curious… and DETERMINED TO GETBIGGER!"ZeptoLab looks to have another hit on its hands" - Guardian"The most fun you can have with pudding" - KotakuFrom the makers of Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciouslyaddicting puzzle adventure with wacky characters and innovativestick-'em-together game-play.The Pudding Monsters are on a mission to save their friends fromthe cold-hearted fridge owner! Growing into an ULTIMATE MEGAMONSTER sounds like the most reliable plan.Off the table, out of the house, and into the city – swipe to stickthe Pudding Monsters together and save their friends!Take advantage of different monster species and their powers (likeSlime Monster, who leaves a trail of green goo), boost your growthusing the cloning machines, wear pretty little cars on your headand much more!Features:● 125 levels with more to come!● Innovative stick-‘em-together game-play mechanics● Unique monster shapes, wacky personalities and attributes● Fun, mind-bending experience suitable for all agesALREADY A FAN? CONNECT WITH THE PUDDING MONSTERS* Like us: http://facebook.com/zeptomonsters* Follow us: http://twitter.com/zeptomonsters* Visit us: http://puddingmonsters.com
Bullet Echo 6.1.0 APK
Tactical shooter. Battle royale, multiplayer. 2d shooting game.Shoot and win