1.0.58 / Jul 7, 2023
(4.4210525/5) (88679)


Rad Bike, Weird Creatures, Powerful Farts & Outrageous Hats.Collect them all!

App Information Doofus Drop

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    Doofus Drop
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    Jul 7, 2023
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  • Requires Android
    Android 5.1
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    Curious Labs
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    1228 First St S Nampa, ID 83651
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Doofus Drop 1.0.58 APK
Curious Labs
Rad Bike, Weird Creatures, Powerful Farts & Outrageous Hats.Collect them all!
Phil The Pill 2.0.5 APK
Curious Labs
Phil The Pill is an immersive, surprisingandmildly addicting action puzzle adventure game. Phil thePillconjures the quality, fun and imagination of classic gameslikeBomberman, Pacman, Mario and more in a game mechanic designedfromthe ground up specifically for touch screens!Swipe, tap, punch, shoot and bomb your way through 96 levelsofpure puzzle-action excellence! Players may experience fitsoflaughter, tears of joy, racing hearts, frustration and aboveallthings, pure fun!STORYWelcome to Pillville! Ruled by the fair PrincessPolycorn,Pillville is home to a peaceful colony of kind hearted,fun-lovingpill bugs. One such joy filled pillbug is our hero, PhilThe Pill!Phil is a pillbug who spends his days rolling ‘round thekingdom,hanging with friends and devouring delicious sugarysnacks.Pillbugs love sweets!Unfortunately, the peace, quiet and serenity of Pillville isunderattack! Hank The Stank, a down right dirty rotten stink bugand hisbrood of Stenchmen have infiltrated Pillville and arespreadingstench across the land. The poor, defenseless pillbugshave nochoice but to retreat into their shells to escape Hank’snauseatingsmell.Pillville is no longer the joyful paradise it once was. It isawasteland consumed by vile stink bug stench. Even the oncebrightand happy Polycorn Palace has been converted to a filthyandpungent bowling alley. Hank The Stank, a fierce, competitivebowlernow spends his days on the lanes using frightened, rolleduppilbugs as bowling balls!Having been captured and locked in an airtight bowlingtrophy,Princess Polycorn's magical powers have been rendereduseless andthere is nothing she can do to save her kingdom! Allhope would belost, if it weren’t for the severe allergies andclogged sinuses ofPhil The Pill!Pillville and it’s sugary snacks have begun to wither androt.Phil The Pill, immune to the stench, is our only hope! Be ahero,and help Phil The Pill save Pillville!
Smoosh! 1.0.5 APK
Curious Labs
Smoosh your Blops together in the funnest gameever, brimming with puzzles so amazing you’ll probably break yourphone in a fit of joyous frustration! Get Smoosh now and we’ll giveyou a free cat (although we actually won’t… you have to earn it).In other words, Smoosh is an addictive puzzler full of brainbending challenges and a slew of colorful, smoosh-able Blops. Guideyour Blop buddies to their color-coordinated Blop Drops through 180fantastic (and puzzling) levels. Smash Blops together to mix newcolors, avoid treacherous Pits of Despair, and work arounddeviously placed obstacles to master every level and drop thoseBlops! Think you’re good? Complete each level within a set numberof moves to achieve Par or under and prove you’re a real Blopdroppin’ pro!--- WHY YOU’LL LOVE SMOOSH ---• MASTER 180 addictingly fun puzzles full of Blops, blocks, tubes,and drops.• EXPLORE 9 Platforms with unique obstacles.• INTERACT with Blops to mix new colors and watch Blops respond asyou play.• PLAY at your own pace and plan moves without the stress of aclock.• BEAT each level at Par or better and become the ultimate BlopDropper.• WIN & feel great!
Row Bros 1.0.0 APK
Curious Labs
Row Bros is a local multiplayer river rafting game played with 2-8people.
Doodle Party 1.3.3 APK
Curious Labs
Grab your friends and get doodlin!
Smoosh Lab 1.0.9 APK
Curious Labs
Think you’re smart? You’re not. Play Smoosh LAB and we’ll prove it.
Jubitron the Girl Robot 3.0.2 APK
Curious Labs
Jubitron and her friends go an an interactive picnic adventure.
Project 88-7 1.2 APK
Curious Labs
On the surface Project:88-7 is a radio station playing greatmusicfrom artists like LeCrae, Andy Mineo, and Family Force 5 thatwon’tde-humanize anyone. Behind those frequency numbers is aheartbeating with a passion to bring people together in order toimpactthe world Project:88-7 sees things a little different.