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Portable Tool Kit 1.2.2
Portable tool kit allows you to download PC programs ranging fromspyware detection and removal to file recovery tools on your SDCard. Most of the application are portable which means no need tobe installed to be used!ScenarioEver been stuck trying to fix a computer stuck in Safemode withoutnetwork access to download the program you need to repair the PC.Download the programs you need with Portable tool kit and "Turn onUSB Storage" to access it, or use the HTTP file server functionFeatures*HTTP File server, transfer files wirelessly*Download spyware detection removal programs along with definitionupdates!*Portable applications, no need to install to be used!**to keep this application free I have implemented ads which caneasily be disposed.**Please report bugs to novaspirit (at) novaspirit.comFollow Me on Twitter @novaspirit2k to receive up to dateapplication updates
Dark Knight Live Wallpaper 1.0.1
This is a Batman Dark Knight logo live wallpaper. The logo hasfading edges causing a really cool effect. also you can choosebetween 5 different colors for how the logo can be displayed!** To keep this wallpaper free we have implemented ads. Bycompleting the ad, the additional features will be unlocked
Photo Share Web Server 1.0
Photo Share Web Server turns yourportabledevice to a http server allowing you to share yourphotoswirelessly to any browser (ex. Firefox, Chrome, InternetExplorer...), also giving you the ability to download the photoswithoutthe hassle of using your USB cable. Simply press the "Power"buttonto start the server, and type the URL address given by theapp. Thewebsite is wrapped around a very attractive galleryallowing theuser to simply browse the contents. Note while this appdoes allowto be used on 3G, not all carriers support this. Soit'srecommended to use WIFI.Note: To keep this app free I have implemented Ads and an AdIconwhich can be freely removed.Features:*Can be accessed from any browser.*Clicking on the photo will give you Full Resolution.*Full screen browsing experience.*Attractive slideshow gallery.Please report bugs to novaspirit (at) novaspirit.comTwitter @novaspirit2k