SPoB - Soft Power Button
Now you can easily power on your device simplymoving your finger over the proximity sensor!You can choose your preferred settings* for SPoB to avoid anyannoying situation (like disable SPoB if in landscape mode whentexting, if a specific app is executing or if the phone is in apocket**).SPoB also offers a useful widget that allows you to activate anddeactivate the service quickly with one touch without opening theapp.Take a look at the app stats and count how many times you skippedthe physical power button. You won't miss it anymore!*Some functions are available for the full version only**Light sensor required----------------Help me to translate SPoB in other languages, please send an emailto [email protected] for more informations.----------------
flashME will be your light notification inyour Android phone.The flashlight embedded in your device will promptly blink as yourphone is ringing, or a new text has been received. Moreover, youcan set/unset the flashlight blinking for each differentnotification event (Facebook or Twitter update, calendar alert, anyother apps events). You can decide to have your light notificationonly when your cell phone is upside down, and the light willcontinue blinking till you get the notification.This app is greatly helpful for people with hearingdisabilities.Some features may require the full version.We are aware that flashME could not properly work with some deviceconfigurations. This is not a bug, and the issue could be fixedafter a custom device configuration. Please contact the developerfor any feedback and any further comments.(*) If you buy the full version with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 the followingprocedure is required to fix a problem with TalkBack: go toSettings -> Application manager -> All - Disable Google TTS(text to speech) - Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech).----------------Help me to translate flashME in other languages, please send anemail to [email protected] for more informations.----------------
Wear Megaphone
With Wear Megaphone you can use your phone as loudspeaker and yoursmartwatch as a microphone.Don't you find the app on your smartphone?It's not a problem, you have to search for it on your watch.
Remote Phone
Remote Phone is the best way to manage yourAndroid device from any browser directly from GENERAL #Remote Phone requires a Dropbox account, if you don't have one,register here get your 500 Mb extra space for free!A new way to interact with your smartphone has born! Call log,contacts, texts, device position, battery status... will be nowavailable just for you on any computer or other portabledevice.Sitting in front of your browser, you can text, change the ringingsettings (*), send an alarm beep, start a phone call, set yourwi-fi and bluetooth services (*), make your phone speaking (*)...use your smartphone even though far from your hands.We use your Dropbox account for a recurrent back-up of all data inyour phone; it will be available anytime, even with your smartphoneoff.Don't panic anymore if you loose your smartphone: Remote Phoneallows you to block your device with a PIN, as well as take apicture, start audio recording, locate and wipe it (*).We are really concerned with your privacy. You only have your data!All data are transmitted over a SSL channel; all data are stored onyour Dropbox account only.# FAQ #Q: I got an error message while uninstalling the app: why?A: All apps requiring device administrator permission cannot beuninstalled. Please disable this option in the menu beforeuninstalling RemotePhone.Q: I purchased the full version, but I do not receive events fromRemote Phone.A: Open the app and select "Restore purchase". If the payment wascorrectly processed, this option will not be clickableanymore.Q: I signed up for my Dropbox account through the link in homepage:how do I get the extra 500MB of space?A: The extra space will be recognized when you complete theactivation of your account by installing the Dropbox application onyour computer.(*) Some operations require the payment of the full version.
YAMC Memory Cleaner (Premium)
This app is just the License key for YAMCMemory Cleaner. You must also download the free version of theapp.IF YOU ARE HAVING LICENSE ISSUES, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATESTVERSION OF FREE AND THE LATEST LICENSE INSTALLED!PRO version features are:- widget,- no ads,- auto-clean of memory.
H2O - fountains and toilets
H2O helps you find drinking fountains andtoilets near you, or near a place of interest, in a fewseconds.Using geo-location and Google maps, finding fountains or toilets isquick and simple. Once you choose an element H2O gives youdirections by car, public transportation, or by foot. Google StreetView shows you exactly where the fountain or toilets is located onthe street.H2O is a new project. You can help the community by adding theelements you know of to the database. It's easy! To insert a newelement, stand near the fountain or the toilet, open H2O and selectAdd. In a few seconds H2O will detect your position. Then, justtake a picture or add a brief description and the new element willbe shared!
Blist - Block calls and texts
Blist is the app to block all voice calls andtexts* from a black-list of numbers you choose (including privatenumbers).In addition, you can mute any notification from these numbersand delete them from your call log.For your privacy, you can also hide Blist itself from yourlauncher. You need to set a secret number to be dialed** to accessto the app.All Blist activities can be monitored in its activity log orthrough the notification center.With the latest updates, Blist is compatible with the newspecifications for SMS management (Android KitKat and above).Choose Blist as the default application for SMS to block unwantedmessages.Help us to translate Blist in other languages, please send anemail to [email protected] more information.* Received texts will be charged by your carrier, if applicablewith your plan, even if blocked by Blist.** It is not a phone call, no cost associated to this number.
YAMC Memory Cleaner
Unlike other apps, YAMC kills runningprocesses as the system does after low memory warning.The exceptions list allows you to select applications you do notwish to have killed by YAMC.Enjoying your smartphone has never been so easier!### INSTRUCTIONS ###Click on Clean button to free up memory without exit from theapp.Click on Yamc! button to clean up memory exiting from theapp.### WHEN TO USE ###1. When you use your smartphone for a long time,2. When you feel that system is slower.### ADVANTAGES ###1. Increase your battery duration up to 40%.2. Reduce memory fragmentation.3. The services (i.e. widgets) are automatically started again bythe system with less memory usage.FREE version is ad-supported.PRO version features are:- widget,- no ads,- auto-clean of memory.
Try to guess the secret word and save the lifeof the poor condemned to death.Annoyed by the usual keyboard? Try the gesture based typingmodality! Still under development, but continously updated.The game is based on three levels of difficulty, according to thelength of the secret word. Whether you win with no errors, you willtriple your score.The hangman is available in five languages (Italian, English,Spanish, German and French): it could be useful to learn a newlanguage!The internal database contains more than 1000 words!LIKE US:
Task on the fly
Take your notes or write the to do list onthefly and you will find it as a system notification.A very useful app to take note of your thoughts and makethemaccessible with just a tap!
Segui in diretta su Rai 1 la Ghigliottina egioca anche tu sfidando i tuoi amici.Questa è una versione sperimentale, per qualsiasi feedback si pregadi contattare direttamente lo sviluppatore.Questa applicazione non è affiliata in alcun modo con RaiRadiotelevisione italiana S.p.A.
Tap Tap Emoji
Just one rule: avoid the bombs. Feed themonkey with fresh food and keep the bombs away.You think it's too simple? Give it a try and change yourmind!
Invite your friends and start sendingkissesright now.That's it. Easy, isn't it? Click on your friends to send themakiss!Log in easily with Facebook, we do not post anything withoutyourpermission.How many things can you say with a kiss? Find it out nowwithKissMe!
Right now, you can share your ideasandfeelings with texts, videos, pictures. Why not with yourvoice?With Zaundy, you can leave your personal soundprintanytimeanywhere, and share what you are listening to.Your Zaund will be publicly available. People can listen toanyZaund recorded in the same area where they are, or withinaspecific time frame.Any time is the good time to let everyone know what youarethinking and listening to.Download it now and start zaundying!Facebook
Ubi – Share your journeys
With Ubi, sharing your way is easier thanever.Now, you can share more than just your location, you canshareyour way.Start a session and send around the temporary link thatUbigenerates for you to anyone that is waiting for you.Are you going to a dinner? Are you meeting some friends?Just share the Ubi link and they will be able to order yourdrinkjust before you arrive!No more calls or text message saying: "I'm coming!", "I'llbethere in 5 mins". Just share your Ubi link.But remember, nothing is forever, the link and your waywillexpire as soon as you stop sharing.Battery use disclaimer: this application uses GPS forlocationservices. Continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcandramatically decrease battery life.
From time to time we launch a contest. Youhavelimited time to take a picture of what is around you. Send ittoSnapmesh before timer goes off and we will rank your pic.Take part of our mission and get ready to take yoursurroundingsin a frame!
Slide your finger across the screen movingthetiles to merge them together. Every time two tiles with thesamenumber are connected they will be merged into a single tilewith anumber twice as big… and your score will increase the fasteryoumerge the tiles.Try to get to the 2048th tile and then celebrate yourvictory.Thanks to the Gramble social bar, you are connected withotherplayers and can share your achievements and score ontheleaderboards.This game is based on 2048 created by Gabriele Cirulli
The original shrug keyboard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Would you like to improve focus andconcentration? Think you have a good memory? This game is the bestway to prove it!The rules of this simple and addictive memory game are simple: justwatch the sequence of moviments and repeat. The sequence will getlonger with each round and if your memory fails the game willover.Not tested in any device, sorry if some issue occurs, contact thedeveloper to report bugs.
Wear Camera
With Wear Camera you can easily controlthecamera of your phone using your wearable.Wear Camera works even if your phone's screen is off orlocked.Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are supported.You can also switch between front and back camera or changetheflash mode.Don't you have an Android Wear? No problem, you can useWearCamera as simple camera app, it is super fast!If you are not satisfied you will be refunded, even afterthedefault trial period. Please contact me for more details.
Mock GPS with joystick
This app configures a mock GPS on your device and the other appswill get your fake location as real. When the app is running youcan easily update your location using a joystick available on thescreen. Features - Teleportation - Joystick - Configurable -Recents Requirements - Location's mode has to be "High accuracy" -Enable mock locations in the Developer Options
How is your face when you unlock yourphone?Funlock will give you an answer.Every time you turn on the screen of your device Funlock will takeaselfie using the front camera. You can set up the maximum numberofimages to store.The gallery can be exported as animated GIF or MP4 video.Have fun with Funlock!
Morse is the best translator for converting text into morse codeand vice-versa.
Race Trend
How to find out what is really popularonGoogle? How to discover the trending topic in the web? Howtoeasily check which is the right typing of a word?Race Trend is just the app you need! Type two different wordsandmake the competition start: the app will compare the numberofGoogle results and will show you which is the most popular intheweb among the two competitors.Ready? Go!This app is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google.
Scrum Deck
Scrum Deck has been designed to be used during the Scrum planningsessions. Decks: * Scrum * Fibonacci * T-Shirt 1 (S, M, L) *T-Shirt 2 (XS, S, M, L, XL) Features: * Keep screen on * Simple andbeautiful design To learn more about Scrum visit
Material Compass
Material Compass is a tool to monitor your smartphone's sensors(theactual availability depends on device): - compass, - level, -light,- magnetic field, - pressure, - proximity, - temperature.MaterialCompass is completely free, no ads or in-app purchasesinside theapp.