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Topsy Turvy Lite 1.0.1
Topsy Turvy is a hugely simple concept andabrilliantly fun game.You are in charge of controlling the spaceship of Bernard,aregular space alien (if there is such a thing!), that comesfromthe land of bland and has accidentally stumbled upon a worldofcolour, only to find the inhabitants of this world (also aliens)donot tolerate those of little colour.Your job is to keep Bernard and his spaceship from harm.Simple!Except for the fact that the steering mechanism ofBernard'sspaceship is faulty. Sometimes steering left sends theship right.Sometimes tilting upwards sends the ship downwards. Andsometimesthey're both out of sync! Keep an eye on the colourchanges ofBernard's spaceship to know what to expect of thesteering.So take the challenge and fly Bernard's spaceship to keephimalive for as long as possible.In this brightly coloured world of mountains and fieldsandcolourful spaceships it may be easy to think this is paradiseandto feel secure. But never forget the dangers of this world!Thecoloured spacecraft!You've made it this far. Download the game and help a pooralienout!This is one of those games that is really addictive, perfectforyour spare time whether killing time on public transport orblowingoff steam after a tough day on Earth. Keep trying to betteryourTop Time and compare with friends who will also enjoythisgame.Keep an eye out for the upcoming full version of Topsy Turvy-featuring a new mode, new ships, new colours, new dangersandchallenges and advert free!This is really designed for fun and is the first game Ihavecreated so any feedback is welcomed!So that's it...Have FUN!!