StrRemote Free – for STR-DN1080, 70, 60 receivers 1.15.1-free
This application enables control of the basic functions* of theSony STR-DN1080, STR-DN1070**, STR-DN1060, STR-DN860** AV Receiversvia a WiFi network. This is the Free version of the app. It hassome of the functionality disabled (see the bottom of this page fordetails). If you find that this app works well for you, pleaseconsider buying the Pro version. This app is handy if your AVreceiver is located in a different room or installed in a cabinet.Or you might just prefer using this app instead of the standard IRremote. Important: Your phone/tablet will need to be connected tothe same network as the AVR. If 'Network Standby' is not enabled(this is default for EU models) please wait at least 1 minute aftermanually powering on your AVR before using the app. Many functionsare only available in the 'Pro' version, including: – Access to allbuttons on main screen. – Customizable presets for Speaker Levels& EQ. – Extra Controls: Calibration Presets, Sleep Timer,speaker selection, Sound Optimizer. – Zone 2 and HDMI Zonecontrols. – Storing internet radio stream URLs. – Renaming ofbuttons. – Dark theme. – Network Standby and Remote Start settings.– Hardware volume button controls. – Accessing app from lockscreen. – Highlighting button of current input. Release history: –1.14.x Oct 2020: Fix for device detection. Add Sound Optimizer('Pro' version only). – 1.13.x, Sep 2020: Add +5/-5 volume buttonsand Chromecast device selection ('Pro' version only). – 1.12.x, Jul2020: Add Speaker A, B, A+B selection ('Pro' version only). –1.11.x, Jun/Jul 2020: Add dark theme option ('Pro' version only). –1.10.x, Apr 2020: Add landscape support. – 1.9.x, Feb 2020: Addcustomizable presets for Speaker Levels and EQ ('Pro' versiononly). – 1.8.x, Jan 2020: Improved support for STR-DN1070, 1060,860 models. Add hardware volume button control ('Pro' versiononly). Show main screen of app on lock screen ('Pro' version only).– 1.7.4, Dec 2019: Removed support for Android 4.4 KitKat due tomajor layout incompatibilities. – 1.7.x, Nov 2019: Add SpeakerEqualizer adjustment ('Pro' version has full access). – 1.6.x, Oct2019: Add Speaker Level adjustment ('Pro' version has full access).– 1.5.x, Sep 2019: Add support for older models: STR-DN1070,STR-DN1060, STR-DN860. – 1.4.x, Jul/Aug 2019: Add 'Network Standby'and 'Remote Start' settings to Advanced Controls ('Pro' versiononly). – 1.3.x, Jun/Aug 2019: Enable the 'Advanced Controls'screen. – 1.2.x, May 2019: Add basic support for Internet radiostreaming to the in-built Chromecast Audio. Supported formats areMP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, and possibly more. Storing ofstream URLs ('Pro' version only). – 1.1.x, May 2019: Add Zone 2 andHDMI Zone control ('Pro' version only). Email feedback, questionsor suggestions for new features are welcome. Note for the EU modelAVRs: The 'Power On' function requires "Network Standby" to beenabled in the AV Receiver's "Network Settings". This feature isnot available on EU models. * Functions differ depending on themodel of your receiver. ** These models should work, but arecurrently untested. Please email if there are any functions thatare not working for you. Disclaimer: This app is not affiliatedwith, endorsed by, or associated with Sony Corporation.
StrRemote Pro – for Sony AVRs
A remote control for Sony STR-DN1080, STR-DN1070, STR-DN1060 / 860AV Receivers.