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Flinger Sperms 1.0.2
Help a Sperm to master its way to its destiny- an eggcell!To help the Sperm reach the eggcell you fling it away with aslingshot. The sperm will then painfully bounce around on the stonypath to the eggcell. For your next shot, the slingshot will beplaced at the position where the sperm came to a stop.This goes on until you finally manage to hit the eggcell - orrun out of sperm....This game features:- a great sperm ragdoll- an eggcell, eager to become fertilized- a wooden slingshot- evil green stones that will block your way- profertil capsules to increase your spermcount(produced by lenuspharma)- 12 completely free stony levelsIn summary, one could say that this game is a mixture of a verysimple version of Angry Birds and a golf game.
The Building Game
Use a crane to solve puzzles with building blocks and realisticphysics!
Space Guru Lite 1.127
This game is for everybody who appreciates thebeauty of the universe and takes pleasure in the idea of being anatural force beyond science; a force that fuses suns in the earlyuniverse to fulfill a mission of utmost importance.Space Guru features very beautiful computer generated graphicsand a unique gameplay experience that will keep you engaged for along time."Space Guru is an amazing game, especially as it becomes morecomplex and challenging the longer you play. " -www.androidpit.com"Space Guru is worth the time and effort you'll invest into it.Once you've understood what's going on, it's a refreshinglyfiendish app with even early levels requiring a fair amount ofstrategy and concentration." - www.lifeofandroid.comThe more you master this game, the more you will love it and youwill even feel relaxed after having played it. Play this game inthe darkness and you will actually feellike being in space.If you like Space Guru Lite you can support me by buying SpaceGuru Full! There is also a lot more fun stuff to do in Space GuruFull:* 48 beautiful hypnotizing galaxies, each one with its ownchallenge* 8 difficulty levels for everybody* many different suns - some will help you, some will annoyyou* constellations with which you can ask the gods for help whenthings get tough.* countless achievements for which you will get reward points* reward points with which you can increase your powers.This game will reveal its true beauty only under low lightconditions and on a high end device, but can also be played on amediocre smartphone.
Pretty Maze 1.0.1
This is a very simple maze(labyrinth)gamewhere all you have to do is to move the white ghost to theyellowtreasure.* good touch controls:you can race through the maces quite fast if you want!* nice clean graphics:maze walls are very well visible* very simple relaxing gameplay:no monsters, no timer - just a ghost, a treasure and walls!* many different maze sizes (from tiny to gigantic)* infinit levels for each maze size
Kids Solar System Explorer 1.0
This is a simple game for kids where you fly a rocket in oursolarsystem. All planets actually fly around the sun and turnaroundthemselves, so they have a day and night cycle. The planetsalsohave some gravitational pull, and you can even land on all8planets and Pluto! The behaviour of the rocket is quiterealistic,but it can not be destroyed. Once you get close to aplanet, thename of the planet is displayed in the upper left cornerof thescreen. To find planets easier, the planet orbits are drawnandthere is a "MAP" button to get an oversight map. This gamewascreated by me and my 6 year old daughter, who made the drawingsandtested the game. At first we made the game onlyforourselves(actually it was a birthday present for a friend),butthen we really liked the result of our little project, so Idecidedto put it online.
Action for 2-4 Players 2.0.5
Currently there are 3 games included in this local ANDonlinemultiplayer fun - all three of them have great physics andfeaturefast paced action. All basic two player and single playermodes arefor free! THE GAMES: * Tablet Soccer * An adaption of realworldfootball (soccer) for tablets and smart phones. It's maybe alittlelike air hockey - but i honestly think it's much betterbecause thegameplay has much more depth - just try it! You can playthis gamewith 2 or 4 people. * Tank Fight * Shoot shells at thetanks ofyour pals and let them explode. The one who survives winstheround! The one who scores 7 points wins the game. You can evenplaywith three or four people and there are 5 different maps. Thereiseven a team based mode - where the yellow tanks fight theredtanks. * Car Race * The name says everything. Currently therearethree tracks and you can change the speed and the grip of thecars.So it's your decision whether you want to play a f1 styleracinggame or a drift/rally racing game. THE FEATURES: *localmultiplayer with up to four people on one tablet/phone. *realtimeonline multiplayer with up to 8 players. * online rankings*cooperative online gameplay- you and friends can fight the world!*great physics simulation * simple, fast paced action - butallgames also have some depth. If you like Paper War for 2 or 2PlayerReactor then this will be a perfect addition to yourcollection!