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VidAngel 4.4.3
Subscribe now. Watch on your Android®device.Watch & filter your favorite streaming accounts however thebleep you want – Amazon Prime®, Netflix®, HBO® – ALL IN ONE PLACE.Enjoy exclusive access to VidAngel Originals.Filter your favorite content to fit your unique family’s needs,with filters for violence, nudity, profanity, and more.How does VidAngel work?• VidAngel is constantly adding new movies and shows. Browse titlesor search for your favorites.• Instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, asoften as you want, HOWEVER you want.• Instantly stream on your Android devices.Subscribe on your web browser, link your streaming accounts andthen watch on your Android® device.
Dry Bar Comedy 7.003.1
Dry Bar Comedy is the world’s fastest growing source ofstand-upcomedy. Use the Dry Bar app to watch, listen, and searchunlimitedFULL SPECIALS and clips for FREE. Listen while you drive,while youdo the dishes, or cook, or workout, or work in theyard...unlimited stand-up comedy that’s funny for everyone! CreatedinJanuary of 2017, VidAngel owners Neal and Jeffrey Harmon decidedtoexpand their love of clean content into the comedy world. Sowiththe help of their VidAngel team, Dry Bar Comedy was born. Itwasdesigned to be a space for viewers to enjoy stand-up comedywithoutall the harsh and sometimes negative jokes that are typicalof moststand-up specials. Comics can come to Dry Bar Comedy andperform agreat set, and then you the audience member can re-watchtheirspecial later on the Dry Bar Comedy app. Like VidAngel, theHarmonbrothers wanted to create content that families couldcomfortablywatch together. With Netflix currently being the onlyproprietor ofcomedy specials at the time, they realized there couldbe a greatopportunity for new and upcoming comedians to get theircontentseen and enjoyed by a larger audience. The only requirementwasthat their jokes be clean and family-friendly. Now thatwe’vegained enough visibility in both Utah and the world ofcomedy,we’ve had some bigger name comics come perform for us. We’reluckythat we have such a great audience of followers that keepcomicswanting to come entertain us! Download the app now and laughlaughlaugh!
The Riot and The Dance 1.0.13
This nature/science documentary showcases the vast andbeautifullyintricate planet on which we live. Produced in a fullycinematicstyle, the film presents a wide variety of ingeniouslydesignedcreatures from around the world in a way that willfascinateaudiences of any age. Through a vividly powerfulexperience, theaudience is intended to develop a greaterunderstanding of andappreciation for the Creator's workmanship andpersonality. PAYMENTNOTICE: Payment is NOT required to watch TheRiot and The Dancebecause there are many people paying it forwardso others can watchfor free. However, in order to prevent the costsof distributingthe completed content from overpowering the abilityto fund futurefilming, your opportunities to watch content may bedelayed untilyou or others are able to pay it forward.