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Tresorit 3.5.1334.1540
End-to-end encrypted file sync & sharingapp that lets you store, sync and share files securely andeasily.Save your photos to a secure place, create memos about meetings foryour team and access them in shared folders on the go – and be surethat no one can read your files besides you and those who you sharewith.Tresorit uses built-in end-to-end encryption with zero-knowledgestandards to guarantee the highest level of security. All yourfiles are encrypted on your device before they are uploaded to thecloud, which means no one else can read them besides you, nohackers, no authorities, not even Tresorit’s IT admins.Already a Tresorit user? Just download, sign in, and go!Features:• Create shared folders (tresors) with your friends or colleagues,access their contents securely on any Android device• Backup your photos in a secure place with end-to-end encryptedcamera upload• Keep control of your files by managing permissions• Share files securely even with those without an account: sendencrypted links instead of risky attachments• Create favorite tresors, access and edit your files even when youare offline• Protect your account with 2-factor authentication and apppasscode to ensure no one has access to your tresors - even ifsomeone gains access to your phone• Say no for tracking: Tresorit for Android accesses the least ithas to. No location tracking, no access to your contacts• Tresorit for Android features the same end-to-end encryption andsecurity as the desktop appsIt's easy to get started• No credit card is required for starting the 14-day Premium plantrial – no risks, no commitment• If you love Tresorit, check out our plans to find the one thatsuits your needs• Make the most out of Tresorit by adding the desktop client aswell (sync between devices, locations, access your files from alldevices)What do others say about Tresorit?“One of the Best Cloud Storage Services that Protect Your Privacy”– LifeHacker“There are several services that offer secure storage in the cloud,but Tresorit is definitely one of the best” – PC Advisor