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Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard 1.1
New creation in the field of mostsophisticated keyboard apps for girls has finally arrived – please,welcome Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard! Follow the latest trends and beone of those fancy girls who always have their phones dressed inrainbow cheetah! What's more, this unique animal keyboard withrainbow cheetah print includes numerous emoticons for texting too,so that you can write your text messages with funny emoticons anddecorate your comments and statuses. If you like mobile themes andneed a fancy keyboard layout, do not hesitate, but download yournew emoji app and enjoy typing and chatting with yourfriends!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴ How to set your new “keyboard design”: ∴♔∴♔∴♔∴1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)If you like animal print on your smartphone or tablet, download nowand see what we have prepared for you!♔ Easy install and manipulation!♔ Beautiful themes with sophisticated rainbow cheetah print!♔ A great number of cute and funny emoticons!♔ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!♔ Select theme for your emoji keypad!♔ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!♔ Go text your bff or boyfriend on your new qwerty keypad!♔ This app does not require Go Keyboard™ installed!Sweet, but trendy, cheetah backgrounds for your custom keyboardrepresent a real must-have! Do not wonder how to add emoji keyboardany longer, or search for “mobile themes download” for free;Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard is all you need. Smiley emoticons for textmessages? Checked! Rainbow cheetah print for your custom keypad?Checked! So what else do you need to embark the adventure of usingthe best “emoji keyboard”? Hurry up and install most beautifulgirly theme among apps for teenage girls, get emoji for free and gotext your boyfriend!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴If you are searching for cheetah wallpapers and backgrounds, checkout rainbow cheetah keyboard app for free, and we guarantee youwill be stunned by style and glamour of “rainbow colors” whichdecorate it. Beside stylish theme for qwerty keypad phones incolors of the rainbow, you also get “emoticons for texting” whichyou can use in your love messages or funny SMS. Use it to commenton Facebook or Instagram, or write text on photos, you can dowhatever you wish on this “rainbow keyboard app”. Like a mostinteresting animal print wallpaper, emoji themes with rainbow colormotives give a special touch to your free emoji keyboard. Downloadit to experience stylish “rainbow cheetah print” on your phone andjoin the numerous cheetah mobile apps users.∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴Free emojis and rainbow love cheetah backgrounds – this makes aperfect keyboard customizer with emoji art. Only imagine your bf'sface when he sees cute emoticons you sent to him in your love SMS!Surprise him with a heart emoticon or cute blushing emoticon whileyou declare him love. Feel free to express your emotions via thischeetah keypad. Not only pink cheetah theme, but all rainbow colorsare included in this “rainbow emoji keyboard” so wait no more, butdownload Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard and become the most sophisticatedgirl in your class!
Flat Keyboard Themes 2.0
Follow new trends when it comes to keypadpersonalization and get these cool Flat Keyboard Themes to makeyour mobile device smart and sophisticated. If you want somethingspecial for your phone or tablet, our app will help you decorateyour keyboard in no time. Your job is to install the best app forchanging keypad themes and then pick the color you want. Theelegant look of your flat keys will take everyone's breath away andyou'll feel like you were typing and texting on a future keypad.This keypad style will stay in for a long time so you don't have toworry and change themes all the time, but what you can do is changecolors using the keypad changer and have a new colorful keyboardwith ultra thin keys every day. Have a look at the newest keypaddesign and download Flat Keyboard Themes free of charge and you'llbe convinced that text messaging has never been so fun!How to install your new keypad skin:1. Click on 'Enable the Keypad', then check the box-field next toFlat Keyboard Themes and then click on the OK button.2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keypad toDefault' button and select 'Flat Keyboard Themes'3. Now, you can customize your keyboard (select language, themes,and shortcuts)If you want beautifully styled “keyboard skins” for your mobiledevice then “decorate your keyboard” using several colored themeswe have prepared for you. Isn't it great to have several keypadskins you can choose from and pick your favorite color to “makeyour own keyboard” in no time? Take a look and this top trendingapp and feel of the luxury of flat keys under your fingers. Thisflat touch keyboard has a separate keypad with different and cuteemojis and emoticons which you can put wherever you want. Be thepart of the smiley world and type fast on your new “flat keyboarddesign” and share your emotions with our bffs by sending cute textmessages with even cuter smileys that will brighten up your day.This “flat keyboard pro apk” will feel so smooth under yourfingers, and nothing will be on your way to text quick messages.Enjoy Flat Keyboard Themes completely for free!Check out the cool features of your new keypad:✓ Amazing keypad design for elegant phones and tablets!✓ Several colorful themes!✓ Custom made keypads for mobile devices!✓ Many emoticons and smileys on a cute “emoji keyboard”!✓ Fast emoji input everywhere like email, text messages orchat!✓ Lovely keypad customizer with unique keypad design!✓ Choose a language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish or Romanian!✓ Install this “flat keyboard” and text now for free!Have your own colorful keyboard layouts and choose your favoritecolor to decorate your ultra flat keyboard background. This is oneof the best emoji apps and keyboard changer you can come across onthe market so don't miss the chance because you can easily sendemojis and receive equally cute emoticons from your friends'keyboard apps. It is so smooth and colorful and you will fall inlove with it immediately. With its great graphics when compared toall other emoji keypads, it is easily one of the coolest “flatstyle colored keyboard” themes you'll ever see. Easily insertvarious kinds of smileys and new emojis and send awesome textmessages to your friends. It also supports many languages andbesides English you can type on a French or German keyboard or anyother language from the list. Seeing these features you could notpossibly resist our new “keyboard styles” so download “FlatKeyboard Themes” free of charge now!
Picture in Picture App 1.1
It's high time you made your pics so much funand extraordinary! It's high time you tried out Picture in PictureApp, a specific pip selfie camera which is here to make yourpicture editing true enjoyment! Free and easy to use, this camerapip is a perfect app for all those who want to create a picture inpicture effect out of their selfie and be the best in pic editing.It offers you the opportunity to use your old pics or take new oneswith your selfie camera, and then proceed to applying the photo inphoto effect – a great variety of templates is included, wait nomore but try out all of them! Save them to the gallery, or share onsocial networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter instantly!Picture in Picture App is all you need to create amazing pipselfie, have a wonderful time with it and check out all the photoeffects we prepared for you!◉ Free pip camera photo editor, easy to use!◉ Most interesting pic in pic shapes and templates!◉ Use your old pics ore take new ones via camera!◉ Blur background or try out other camera effects!◉ Save to the gallery!◉ Share immediately on social networks!◉ Make a pip collage in an instant!You can choose to share a simplified version of your selfie withno filter at all; or, you can edit pics in our Picture in PictureApp and have a really stunning “photo montage” which everyone willlike. And it is so easy to do – thanks to pic in pic app with cooleffects we've created. A great number of photo in photo frames withdifferent shapes are ready to make your pics in glass, camera,screen... The color effects and filters can be changed just the wayyou like, and blurred background can be optional, which makes this“pip camera download” worth using. To be a real artist you needonly a picture in picture software and a bit of imagination!▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Make your selfie and absolute piece of art by only using onefree pip collage maker. Together with the camera effects included,this pip camera editor can stand shoulder to shoulder with topphoto editing apps. If you want to create “pip camera photo effect”without downloading other frames and effects, Picture in PictureApp will help you for free! Employ this collage maker to make thebest pip photo easily, with or without blurred background, andshare your pic-in-pic immediately! The variety of effects form this“photo editor” will satisfy all your needs, and pip camera effectwill become your favorite!▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in only one pipcamera editor! Let's remind you that it is a pip camera appdownload free of charge, so you get a an opportunity to make a“picture in picture” and enjoy using this pip photo editor withoutany worries. See your face within a glass, or make a photo in aphoto collage with a frame you like most. Again, this “pip camera”is here to offer you variety, and among other “picture in pictureapps” it can boast with a pip camera photo effect of great qualityand amazing final result. Share your “photo in photo” and see ifyour friends agree with our statement.▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Finally, all you can ask for when searching for a picture inpicture editor, our pip camera app already possesses, so do nothesitate to download a great photo in photo editor with lots oflayouts for your pic montage, and we guarantee that it will becomeyour favorite “photo editing app”. Enjoy using your new pip photoeditor, have a new creation every single day, and exploit “Picturein Picture App” to the maximum!
Custom Watch Face 1.0
If you need new watch faces which arebothtrendy and innovative, don't miss the opportunity to downloadournew Custom Watch Face! Such a smart watch app you've neverseenbefore, it is fully customizable and the faces offered aresounique that you will never wish to download another watch faceapp.The interesting part is the way it shows the time – you can seethedots representing the hours, and a moving dot which stands fortheminutes; by simply tapping on the watch face you get also adigitaltime telling. Probably now is the best time to download andtry outthe custom watch faces we've prepared for you. This watchfacedesign app is made to easy synchronize with your phone. Waitnomore, install Custom Watch Face right away and enjoy itspleasantappearance!***How to set your watch face?***● Download smart watch application to your phone!● Find the icon and simply click on it!● Choose among beautiful preset skins and sync toyoursmartwatch!● Or design your own watch face!● Choose all watch face elements separately!● Choose a background, different hand styles, markers andwidgetstyles!● See the preview of each element combination!● Choose what you want to be shown when your watch face isinambient mode!● When you're done, sync the app with your device!● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?***● You can either find the Android Wear application on yourphoneand select our watch face from the list.● Or press hard the face of your smartwatch, wait for the listofskins to appear, and then find ours among them.● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize, be patient!Gear up with Custom Watch Face, download the app to yourphoneand then sync software for smart watch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs on Android Wear operativesystem,otherwise you won't be able to use our application. CustomWatchFace is compatible with all of the latest Android Weardevicesincluding:Moto 360 1Moto 360 2nd genHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3LG Watch UrbaneLG Watch Urbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasio WSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note:On occasion it takes some time for a watch face apptosynchronize with your device. In case you're having issues ofthiskind, or you are dissatisfied in any way, please contact us.Wewould be grateful if you could give us a chance to fix the issuesothat you can enjoy the product as intended, instead ofexpressingyour dissatisfaction through bad reviews. On the otherhand, ifyou're enjoying our watch faces we wouldn't mind getting apositivereview. Thank you for understanding, enjoy using ourapp!Contact us on: [email protected]: Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Brandnames,logos and trademarks used herein remain the property oftheirrespective owners. The listing of any firm or their logos isnotintended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation.
Digital Watch Face 1.3
If you like to look trendy and yet have the most efficient smartwatch app, your choice should definitely be our new Digital WatchFace! With a rich watch face collection you are offered theopportunity to have a new digital watchface whenever you want.Also, you can make a watch face by combining the elements andbackgrounds the way you want. If you have a digital clock widget onyour phone, why don't you download this watch face design software,synchronize it with your smart device, and get into the possessionof the best digital smart watches that everyone will ask you about.The era of greatest technological innovations requires the bestapps, and a digital watch with changeable faces is a must in thatcase. By following the simple instructions bellow it would be soeasy to get your new smart watch faces, and be trendy every day. Noneed to wait any longer, download Digital Watch Face and get a newlook for your smart gadget! ***How to set your watch face?*** ●Download smart watch application to your phone! ● Find the icon andsimply click on it! ● Choose among beautiful preset skins and syncto your smartwatch! ● Or design your own watch face! ● Choose allwatch face elements separately! ● Choose a background, differenthand styles, markers and widget styles! ● See the preview of eachelement combination! ● Choose what you want to be shown when yourwatch face is in ambient mode! ● When you're done, sync the appwith your device! ● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?*** ● You can eitherfind the Android Wear application on your phone and select ourwatch face from the list. ● Or press hard the face of yoursmartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and then findours among them. ● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize,be patient! Gear up with Digital Watch Face, download the app toyour phone and then sync software for smart watch.***Compatibility!*** Make sure that your device runs on AndroidWear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to use ourapplication. Digital Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1 Moto 360 2nd genHuawei Watch Asus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch Urbane LG WatchUrbane 2nd Edition LG Watch R™ LG G Watch Fossil Q Founder CasioWSD-F10 Tag Heuer Sony Smartwatch 3 Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app! Contact us on:[email protected] Disclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Collage Maker Photo Editor 2.13
Photo editor for every occasion to stitch pictures together into agrid
Love Keyboard with Emoticons 2.0
Are you crazy in love? If you are, show it tothe world and let your feelings flow into your messages via LoveKeyboard with Emoticons! It's time to decorate your system keypadwith hearts and other romantic motifs and fill your phone withsmiley emoticons which will help you share your emotions andreactions. Romantic keypads which are included in this emoji appare fully customizable, change love themes every single day, setkey feedback options, and go type a romantic SMS to yoursweetheart! Enjoy the funny emoticons and lovely themes, downloadthe most beautiful among girly apps and send messages from thebottom of your heart!❤ How to set your new “keyboard design”: ❤1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Love Keyboard with Emoticons” and then click on the OKbutton2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Love Keyboard with Emoticons'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)Once you download and install your new “love keyboard” you will beable to explore all the amazing options this cute keypad changerbrings! Moreover, you will be overwhelmed by the collection ofinnovative emoticons which are included in this free app. Unleashyour inner feelings and show to the world that you are a trueromantic soul!❤ Most romantic themes for your keypad!❤ Easy to install and use!❤ Many adorable and funny emoticons!❤ Choose the default language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!❤ Select theme for your emoji keypad!❤ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!Let your life be a true romance, all you need is a keyboard layoutwith cute hearts and love images at the background to go and send'I love you text messages' to your bf. Spice it with a smileyemoticon or post a status or comment in the form of love quoteswith emoticons smiley attached to it. Now your emotions can betransferred through your “emoji keyboard”. If you like lovewallpapers and backgrounds, you definitely need to have this“keyboard customizer” in your smartphone or tablet! And LoveKeyboard with Emoticons is at your disposal for that!❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤Love yourself every day, with this emoji keyboard download free youcan send your feelings in every text messages with love emojis.Customize your phone with love apps for girls, so that your smartdevice has the most fashionable “love keyboard themes” with freeemojis. In one only girly app you will get a “heart keyboard” andlots of other romantic keypad themes and also a huge number of“emoticons for texting”. So download now and share your emotions,reactions and attitudes on social networks easily, and have a newphone theme every day!❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤Your days can now be more enjoyable and romantic especially whenthey start with a cute message with a smile emoticon you send toyour beloved people. To get that sense of peace and overwhelmingemotions you need an “emoticon keyboard” with hearts. Among alllove apps free you can download from the market, this keypad withfree emoji is just what you need to beautify your daily textingroutine. Download emoji keyboard now, and go send message aftermessage, send keyboard love to your friends, and get emoji forfree! Enjoy using Love Keyboard with Emoticons!
Change your Keyboard 2.0
Let cuteness overflow your phone! Change yourKeyboard style and get a new one with amazing keypad keys and manydifferent themes. You can now express your emotions via cuteemoticons and smileys and at the same time type messages and chaton adorable keyboard keys that look like animal ears! Yes, you'veread that correctly! Be inspired by this awesome theme changer andtype and send sms text messages. This is the ultimate emoji appwith many different smiley faces that will express your everyreaction. Enhance typing experience with these great skins anddesigns, customize your phone in the way you've always wanted!Change your Keyboard skin now! Download the app for free!How to set your new keypad skin:1. Click on 'Enable the Keypad', then check the box-field next to“Change your Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keypad toDefault' button and select 'Change your Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)Carefully designed “keyboard themes” will bring your typingexperience on another level. Cool and cute backgrounds for yourkeypad layout will make every day beautiful and exciting. Thistheme changer belongs to one of the top trending apps for girls andall those ladies who like changing their keypad background often.Have the most beautiful “keyboard design” every day, choose thetheme you like the best and go send emojis and emoticons to yourbffs, boyfriend or family. Changing keypad design has never beeneasier so “change keyboard” background in an instant, be one of akind and make your friends admire the new look of your mobiledevice!Try out all the features and have the ultimate typingexperience!☑ Easy to install and use!☑ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!☑ Select a theme for your new emoji keypad!☑ Change the way your new keyboard sounds when you type!☑ Set other key feedback options – vibration and preview!☑ A great number of cute and funny emoticons!☑ Download sweet themes for free!This is a completely new and stylish keyboard with emojis that willquench your desire for changing themes on your phone. There areseveral skins you can apply to your keypad wallpaper and enjoy thebeautifully shaped keys designed for better and faster typing.“Create your own keyboard” theme! Change the keypad color the wayyou've always wanted and text with style! Use the cute emojikeyboard for girls to send the cutest or funniest emoticons fortexting to your friends and family. Your day will be filled withsmiley faces that express any emotion you can possibly imagine sogo and send them from your new phone keypad themes!We can modestly say that this is the best way to switch keyboardquickly, easily and with style! If you cannot get enough of appsfor changing keyboard color what you need is to download this cool“keyboard customizer” and let the fresh new look leave a dashingeffect on your mobile phone or tablet while you type yet anotherSMS text message. You can make your everyday chatting moreenjoyable by adding dozens of cute emojis and surprise your friendswith cool new emojis for texting. You'll be convinced that thiscute “keyboard changer” is the best companion through everydaytexting once you see all the cute keyboard decorations and funnyemojis. Change your Keyboard design now and download this keyboardapp for free!
Animal Face Photo App 2.15
Picture editor with cool effects to change your face
Christmas Countdown Wallpaper 1.8
Feel the holiday euphoria and get a Christmas Countdown Wallpaperfor your smartphone! Start the countdown now and watch as the lastseconds pass by before it's X-mas day! These are your ultimate livewallpapers for Christmas and everything you need to be prepared foryour favorite day of the year. Celebrate this magical time of theyear and decorate your phone or tablet with these beautifulanimated backgrounds for Christmas, choose the one you like bestand select the particles you want to move. Don't buy any countdownapp when you can download two in one free app! Download ChristmasCountdown Wallpaper free of charge and say Merry X-mas when theclock strikes midnight! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ *❄ * ☃ Features: ☆ Start the countdown with cool backgrounds forChristmas! ☆ Make your own live wallpaper! ☆ Select your favoriteX-mas screen background! ☆ Select amount, speed, rotation, anddirection of the moving particles! ☆ Choose the Catholic orOrthodox calendar! ☆ Cute animated backgrounds for your phone ortablet free! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ Many“wallpapers and backgrounds live free” are giving a wonderfulfestive feeling so you can stay positive and ready for theChristmas party. Enjoy the sight of gentle a snowfall or atwinkling Christmas tree and many other X-mas decorations that willhelp you customize your phone and at the same time keep you updatedabout the remaining time. The best thing about the “Christmaswallpapers free” is that you can interact with the particles, setdensity, speed and direction. Join Santa Claus and his reindeer ona fantastic journey on your screen and spread the joyful feelingwith your “cool live wallpapers”! The New Year countdown is goingto start again soon but you'll also need a Christmas CountdownWallpaper so get it now for free and we guarantee that you'll feeljoyful after installing our moving themes. Snowman and gentlesnowflakes will adorn your phone or tablet and prepare it for theupcoming holiday. This “Christmas countdown app” allows you see howmuch time has left till X-mass. At the same time, you will watchbeautiful “moving backgrounds” depicting cute Christmas decorationsand symbols, which you can match with some other moving lock screenwallpaper. Your mobile device will glow in the dark like a lightedChristmas tree so you will be a true hit at any X-mas party. Matchyour favorite “hd wallpaper live” from our collection with aglowing screen saver live 3d from some other wallpaper changer appfor free. With this cool app for girls and boys, we can “countdownto Christmas” together, so download “Christmas Countdown Wallpaper”for free and don't miss a second! Happy holidays are coming! Withthis beautiful winter-themed live wallpaper every smartphone ortablet will be decorated like the most beautiful Christmas card!Cool moving wallpapers are filled with twinkling Christmas lightsthat will light up your home screen and make it colorful andbright. No matter whether you are a Catholic or Orthodox, you canenjoy the “moving wallpapers” free of charge with a “countdowntimer”, which can be set up for both Catholic or OrthodoxChristmas. Santa Clause is here for everyone and he is giving theapp for phone personalization as a gift to you! Download ChristmasCountdown Wallpaper for free and invite the Christmas spirit toyour home screen!
Lock Screen Password 3.20
Simple and cool lock screen wallpapers with password to customizeyour phone
Live Clock Wallpaper 2.8
A unique analog clock to set as your wallpaper
Neon Green Emoticon Keyboard 2.0
Have you ever wished to have new glowingkeyboard instead of your old, boring system keypad? If you have,Neon Green Emoticon Keyboard is just what you are looking for! It'shigh time for you to customize your phone and get all you need forenjoyable texting in only one free app – green neon themes andnumerous smiley emoticons for messages and comments. Let yoursmartphone or tablet glow in the dark while you chat with yourfriends, and explore the set of cute text emoticons we prepared foryou!↧↧↧ How to set your new “keyboard design”: ↧↧↧1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Neon Green Emoticon Keyboard” and then click on the OKbutton2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Neon Green Emoticon Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)Neon keyboard free download is at your disposal, dye your smartdevice in green and get free emoji art to use in your SMS.◤ Select green theme for your emoji keypad!◤ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!◤ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!◤ A great number of cute and funny emoticons!◤ Add neon glow to the buttons you use for typing!Tons of mobile free themes in green color are ready to decorateyour phone and bring the glow of neon lights to your hands. If yourcriteria for a good “emoticon keyboard” are neon buttons, freeemoji and beautiful themes, we are glad to say that Neon GreenEmoticon Keyboard is just what your want! Press a green neon keyand install this free app, and proceed to sending love quotes toyour beloved one. With your new green keyboard emoticons will be soeasy to add. Grab emoji keyboard download for free and enjoy thegreenness of your phone!◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢Neon keyboard themes free are waiting for you, don't miss theopportunity to get emoji and beautiful “green themes” for yoursystem keypad; insert funny emoticons to each and every funny SMS,or add a “smiley emoticon” to your comment to share your reactionsor emotions. A rich collection of green “neon themes” is here sothat you can have every day a new one. Download emoji keyboardchanger with “green neon color themes” and get your phoneilluminated in an instant!◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢Green is the color of nature and life, so why don't you bring lifeto your phone with green keyboard themes? Since they are neongreen, your emoji keypad will be backlit and the emoticons smileywill simply glow under your fingers! This “neon keyboard app” willbe your favorite emoji app, and cute emoticons will become yourfavorite message accessories. Once you download and apply neontheme, these cute text emoticons will be eager to jump into yourSMS right away, choose the most interesting emoticon smile andsurprise your friends!◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢Haven't tried out funny emoticons from our apps? Time to make useof this emoji keyboard free download and fill smartphone with“emoticons for texting” which will be so useful when you want toexpress your emotions. One smiley emoticon or two, and your SMS isspiced like a stew. Wait no more but download Neon Green EmoticonKeyboard for a glowing effect for your keypad.
Photo Keyboard Theme Changer 2.7
It's high time to go and set your own photo as the background toyour keypad! Luckily, we've created just a perfect mobile themesoftware which can help you do exactly that – prepare to meet PhotoKeyboard Theme Changer, a free application with tons of cuteemoticons which you can use in your messages and comments! How coolis that?! You can have a new photo theme every single day thanks tothis theme changer, all you have to do is follow the instructionsbelow and install your new photo keyboard. Send emoji in all yourmessages and have fun all day long! How to set your “keyboardskin”: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-fieldnext to “Photo Keyboard Theme Changer” and then click on the OKbutton 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Photo Keyboard Theme Changer' 3.Now, you can customize your keypad 4. Select language and shortcuts5. Choose the font color, button shape and the background image 6.Check whether you like the final look using the 'Preview' option 7.Choose background images from the gallery or take a new one withyour camera and click the Done button when you are satisfied withthe pic Once you download it, you will recommend it to all yourfriends who also want to personalize their phones. Together you canenjoy the benefits of using Photo Keyboard Theme Changer! ➲ Getphoto backgrounds for your custom keypad! ➲ Write funny messagesand insert free emoji! ➲ A huge collection of symbols and emoticonsfor all your moods! ➲ Choose the default language: English,Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German,Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! ➲ Set hot keys! ➲ Set key feedbackoptions – vibration, sound, preview! Now you can go and chooseimages for background from your gallery! If you are in love, youcan change your girly keyboard for a picture keyboard app and setyour 's photo as your background. In that way you will have thefeeling that you actually talk to him or her even when you're onlytexting and typing “I love you text messages”! And the emoji art inthis photo keyboard with emoticons will be of use when you want toexpress the emotions and reactions. Have a stylish key board designnow for free and and change background pictures every day! ✻✰✻✰✻The best part is that you can have a new “keyboard theme” everysingle day! You can set a pic of your sweetheart, family, baby, ortake a picture with your selfie camera. To create a “photokeyboard” with cool emoticons is easier than ever! Wanted to find a'my photo background' application? No worries for you, this“keyboard with emoticons” is a perfect free app which setsphotography themes, all you need to do is go send “keyboardemoticons” to your friends. Make use of this mobile themes downloadfor phones this instant, for free, photo background changer for keyboards is waiting for you! ✻✰✻✰✻ If you want to know “how to get apicture on your keyboard”, and need emoticons for texting as well,we strongly suggest that you download “emoji keyboard” and setbackground photo for free, in a few easy steps. Can you imaginethat, instead of your old system keypad, you can have apersonalized keyboard background and that you can get “funnyemoticons” for free? Don't imagine, download Photo Keyboard ThemeChanger and experience it in reality!
Keyboard Themes with Emoticons 2.0
There are so many keyboard styles on themarket but this one will suit everybody! We would like to introduceto you Keyboard Themes with Emoticons, a simple yet elegant keypaddesign with many emoticons and smileys that will brighten up youday and inspire you to text cool sms messages. This keypad theme isdesigned for those who want to look more professional andsophisticated and at the same time have a separate keyboard withemoticons to put in their chat, comments or messages. Grab yourmobile device and be he first one among your friends to have thecoolest Keyboard Themes with Emoticons! You can download them forfree and then install the emoticons app in three easy steps.How to set your keyboard app on your phone or tablet:1. Click on 'Enable the keypad', then check the box-field next toKeyboard Themes with Emoticons and then click on the OKbutton;2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the keypad toDefault' button and select 'Keyboard Themes with Emoticons';3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts).The best keypad for mobile devices you've been praying for is here!These girls and boys keyboard themes are at high-resolution,perfect for every smartphone or tablet, and you can choose manydifferent languages. If you are fond of classic elegance and smartlook then we have a special treat for you. Cool, simple, stylishand free, this “keyboard style” is easily the most popular appamong men and women, boys and girls of all ages. You can type onthe elegant 3d keyboard keys and send emoticons and emoji art in aflash for free. “Keyboard customization” has never been easier!Finally you can text the way you’ve always wanted to with the coolemoji keypad!☒ Several cool “keyboard themes” with emoticons!☒ Choose your favorite keypad skin!☒ Several skins with unique designs!☒ Custom made keypads for smartphones and tablets!☒ Fully customizable “keyboard changer”!☒ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!☒ Choose a language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!Dress your phone in smart keypad skins and get numerous awesomeemoticons for texting which you will adore. Highly sophisticatedkeypad keys with 3d effect will feel so smooth under your fingers,so you can text and send sms text messages full of cute emojis toyou best friends and family quickly and easily. Change your customkeypad, have an improved and “updated emoji keyboard” and customizeyour phone with one of the top trending apps on the market when itcomes to keyboard customizers. You will forget your old systemkeypad and look forward to cool phone keypad keys. Get an emojiswitcher here for free and share your experience with yourfriends!Both elegant and sophisticated, this “keyboard customizer” haseverything you need to type messages with style. Write funnymessages or choose a love quote to send to your loved one. It is soeasier to text and show your reaction when you have an emoji“keyboard pro”! Use this theme changer to personalize your phoneand be unique and popular. The simplicity of your keypad designwill draw looks from everyone around you. This keypad theme is amust if you want to be trendy and glamorous. Make your typing fastand easy, download “Keyboard Themes with Emoticons” free ofcharge!
Color Touch Photo Effects 1.3
Add a touch of creativity to your ownpictures! Now you can become a true professional in photo editingthanks to this amazing free app - Color Touch Photo Effects! Wesuggest that you wait no more, but download this fabulous pictureeditor and paint your photo with ease and preciseness! Apply thefilter you want (black and white image, sepia or color effect), andthen retouch picture the way you like – draw on picture, zoom inand out, paint with your finger or erase the painted parts youdon't want. You can then make another color pop, write on pics,draw again. What is even better is that you can change the size ofthe brush, adjust he opacity, and use the color picker option tomake your piece of art look astounding! If you are still notconvinced that this is a truly professional picture editingsoftware with color splash effect, download Color Touch PhotoEffects right away and see it for yourself! Enjoy creating fun art!✯ Color touch effects photo editor, free download!✯ Edit pics from the gallery or take a selfie instantly!✯ Make a black&white picture or add a sepia effect!✯ Add a color pop effect!✯ Zoom in and out!✯ Paint with your finger!✯ Draw and write on pictures!✯ Change the size of the brush and opacity!✯ Use the color picker tool!✯ Use the eraser!✯ Add multiple photo editing effects!✯ Save to the gallery!✯ Share on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!If you need a photo montage maker which will be worth installingand using for a long time, there is no place for hesitation –download Color Touch Photo Effects and you will not regret it!Anything you want to do in a “black and white photography” ispossible in this amazing tool. Thanks to the photo art coloreffects you can easily turn your b&w selfie into art. Emphasizeyour lipstick, an item of your clothes, your new shoes or T-shirt.Don't let your post on social networks be simple and boring, makethem interesting to the public and pleasant to the eye. Applyingcolor effects for pictures is more than enough to make your blackand white photos extraordinary, be unique and creative, and enjoythis artistic work.✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯Guess what? The world of top photo editing apps is now richerfor a new amazing “photo studio”. By downloading Color Touch PhotoEffects you will be able to not only add one color shade to yourimage but also apply the “color touch” effects of multiple nuancesand thus make a color change on your black&white images. “Editpictures” you already have in your phone, or take new images, itwill be fun to make a throwback post and add “color touch effects”to your pics from the past.✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯Color pictures selectively, it is so easy now with pic editorand effects with color background we provided for you. Can youimagine to have a “photo editing software” which will add effectsto photos with much preciseness? This is what you're looking for.Adding “color effects” has never been easier, try out all theoptions, draw, write, paint and share! Let your friends also tryout these photo editor color effects and see the magic forthemselves!✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯✾✯Super art is at a touch on the screen away from you! You areoffered to have the best “photo effects” for your black and whitepictures. Make use of this free download and explore the field ofphoto filter editing. Touch the install button on your screen, add“color splash” effect to your pics and have fun using “Color TouchPhoto Effects”!
Square Quick No Crop Photos 1.1
Crop or no crop – that is the question,butwith Square Quick No Crop Photos you will crop no more! Postyourfull size photos to any social network quickly and easily orresizephoto to fit any template. This picture editing app is whatyouneed to create and share beautiful images and you don't havetocrop them. Just take a new picture or select one from yourgalleryand then choose blur background or select your favoritecutepattern or color to decorate the frame. Everybody will loveyouredited pictures because they are retouched in the top trendingpicediting app on the market. Your photo cropping days are over!Nowyour can post your full size photos and Square Quick No CropPhotosis here to help you with that! Download this picture editorforfree!Features:☑ Cool photo squarer with awesome camera effects!☑ No cropping - post full sized images!☑ Use blur background effect or mosaic to decorateyourselfies!☑ Choose and apply many colors, patterns and textures forthebackground!☑ Make your pic vibrant and colorful!☑ There is no need to crop photos anymore!☑ Share images to any service including Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, WhatsApp!☑ A fantastic app and the best fx photo editor, try it now!Tired of having to crop pictures to fit them where you want?Youneed a pic editing app that will resize pictures and makesquarephotos in an instant? Our image squarer is everything youneed topost your entire pics to ig with “no crop”! It is the newestappamong photo size converters & a better way to post instasquarepics with blur mosaic background or other cool image effectssuchas numerous colors or different girly patterns and textures. Itisthe easiest way to make “quick square” images and post highqualityfull size pictures without face cropping. Join many gratefulusersand make “square fit” images without cropping! All you have todois download Square Quick No Crop Photos free of charge andenjoy“square quick no crop” editing today!Square edit your pics and resize images as you wish! Thisamazingimage editor has all the insta sizes in one app and it willhelp youpost any image you want. Isn't that amazing? You will beannoyed nomore when you have to shrink or reduce photo size. Withthe“instasize photo editor” you can “square quick” and fit anytemplateand at the same time decorate your selfies with coolframes,background patterns and nuances of colors. Whenever youshare nocrop pictures on any social network, everybody will seethem intheir full size glory. This is the most effective pictureresizerand insta square app that you have seen. If you need“square quickcrop” to edit your images then the only editing toolyou need isSquare Quick No Crop Photos so download it now!If you don't want to crop your images to fit differenttemplatesthen you surely must try this amazing “photo sizeconverter”. Itoffers a single “square quick grid” that will fit anypic you want.This cool app for smartphones and tablets providescool no croplayouts and it will frame your pictures into beautifulbackgroundcolors of your choice or romantic patterns that willadorn yourprofile picture like nothing else. All in all, you cannow finallypost entire pics and selfies to any social network, makesquarephotos without cropping and shrink photo size to fit ig! Notime towaste, there is some pic editing that needs to be done!Download“Square Quick No Crop Photos” free of charge now andquickly makesquare pics!
Lock Screen Pin Love Theme 2.5
Are you a romantic soul? If yes, then decorate your phone with LockScreen Pin Love Theme! You can finally protect your privacy andenjoy looking at love pictures and messages every day. You onlyhave to think of a safety pin code password which is not easy toguess and set time and date, while others can admire the romanticflowers images and pink hearts wallpaper. Wish your loved one ahappy Valentine day by letting them know about one of the mostromantic lockscreen apps with password. Download Lock Screen PinLove Theme and experience pure romance instantly! How to set it up:1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enter your password andthen and reenter the same password for confirmation; 3. Now you cancustomize the best phone protection app: ♥ Set your background(choose among 6 images)! ♥ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ♥ Turndate on/off! ♥ Choose the date format on display! ♥ Show or hidebattery! ♥ Get “lock screen love wallpaper app” for free! Startbelieving in romance and download Lock Screen Pin Love Theme!Hearts and roses will transform your device into a cute love themeyou’ve always wanted! Your favorite combination of numbers willpresent your mobile safety password which you can share with yoursoul mate or keep to yourself. Just slide, enter pin to unlock andkeep the impostors away. Being a cool app for customizing, this“romantic lock screen wallpaper” is worth downloading right away.You’ll adore our newest data protection app and enjoy thewallpapers and backgrounds hearts whenever you look at your device!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ You’re a fan of Valentine's Daywallpapers? Well, this romance images app is the right choice foryou. The best device personalization app which will protect yourphone, decorate it with cute girly wallpapers with quotes and redvalentines hearts is surely Lock Screen Pin Love Theme! You can beaffectionate and romantic with this “heart lock screen app” allthanks to its love messages pictures and heart wallpapers.Customize your phone and boast around with the fact that you ownone of the best apps for girls with hearts wallpaper hd! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Your device will now look so romantic with all thevalentine red roses and cute heart wallpapers for girls that willfill your soul with tenderness and affection as soon as you look atit! Choose this “screen lock love theme app” and red rose beautifulimages will appear every time you touch your phone. You can evenadd date and time, show or hide battery percentage display and adda reliable number password for protection. Download “Lock ScreenPin Love Theme” and spread tender feelings all around you!
Text Editor on Pictures 1.1
Discover a new way of editing text on images!Check out Text Editor on Pictures, a brand new caption writer todecorate your pics with quotes and messages of your own. Createbeautiful photos by writing cute messages and texts, share themwith your friends on social networks and be admired by everyone!You can write on top of your photos with cute girly fonts invarious colors and nuances and be inspired to write anything youwant, really. Our cool app for writing on images is a good way tomake personalized cards for any occasion and express your deepestemotions in words. If you were looking for a photo editor that youcan write words on pictures then we strongly suggest you to tryText Editor on Pictures and find the true meaning of photo editing!✎ Amazing photo writer for smartphones and tablets!✐ Many font colors and text effects to decorate your quotes andmessages!✎ Take a photo with your camera or choose one from thegallery!✐ Write on pictures, add inspirational or love quotes, addimportant dates!✎ Edit text, change the size, color, opacity, fonts!✐ Save the new edited image to the gallery!✎ Share your pics instantly on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram!✐ One of the most creative photo editor with caption on the market,try it now!The best to convey your message is certainly through our “writeon pictures app”. Put caption on pictures whenever and wherever youare cause our caption maker does not need an Internet connection soyou can “add text to photos” even when you are offline. You caneither choose photos from your gallery and adorn them even furtherwith love messages or motivational quotes of your own or you cantake a selfie on the spot and add captions with ease. Be creative!Add names of persons in the pictures, places, important dates andchange font style and font color. “Edit pictures and add text” inthe same photo editing app for smartphones and tablets! DownloadText Editor on Pictures for free and enjoy the rest of the day.Choose your favorite picture and “caption it” using our awesomeapp to write text on pictures. There are so many creative ideasthat you can try! Surprise you boyfriend or girlfriend and put lovemessages on photos where you two are together. Your Bfs will bethrilled when they see a personalized card with best wishesbirthday messages that you made by yourself using this “text onphoto” editor. Create beautiful wedding photo backgrounds out ofyour own pics, add quotes about love and your memories will lastforever. We guarantee that your creations will be the best editedphotos among all the captions on pics that your friends made andall you have to do is download Text Editor on Pictures for free nowand “put text on a picture” from your personal photo album.Create your own gorgeous and meaningful photo quotes and sharethem with the ones you love. Our “photo caption maker” is one ofthe best “text on photos apps” on the market and the most usefulfont editor for you to make your images look like they were editedin a professional typography photo lab. Add beautiful typography tothe pics you like from your gallery and at the same time apply coolfilters for pictures that will help you make beautiful, rich andcreative images. Show you creativity to the world and be proud ofyour creative writing! As soon as you share your images on socialnetworks, your quotes on pictures will get more likes andfollowers. The top notch “picture caption app” is waiting for youso download “Text Editor on Pictures” for free asap!
Watch Face for Christmas 1.0
❄*❄*❄ Ho, ho, ho! ❄*❄*❄Watch Face for Christmas is here to bring the mood offestivityto your smart device and fill your heart with warmth!Quicklydownload our new Christmas watch face and decorate yoursmartdevice easily! This animated smart watch app can serve asaChristmas watch face maker as it offers you the option tochoosethe design of the hands, background and other elements as youwish.Synchronize with your phone, and you are ready to have thebestsmartwatch for Christmas! If you have a Christmas wallpaper onyoursmartphone, it would be amazing to have matching Christmaswatchesduring the holidays! These specially designed custom watchfacesare completely free of charge, follow the instructions belowandget the best present, Watch Face for Christmas! Celebrate love,joyand family traditions using one of the best Christmas apps!❄❄❄ ☃ ☃ ☃ ❄❄❄***How to set your watch face?***● Download smart watch application to your phone!● Find the icon and simply click on it!● Choose among beautiful preset skins and sync toyoursmartwatch!● Or design your own watch face!● Choose all watch face elements separately!● Choose a background, different hand styles, markers andwidgetstyles!● See the preview of each element combination!● Choose what you want to be shown when your watch face isinambient mode!● When you're done, sync the app with your device!● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?***● You can either find the Android Wear application on yourphoneand select our watch face from the list.● Or press hard the face of your smartwatch, wait for the listofskins to appear, and then find ours among them.● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize, be patient!Gear up with Watch Face for Christmas, download the app toyourphone and then sync software for smart watch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs on Android Wear operativesystem,otherwise you won't be able to use our application. WatchFace forChristmas is compatible with all of the latest AndroidWear devicesincluding:Moto 360 1Moto 360 2nd genHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3LG Watch UrbaneLG Watch Urbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasio WSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note:On occasion it takes some time for a watch face apptosynchronize with your device. In case you're having issues ofthiskind, or you are dissatisfied in any way, please contact us.Wewould be grateful if you could give us a chance to fix the issuesothat you can enjoy the product as intended, instead ofexpressingyour dissatisfaction through bad reviews. On the otherhand, ifyou're enjoying our watch faces we wouldn't mind getting apositivereview. Thank you for understanding, enjoy using ourapp!Contact us on: [email protected]: Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Brandnames,logos and trademarks used herein remain the property oftheirrespective owners. The listing of any firm or their logos isnotintended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation.
Live Clock Wallpaper Christmas 1.5
Christmas time is near so you'd better grab your device and getLive Clock Wallpaper Christmas! Don't miss a minute with the freeapp that offers a wide choice of themes for smartphones and tabletswith several live clock wallpapers to put on your home screen. Ouranalog clock will sync with the time on your mobile device themoment you install the app. You'll know the exact time wherever yougo and have a fancy theme on your phone screen for the Christmasholidays. Celebrate the merriest time of the year with Live ClockWallpaper Christmas, the best app for phone personalization thatwon't leave you indifferent. Get the free download right here andcheck out the amazing features! Features: ● Choose among beautifulwatch skins and sync them with your watch! ● Or design your own“live clock”! ● Choose all of the elements separately! ● Choose aXmas background, different hand styles, ticks and widget styles! ●See the preview of each element combination! ● When you're done,the watch app will automatically sync with your device! ● Bothround and square watches are supported! ● Beautiful live wallpaperclock with date and time for free! Celebrate the New Year's Eve andChristmas day and get a nice “clock app” for your mobile device tocount minutes until the holidays arrive. If you would like a wintertheme for your “Christmas wallpaper” and at the same time have amoving background then get the “clock themes” and have the merriestphone ever. Choose among several watch hand styles and livewallpapers and say proudly: 'I will personalize my phone for theupcoming holidays and have the best Christmas themes ever!' Be thefirst among your friends to get this amazing app for girls andboys, convince them to do the same and synchronize your watches.Download Live Clock Wallpaper Christmas free of charge and be surethat this “analog clock live wallpaper” will sweep you off yourfeet! Is there anything more joyful than Christmas treedecorations? Browse through cool backgrounds and find your own“watch live wallpaper” so you can be ready and on time wherever yougo. Don't count minutes till Christmas using a old fashioned watchor a simple digital clock on your mobile phone or tablet when youcan install a stunning “watch wallpaper” that will sync with thetime on your mobile and show every second till Xmas. Rest sure thatthese live backgrounds are for free so you don't have to spendmoney so you can have the best clock app with beautiful Christmasdecorations and ornaments. If you want to decorate your mobiledevice and enter the New Year with style, get “Live Clock WallpaperChristmas” and adorn your home screen for free! It is time todecorate your home screen for the holidays! This is the best appfor girls and boys who were good during the whole year, so theydeserve something trendy and stylish. Display “clock on screen” andmatch the screen saver too to adorn your favorite device like neverbefore. Spend some quality time with your family and let these freethemes make you feel the Xmas spirit all year long. Get the alwayson display clock with cute moving wallpapers and be reminded ofwarmth every time you look at your device! You won't find a better“clock live wallpaper” once you have tried these free phone themes.Download Live Clock Wallpaper Christmas free of charge and wishMerry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone in style!
Icon Changer Pink Hearts 1.0
Stand out from the crowd with Icon ChangerPinkHearts and turn some heads on your way! Beautiful and stylishthemesfor girls will help you to personalize your phone or tabletso youcan enjoy cute icons themes on the home screen. If you arein loveand you love sweet feelings then you must not miss thisthemechanger where you can make your own icon by choosing ashape,background, sticker, frame and by adding glow. In this iconchangeryou can also find some predefined designs or select a randomgirlytheme that we have prepared for you. Fluffy little hearts insuchwarm and happy pink nuances will make your mobile devicesimplyirresistible, so download Icon Changer Pink Hearts free ofchargeright now!❤◠❤◡❤◠❤◡❤◠❤◡❤◠❤How to customize app icons1. Choose whether you want to:♥ pick one of the ready-made items from the list;♥ make your own icon (choose the shape, background, sticker,frameand add glow);♥ let the 'random' option make the choice for you, use thepreviewto see the result.2. Once you've decided on the design, you can choose forwhichapp you want to customize app icon;3. Change the app's name as well, if you like;4. Tap on the 'set' button;5. Enjoy your new “icon theme”!❤◠❤◡❤◠❤◡❤◠❤◡❤◠❤Wanna dress up your smartphone or tablet with a lovelyiconwallpaper and get rid of all the boring system app pictures?Justtry “icon app changer” now and we guarantee that you’ll loveit!This theme for girls has matched suit for making adorableiconskins, which are also well designed by using the main colorpink.Personalize your phone playfully with this fantastic “iconmaker”and choose from the richest collection of free themes! Tonsof freethemes and skins and the unparalleled diy function whichallows youto “change icons” and turn your creative ideas intounique designsright on your phone! If you want pink hearts tooverflow yourmobile device then download Icon Changer Pink Heartsfree of chargeand you will have it all!Looking for the best phone customizer to show your own uniqueandsweet style? That’s exactly what we offer! All kinds ofthemesdepicting beautiful pink hearts for all kinds of folk! Aworld offree skins to beautify your phone are waiting just for you.Butalso, in “Icon Changer Pink Hearts” you are the icon designer!Thiscute app for girls is more than just a beautiful theme changer.Itcan mix many new skins and “icon packs” together,creatingsomething new every time, or you can choose one of ourpredefinedlooks. Everything a girl in love needs is packed in thiscute “iconeditor”. We guarantee that sweet little hearts willcaptivate youand prove to be the best romantic theme on yourfavorite mobiledevice. Download the app change icon free ofcharge!Join all the ladies worldwide and show your creativity rightonyour phone! If your ordinary home screen bores you and youarelooking for romantic and cute themes to make a quick “iconswitch”then get this magnificent “app change icon free” and youwill bedelighted with the result. Just dress up your girly mobiledeviceusing pink themes and sweet hearts that are createdespecially foryou and your bffs. Style up your phone with beautifulpink hearts,make your own “icon masks” or choose predefined apppics. You caneven change the name of the app if you don't like it!Possibilitiesare limitless but only Icon Changer Pink Hearts is therightsolution for your phone or tablet so get the free downloadherenow!
Neon Red Keyboard 2.0
Be the center of attention and try out ourbrand new Neon Red Keyboard for your mobile devices! Bring yoursystem keypad theme back to life and fill your everyday textingwith warmness and positivity. Send a vast variety of cute emoticonsand smileys and enjoy the dazzling color of red neon lights in thekeypad background. Feel the passion with this brand new keyboardcustomizer as you type sms after sms and send the newest emojis toyour bffs. Share the news with your friends, great Neon RedKeyboard is finally on the market, download it now for free andenjoy one of the best keyboards for phones and tablets ever!How to install you new keypad skin:1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Neon Red Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Neon Red Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts)Spread passion and energy using your mobile device and installamazing red themes for keypads with keys that glow in the dark!Show the world that you are a daredevil, type and text and sendupdated emojis on a cool “keyboard background” that will make youfeel like you are in your favorite club or disco and party likenever before! Install these “free keyboard themes” and indulge inthe wonderful nuances of your favorite color red. Feel amazingtoday, because you have found the best theme changer on the market!Boast about your new red and black keyboard changer because youknow you deserve the best for your phone and tablet.Features:◕ Glowing keypad free for your mobile gadget!◕ Change keypad color and go all red!◕ Amazing neon lights behind your keypad keys!◕ You don't have to make your own keyboard theme, everything isalready set!◕ Choose your favorite shade of red and text now!◕ Customize the language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish orRomanian!◕ The most powerful keypad app for phone personalization evermade!You will be noticed with your new keypad style on every party! Showyour love and express all your feelings with new emojis for textingon a brand new “neon red keyboard”! Writing romantic text messageswill be so much fun and easier once you've been inspired by thesensational red color “keyboard with emojis”, use only updatedemoticons for texting to make your friends laugh and we guaranteethat you'll fall in love with this phone keypad design the instantyou install it. Red is the color of love and passion, so customizeyour keyboard layout with these powerful emotions and feelings andsee for yourself that phone personalization can be both free andamazing!For all those passionate souls and adventurers we have prepared aperfect app for phones to “customize keyboard” skin. Type the mostamazing love messages to your Valentine and enrich them with manysmileys for texting. With the “emoji keyboard” style you will haveso much fun! Our red colour keypad theme is, without any doubt, thebest keyboard app that you can install for free! You can changeyour keyboard wallpaper over and over again and try out all thedifferent crimson nuances that will make you shiver withexcitement. The old phone keypad style is the past; it is high timeyou tried something new and exciting in life. Begin your day withNeon Red Keyboard and turn your world upside down!
Cute Kitten Live Wallpapers 1.6
Have you seen anything more adorable than little baby kittenswatching you with those pretty little eyes? Now you can get thattenderness with Cute Kitten Live Wallpapers! It is a great pleasureto announce that live kitten wallpapers free are finally availableand very easy to download. In a tap or two on the screen you canobtain those adorable kitten wallpapers and bring them with youwherever you go! You can customize the moving parts on your babykitten backgrounds and choose among the numerous cute kittensimages to make your wallpaper move. Are you ready to get into thepossession of the loveliest free animated backgrounds? DownloadCute Kitten Live Wallpapers now and enjoy the sight of sweetanimals every day! ❤ Pretty moving wallpapers free download! ❤ Agreat number of girly backgrounds for your phone and tablet! ❤ Havethis cute live wallpaper before anyone else from your surrounding!❤ Select density, speed, kind, and direction of the animated parts!❤ Choose from the collection of live kitty backgrounds! ❤ Optimizedbattery usage! ❤ Both landscape mode and home screen switching arefully supported! ❤ Get free moving backgrounds right away! ❤ Enjoykitten background for free and recommend it to your friends! Youare crazy about these adorable kittens and would like to have themas moving wallpaper for your phone? You browse through “backgroundsof cute animals” for hours and cannot find a perfect animatedwallpaper with kittens? Congratulations, because you found movinganimal wallpaper app that is just purr-fect – Cute Kitten LiveWallpapers! Once you download these “moving backgrounds for yourphone” you will get the feeling that all the cuteness of the worldhas been gathered and put into a single kittens wallpaper app!Experience it now! ❤❤❤❤❤ Are you a cat person? Adorn your phonewith live animated background with fluffy kittens, that all catlovers will adore! Try out the cutest animal wallpaper free andenjoy the beauty of your kittens backgrounds to the fullest.Express your love towards these pretty little creatures by settinga wallpaper for girls kittens, and make sure that you have chosenthe best of “cute wallpapers and backgrounds” for your device.Looking for kitten background for your phone that will simply warmyour heart? Grab Cute Kitten Live Wallpapers now, so that you canfeel like you own a baby cat whenever you look at your “kittensmoving wallpaper”. ❤❤❤❤❤ This is exactly what you are looking for -cool moving background apps with live wallpapers for kids andeveryone who likes fluffy cats. If you dream of having a small catas a pet, finding a moving background for girls which is decoratedwith pictures of baby kittens is all you can ask for! If you cannotdecide what cute background wallpaper to choose, simply customizeit whenever you want and you will always have different and reallycool moving backgrounds. So, hurry up, download “Cute Kitten LiveWallpapers” and let these adorable cats melt your heart!
Tigers Parallax Live Wallpaper 2.0
If you like adventures and wildlife then thisnew Tigers Parallax Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice for you.Lion may be the king of the jungle but the real owner of it istiger. This fantastic 3d parallax background will take you into thewild in an instant, where you can enjoy watching these big cats intheir natural habitat. You don't have to go to the zoo to see thesebeautiful animals anymore. With new tiger parallax wallpaper youcan have these strong and mysterious animals on your phone ortablet screen all day long! If you are a real predator grab thisfree app, download Tigers Parallax Live Wallpaper right now andenjoy these fascinating animals!◎◇◆◎◆ ◇◎◆◇◎Features:● New free app for phones and tablets featuring many parallaxthemes available now!● Create your own live wallpaper with fascinating pictures oftigers!● Enjoy tiger wallpapers and 3d parallax backgrounds!● Optimized battery usage!● Select the degree of moving for your background images to get a3d effect!● Add a blur effect to your cool 3d wallpapers!● Choose the direction of moving from one side to the other, or upand down!● Add a filter or extract color to get awesome 3d lookingwallpapers!● Download parallax tiger wallpaper free of charge and explorenature!◎◇◆◎◆ ◇◎◆◇◎Watch the tiger burning bright in the forests of the night!Embellish your phone screen with this awesome looking "parallaxwallpaper". Tiger may be the most dangerous animal in the world,but it is also one of the most graceful living creatures. It is asymbol of strength, freedom, mystery and grace. Hence, this newtiger parallax wallpaper is a must-have for your mobile device. Fora true animal lovers and those who care about wildlifeconservation, these 3d backgrounds are perfect choice, as not asingle tiger is being caught for your enjoyment, which is great dueto tiger extinction. Since free download is available right now,install Tigers Parallax Live Wallpaper and start youradventure!If you want to explore nature and wilderness, this free backgroundapp is just what you needed. Make a tiger habitat out of you mobiledevice with new "parallax live wallpaper". Fascinating 3d picturesof these large cats will let you release your wild side. If you area tiger lover these amazing "animal background" pictures with "3dparallax effect" are just what you needed to style your phone ortablet. You can make your own live wallpaper using these fantastic3d themes and moving backgrounds. It doesn't matter if you likeBengal tiger, Siberian tiger or Sumatran, because now you can havethem all on your phone display with the background changer! All ofthis will allow you to make a perfect wallpaper. Download TigersParallax Live Wallpaper and explore the jungle!This "parallax app" is great if you are into wildlife and animals.Enjoy tiger's beautiful striped fur, yellow eyes and powerful fangsevery time you look at your phone screen. You can have these"parallax background" wallpapers for free and make your phone ortablet a home of tiger. Moving the device left or right will letyou experience the "parallax effect" that this animal backgroundhas to offer! New 3d pictures of tigers will make you feel as ifyou are in the middle of the jungle and this "parallax 3d livewallpaper" will evoke your sense for adventure. Download "TigersParallax Live Wallpaper" and feel tiger love!
Rainbow Effect Photo Editor 1.3
You want to make your photos stand out on social media? Looking forsomething to make your pictures look better and get people to likethem? Welcome to Rainbow Effect Photo Editor - a powerful andcolorful picture edit application that enables you to be creativeand make your pictures look cool! Just take a selfie or choose toedit picture from gallery, and explore best pic stickers, beautifulpicture filters and frames for girls. You can inspire others bysharing your rainbow filter selfie on social media. This photoeditor app with color effect has countless colorful picture effectsfor you to discover and enjoy. Make your photos unique with RainbowEffect Photo Editor and start counting likes! ☆ ◠ ★ ◠ ☆ Features: ✮Express your creativity using color editing app! ✮ Choose picturefrom your phone or take a new one! ✮ Adjust color, brightness,contrast, color temperature, and saturation! ✮ A great number ofcolorful effects and filters for pictures! ✮ Simple picture editoreasy to use! ✮ Adjustable overlays for pictures! ✮ Cool stickersfor photos! ✮ Picture editing with text - choose fonts, colors,patterns, add shadows and outlines! ✮ Many beautiful pic frames! ✮Picture edit with drawing option! ✮ Share instantly on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and other networks! ✮ Color pic editing appdownload free of charge! ☆ ◠ ★ ◠ ☆ “Apply colorful effects andcreate awesome photos” with beautiful rainbow color photo editor!Unleash your imagination and edit pics with “rainbow overlaysticker filter selfie camera”. Color filters for pictures arewaiting for you in the best image colour editing app on the marketthat will show you how to make your photos beautiful. Get RainbowEffect Photo Editor and join the popular girls who use this camerafilters and effects rainbow editing app. Make your photo look morefascinating download for free and change your photo now. Thiscolorful editing app gives your pictures a fresh look. It iscertainly the best photo editor rainbow effect filter that willmake you a true artist. Our picture editor with rainbow lighteffects provides lots of kawaii stickers for pictures free thatwill make your pic beautiful. Not only that you will have “coloreffects for pictures” and unique overlays for photos, but you canalso add frames and text to photos to create eye-catching pics. Youdon’t have to be a pro to make your pictures look professional,just grab Rainbow Effect Photo Editor and create beautiful photoseasily! Check out all the image editing effects that the best coloreffect app offers and have fun! Make your photos magical withthis “pic editing app colorful” and play with cute filters andeffects for pictures. Add rainbow effect on face and watch yourfriends admire your work. All you need to make your photos perfectis an amazing pic maker and a little bit of creativity. So hurryup, download “Rainbow Effect Photo Editor” for free and get morelikes on your picture now!
Purple Diamond Flower Zipper 2.6
Adorn your phone with violet flower wallpapers as mobile screenlock
Live Stickers Face Changer 1.9.0
Beautify your pictures using the cutest moving stickers!LiveStickers Face Changer is the only thing you need to lookadorableon all of your selfies and to make the most attractive picsever.Discover a whole new world of picture editing! Everything aneditorfor girls should have is waiting for you here in thisfantasticcollection of sweet selfie live face decorations thatglitter andsparkle and that will make your picture move. Justchoose yourfavorite decoration, put it on your selfie and it willstartmoving! These awesome picture decorations can be yours forfree soinstall this Live Stickers Face Changer now! 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 💖🌟 💖 🌟Features: → The cutest decorations for pictures that glitterandshine! → A very easy to use photo editor for girls! → Chooseaphoto from the phone gallery or take a new pic! → Adjust yourimage(crop, rotate) with your fingers! → Add stickers to pictures!→Flip, pinch to resize or rotate them! → Save your creationtogallery or share on social networks and get hundreds of likes!→Download this free app now! 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 💖 🌟 You arebored?You got nothing except your smartphone or tablet? Worry not,'causethat's the only thing you need to download this awesome andcutepic editor app. Your boring days are over because with our“cutephoto editor with stickers in effect” your pics willimmediatelycome to life once you add adorable “live photostickers”. Weguarantee that your edited pics will become famous onany socialnetwork overnight thanks to the glitter you added usingadorabledecorations for pictures. So wait no more, download LiveStickersFace Changer free of charge! Transform yourself on yourselfiepictures! Get this cute changer and find out how to make livephotoand at the same time look adorable on each and every one ofyourpictures. You only have to choose you favorite “faceglittersticker” and manipulate it with your fingers so that itmatchesyour features perfectly. Add cute animal noses, ears andeyes ormany other decorations that will add glitter photo effectson yourcute selfies or any other pictures with your bffs. If youwerelooking for photo apps where you can change your face to aanimalthen this is the right place to be. Download Live StickersFaceChanger free of charge and start adding moving stickers forphotosright away! Make a doggy face or a cute animal and discover anewway of creating fantastic beauty selfies together with yourbffs.Once you install these gif stickers for pictures you will findoutwhy it is the best app for decorating that you've everowned.Decorating photos with real glitter has never been this fun,and ifyou want to make photo effects with stars and glitter on yourpicsall you have to do is download our free editor for girls,chooseyour favorite decoration and put it in your pictures so youcan getmany likes or put the edited pictures as your phonewallpaper. Allthese lovely “face stickers for girls” can decorateyour ordinaryphotographs if you install “Live Stickers FaceChanger”, so hurryand download it now for free!
Clock Widget with Alarm 1.0
Always wanted to have a cool clock that shows both time and dateandthat wakes you up in the morning? Clock Widget with Alarm isfilledwith analog clock widgets that will make your device unique!Browsethrough our collection of cool watches designed to make yourphonetrendy and stylish, while giving you all the importantinformationat a glance! You can have one or two clock widgets forhome screenat the same time and customize each of themindividually. Set yourfavorite background for your new alarm clockapplication that weoffer in our collection or choose a photo fromyour gallery and setit as the background! Customizationpossibilities are endless sodownload Clock Widget with Alarm freeof charge and change your homedisplay forever! How to use this twocountry clock widget: → Openthe app and follow the tutorial foryour type of mobile device → Addsingle and/or double widget → Tocustomize the single/first clock orset the alarm, tap on it toopen its customization menu → Tocustomize the second clock orchoose a different time zone, tap onit to open its customizationmenu Features: → Style your own widgetclock with seconds! → Choosebackground, ticks and hands and makeyour own watch on screen! →Set your own photo as the widgetbackground! → Turn off the secondshand for optimal battery usage! →Choose to show or hide date! →See the preview of each elementcombination! → Set alarm easily! →Add world clock and customize itseparately! → Download and enjoythis display two clocks for free!Make your choice between our“cool clock widgets for home screen”with awesome “backgroundwidget” that we have to offer in thiscustomization app. Don'tspend any more time looking – your newdisplay clock on home screenis here! In this awesome watch widgetapp you will have not one buttwo clocks on display, which you cancustomize separately the wayyou want. You can choose to havedifferent backgrounds and otherwatch elements like ticks and handsfor each of the two clocks. Getone of the best “clock and datewidgets” on the market, downloadClock Widget with Alarm free ofcharge and make your phone ortablet look like a device from thefuture! The best thing about our“alarm clock widget” is that youcan set a photo from your galleryto decorate each of the clockwidgets' backgrounds! Just tap the“analog watch widget” you want tocustomize, select your favoritephoto from your gallery and apply!You can “make your clock widget”look irresistible and uniquewithout any additional charges. Butthis analog watch on display isnot only stylish and elegant, it isalso very useful. Whenever yougo abroad you can set a “world clockwidget dual” and know the exacttime in you country and in thecountry you're currently in. This andmany more interestingfeatures await you in “Clock Widget withAlarm” so get the freedownload here today! It's high time youinstalled this “clockwidget different time zone” and knew the exacttime no matter inwhat country you are. You can also “make your ownclock widget” andchoose the style of hands, ticks, the informationdisplayed on thewatch face, all in a few easy steps in order tocustomize it theway you like it. You'll love combining ourpredefined cool widgetbackgrounds with your phone wallpapers andturning your smartphoneor tablet into your favorite accessory!Don't wait another second!Download one of the best free apps forphone customization andcustomize your home screen using thismultifunctional Clock Widgetwith Alarm free of charge!
Rainbow Unicorn SMS 1.5
The experience of sending text messages will now be made muchmorebeautiful with our adorable Rainbow Unicorn SMS! Finally, allyouever wanted when it comes to SMS messaging apps is packed inourcompletely free standalone app - SMS backgrounds, bubbledesigns,most amazing fonts, individual contact window design, blocklist,app lock - and many other options, all listed below. Check outwhatthis standalone message theme app with sweet rainbow unicornscanoffer, download Rainbow Unicorn SMS for free and enjoytheloveliest girly SMS in the whole world! 🌈 🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈 🌈 This isastandalone app, you can use it without installing anyadditionalapps! 🌈 Set your favorite font! 🌈 Customize conversationwindowsfor individual contacts! 🌈 Receive delivery reports! 🌈Delaymessage sending! 🌈 Lock your messages with the app lockfunction -Set a pass code to lock your SMS app! 🌈 Block list -block messagesfrom individual contacts! 🌈 Mute notification fromindividualcontacts! 🌈 Call your contact without leaving the SMSapplication!🌈 Choose an SMS message background or a conversationbubble design!🌈 🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈 Your cute default sms app is finally here!We designed acute, irresistible rainbow unicorn theme to be at thedisposal ofevery girl out there who wants change text message themecolor andmake her phone trendy and cute as a cupcake! You can alsoenjoymany other functions, like locking sms messages or settingastylish font. We believe you don't like those boring systemthemefor message background and it is high time that you changed itfornew “unicorn SMS app” which has the most beautiful themesforgirls. You can also check out cool options tocustomizeconversation windows for individual contacts or obtain apretty“unicorn theme and keyboard”. If you are looking for thebestthemes for girls phone, you are looking for Rainbow UnicornSMS!Download now and embellish your smartphone! 🌈 🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈Thisis completely a standalone app that you can use to adorn yourphonein cuteness! Our “girly text message themes” are like atruefairy-tale! We also have beautiful keyboard themes for girls ifyouneed one to match your keypad with “unicorn theme wallpaper”andhave a full pack! Download “rainbow message” sms app free andjoin“rainbow SMS themes” and a unicorn phone theme in one and havethemost beautiful SMS app of all! Block unwanted messages, turn ontheapp lock and explore all the fantastic things which we includedinRainbow Unicorn SMS! Delay sending the SMS? Done! Read thereportwhen you send it! Isn't this the best app you've seen? 🌈 🦄 🌈🦄 🌈🦄 🌈🦄 🌈 In our standalone SMS theme app you can find innumerablelistof fonts, glittering bubbles, and everything a modern girlneedsfrom a “unicorn messaging app”. Everything that you need ispresentin this free unicorn rainbow sms! Set a pink glitter cuteunicornrainbow theme and your messages will get new clothing! Whyhavingonly a rainbow on your phone, or set an “SMS unicorn”, whenyou canhave a rainbow unicorn for text messages in one! Enjoyplaying witha unicorn and typing chats on lovely message themes!“RainbowUnicorn SMS” is at your disposal!
Secret Diary with Lock for Boys 1.2.1
Here's the news for all the boys who want to keep secretstothemselves! Our latest private journal with password is here!Wepresent you Secret Diary with Lock for Boys, one of thebestwriting diaries that will keep all your important stuff awayfromthe public eye! Make daily journal entries and expressyourfeelings with bunch of new emojis. Be sure that this privatenotesapp will protect your privacy because it offers threedifferenttypes of locks: safe, pattern and pin lock. Choose betweenvariousdifferent wallpapers, stylish writing fonts and themes andmake apersonalized notebook! Download Secret Diary with Lock forBoys andlock your secrets away! Features: 📖 Make unlimited entrieseveryday! 📖 Easily create, modify or delete entries! 📖 Add photosfromyour gallery or add a mood emoji to each entry and expressyouremotions easily! 📖 Cool personal notebook app with audiorecording!📖 Quickly search entries by date or keyword! 📖 Don't skipan entry!Set a daily, weekly or monthly reminder to write! 📖 Set apin,pattern or a safe lock and keep your secrets private! 📖Thisjournal notebook is integrated with Google Drive™! 📖 Recoverymailin case you forget your password! 📖 Reset, backup &restoreyour data! 📖 Intruder photo: Activate Intruder photo featureandsee if someone tried to unlock your diary 📖 Choose a themecolor,font, paper style, first day of the week (Sunday/Monday)! 📖Choosea language: English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi,Japanese,Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Italian, Korean Ifyou wantto keep your secret safe get a free download of the“personal diarywith password for boys”! Our journal notebook app isunlike anyother “secret diaries with locks” on the market. Write incursivefont style and give your diary with pattern lock an originallook.Waste no more time, install Secret Diary with Lock for Boysand beassured that it won’t give your secrets away! This is one ofthebest secret diary books for boys with lock that willkeepeverything you write in a safe place. Our secret keeper apphasvarious security systems. Make daily entries and spice upyourstory by adding some cool photos in your “daily journalwithpictures”. Download “Secret Diary with Lock for Boys” freeofcharge and keep all your thoughts and memories in one place!Thebest journaling app is finally here! We offer you a “diary thatyoucan write in” everything you want and be sure that it is safe.Thisprivate notebook with lock will reveal its contents only ifyouenter password to unlock it. Use various stylish fonts forwritingand highlight your mood and feelings for a specific datewith cuteemojis and emoticons. Note important dates and events withthelatest journal that locks itself after use. Download SecretDiarywith Lock for Boys and share all the secrets with your newbestfriend! * Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use ofthistrademark is subject to Google Permissions.
Dragon Zipper Screen Locker 2.2
Let a legendary creature guard your phone from enemiesandintruders! Meet his majesty Dragon Zipper Screen Locker, thekingamong all ice and fire dragons and the best app on the market.Thisis an amazing decoration for your favorite mobile device and atthesame time serves as the best security app you can find. If youarea fire dragon lover then surely you'll want to decorate yourhomedisplay with these legendary fire-spewing creatures of yore.Zipand unzip your phone and feel secure because the king of dragonsisthe guardian of your privacy! Download Dragon Zipper ScreenLockerfree of charge! How to set this cool lock screen wallpapersforboys 😎: - First open the application - Then check the 'enablelockscreen' box - You can check the 'enable pin lock' box and setyourpassword if you need extra security - Enjoy your zip lockerforboys! Features: - Choose cool images for your background! - Youcancreate your ideal zipper by choosing among several typesandcolors! - Choose the pendant to add a personal note! - Set thezipvertically or horizontally – that's just another great thingaboutthis phone locker! - Set the battery, time and date indifferentformats over the fire and ice dragon wallpaper for lockscreen forboys! - Show or hide missed call and new messagenotifications! -Check the preview to make sure you like yoursettings! Pull thezipper from the bottom or from left to right tounlock the phoneand the zipper lock screen with password canprotect your deviceeven more. Just enter the pin that is known onlyby you and restassured that your privacy is perfectly safe. It is aquick, simpleand easy way to lock and unlock your phone and at thesame time youwill have a cool “fire dragon lock screen” backgroundon yourdisplay. Download the newest “Dragon Zipper Screen Locker”and turnyour smartphone or tablet into a powerful machine that willtakeyou into another dimension! Meet a mythical creature fromlegendsin this extraordinary “lock screen fantasy”! Dragonsrepresentpower and flames and they will take care of your phonesecuritywhenever you are not around. With the best “zip lock screenforboys” you will travel into the world of fairy tales andpowerfulreptiles that spit fire. Get this app and explore allitssensational features! Choose your favorite dragon livewallpaperlock screen, adjust the time and date format and getnotificationson your display. When you customize your phone, tappreview buttonto see how your “lock screen wallpaper fire dragon”looks like. Weguarantee that Dragon Zipper Screen Locker will giveyou satisfyingresults so get the free download here! Adorn yourdisplay withawesome dragon images that will protect your privacyand phone. Youcan even change the style of the zipper, its positionand itspendant and thus make your own lock. Browse through thelatestcollection of themes that we have created just for you andpick theone you like. Everything is possible so do not think twicebuthurry and download Dragon Zipper Screen Locker free ofchargetoday!
Dark Theme Dialer 1.8
You are bored with your old phone dialer keypad? You want tomakeyour smartphone or tablet more sophisticated and one of akind?Make your phone dialer theme and caller theme lookirresistiblewith Dark Theme Dialer! Personalize your phone and makeit fancyand stylish with this brand new personalization app. Aneverydayactivity like calling your friends and family can now beeven morefun when you have the best caller theme style in dark,mysteriouscolors which will give your mobile device a touch ofelegancy.Every time you take your smartphone to call somebody,thissophisticated call dialer keyboard will be there to makeeverythingeasier. Come on, grab your mobile and get this standaloneapp,download Dark Theme Dialer for free and customize your phonelike apro! Features: → Personalize your dialer – choose adialerbackground and a dialpad theme, font and caller animationimage! →Type partial number to get relevant search results fromyourdialer! → Call blocker - block unwanted calls! → Slide acontact toleft to call or send a message directly! → Favorites -quickly callyour favorite contacts! → Personalize a caller screenforindividual contacts! → Speed dial – press and hold thekeypadnumber to assign/call a contact! → This is a standalone app,youcan use it without installing any additional apps! Boredwithdefault mobile caller theme? You want a new contact listbackgroundand awesome dialing phone number keypad themes? Don'tworry, we'vegot you covered! Now you don't have to be stuck withthe old callerkeypad because now you can have a beautiful andelegant “numberdialer call keypad skin” that will make you say wowevery time youtake out your smartphone or tablet to callsomeone.This is not onlya “phone number dialer call keypad withsound” and vibration, whichyou can choose to turn on and off, butit is also a “call blockerblacklist app” so you can easily blockany unwanted calls and bebothered no more. These are only a fewcool options our call dialerand receiver app has. Download DarkTheme Dialer free of charge andfind out about other things we haveto offer. Customize your dialerscreen display using only thecoolest “call dialer keyboard” on themarket! If you want to makeyour mobile device look moreprofessional then you definitely needto customize your keyboardfor calling and try several cool dark andblack themes. Moreover,our “phone number dialer keyboard” offersyou the possibility toeasily search through your mobile contactlist: just type partialnumber and you'll get all the relevantsearch results from your newphone book style contact list. Use ournumber keyboard and call acontact by sliding to the left or send amessage directly from thisnew “name and number contact list app”.You're still reading? Whatare you waiting for? Download Dark ThemeDialer free of charge now!Personalizing one's mobile phone is verytrendy and now we've founda new way to easily customize your deviceand design “phone keypaddialer themes free” of charge. You canchange each “caller displaytheme” and personalize a caller screenfor individual contacts oryou can quickly call your favoritecontacts by setting a speed dialon you “new phone dial callkeypad”. Once you have installed thiscall keyboard app you won'tneed any other similar new look callerdisplay theme apps 'causethis is a standalone app. You candownload “Dark Theme Dialer” todayand customize your smartphone ortablet the way you've always wantedfor free!
Fluid Simulation Wallpaper 2.3
Fluid Simulation Wallpaper is one of the best customization appswhich brings cool features such as moving colors, background thatmoves and much more. Enjoy color touch using a set of interactivebackgrounds free and absolutely astonishing. These are a group oftouch effect wallpaper that you need on your smartphone. Get a newlook for phone and watch as everybody gets surprised when they seeyour interactive home screen with wallpapers and backgrounds thatmove. Download Fluid Simulation Wallpaper right now and you’ll geta wallpaper that you can play with and never get bored. **** Liveinteractive backgrounds to personalize your phone **** Customizehome screen free of charge **** Choose color that you like and makeyour magic fluid background **** Set speed **** Enjoy in theamazing experience of wallpaper moving effect If you want to knowhow to change your background so that you can have a “cool screentouch effect” then you definitely need to tap that download button.Fluid Simulation Wallpaper will bring a home screen style change ofyour dreams. Set up your new “touch wallpaper live” and choose yourown colors that will appear as touching background. This is a greatopportunity to make your phone screen background unique so downloadthe liquid wallpapers that can move when you touch them. Changecolor of screen so that it leaves everybody wondering how you gotsuch an amazing touch screen background. Fluid Simulation Wallpaperis unlike any other phone personalization apps you’ve ever used.You finally have that colorful fluids simulation style that you’vealways wanted. Our liquid fluid wallpaper will make your phone lookcool thanks to its awesome color touch screen effect. Download yourglowing background now and have fun. Equip your device with aliquid live wallpaper that is fun and completely free. Change yourscreen on your phone using one of the coolest phone customizationapps which contains a “wallpaper that moves when you touch it” andyour favorite “fluid background”. If you like colorful livewallpapers with touch effect, then these backgrounds for your phonethat move are the right choice for you. Download “Fluid SimulationWallpaper” to experience the color touch glow on your device.
My Photo Keyboard with Emoji 6.24
Customize your phone or tablet and get my picture keypad changer
Storm Animated Keyboard 1.0.4
Try this thunderstorm keyboard lightning app and enjoy your livekeyboards
Glitter Diary for Girls 1.2.10
Note taking glitter diary with lock for girls and private journalwith reminder
Cute Launcher for Girls 1.5
Beautiful launcher themes with live wallpapers and backgrounds& cute icons pack