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burger cashier game 2 3.0
burger cashier game, lets you to sell in the hamburger store. newice cream cones and onion rings. give the customer his selectburgers and ice creams, run the cash register. dress up the cashiergirl, help her to get ready for her shift. quickly! serve customerswithin time limit. collect points to unlock the new delicious adds.
fake call Halloween game 5.0
fake call Halloween game. answer the call to hear pumpkin talking.caller name and number. image and sound. fake phone call withringtone. select Halloween pictures and funny sounds. you canchange the caller name and number. simulate incoming call from apumpkin.
home cleaning game 7.0
clean rooms in the home. bedroom, living room and kitchen. clean upwhat needed. use soap, broom and towel. freestyle room designoption. features: - game by instructions. - variety of rooms.
ATM cash and money simulator game 2 7.0
ATM cash and money simulator game 2. take out money from the cashmachine. credit card and code. use the credit card to get cash.make dollar bills at the factory.
couple honeymoon game 3.0
take newlyweds couple to Honeymoon vacation. prepare the husbandand wife. give rings and confetti at wedding ceremony. girl makeupand dress. beach items: bikini swimsuit, glasses and hat. buy icecream and drinks in the beach store. park the airplane at theairport.
ATM learning simulation game 3.0
atm learning simulation game, learn how to use an ATM machine totake out money with new graphics and icons. help the man or girl inthe bank. get credit card and code. use the credit card to getcash. buy with the credit card in the stores: clothes store or toystore.
pregnancy wedding game 5.0
wedding ceremony with groom and a pregnant bride. put tie, ringsand bride dress.
man hair cut and beard game 3.0
hair cut to men. shave beard. clean and wash. use trimmer andshaver machine.
Tailor Wedding Pregnancy Dress Game 5.0
tailor wedding pregnancy dress game. make wedding dress forapregnant bride!
fake call video mermaid game 5.0
fake call video mermaid game. answer for video call withmermaidtalking. caller name and number. image, video and sound.fake phonecall with ringtone. select mermaid picture and funnysound. you canchange the caller name and number. simulate incomingcall frommermaid.
fake call video princess game 3.0
fake call video princess game. answer for video call withprincesstalking. caller name and number. image, video and sound.fake phonecall with ringtone. select princess picture and funnysound. youcan change the caller name and number. simulate incomingcall fromprincess.
Pregnancy Shopping Money Game 3.0
pregnancy shopping money game. shopping and dress up withpregnantmommy. cash register, accessories shop and stand.
ghost fake video call game 9.0
ghost fake video call game. caller name and number. image, videoandsound. fake video call with phone ringtone. select ghostpicturefrom image gallery and funny sound. you can change thecaller nameand number.
clothes tailor game 2 3.0
clothes tailor game 2. buy products, sew fabrics and makeclothes.put lipstick, perfume. buy in accessories store: necklace,shoes,hat and glasses. sew the clothes according to the draft.arrangethe items: the correct shapes in the closet in the rightplace.
fake call dinosaur game
fake call dinosaur game. dinosaur talking hello.
fake call princess game
fake call princess game. hello from princess. fake phone call fromprincess.
happy birthday fake call game
happy birthday fake call game. birthday pictures and sounds. cakeand balloon.
fake call cat game
fake call cat game. meow sounds. kitten and cat pictures.
fake call horse game care
fake call horse game care. take care of horse in the farm.
laughing sounds fake call game
laughing sounds fake call game. laughing sounds and smiley picture.
fake call pizza game
fake call pizza game. phone call game. hello voice of pizzeria.
money claw machine
money claw machine game. collect the money.
fake call burger game
fake call burger game. hello burger call game. making hamburger.
ATM cash money simulator game
ATM cash and money simulator game. ATM machine to take out money.
fake laser flashlight
fake laser flashlight allow you to use your flashlight.
fake call dog game
fake call dog game. dogs and puppy. sounds and pictures.
fake call unicorn game
fake call unicorn game. unicorn sounds and pictures.
food store cash register
food store cash register, help customer at supermarket ,run thecash register
fake incoming call pet game
fake incoming call pet game. parrot, cat and dog.
fake call video Christmas game
fake call video Christmas game. answer for video call with Santatalking.
ice cream cashier game 2
sell sweets in the store. new ice cream cones and cakes.
fake call Christmas game
fake call Christmas game. Christmas sound and picture.
fake call video cat 2 game
fake call video cat 2 game. simulate fake video call with cattalking.
fake call and sms cake game
fake call and sms cake game. cooking cake with fake call and sms.
unicorn fake video call game
fake call video unicorn game. video phone call with unicorntalking.
pizza cashier game 2
sell in the pizza store. run the cash register.
clothes tailor game
make clothes, buy products and dress up.