Ninja Dash 3D 0.0.44
Help the gamer girl in her war against the hotdogs! 🌭 Slice&Dice some HotDog Guys 🌭 Satisfying gameplay with NEW slowmotionfeature 🌭 Dash your way to WIN 🌭 Unlock new weapons 🌭 Unlocknewskins
Laser Blast 3D
Blast alien spaceships with their own laser shots! 🛸 Useyourlightsaber to fight aliens! 🛸 Save your spaceship fromincomingattacks! 🛸 Reflect laser beams and beat the aliens withtheir ownweapons! 🛸 Discover various alien spaceships and bossesHow longcan you survive in space?
Protect the Girl! 10
You have seen that kind of gameplay many times - HERE YOUFINALLYGO! ★ Her fate is in YOUR hands! Choose wisely and protectourheroine! ★ Test yourself! Only above average IQs can save herfromALL evil! ★ Relaxing & tricky gameplay!
Omimo - Idle Tap Adventure 0.2.30
New Idle Tap Adventure Game - Your pocket RPG with lots ofcutecharacters! Omimo will entertain you for weeks: ★ Explore 10worldswith huge amounts of iconic monsters ★ Tap until you drop!Yourfate lies in your own hands. ★ Create your own unique armyandrecruit new heroes! ★ Loot handcrafted items to increaseyourheroes' power! ★ Fuse items to strengthen your equipment! Wearecontinuously developing new features, so stay tuned!
Animal King 0.1.61
* Build your very own zoo * Explore the island * Collectcuteanimals * Become the Animal King
Plug Head 2.9.3
🔌 Plug your head into ANYTHING 🌎🔌 🔌 As long as you connect, you getthe respect 👑 🔌 Beat other player's by being the smarter Plugger 💡🔌 Multitask? More like multiPLUG ✖️🔌
Cat Escape
Escape the guards and solve tricky puzzles!
Fidget Race 0.1.8
Satisfy your brain by popping fidgets! Will you be fast enoughtoreach our Diamond league?
Hook 'em all!
Get those hot hooks in! Fish for your life!
Tape it! 0.1.2
Are you smart enough to tape all of the holes in time?
Freeze Tag 0.2.12
🔥 or 🧊 - your choice! 🔥 Boost around and escape the ice king 🥶🔥Light all candles 🕯️ using your fire spirit 🔥 Unfreeze teammatesand win together! 🧊 Unleash huge ice blasts ❄️ to freezefirepeople 🧊 Use the king's frosty breath to hunt the enemy teamdown!🧊 Create your own strategy and make sure ice dominates! 😤
Switch Racer 0.3.0
This is an amazing race game :) 0.9.3
EAT 🍖 GET FAT 🍔 KILL ENEMIES 💥 REPEAT 🔁 The more you eatthestronger you become! May the fattest person win 🏆
Tape Puzzle 3.1
Are you saving the hot guy 💁🏼‍♂️ or rather the helpless girl 🙋🏽 ?We promise HUNDREDS of funny and difficult levels! Can you TAPEthem all?
Idle Speed Race 0.8.1
Increase your speed while racing in various vehicles. Collect coinseven when you're off your phone.
Fall Break 1.0.1
Zoologic 0.25
Merge animals and win battles!
Ragdoll Smasher 0.9
Smash all ragdoll enemies that come your way and see how far theyfly from your punches! Become a real ragdoll fighter and prove whothe ragdoll hero is here! Ragdoll Smasher is an exciting anddynamic game that will relax and amuse you along with your ragdollenemies. You have a bat, and the enemies want to stop you. Who willwin this fight and become a ragdoll ninja? How to play: - Controlthe bat to beat the ragdoll fighters, scatter them on your way tothe finish line! - Collect keys, coins, open chests and new skinsfor your bat and gloves! - Destroy explosive barrels, smash windowsand set traps against ragdoll enemies! Features: - simpleone-finger control - fun and relaxing fight with ragdoll stickmen -bright and stylish 3D graphics along with smooth physics -interesting levels with new ragdoll fighters and bosses - funnyskins (you can take a frying pan!) Have fun playing RagdollSmasher!
Trade Island
Get in to your ship and discover islands! Control thecharacter,collect the resources. Clear the island, and go back toyour islandto improve and build! Fight with other players andinvade theirislands. There will be friendship, also competition!Don't trustanyone in "Trade Island" World!
Octopus Escape 3.9
Are you the next octopus master mind? 🐙 🧠 - Possess humans, aliensor animals to control their brains 🧠 - Solve tricky & funpuzzles that will make you smarter in life 💡 - Control lasers todestroy anything in your way 💥