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Clash Of Gods 1.3.1
In Clash of Gods, harness the power of theancient gods to lead you and your army to victory against yourchallengers! Battles of this scale have never before been seen on amobile device!You are the hero of the realms. Engage in an epic adventurefilled with humor, betrayal, rivals and a Hero in the making.Featuring the most powerful heroes and gods in all mythology,call upon the awesome powers of Thor, mighty Zeus, beautiful Athenaand Amun-Ra to aid you in glorious combat. Harness Thor’s lightningto victory or destroy your enemies with Tiamat’s fiery breath.Explore the vast 3D world as the player travels from the Norsecapital of Roskilde to the Egyptian Tombs and across the globe tothe mystical Greek Garden.Clash of Gods boasts jaw dropping graphics, innovative gameplay,and a truly epic story. Collect powerful cards from hundreds offamous gods and heroes. Upgrade your troops: unstoppable cavalry,valiant infantry, and deadly archers. Strategize your troopformations and discover the best combinations of cards, weapons,allies, and skills to win. You are not alone. Play with or againstlive players from all over the world.FEATURES• GORGEOUSLY rendered 3D graphics!• ENGAGE in epic warfare between massive armies• HARNESS the awesome power of the gods in battle• COLLECT from hundreds of cards of mythology’s most famous godsand heroes: Thor, Athena, Odin, Osiris, Medusa, Hercules, and manymore• DISCOVER thousands of weapons, magic, and hero upgrades• In PVE mode, embark on an epic QUEST with High Chief Olek andbeautiful shield maiden Inger to save the realms• In PVP mode, DEFEAT your Challengers and pillage theirtemples• BUILD or JOIN a guild of friends from around the world• FIGHT against a horde of enemies in challenging specialevents!• WIN by using the best cards with the most skillful tacticsPlay ‘CLASH OF GODS’ for FREE in the most beautiful, excitingand addictively fun strategy card game on Google Play today!Contact with Clash Of Gods!Published by: Teebik-IncFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/tbclashofgodsCustomer Service: [email protected]