SolidsoftXa Apps

Blackjack Classic 1.02
Feel the rush of a real Vegas casino with thisbeautiful game of BlackJack, or use it to practice so you can breakthe bank in real life! Whoever you are - a professional gambler orjust a first-time player, here you will find everything for theperfect pastime: outstanding design, realistic game logic,different play modes and much more.
Battle Baseball 1.03
Baseball forever!!! Again and again poor pandas have to defendtheirhome in the cruel fight against the impertinent ninjas. Andthe onlyweapon they have is… the baseball bat. No sooner had thepandasrelaxed after another battle than the intolerable ninjasstrikeanother blow! And at this time they built a solid shelterwith adeep underpass where better armed and equipped ninjas runout of.But nothing of the kind! Daddy - Panda stands in their wayto closethe door to his home. His weapon is fear for the familyand thebaseball bat. Using baseball bat he hit the running ninjastrying todestroy this very shelter in limited time. And you arethe onlyperson who can help pandas to defend their homeland fromevilinvaders!
Fox and Geese Free 1.03
ATTENTION: Dive in this extremly exciting game with ethnicalsounds,feel the spirit of ancient times! This game is known since14thcentury. It probably originated in Scandinavia, as a variantofTafl. In the English-speaking world a simplified version isknown asFox and Geese. Just remind you the classic rules: thegeese win ifthey surround the fox so that it cannot move and thefox wins whenonly 4 geese remain.