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Smule: Social Karaoke Singing 8.4.9
Sing karaoke with a community of music lovers over 50M+ strong!Choose from a massive library of hits and sing along a capella,duet, or in a group performance with whatever song matches yourmood. From slow love songs to upbeat power pop, Smule offers agenre and style for everyone! Looking to sing along with today’shottest stars? Smule offers duet options where you sing alongsideyour favorite singers like Demi Lovato and Jason Derulo too! Usehigh-quality studio effects to enhance your singing and highlightyour performance. Download now and start singing free! FEATURESSing karaoke free with over 10 million+ songs across multiplegenres Record solo, duet, group, or a capella Sing karaoke duetswith celebs like Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Luis Fonsi, DemiLovato, & more Sing along with Disney characters from Frozen,Moana, Little Mermaid & more Add audio + visual effects withpre-made Styles or use the Style Studio app to make your own Giftshelp you give back to your favorite performances & showcommunity support Automatic pitch correction (autotune) complementsand polishes your singing voice Sing Live lets you sing and performLIVE with friends and other music lovers around the world Recordyour songs with vocals and then video to make your own music videoPractice & improve your singing with as many retakes as youwant Over 50M+ singers and music lovers in the global Smulecommunity Share your talent and passion for singing with yourfriends + family on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. LET'S MUSIC TOGETHER™ With new songs addeddaily, you’ll find your fave songs and karaoke hits. Choose from akaraoke songbook of Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country,Latin, K-pop and more! SING POP HITS & BALLADS * Despacito -Luis Fonsi * Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur * Shape of You -Ed Sheeran SING NEW CLASSICS & KARAOKE ESSENTIALS * Killing MeSoftly - The Fugees * I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor * Happy -Pharrell Williams SING MUSICALS & SOUNDTRACKS * Beauty and theBeast - Beauty and the Beast (Disney) * Part of Your World - TheLittle Mermaid (Disney) * Let It Go - Idina Menzel (Frozen byDisney) Fave karaoke song missing? Upload hit songs and music tothe Songbook THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™ We believe music is more thanjust listening—it's a way to create, share, discover, and connectwith others. It’s the original social network with the power tobreak down barriers, touch souls and bring together people from allover the world. Join our global community of music lovers. Singkaraoke or a cappella! Get discovered and grow your audience!Connect to Facebook to make music with your friends! Try it free.FIND YOUR VOICE Every genre and type of singer is welcome at Smule.We need your unique voice! Use mic effects and video edits toautotune, add reverb and smooth over imperfections. If you lovekaraoke, singing along to radio songs, a cappella in the shower,dream of singing duets with pop stars, or simply love music—try itfree now! FOLLOW US and keep up with new major artists and featuredsingers on Smule Havequestions? This app hasbeen Superpowered
AutoRap by Smule: Record rap over beats w/vocal FX 3.0.9
With AutoRap you always have a platform to share your rapsandrhymes. Duplicate your favorite rap album with your voice orusetop beats to make something all your own. Choose from over5000+beats by top artists like Cardi B, Post Malone, Drake, EminemandDr.Dre, our own AutoRap "Originals" or numerous communityuploadedbeats by other rappers and producers. Share your raps withfriends,build your audience, and enjoy competing with creators justlikeyou. Create unique raps in just a few taps Create a rap trackinjust a few easy steps. Just choose your beat and go for it–AutoRap provides high-quality audio for your recordings andmakethem sound smooth and polished. Try AutoRap forinstantpitch-correction fun Just speak into your phone’s microphoneandlisten as AutoRap morphs your speech into a unique rapwithpitch-correction and a beat-matching flow. Practice andimproveyour flow with a variety of beats Choose from a largelibrary ofinstrumental beats— from all-time classics to the newestandhottest hip hop & RnB hits. Or, check out somethingtotallyunique from community-uploaded beats. We add new beats tothesongbook 3 times per week so there’s always something new totryout. Meet and compete against other rappers Rapping doesn’t havetobe solo. Join the AutoRap community and get inspired byothercreators with the same passion. Share your raps, meet newpeople,and make a name for yourself with every rhyme. Take onchallengesfrom other rappers or create one of your own. Once youcomplete achallenge, AutoRap blends the rap-offs into a singletrack for adirect comparison of your unique styles. Bring your ownbeats tocreate original rhymes Have an original beat of your own?Upload itto AutoRap to seamlessly lay your verses on top. You canevenencourage other rappers from the community to try it out andcreatesomething with your beat. Hundreds of other producers arealreadyon the app collaborating on new beats. Share your raps andgrowyour audience Rap your truth and share what matters to you.Whetheryou have a lot to say or don’t know where to begin, yourstorymatters. Share your recordings on social media so your friendscansee and support your rhymes. Invite others to join and try anewway to create and have fun. Features: -Mobile recordingstudio:Easily record a rap song in minutes, regardless of skilllevel-Lenses: Level up your rap recordings with audio and videoeffectsmade for self-expression -FREE Beats and Instrumentals:Choose fromover 5000+ beats from top artists, AutoRap Originals andcommunityproducers. -Freestyle: Practice and improve your freestyleversesand show off your rap skills -Share on social: Promote yoursongson Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and more -Community:Jointhousands of other rappers and link up with inspirationalcreators-Rap Battles: Showcase your skills and compete withcreators in thecommunity -Bring Beats: Upload your own beat orexplore what othershave created -Leaderboards: See top tracks fromthe community andgrow your following through contests andchallenges -Remix:Recreate your rap using different beats-Subscribe to VIP -Subscribe and get access to all features,unlimited storage and VIPprofile badge! - Read our privacy policyat - Read our terms of useat Download now and showtheworld what it’s been missing.
Magic Piano by Smule 3.0.9
From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs! Relax yoursoulwith beautiful sounds of piano while playing your favoritetunes onoriginal #1 piano rhythm game. Featured by TIME, New YorkTimes andGoogle Play Best Apps 2014. Features - New hits addeddaily - 1000+hits across genres - Adjustable difficulty level -Rhythm and tempocontrol - recreate the music! - Sing! Jam - playalong to featuredartist's vocals - Create your own music with ourComposer. Find itin the main menu! Current most popular songs (allgenres): ** LetIt Go - Disney's Frozen ** All of Me - John Legend** On Top of theWorld - Imagine Dragons ** Counting Stars - OneRepublic ** Cups -Anna Kendrick ** I'll Make Love To You - Boyz IIMen ** Photograph- Ed Sheeran ** Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko **Bubbly - ColbieCaillat ** What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction** Moves LikeJagger - Maroon 5 ** Eye of the Tiger - Survivor **The Magic Flute- Mozart ** Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven Want a songthat's notavailable? Suggest songs on Smule’s PICK UP AND PLAY EFFORTLESSLY MagicPianomakes you sound like a piano prodigy - any time, anywhere.Playyour favorite songs with your own spin and sound great everytime.-Follow beams of light to guide your fingertips to thecorrectnote. You control the notes, rhythm and tempo, allowingyourcreativity and expressivity to shine. CONNECTING THE WORLDTHROUGHMUSIC™- SHARE YOUR PERFORMANCES -Broadcast your performanceson thein-app Smule Globe or listen to other players’ songs and givetheirperformances some love. -Share your pieces throughFacebook,Twitter and email. note: 1) While you can use yourexisting Smule account withMagic Piano on Android, the content ofthe apps differsubstantially, and consequently songs and Smoola arenot sharedbetween iOS and Android. Thank you for yourunderstanding. 2) Weunfortunately no longer support Android devicesrunning an AndroidOS lower than 4.1. We apologize for theinconvenience. Havequestions on a particularpermission?
Style Studio by Smule 1.1.3
Unlock your creativity with Style Studio and create one-of-a-kindaudio and video Styles to use in Smule, the social karaoke singingapp! Use Style Studio to create Styles, or customizable templatesmade up of fun audio and visual effects that are applied based onsong structure. Song structure is how a song is organized. Songsfrom the Smule Songbook are pre-segmented so you can easily applyeffects to any or all of the segments of a song, like the intro,chorus, or bridge! When you create a Style, you’re defining yourunique look and sound that can be applied to any song while yourecord in Smule. Download Style Studio now and create a customStyle for your next Smule performance! App Requirements: StyleStudio is a companion app to Smule, the social karaoke singing app.Use the Styles you create in Style Studio when you sing in Smule toset your performances apart. Features Hundreds of customizableaudio & video effects to bring your creative vision to life!Add unique effects to each song segment: intro, verse, pre-chorus,chorus, bridge, and outro or apply one effect to multiplesegments—you’re the producer! Create, change, and publish as manyStyles as you want. Get inspired by Styles created by othercommunity members. Adjust any Styles in the Style Studio app to fityour look and sound! Use Styles on any recording in the Smule appPublish your Style creations and share with other Smule singers fortheir recordings Define your sound instantly with audio effectslike grunge, super pop, indie, opera, and more! Use layouts andtransitions to highlight epic moments in your performance Blur,blend, and add contrast with different lens choices. Use videoeffects to create bursts of energy for the big moments in yourperformance, with fireworks, streaks of light, flashing neonsymbols, and much more. How it works Download the FREE Style Studioapp Play with the pre-loaded performance, or choose anotherperformance to help find what works for YOU Add the audio &video effects of your choice to some or all of the song segmentsWhen you’re finished, publish your new Style and share it with theSmule community Open your Smule app and use your new Style in Smulefor your solo, duet, and group recordings Download the FREE StyleStudio app NOW to create your first Style and share your creativitywith the world! Smule is a social singing app with a global karaokecommunity of music lovers over 50M+ strong! Choose from 10 million+songs and sing solo, duet, or in a group performance. Sing withtoday’s hottest stars like Demi Lovato and Jason Derulo! Usehigh-quality studio effects to enhance your singing and highlightyour performance.