Skype Apps

Skype Room Systems Beta 0.1 3.0.15239.3
Polycom Roundtable 100 is a meeting roomdevice that Microsoft and Polycom are jointly building. This app isthe mobile companion app which serves as your remote control forthe Polycom Roundtable 100 device. The device is not in marketright now, and is under testing. You need a Skype for Businessaccount, and the device to be able to use this app.For more information: note this is not the app if you want to Skype forBusiness/Lync on your Android phone.If you’re looking for the core Lync 2013 / Skype for BusinessAndroid application, you can find it on the Play Store here:
Skype WiFi
With Skype WiFi you can get online at over 2million public WiFi hotspots worldwide at the touch of a button.Here’s how:1. Simply connect to any supported public WiFi hotspot.2. Open the Skype WiFi app and tap the big green Connectbutton…3. Ta-da! You’re now connected to the internet (wasn’t thateasy?).You’re now free to browse the web, check your email or enjoyfree calls and messages to all your friends and family with theSkype app – remember, it’s a different app to the Skype WiFi one.;)Features:• Pay only for the minutes you use and avoid those expensiveall-day internet passes.• No matter what hotspot you’re connected to, pay using your SkypeCredit so you never have to fill out another complicated sign upform.• And so there’s no unexpected surprises, Skype WiFi willautomatically disconnect after 30 minutes in case you forget todisconnect.System requirements:• Android device running Android 2.2 or newer• WiFi connection to compatible network• Skype Account or Microsoft account• Skype Credit in your accountSkype WiFi is provided by 3rd party WiFi operators around theworld.
Skype Qik: Group Video Chat
Introducing Skype Qik (say “quick”), a free*video messenger made for capturing moments and sharing laughsthroughout your day. Set up a group and immediately start shootingand swapping videos. Send something to crack your friends up, orshow off a new dance move—whatever you want. New messages are addedto a chat that you can watch like a movie with a single tap. Qikeven lets you erase your video right out of the chat.**Don’t just send just text or photos. Go full-video with Qik.What can you do with Qik?• Create groups in a flash: grab a bunch of friends from yourphone’s address book and start a private chat.• Pre-record and send video clips (Qik Fliks): can’t respond rightaway? Thumbs-ups, smileys and more, starring you.• Erase your message and it disappears from theconversation.**• Keep it fresh—messages are automatically erased from Qik aftertwo weeks.• Start a conversation any time—no login, usernames, or passwordsneeded.* Mobile data rates may apply.. We recommend using an unlimiteddata plan or WiFi connection.** It may be possible for recipients to capture and save videoselsewhere before you delete them from Qik.
Skype - free IM & video calls
The Skype you know and love has an all-newdesign, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways tostay connected with the people you care about most.What can I do with Skype?• Messaging made awesome: More than just text. Send photos, videos,voice messages, emoticons, Mojis and more. You canalso respond to any message from your contactswith reactions.• Supercharge your chats with Add-Ins**: No more switching back andforth between apps. Easily share content using Add-Ins withoutleaving Skype.• Great for groups: Add your favorite people andstart chatting. Use groups to plan together, play together, forstaying in touch or just for hanging out.• Call everyone - Skype, mobiles andlandlines: Free* video and voice calls make it easier tostay connected with friends and family. You’ll also enjoy lowcalling rates to mobiles and landlines worldwide withSkype. • Never miss a moment with quick capture: Quickly swipe tocapture photos and videos. Make them your own by adding emoticons,stickers and annotations.• Share Highlights: Keep others updated with Highlights fromyour day. React to any highlights with awesome emoticons or send aprivate message about that highlight. Your highlights only stayvisible for 7 days to your followers.*Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. Werecommend using an unlimited data planor WiFi connection.** Add-In availability will vary by country.We’re gradually bringing the next generation of Skype toeveryone.If you don’t see the update yet, don’t worry, it’ll be coming verysoon.Learn more about the new design and features in the Skype Blog: to the new Skype may result in the deletion of contentfrom older conversations.To save photos and videos that were previously sent or received inan older version of Skype, save that content to your cameraroll/photo gallery before upgrading to the new Skype.
Skype Lite - Free Video Call & Chat
Skype Lite is the new Skype built for India to meet your dailymessaging and video communication needs. It is small, fast, andcapable. It lets you send free text messages and make voice &video calls even under limited network conditions. Skype Lite willalways help you stay connected with your friends and family. Whatcan I do with Skype Lite? Skype Lite is designed for the Indiamarket with new and integrated features, such as support for SMS,native phone contacts and calls, data usage tracking, India focusedSkype Bots to help our users be more productive, in addition tomany FREE Skype features like free messaging, audio and videocalls, you already know and love! Skype Lite is lightweight, quickto download and runs fast on most popular Android devices. It isbuilt with the latest Skype technology to perform well - even underlimited network connections and help you save money with datasaving features for video call. Things you can do with Skype Litenow: • Free voice or video calls with anyone on Skype • Free voiceor video group calling • Chat with your friends and family viaSkype for free • Never miss important information or date with SMSInsights • Reduced data consumption for Skype video calls • Knowyour data usage in the app any time for messaging and video usage.• Share photos, emoticons, phone screen and files (up to 300 MB) •Explore the world of Skype Bots • Free calling from India toUS/Canada landlines and mobiles. Excludes special, premium service& non-geographic numbers. Internet and/or mobile fees mayapply. See full terms. We are continuously working to improve andenrich your messaging & video calling experience with SkypeLite. Please give us feedback at [email protected] tohelp shape the future of Skype! Skype Group Calling Skype is allabout bringing people together, so whether it’s face-to-face over agroup video call. Available to all Skype Lite users across India,Group Video Calling allows anyone to join the group video or audiocall on Skype Lite – all for free. Connecting is easy. Simply tapon the call tab on Skype Lite, and start the group call with yourfriends on Skype Lite. You can also share a Skype Lite group calllink with your friends on popular social apps like WhatsApp,Facebook Messenger or SMS, and invite them to join the call. Don’thave a Skype account? Forgot your password? Not a problem! Anyonewho receives the group video call link from you can join the callas a guest on Skype Lite right away by providing a name, withoutthe need to sign up or sign into a Skype account any more . What isSMS Insights? SMS Insights is designed to intelligently pullrelevant information from your SMS messages and present it at aglance in smart categories such as financial, appointments ortravel. Behind the scenes, Microsoft uses machine learning modelsto classify and extract relevant information from SMS on yourphones. These models are run locally on your phones and completelyautomated. What are the key user benefits of SMS Insights? Usingyour most recent SMS messages, SMS Insights enables you to: • Keeptrack of appointments • Check your bank and wallet balance • Trackthe delivery status of online purchases across providers • Reviewand pay bills • Check flight status and check-in for your flight •Check train and PNR status • Organize discounts that retailers havesent you via SMS
Skype Preview (Unreleased)
By downloading Skype Preview, you’ll gainearly access to our newest — and coolest — features. Of course,while you’re having fun, know that this is a work in progress, sowe’ll be hoping to get your vital feedback as we add newenhancements and features. Simply click the heart icon on the mainscreen, and you will be able to send your comments to our team,helping us shape the future of Skype.