Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals 1.3.9
■ Game Introduction "Animal Hot Springs" is an idle casualmanagement game. Run your hot springs successfully to make it themost popular place ever. You can earn acorns from animals visited.Buy various bath items and upgrade the facilities with your acorns.■ Game Features - Easy, simple and idle management game that anyonecan enjoy easily - Bathing animals look so cute and adorable tolook at - Facility upgrades offering automatic acorn earning -increase the reputation of the hot springs to invite all the cuteanimals - a casual and cute animals management game - a relaxingGame ever! ■ How to play - You can earn acorns from animalvisitors. - Purchase a variety of bath goods in advance with youracorns and provide them properly. - Satisfy your animals byproviding bath goods properly and get the VIP stamps. - Variousfacilities in lounge will help you increase your reputation andearn more acorns. - Higher reputation enables you to invite morediverse animals. - Collect all the hidden animals to reach thehighest level. - The animals in the sauna give you golden acorns. -Now the sauna is open!! Invite new animals to the sauna. - Turn onthe brazier and animals will come to enjoy. - Bake food on thebrazier and animals love it! - And now you can change thebackground of the hot springs. ■ Save Data This game saves data toyour device. If you delete the game, your game progress will belost.
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