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World of Prandis 2.2.4
World of Prandis Real MMORPG : Non Auto Play! Enjoy MMORPG withusers all over the world! It is recommended for these people. Ifyou dislike mass production type automatic game. If you like freegames like PC MMORPG. If you like to jump in the game. If you likecontrol to attack while moving If you like PVP If you like to studycharacter and equipment settings If you like games that have beenupdated for years If you like to explore while flying in a vastworld The Priest class has been added. It is a divine priesthoodblessed by God. Heal wounded soldiers and protect friendlysoldiers. Faith Stance Equip a One-Handed Cross and Holy Water, andheal the ally with God's blessing. Repentance Stance Equip aTwo-Handed Cross and kill the enemy with the power of God.-------------------------------------------------- Let's join withall the users from all over the world (Supporting 20 languages)Female VS Male, The Winner? You become one of the two camps ofFemina (Female) or Virr (Male). You can fly freely in 100% openworld that was not seen in the existing game. If you are tired ofmass-produced auto games, enjoy PC MMORPG on your mobile! Auctionhouse or 1: 1 trade is possible. In the world, opponent camps andfree field wars are possible. Virr (male) VS Femina (female) Youcan choose 7 classes from 2 camps. (Warrior, Paladin, Hunter,Assassin, Mage, Warlock, Priest) Various expertise such ascollecting, mining, cooking, fishing, making, alchemy, and tradingDungeon, Raid, Arena, Battlefield, Field Reid Boss, Coliseum, etc.are available. Now, grow your own character and show off yourstrength! Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OryugenWoP/https://www.facebook.com/groups/768239640024780/