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Top Eleven 2017 - Be a Soccer Manager 10.9.2
Join over 150 million players worldwide tobecome the best soccer manager with the unbeatable excitement ofTop Eleven! Run your own soccer team - apply Mourinho’s besttactics, use his brilliant line-up or create your own strategies tobeat the competition.Play Top Eleven and experience all the excitement of managing areal soccer clubTop Eleven is the most-played online soccer manager game - Createyour own world-famous soccer team. Test and improve your skillswhile playing against other managers from around the globe. Formyour soccer team in the spirit of the best clubs. Choose officialjerseys and emblems of the best soccer clubs from the PremierLeague, Bundesliga, MLS, the legendary Champions League and manymore soccer leagues.Begin your journey to become a soccer manager today!Join forces with friends, talk tactics, compare with other soccerteams and beat the competition in this one-of-a-kind freemultiplayer game! Organize the best training sessions, level-up andwin bonuses to encourage your team's progress. Pick your topplayers to create the best team possible. Motivate your players onand off the pitch and start scoring goals! Top Eleven brings youthe most socially engaging soccer manager experience as youchallenge real people worldwide or collaborate with them using ournew associations social feature!★Bid for players as you follow the live soccer transfermarket★Build your own winning strategies★Follow your team’s performance in live matches★Develop a stadium with all surrounding facilities★Challenge other soccer managers in competition andfriendlies★Win Cups and qualify to play in the Champions League★Create your very own soccer association and invite friends tojoin in as you compete against others!Top Eleven is translated into 30 different languages!---For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, simply contact usat https://nordeus.helpshift.comOur Player Support team offers support in 10 languages.
Golden Boot 2.1.6
A perfect time killer with super-intuitive controls for allfootballfans! *Master the art of Free-kicks!* Shoot over differentwalls toscore goals and hit precise targets to rack up points.*Build yourdream team!* Discover new players and upgrade theirshooting andgoalkeeping skills. *Use the ball that matches yourstyle!* Try outdifferent kinds of balls like the Gambler, theSniper and many morewhich gives you more points for certainplaystyles. Explore andconquer 4 available modes in this soccersimulator: *Single mode -Score from special Free-kick positions togain extra lives andcoins! *Duel mode - Compete against peoplearound the world intime-limited PvP matches and climb theleaderboards. *Challengefriends - Play against friends in realtime! *Limited time events -Recreate famous situations to winamazing in-game rewards. againstpeople around the world intime-limited PvP matches and climb theleaderboards! Notes: - Thegame uses Wi-Fi or mobile data (networkfees may apply). A networkconnection is required to play the game -The game contains thirdparty advertising --------
Heroic - Magic Duel 2.1.7
The Arena is calling you, Heroes! Build the ultimate deck ofMinionsand Spells and dominate your way to glory in this epicreal-time PvPbattle game. Conquer the Heroic Universe arena byarena and deal asmuch destruction as possible against otherHeroes! Collect andupgrade an unstoppable army of Minions andround off your strategywith the perfect set of Spells. Think youcan reach the top of theglobal leaderboards? You’ll have to proveit! *BUILD YOUR ARMY* Getbattling: OVER 50 MINIONS ARE WAITING TOBE UNLOCKED! From brutalbeasts to cunning wizards, choose the onesthat suit yourdestruction style! *CREATE DEADLY COMBOS* Brainsover muscle!Combine your Minions with powerful Spells into ADEADLY STRATEGY:build a rush deck, play for the long game or comeup with acompletely unique battle plan. Whatever you choose, keepyour eyeson the opponent’s deck and make sure you have the perfectcounter.*EXPLORE AMAZING MODES* The Heroic World Map extends farand wideand includes many EXCITING GAME MODES TO MASTER. Fromlearning allabout Eldonia and the Heroic Heroes in the CAMPAIGN topowering upyour Minions in FUN AND COMPETITIVE SEASONS in theTower ofAscension, you’ll always have a place worth visiting onyourjourney. *POWER UP YOUR MINIONS* Winner takes all! DefeatotherHeroes in magic duels to win resources you can use to UPGRADEYOURDECK TO MAX POWER! Level up all Heroes, Minions and Spellsandbecome an unstoppable force. *CRUSH OTHER PLAYERS* Build a nameforyourself in the Arena: BATTLE IN REAL-TIME AGAINST OTHERPLAYERSwhose only goal is bringing down your Portal. You won’t letthathappen, will you? *SMASH MONSTER BOSSES* Don’t stop there! GOUPAGAINST BRUTAL PVE BOSSES in EPIC BOSS RAID EVENTS and stock uponawesome rewards. Conquer SOLO MODE before jumping into theGUILDEVENTS, where the only chance for survival is teamwork. You’llgoback to PvP stronger than ever! *CONQUER EPIC EVENTS*There’salways something on in the Heroic Universe! BRAND NEW PVPAND PVEBATTLE MODES arrive regularly, each with a unique twist!*BEHEROIC* Join our global community of Heroes and swap tipsandstrategies with the best of them! Terms ofservice: