Netlinkd Apps

Netlinkd - Chat, Meet People, Find Events 1.02
Meet new people! Make new friends! Netlinkd is a way to connectpeople who share the same interests or people with similar minds.Find or create events! If you are traveling or you are at an eventor you just want to meet interesting individuals nearby to hang outwith, Netlinkd will make it easy for you to find them. It is alsopossible to find old friends who you never knew you had so much incommon with. Netlinkd will use your location (in the background orforeground while using the app, depending on your settings) to findthe nearest possible persons who have the most things in commonwith you.
Location Changer - Fake GPS Location with Joystick 3.03
Change your GPS location using this simple app. Prevent apps andwebsites from tracking your real location. Test your location basedapps. This app also shows detailed location information, so it canbe used as a powerful location status tool. Set a pin on the mapusing a long press (same as Google Maps), you can also double tapto zoom in/out on the map. Will also keep working if you rebootyour phone. To turn it off just tap on the Stop button (also foundin the notification). * Please read everything from this pagebefore using the app: *Please note: if the app suddenly stops working or the notificationdisappears after some time, it is probably because it is backgroundrestricted in your Battery settings, please make sure to allow itto run in the background so it can work properly. Also if you areusing Mock locations mode it is possible that some apps may detectthat you are using a fake location and you may get an error messagesaying that they failed to detect your location, this is normal andLocation Changer still works correctly but unfortunately Androidcan let apps know if you are using a Mock location. There is notmuch that can be done about that, there are some workarounds andthey may have their own limitations, please research on theInternet to understand more about that. * Now it can work as asystem app without needing to enable Mock locations. Please searchhow to make it a system app as it can be different for each device.Also please note that this is a power user feature and we are notresponsible if you cause any problems to your device in the processof making it a system app. To enable this mode go to Settings -Working mode - Root (system app). Please note that with Root modethe location may jump back to the real one on some devices - werecommend that you use this mode indoors where there is no GPSsignal so it doesn't interfere. If you don't wan't to use it as asystem app, you will need to enable Mock locations on your devicefrom Developer options for the app to work. * Joystick: this can beenabled from Settings - Joystick. To set the maximum speed (inkm/h) go to Settings - Speed. Double tap on the Joystick and holdit down to drag it to a new preferred position. * What is "Mocklocations"? Mock locations is a hidden setting in Developer optionsin the Android operating system that allows a device owner to setany GPS location for testing purposes. To enable Developer optionsgo to your device Settings - About and tap Build number 7 times.This may be different on some devices, in this case you have tosearch how to do it for your device. Please use caution by notchanging other system settings. * Now you can add multiple pins onthe map and set an interval in seconds to change the location toeach pin. Please note that in Android the interval will varysignificantly when you turn off your screen/the device goes intosleep mode. To clear the pins, tap on Done and then long press onthe map or search for a location to set a new single pin. * Pleasenote that this app does not change your IP address, this is not aVPN. Applications/websites that check your location based on yourIP address may still detect your real location. * Now you canaccess the Android system Developer options from the menu in thelower right. * Now it works in Battery saving mode too (no GPS), soall Location modes work now. This mode does not work with Rootmode. * Please note: to disable Mock locations on your device youwill need to do it from Developer options. You normally do not needto disable it back, but some apps may not like it that you have itenabled, as they can detect this. Also, it is important to tap onthe Stop button before you disable Mock locations to get your reallocation back. Please use this app responsibly. Please note that weare not responsible in any way how users choose to use this tool.