Mirolunapp Apps

Calendar TalkingCal 1.2.4
With TalkingCal you can insert events usingvoice: "gym every Monday and Friday at 19", "dentist tomorrow at 9address 150 Old Park Lane", ... These are just some example ofpossible sentences. Insert events it's quick and simple withTalkingCal. If you want you can also hear a vocal message asreminder for the event: the title, the description, the time;Choose what you want to hear.Furthermore with TalkingCal you can create colorful labels for yourevents: green for sport, blue for business events, pink forpersonal events....Discover all the features of TalkingCal.
Vocal Ringtone 1.2.1
Stop with the usual ringtones, make your ownringtone!Enjoy creating ringtones using your voice ! Record an audiomessage, humming a song, and then ...... change the voice!You can use the audio files as a ringtone for your mobile phone, asalarm, as ringtone for messages, or save it in "Vocal Ringtone" andenjoy to listen it again.
FunnyAPP - Scare your friends! 1.1.1
FunnyAPP is the application to make thefunniest jokes you've ever done!How to use:-Choose an image or disable the option "Show image"-Choose "scream" or record an audio message or use synthesizedvoice. You can also change your voice if you want!-Use the "preview" button to get a preview of what will happen.Choose the time and press start.-Use or let use the phone normally, or lay it on the table .. afterthe fixed time ... surprise!
Vocal Calendar V&C 1.2.1
With Voice&Calendar you can insert eventsinto the calendar using your voice and everyday language.“Meeting tomorrow at 18”, “Every Monday and Friday gym from 18until 19”, “5 May, 19 March and 5 April Workshop at half past ten”,“Call the doctor in 10 days at 9“ these are only some examples ofphrases that can be parsed by Voice&Calendar.You can specify date, time, title, event location, eventdescription, repeating events and add also a reminder: “For 2 weeksantibiotic every day at 20 Reminder 5”.If you don’t want use the voice you can also type thesentence.No more tedious filling of fields for event details, withVoice&Calendar add new events in the calendar is simple andfast.Furthermore with Voice&Calendar you can show the events of aspecific day simply speaking “Display” and the date you wants see:“display today”, “display April 2”, “display 2015 August 8”,“Display the last Sunday of May”Available language : English, Italian
Talking Alarm Clock
The first alarm clock that says what you want!!!
Talking Alarm Clock Pro Free 2.0
The new Talking AlarmClock with new functions! You can recordavocal message, choose a customized phrase and know what time itis!You can also set the date! Do you have an important appointmentanddo not want to forget it ? Set the date and time that you wanttobe notified, write or record a message and use talking alarmclockas your personal assistant that reminds everything! Set yourvocalmessage and how many times to repeat the message: once,twice,three, five or always ! You can choose a ringtone that willbeactivated immediately after the voice message. And for agentleawakening you can choose a gradual increase in volume for thevoicemessage and the ringtone. TalkingAlarmClockPro also gives youtheability to adjust some parameters such as voice pitch, speedandvolume; fun to try different combinations! To snooze the alarmyoucan simply shake the phone. Talking alarm clock is furtherprovidedwith large snooze button to prevent you from accidentallyturningoff the alarm. *****